Friday, April 27, 2012

Hybrid Chronicles: Luka & Tucker

I realized today that I never posted this one on here, because it was under kitten2010's name not mine so I forgot about it. This is another one of our collabs

Tucker rolled out of bed with a low growl. He stretched his furred arms high above his head before dropping them and lumbering towards the kitchen for breakfast. He grabbed a semi-clean bowl and filled it with milk and fruit loops. He pushed some stray papers off the table and sat down in one of the rickety chairs that hardly held his weight.

“Man, I really need to get someone in here to clean all of this,” he said out loud. He finished his breakfast and headed for the shower. His large form took up most of the room and the claws on his feet often scratched the bottom of the tub.

Though most of his mass was muscle, a lot of it was fur. He had been a big guy before the mutation, and now he was even bigger. Being mixed with a grizzly bear only increased his furriness and his stature. He stood at probably 6’ 3” and weighing in at 220 pounds. His body was lined with muscle. The small rounded ears on the top of his head completely contradicted everything else about his body. He had developed the teeth of the large bear, which he wasn’t completely upset about. He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off. After pulling on a pair of jeans and a shirt, he began cleaning up around the house.

He worked as a contractor and was paid surprisingly well. Not to mention he believed in getting by with only what he needed, so he didn’t waste money on lavish things. He could have afforded to hire someone to clean up his small apartment, but he wasn’t that lazy. He picked up the clothes and started the laundry. The dishes were done quickly and he vacuumed up the small amount of hair he did shed. He opened the windows to the small apartment, letting in some air. It smelled like it was about to rain. He stretched and looked around the now clean home. He nodded in satisfaction before closing up the windows, grabbing his wallet and stepping out the door.

The streets were beautiful. They were lined with Infected after Infected, not a human in sight. Not 50 years ago Infected were enslaved and treated lower than animals. Now they were the top dogs. Humans served as slaves, if they were still around. Most had died off or were scurrying about the streets like rats. A few years ago, another outbreak of the virus hit, turning even more of the humans into Infected. This time the virus had mutated, and Infected could reproduce. Their offspring bore resemblance to only one of their parents, usually the Infected. As more and more humans started to dwindle off, Infected began to reign supreme.

Tucker walked down the street, comfortable among his own people. He stopped at a store and stepped inside. The clerk that greeted him was a poodle. Her voice was high pitched and just as annoying as the dog itself. He gave her a friendly smile anyways, before looking through the racks of clothing. In the back of the store there was a section labeled ‘Humans’ He hesitated, before walking over to the few aisles designated for the dying species.

“Do you have one at home?” the poodle clerk asked.

“No, just looking,” Tucker said.

“I hear they make great slaves, hard to find though. Most of them know better than to be outside, especially with the slave catchers around,” she said.

“I guess.” Tucker mumbled. He didn’t really agree with how the Infected treated their human cohabitants. Sure, humans had enslaved them and tortured them for years. But not these humans. The ones who were around when everything had first started were either dead or too old to be any harm.  It wasn’t fair to treat this generation of humans like this. In Tucker’s eyes, this made them no better than the humans all that time ago. He picked up a shiny collar and examined it for a moment before putting it down. The clothes in the section were few and far between, but the leashes, collars, gags, and blindfolds were plentiful. He shook his head before walking back to the section labeled ‘Large Mammals’.

He picked out a new jacket, a pair of pants, and a shirt. After ringing up the items, the clerk smiled cheerfully at him and waved goodbye as he walked out of the store. It had started raining when he was inside, but the rain didn’t bother him. He had only been walking for a few minutes when he heard a shout. He turned to see what was going on. and felt a light tap against his chest. He heard a small ‘oof’ and looked down to see a thin human staring up at him with wide eyes.


Luka fought his way out from under the newspapers he’d been using as a blanket. The rain must have just started and already the papers were a soggy mess. He stood and started peeling it away. The ink ran off the paper and added yet another greyish stain to what had once been a white T-shirt. He ran his hand through his hair and immediately regretted it. His blond hair was knotted and disgustingly dirty and greasy.

He sighed and looked around his alley. There had been a time when others shared the spot with him, but they were all long gone and he didn’t know what had happened to them. It was an unspoken thing that all bonds were temporary. They had to be. Still, he’d liked them and he hoped they’d found a nicer place, but he knew that was unlikely. He didn’t even know if there was such a thing anymore.

There was a loud crack above him and one of the gutters broke loose from the building. A stream of water poured down into the alley. Luka went over to it and tried to rinse away some of the grime that he’d acquired.

Once he felt that he was as clean as he was going to get, Luka left the alley. He walked with his head down, eyes focused on the sidewalk. He tried to make himself as small as possible, an easy task considering he was about 5’4” and rail thin. The last thing he needed was trouble.

After about few minutes of walking, Luka found his destination. He darted into the alley behind Franklin’s Bakery and grabbed the cinder block he kept hidden behind the dumpster. He used it as a step stool and landed with a thud on the pile of trash bags. He reached forward and tore open a bag. After a few seconds of searching, Luka found a donut with pink frosting and sprinkles. There was only one bite taken out of it. Luka silently celebrated and peeled the napkin off his breakfast. He ate quickly so as not to allow the embarrassment of his situation to ruin a good find.

He licked his lips and smiled for the first time in a while. Luka loved sweets and that was the first one he’d had in a long time. He decided to take it as a sign that it was going to be a great day. He stood with new-found confidence and tried to ease himself out of the dumpster. However, the slippery conditions made it hard for him to get out and soon he found himself landing hard on his ass.

He let out a whimper, but didn’t allow himself any more than that. He didn’t want to get caught dumpster diving. At best, that would lead to getting yelled at or maybe a beating. The worst possible outcome would be the police getting involved and possibly going to jail or slave training.

As soon as he had that thought, he heard a shout. He turned in horror and saw a red faced hog hybrid dialing a phone.

“Shit,” he muttered. Luka forced himself to his feet even though he was still sore from his fall. He started to run. A flying projectile struck him on the back of the knee and he fell again, but quickly scrambled to his feet and ran more. His worn sneakers slipped on the wet sidewalk and he stumbled when he lost one, but kept going. He had no destination in mind. All he knew was he couldn’t get caught.

He could feel a cramp starting to form in his side and he coughed a bit, but he didn’t stop running. He turned a corner quickly, hoping that he could make his trail more difficult to follow. He crashed into a solid, fur covered form.


Tucker stared down at the thin, blond headed human. He looked so scared and young. Tucker felt immediately protective.

“What are you-” He heard a shout and looked up to see a pair of police officers turn the corner and begin running towards him. The human looked back before scurrying behind Tucker.

It seemed like the human was crying and having some sort of asthma attack. “Please,” he squeaked. “Please help...”

“What are you doing, kid?” Tucker asked, but the police reached him before the human could answer.

“Is that thing yours?” The officer asked, putting emphasis on the word ‘thing’. Tucker looked at the frightened human, who had poked his head out from under his arm, still hiding behind Tucker.

“Uh...” Tucker didn’t know what to say. “Yeah...” All the while his brain screamed at him ‘What the fuck are you doing!?’.

The human seemed only slightly relieved. He still stared at the police with terrified grey eyes and his entire small body was shaking.

One of the officers sneered. “You really should keep that thing on a leash.”

“I’ll take note of that, thanks,” Tucker said, not really interested.

“And clean it up, too. It smells.” One of the officers wrinkled his nose. They both scoffed at the tiny human and turned around, walking back the way they came. Tucker turned around to face the small man.

“What are you doing?” he asked, still not really sure what had just happened.

The human had sunk to his knees and was clutching at his side, trying to catch his breath. “I...was, the dumpster,” he said between gasps. “I caught.”

“Alright, alright. Just calm down,” Tucker said, the boy was panting hard and was obviously having trouble breathing from his escape. Tucker looked around. Several people were staring and he rolled his large brown eyes. “Come on,” he said, and began walking back to his home.

The small human coughed and followed Tucker, struggling to keep up with the bear hybrid’s long strides. He cleared his throat. “Do I...have to pay?” He cleared his throat again and then softly added, “I don’t have any money.”

“What? No, kid. Just...come on,” Tucker mumbled. He wasn’t really used to talking to other people. He felt awkward and clumsy around the small human.

“Where are you taking me?” the kid asked. He looked around nervously.

“Back to my place. They weren’t joking, you do kind of smell.” Tucker said.

The human blushed. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault...” Tucker said, awkwardly. He opened the door to his house and the human hesitated. “Just come in.” The kid scurried inside and looked around the newly cleaned home.

“What now?” the kid asked. He was visibly shaking as he looked around. He finally met Tucker’s eyes, but then he looked away quickly.

“Jesus, what happened to you, kid? Just hop in the shower. I’ll see if I can find you something to wear,” Tucker said.

The kid backed away slowly. He seemed reluctant to turn his back on Tucker, but eventually he had to as he looked for the bathroom. He darted into the room and closed the door quickly.

Tucker watched him go, confused by his skittish nature. He wondered what it was like back when humans were top of the food chain. He shook his head and his thoughts landed on food. He assumed the kid hadn’t eaten in awhile and was probably starving, especially if he had been digging through trash. He picked up the phone and was about to dial the number for the nearest pizza place when he realized he didn’t know what the boy would want on his. Without thinking he walked to the bathroom and opened the door, revealing the backside of a naked human. He blushed and looked down as fast as he could.

“I am SO sorry!” he shouted, shutting the door.

Tucker could hear the kid start crying on the other side of the door and he felt guilty. “What do you want?” the human asked, his voice barely audible.

“I’m ordering a pizza...I just didn’t know what you would want. I’m sorry.” Tucker repeated again, mentally kicking himself for just barging in. “I just haven’t really been around anyone in a long time. I’m sorry.”

‘Why do I keep saying I’m sorry, damn it?’ he asked himself. “Sorry...” He couldn’t stop himself from saying it again.

“I...I don’t need anything,” the kid said.

“Come on, kid, You’re starving. You’re as thin as a twig.” Tucker cringed, recalling the brief glimpse of a skeletal frame. “It wont cost you nothin’ Just tell me what you want on it. I’ll eat anything.” Tucker said, still nervous and awkward around the slim boy.

“I just like cheese,” the kid replied.

“Okay, I can do that. Uh, go ahead and wash up...I’m sorry, again. I didn’t mean to....Sorry.” He mumbled, before stepping away from the door. He hesitated and stepped back. “Hey, kid...” He started. “What’s your name?”

“Luka,” the kid replied.

“Nice to meet you, Luka. I’m Tucker.” Tucker said. “You can call me Tuck...if you want.” Tucker said. ‘I never let anyone call me Tuck, why am I saying he can call me Tuck?’ He stared yelling at himself in his mind.

After a period of silence, Luka said, “Thanks.” Tucker heard the water start. He swallowed and went back to the living room to go order the cheese pizza.


Luka had to admit the shower was nice. For the first ten minutes, he just stood under the warm water, enjoying how it felt. The water was draining away grey and Luka hadn’t even started scrubbing at his matted blond hair. He looked around and saw a large bottle with a picture of a bear covered in suds. He reached down and grabbed the bottle, wondering if it was alright to use. He sniffed it and it reminded him of the pine trees in the park. He put a dime sized amount in the palm of his hand and started to wash his hair.

He tried to focus on getting clean and not think about the fact that Tucker had walked in on him. Luka was disgusted by his own body. It was usually dirty and covered in bruises. His ribs were starting to poke out and he wasn’t at all muscular.

He started to cry a bit and tried to stop it, but he couldn’t. Soon he was sobbing and watching the dirty water drain away. He hated where he was in life and he was scared. He didn’t know what Tucker wanted from him. No one was ever this nice.

He stopped his tears when the water started to run cold. He turned it off and stepped out, looking for a towel. He grabbed one and started to dry himself off. The towel was huge and soft and he found that he liked the feeling of wrapping up in it. Once he was covered, he opened the door just a crack. “Um...Tucker?” he called out. “I’m done.”

“Oh, uh...okay. Hold on.” He heard the grizzly say, in his nervous voice. He heard him rummage around in some drawers and then there was a knock on the door. “Uh...I have some clothes...I don’t think they’ll fit. But it’s all I have for now. I can go buy you something while you eat, if you want.” Tucker said. He opened the door and without coming all the way in, stuck his hand through the small gap.

Luka took the large shirt and put it on. It hung down to the middle of his thigh and one of his bony shoulders stuck out. “Uhm...” He didn’t know what would happen if he asked for clothes. “I think this is OK.” He put on the shorts and did the best he could with the drawstring, but they still hung low on his hips. He slowly opened the door and stepped out, his eyes trained on the ground. He heard Tucker laugh and glanced up quickly.

“Uh, I can go get you something. They’re not that expensive and I wont use the money for anything else. The pizza is in there. Help yourself. You can have anything I have to drink...I think all I have is water and some milk...But I can pick up something. Just...Uh...stay here...Okay?” Tucker said. He grabbed his wallet and headed towards the door. “I’ll lock the door, to make sure you’re okay...Uh...Cups are up there...Uh..bye,” he mumbled, still shy. His deep voice sounded commanding and strong, but somehow he was almost as meek and embarrassed as Luka was.

Luka got himself a glass of water and started on the pizza. It was delicious and as much as he wanted to stuff the whole thing in his face, he paced himself to avoid making himself sick. He looked around the kitchen and for a moment he felt bad for Tucker. Luka didn’t know much about homes, but this one seemed lonely.

Tucker wasn’t gone long, and he soon came back with two bags in hand. One of them was filled with clothes fit for a human, and the other had two two liters of soda, a carton of juice, and a small pack of beers. Tucker put the drinks in the fridge and then picked up the clothes.

“Uh, they didn’t have much. But I got what looked decent. I didn’t know what size you were so I got the smallest they had...I think it will work...” he mumbled, and handed Luka the bag.

Luka accepted the clothes and made an effort to look Tucker in the eye as he said, “Thank you.” He carried the clothes into the bathroom and put them on. The clothes did fit well. He looked at himself in the mirror and combed his hair with his fingers. For the first time, he actually thought he looked almost good. Tucker had made a wise choice with the black shirt and skinny jeans. Luka stepped out of the bathroom. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.

“Uh, did you get enough to eat?” Tucker asked, before he even touched the pizza.

Luka nodded. “Yes. Thank you.” He sat down nervously across from Tucker and watched the big bear eat and drink a beer. He was starting to feel a little more comfortable and he thought that maybe Tuck wouldn’t ask anything in return.


It was hard to hand the clothes to the small human. Seeing him in his clothes, and after he used his shampoo, he smelled like him. It turned him on to no end. He had never been attracted to other men, but this one drove him crazy. He thought it was best that the younger man put on some clothes that actually fit, otherwise Tuck was worried he would maul him. The young man seemed to be warming up to him quickly. He sat there quietly watching Tucker eat and drink a beer. He didn’t drink that often, but he did like a cool beer every now and then.

“I really appreciate everything,” Luka said. “I can leave whenever you want.”

“You don’t have to rush off, if you don’t want to,” Tucker said. “I have plenty of room...The couch folds out into a bed...if you want to stay there.” The truth was Tucker didn’t want him to leave. He liked having the other man around, even if it was awkward. He also didn’t want him to sleep in a different bed.

Luka glanced at the couch. “If it’s OK with you...I really would like to. At least until the weather gets better. My alley is probably soaked still...”

“Alley? You live in an alley?” Tucker was shocked. Sure, the young man didn’t look the best. But it was still shocking that someone would live in an alley. It was just one of those things you heard about but never faced.

Luka blushed. “Uh...yeah. It’s not so bad though. I mean...well the gutter broke so a lot of water got in it but usually that doesn’t happen because it’s uphill...and it’s got a lot of boxes to sleep on...” Luka stopped trying to defend his home and sighed.

Tucker stared at the man, and couldn’t help but feel his heart ache for him. He wanted to help the boy, but he was so skittish.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you like.” Tucker said. “I have no problem with it.” He smiled at Luka.

Luka smiled for a while, but then looked nervous. “I can’t pay rent. There’s not really a lot of work for humans...”

“You don’t need to pay for anything. It’s fine. I don’t spend money that often and it wont kill me to buy a little extra food.” Tucker smiled.

“Do other sorts of payment?” Luka’s skin was dark pink and he was staring at the table.

“What?” Tucker was shocked. “N-no...I didn’t mean...Uh...” Tucker blushed. “You don’t have to do...uh...that...” Tucker felt awkward.

Though it didn’t seem possible, Luka’s blush deepened. “I’m sorry. I...I mean I could clean if you want. I can’t really cook but I could learn.”

“Oh, uh...sure. If you want. You don’t have to, though. I’m kind of a slob. I finally cleaned this place today, after like a month.” Tucker blushed and laughed.

Luka smiled a bit and finally looked at Tucker again. “I’ll help with the cleaning. I think I’d be good at that kind of thing. I mean, I’ve never had a home but...” Luka stopped abruptly and looked away again.

“Never?” Tucker asked, softly. The confession shocked him to the core. The thought of never having a home made him sick. Sure, his home wasn’t much. It was cold, and the roof leaked, and the water pressure sucked. But it was still his home.

Luka shrugged and tried to discreetly wipe his eyes. “I...well...I guess I always lived on the streets somewhere.”

“I’m sorry.” Tucker said, and then came to a decision. “No one should have to live like that, Luka. You’re welcome to stay here.” He paused. “This could be your home, too.” He fiddled with his plate, blushing.

Luka gasped a bit and stared at Tucker for a second. “It could?”


Luka hadn’t ever given much thought to what it would be like to have a home. He’d never thought it would be possible. Most humans didn’t have one and the ones who did were slaves. After the initial shock, Luka liked the idea of a real bed and a roof over his head. He didn’t even particularly mind the idea of sharing the space with Tucker. The large man seemed very kind, not to mention Luka had a strange urge to be held in those big muscular arms.

Luka smiled as he looked around. There was food in the kitchen. He wouldn’t have to dive into dumpsters for a meal. He was excited about the prospect of sleeping on the folded out sofa. He’d never slept on anything other than collapsed boxes. He wondered if he would even get a blanket and pillow. He was nearly shaking with excitement. “Thank you so much,” he said.

“Of course.” Tucker smiled at him warmly. “We can go shopping. You can pick out some clothes for yourself, I’ll get you some of your own shampoo and what not.” Tucker smiled even wider.

Luka felt like his jaw was gonna drop. “I...I’d like that a lot.” He grinned and stood, grabbing Tucker’s now empty plate. “I’ll start cleaning now. Just show me how to do everything and I’ll start right now.”

“Uh...okay.” Tucker smiled. “So, you don’t want to go shopping now then?” Tucker asked.

“At least let me clean the bathtub first,” Luka said. “I, uh...I really left a mess...”

“Sure.” Tucker smiled. “Uh, I just realized something.” Tucker said, blushing.

“What?” Luka asked.

“Uh, if we’re going out...I mean...It’s the law...that...Uh...humans...have to wear leashes...It’s a stupid law, I know.” Tucker blushed.

Luka’s eyes got wide. “A leash? I...uh...oh that’s...” Luka coughed nervously. “Do you...I mean...have you ever put a person on a leash? Does everyone do that?”

“I haven’t...ever...that is. Uh, most people do. It’s the law. People who are with humans outside usually own slaves. I never really thought it was right. I understand if you don’t want to go out, I can just go buy what you need.” Tucker said.

Luka really didn’t like the idea of being on a leash, but the thought of shopping was still enticing. He’d never been inside a store and had never been able to actually select something to purchase. It sounded amazing. “I...I guess I could deal with it. I really want to see what it’s like to go shopping.”

“You’ve never been shopping?” Tucker asked. “It’s weird, I take all these things for granted, I never thought of someone not ever getting to go shopping. Uh, I’ll run and go grab a leash, stay here. I’ll be right back.” He said, before grabbing his wallet and running out the door.

Luka took the opportunity to run to the bathroom and scrub the tub clean before Tucker could see the mess. He heard Tucker’s return just as he was finishing. The large man was holding a plastic bag awkwardly.

“Uh, are you ready to go?” He asked, fiddling with the bag in his hands.

Luka nodded. “I guess...” Tucker emptied the bag and Luka looked at the black collar warily. “I guess that goes on first then.” He picked the strap of leather up and tried to put it on himself, but his hands were shaking.

“Yeah...Uh, here.” Tucker reached around Luka’s neck and fiddled with the collar. He stepped closer, their faces only a few inches apart. Their eyes met as they both blushed. The snap of the collar echoed through the room and Luka swallowed nervously.

The sensation of the collar was strange, but it was nothing compared to how being so close to Tucker made him feel. He was lightheaded and he wanted to just fall forward, knowing a warm, muscular chest awaited him. He stepped back, afraid of what might happen if he allowed himself to do what he’d been thinking about. He grabbed the leash and attached it to the collar himself because it was only slightly less humiliating than allowing Tucker to do it. “I guess we’re ready.”

“Yeah...okay.” Tucker smiled. He grabbed the lead and began walking towards the door. “Do you want to get clothes first? We can go to the place I picked those up, if you like them.” Tucker pointed at what Luka was wearing.

“Yeah, I like them,” Luka said. “Um...Please take shorter steps.”

“Oh, sorry.” Tucker slowed down. “I guess my legs are kind of long.” He blushed, only now noticing how Luka struggled to keep up with his fast pace. He slowed down enough so that they were walking side by side. “Do those fit okay? They had more in that size...” Tucker said.

“The pants are a little tight on my uh...” Luka stopped, but the damage had been done and now he knew that Tucker at least was thinking about his ass if not looking.

“Oh..uh..okay. Well, they have dressing rooms. So you can try a different size.” Tucker said, smiling.

“You can do that?”

“Oh, yeah. Most stores have them. You just put on the clothes before you buy them, to make sure they fit.” Tucker explained, a smile on his face.

Luka smiled. The leash looked like it was going to be worth it. “That’s amazing.”

“I guess.” Tucker smiled. “How about after this, we go to a restaurant. I’m sure you’ve never eaten out before.” Tucker beamed.

“I’ve eaten from the dumpsters behind restaurants,” Luka said. He blushed after realizing that wasn’t something to brag about.

“Well, when you eat inside, it’s even better. The food is warm.” Tucker winked.

Luka smiled. “I’d like that.”

“I thought you would.” Tucker smiled at him, as they arrived at their destination. He opened the door for Luka and Luka’s eyes went wide with amazement.

Luka stared at the racks of clothes. There was every color and every size. Signs indicated which gender and which breed each was for. “Where’s the human clothes?”

“Uh, over there.” Tucker pointed. A large sign reading ‘Humans’ hung over the few isles. Luka smiled and ran over to the isles for his dying species. He was shocked when he got there.

“What’s this?” Luka asked, holding up some sort of bondage contraption.

The salesgirl approached them with a sneer on her face. “Sir, you really need to control that human better. He can’t be running like that. Could I interest you in some discipline devices?”

“Uh, no. Thank you...and...sorry.” Tucker said, embarrassed. He grabbed the leash hanging from Luka’s neck and Luka blushed heavily. Putting down the leather contraption.

The salesgirl smiled politely, though it was obvious it was strained. “Just ask if you need help. We got a very nice shipment of whips recently.” She turned and went to help the bull hybrid that had just entered the store.

“I’m sorry,” Luka whispered.

“Don’t be. She’s a bitch.” Tucker said, for the first time not seeming to be so awkward and uncomfortable around Luka. “You have every right to be excited. Go ahead.” Tucker pushed him forward with a large paw.

“Why is all this stuff here?” Luka asked.

“Uh, I’ve heard a lot of human owners are into bondage and what not...they like to humiliate their slaves.” Tucker frowned. “Don’t worry about that,” he said, after Luka put on a horrified face.

Luka finally found a rack with clothing and started to browse. “I think I like this one,” he said, holding up a red shirt. He realized it was made of some sort of meshy material and quickly put it away. “Never mind.”

Tucker laughed in a deep grizzly voice. He smiled even wider when Luka blushed. “How about this?” He held up a pair of tight jeans. They would hug every bit of Luka, but they weren’t see through so that was a plus.

Luka took the jeans and examined them. “I guess this is the best option.”

“Here, try this on with it.” Tucker handed him a sleeveless black shirt.

Luka held both items of clothing and let Tucker lead him to the fitting rooms. He had the presence of mind to wait for Tucker to unhook the leash. He changed into the other clothes and examined himself in the mirror. He wondered if Tucker would like what he was wearing. He stepped out shyly to find out.

“ look great.” Tucker greeted him when he stepped out of the changing rooms. “Here, I found these. I know they’re kind of...uh..yeah...But just see how they look, okay?” Tucker said. “You really do look amazing. You should get that.” Tucker said, he looked like he was sweating. He handed Luka the clothes he had in his hand and Luka held them up. The pants were leather, and the top was long sleeve and tighter than the pants. It wasn’t see through, thank god, but it was tight enough.

Luka accepted the clothes and went to try them on. It took him a while to wedge himself into them and he was sure he looked absolutely ridiculous. “Don’t laugh,” he said, before he opened the door.

“ look great.” Tucker greeted him again. “I know I said that last time,” Tucker really looked like he was hot this time. “Uh...I uh...” Tucker just stared, mouth open, for a second. “Uh....” He was practically drooling. “B-bathroom.” He said dumbly before wandering off somewhere down the store.

“Wait, don’t leave,” Luka said, but it was too late. He retreated back into the fitting room and struggled his way out of the tight leather.


Tucker locked himself in a stall and took a few deep breaths, willing his erection to go down. Giving Luka those clothes to try on was a mistake. As soon as the thin young man stepped out of the dressing room, he was hard. He thought about everything he could, old nuns, dead puppies, old nuns holding dead puppies. That last one worked for him. He stepped out of the stall and splashed some cool water on his face, and looked up at his reflection.

‘What’s going on with me? I’ve never liked men.’ He thought to himself. It wasn’t that he had a thing against gay men, it’s just that he had never thought of being one. He had never been with a another man.

Tucker heard the bathroom door open. “Tucker?” Luka said. “Tucker, they said I can’t be off my leash and away from you.”

“Sorry.” Tucker apologized. He took the leash back in his hand and they walked back to the racks of clothes. “Did you pick stuff out?” He asked.

“I’ll just get what I tried on if that’s OK.”

“Of course.” Tucker smiled. He took the clothes to the counter and the clerk rang them up, all while glaring at Luka. “How about we go pick you up a toothbrush and some other toiletries?” Tucker asked. “Oh, you need shoes too, don’t you? Those wont be the easiest to find. Not a lot of places sell them anymore.” Tucker looked down at his own bare (and bear) feet.
“I don’t really need shoes. I only wore them because it was cold.”

“Well, if we see any. We can see if they have some for you, just in case. Otherwise you should be good.” Tucker smiled, and began walking with Luka to the next store. “So how old are you, anyways?” Tucker asked.

“I’m nineteen,” Luka said.

“Wow, really? I knew you were young...But that’s really young.” Tucker blushed. ‘Great, now I’m queer, and a pedophile.’ he thought to himself. ‘No, I’m not. He’s over eighteen.’ He argued in his head. ‘Even better, now I’m kind of crazy.’ He rolled his eyes at himself.

“How old are you?” Luka asked, oblivious to the internal argument.

“Twenty-seven.” Tucker blushed. “I know, old man, right?” He laughed at himself.

“That’s not that old,” Luka said. “When I was younger, I knew a man that was alive when the first disease strains happened.”

“Wow, really? What was it like? Did he tell you?” Tucker was interested fast.

“He told me about the camps. It sounded horrible. I hope it wasn’t all true...I’d hate to think humans were like that.”

“My dad was in one of the camps. I was adopted, and he used to tell me all these stories about them. I don’t remember much, he died when I was younger. But he never did finish telling me about what happened. It’s like he just stopped in the middle of a book. His name was Marcus, but everyone called him Mar.” Tucker shrugged.

“Did your mom ever tell you anything?” Luka asked.

“I didn’t have one, My dad married this guy named Tyler.” Tucker shrugged again. “He was a captain in the camp my dad was kept in.” Tucker smiled, remembering his parents.

“That’s nice that they were able to be together. It sounds like they were good people.”

“They were. I remember when my dad died, he had told me that they were planning on overthrowing the people who ran the camps. I never found out if they actually did it or not.” Tucker said.

Luka smiled. “I bet they did it. The man I knew told me about something but maybe it was about one of the black market operations going down. I can’t remember now.”

“Our history is kind of crazy, isn’t it? Humans control Hybrids, Hybrids revolt against Humans, Hybrids live with Humans, Hybrids take over Humans. Why does everything have to be so violent?”

Luka shrugged. “My parents never really told me much about it.”

“What were they like? Your parents?” Tucker asked.

Luka sighed. “I’m not sure sometimes. I have my dad’s eyes and my mom’s hair, I know that. And they always tried to make it seem like we had things better than we did. When I was five my dad got caught by the slave catchers and after that I guess my mom didn’t want to live anymore. She stuck around until I was old enough to fend for myself and then...” Luka stopped and didn’t finish his sentence.

“I’m sorry, Luka. No one should have to deal with that.” Tucker said, his voice low and compassionate. “How old were you?” He asked.

“Eight, I guess,” Luka whispered. “I, uh...I can’t talk about this anymore.”

“Of course, sorry. I didn’t mean to press.” Tucker said, still sympathetic towards Luka. “What do you like to do for fun?” Tucker asked, changing the subject.

Luka shrugged. “I don’t know really. Mostly I just tried to survive. I don’t know if it counts, but I liked to go to the dumpsters behind bakeries and try to find something sweet.” Luka gave a weak attempt at a laugh.

“That’s where you were running from! Come here.” Tucker grabbed his hand instead of the leash, and with a smile, brought him over to the bakery. They stepped inside and Tucker looked around in awe.

Luka drifted to the cakes, looking close at the pastel colored creations. The hunger in his eyes was obvious.

“Sir,” the baker said gruffly. “Sir, don’t let that thing get to close to the merchandise.”

“He’s not doing anyone any harm.” Tucker smiled. “Pick something out, Luka.”

The baker cringed. “Don’t let him touch anything.” He went behind the counter and stared at the couple threateningly.

Luka pointed to a cake with blue icing. “That one looks nice,” he whispered.

“We’ll take that one.” Tucker said, pulling out his wallet. Luka smiled widely, looking as excited as a kid in a candy store.

The baker was very surly as he took Tucker’s money and boxed up the cake. He grunted and sighed and when the transaction ended, he didn’t ask them back. Luka didn’t seem to notice the slight and instead looked on as Tucker carried the cake out of the bakery. There was an actual bounce in the small human’s step.

“Calm down, little man.” Tucker said, after nearly tripping over the smaller man for the hundredth time, as he bounced and weaved around Tucker, staring at the cake with hungry eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Luka said. “I just can’t wait to try it.”

“How about we skip the rest of the shopping for today, we can go to a restaurant and eat real fast. Then get home and have dessert.” He held up the cake.

Luka nodded enthusiastically. “I would like that.”

“What do you want to eat? Mexican? Italian? Chinese?” Tucker asked.

“I don’t really know the difference. I think I like Mexican if that’s the spicy one.”

“Mexican it is.” Tucker laughed, and began walking across the street, towards a popular local restaurant.

Luka took a deep breath as they approached the restaurant. “I think this is the right one. They throw their scraps in that dumpster.” He pointed the way. “It’s really good food. I sometimes like to check there to see if anyone accidentally forgot their take out box or something. I try not to eat anything that has trash stuck to it but...” Luka stopped. “I’m sorry, this is probably boring.”

“No, it’s just how you learned to live. Don’t worry about it. You can talk about what you like.” Tucker said and, without even thinking about it, bent down and kissed the top of Luka’s head. He kept walking but began screaming at himself mentally. ‘What the fuck was that?’ he shouted at himself. ‘I just kissed him! I cant just kiss him! I just met him today!’ He scolded himself. He didn’t say anything and neither did Luka, though he felt the heat of the younger mans blush.

They arrived at the restaurant and a hostess with beautiful, round owl eyes greeted them. “Welcome. Would you like to send your human to a holding room while you enjoy your meal?”

“No, he’ll be sitting with me.” Tucker said, trying to hold back a scowl when Luka looked at the ground, sadly.

“That’s alright. Will he be needing a chair?” she asked, never losing her chipper expression.

“Yes.” Tucker said, furrowing his brow like it was a stupid question.

She smiled wider. “Right this way.” She walked a short distance and then paused to grab a metal folding chair. She stopped at a table in a secluded corner and unfolded the chair. “Your human can sit here. A waiter will be with you shortly.”

“I’m sorry about this, Luka. I hope this doesn’t ruin your night.” Tucker said.

Luka seemed puzzled. “Why would it?” It seemed the young human didn’t realize that he had been deemed unfit to sit in the same chairs as the other patrons of the restaurant.

“Nevermind. Order what you want.” Tucker smiled at him almost glad he didn’t realize he was being treated as a lesser being.

Luka smiled and looked at the menu. “I think I want that,” he said, pointing to a picture of nachos.

“Alright. You know, there are words to the menu too.” Tucker laughed.

Luka blushed, but his smile didn’t fade. “But look at those. They look so good.”

“They are, I think you’ll like them.” Tucker said. When the waitress came by, he ordered for them, and in less than fifteen minutes there food was there. “Dig in.” He smiled.

Luka picked up a few chips with his fork and then abandoned that to use his fingers instead. Tucker watched, amused by Luka’s behavior. The small human started to lick and suck his fingers clean. While he was doing this, he noticed Tucker looking at him. “What?” he asked, suddenly growing shy.

“Nothing, sorry.” Tucker blushed and took a bite of one of his tacos. He tried to keep from looking at the younger man in front of him, but found himself glancing up at him repeatedly.

Luka picked up his napkin and wiped his mouth. “Was I being gross?” he asked.

“Not at all. Just...distracting.” He smiled and chuckled before going back to his food. “Don’t let me bother you.” Tucker said, through a mouthful of taco.

“Sorry,” Luka whispered. He started to drink his water and watch the other Infected in the restaurant. Some of them were giving him mean looks, but for the most part he was being ignored.

“Don’t mind them, Luka.” Tucker said, when he noticed Luka looking at the people around them. “They’re just assholes.” Tucker whispered the last part.

“It’s alright. It’s just because I look different,” he said.

“You look fine.” Tucker said, quickly. He blushed and went back to his food. “They just don’t know a beautiful person when they see one.” He mumbled.

Luka blushed and smiled. “Do you really mean that?”

“Yeah, I don’t lie to my friends, Luka.” Tucker gave him a small smile.

“You’re very nice,” Luka replied.

“You deserve it, you’ve had a tough life and you deserved something better. You deserve to have a home and to be able to go shopping, and to eat out in public without getting rude stares from everyone.” Tucker shouted the last part loudly, turning and glaring at the few infected who had been staring at Luka. “It’s not fair to you.” Tucker said, quieter this time.

Luka shrugged. “That’s just how it is, I guess. People in the majority judge whoever isn’t like them. I’m having a good time anyway.”

“But that’s what bothers me, Luka. You are like us. We just have longer ears, and claws, the occasional tail and fur. But besides that, we’re all exactly the same. Humans hated hybrids for a long time. Now the roles are just switched. You think we would know better than this.” Tucker said. He looked up at Luka and smiled. “But I’m glad you’re having a good time.” Tucker smiled a little wider.

“I like being with you,” Luka said, blushing. “I guess I’m glad I crashed in to you.”

“I am too, Luka. Now eat your nachos.” Tucker mumbled through another bite of taco.

Luka smiled and did what he was told. Tucker liked seeing the happy look on the young man’s face. It was such a fast transformation to see in the course of a day, but Tucker guessed all the little guy needed was some basic kindness.


Luka followed Tucker back to the apartment. He put his hand to his stomach. He was amazed he’d eaten so much and the full feeling was a strange sensation. Tucker glanced at him as he unlocked the door and gave a short laugh. “Are you sure you want cake?”

Luka nodded. Nothing was going to stop him from enjoying dessert that didn’t come from a dumpster. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

“Don’t want you blowing up on me.” Tucker laughed as he opened the cake box. “You picked a good one, it looks awesome.” Tucker smiled, as he reached for a knife to slice the cake with.

Luka smiled and watched Tucker carefully slice into the cake. Luka again had the urge to hug the big man, a feeling he was starting to get used to. He hadn’t had much opportunity for relationships in his life, but he was fairly sure he was attracted to men so it wasn’t exactly surprising. What worried him was that Tucker would reject him. He accepted his piece of cake and attacked it with his fork. After a few bites he had to stop. “Maybe that was a bad idea.”

“What’s wrong?” Tucker frowned, enjoying his own piece of cake.

“I’ve never eaten this much in my life,” Luka admitted.

“Don’t make yourself sick.” Tucker said, worried.

Luka smiled, blushing a bit at the show of concern. “I’ll be alright.”

“The cake will still be here, tomorrow.” Tucker smiled. Their eyes met for a moment when a strange sound filled the house. Tucker frowned and walked over to the heater. “God damn it.” He swore suddenly. “Your new home may be shit, but at least it’s better than an alley.” He smiled at Luka. “The heater broke.”

The chill started to seep into the room almost immediately. “It’s a lot better than my alley. There’s blankets. I’ll be fine. I’ve survived worse than this with nothing but newspapers and a tarp.”

“Your first night in your new home and you’re going to be freezing.” Tucker frowned. “I’m sorry, Luka.” He did look sorry. “Come on, you can stay in my bed with me tonight. I don’t want you to be out here, all cold.” Tucker said.

Luka’s heart sped up. He wondered if Tucker was just being nice or something more. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. I’m just a little furry is all...” Tucker blushed.

Luka blushed as he imagined how hairy Tucker must be if his arms were any indication. He really hoped he would get a chance to be held in those arms. It had really been a long time since anyone had really shown him any affection. “I won’t bother you, I promise.”

“I wasn’t worried about it.” Tucker smiled. “Come on.” He grabbed the pillow and blanket he had set out for Luka brought it to his own large bead. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed, scooting over for Luka. “Turn off the light on your way, please.” He smiled.

Luka blushed and turned the light off. He was too embarrassed to strip any of his clothes off so he slid under the covers fully clothed. He could feel the heat radiating from Tucker. “Thank you,” he whispered.

“No problem little man.” Tucker chuckled. In only a few minutes, the big bear of a man was snoring away. Luka, ever so slightly, scooted closer to Tucker’s warm chest. Before he could get any closer, Tucker moved and engulfed him in a huge hug.

Tucker’s furry chest was soft against Luka’s cheek and he surprised himself when tears started to form. He felt safe there. He hadn’t felt safe since he’d seen his mother walk into traffic the day she decided life wasn’t worth it anymore. He tried to control his tears, but the feelings were too overwhelming. He hoped Tucker wouldn’t wake up. He really did want to stay where he was and he was sure the embrace was just an accident.

“Oh, sorry about that.” Tucker woke up, and Luka could feel the heat from his body as he started blushing. Tucker pulled away a little bit, but was still close enough that Luka could feel his warmth, and his arm rested on Luka’s hip.

Luka let out an involuntary sniffle and sighed. The distance between them wasn’t much, but he wanted back where he’d been before.

“What’s wrong, Luka?” Tucker asked, obviously hearing the sniffle and sigh.

“I’m sorry,” Luka said. “I didn’t mean for you to wake up.”

“It’s alright. Sorry I was getting all up close and personal.” Tucker smiled in the dark. “Guess I just wanted someone to hold.” Tucker whispered the last part so quietly that Luka almost missed it.

“I didn’t mind it,” Luka admitted. “It made me feel” He paused and reached up to rub his eyes. “I guess I started crying because I haven’t felt safe very often in my life. I didn’t know what to do.”

“You could have just said so.” Tucker pulled him back into the warm, albeit furry, embrace. “And it’s okay to cry, you haven’t had it easy, Luka.” Tucker blushed.

There was so much Luka wanted to tell Tucker at that moment, but instead he just let himself sob without restraint. Tucker continued to hold him until his emotions had run their course. “OK, I think I’m done,” Luka said. His voice was shaky.

“Feel better?” Tucker asked. He stroked Luka’s hair softly until he finished crying.

“Yeah, I do,” Luka said. “Why are you so nice to me?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Tucker asked.

“People aren’t like that,” Luka insisted.

“Well, I’m not people.” Tucker shrugged. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that most people deserve to be treated well. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

Luka coughed. “Some people might disagree...”

“Why, because you’re human?” Tucker asked.

“I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of’s just I haven’t really done anything to deserve kindness.”

“But I’m sure you did those things because you had to, right? Not because you wanted to.”

Luka nodded. “I didn’t ever want to steal or to...uhm...”

“What?” Tucker asked.

“You’ll hate me,” Luka said. He regretted even mentioning it and he feverishly hoped that Tucker wouldn’t reject him.

“I could never hate you, Luka. Just tell me. You can trust me.” Tucker said, his voice soothing.

Luka took in a deep, shaky breath. “I sometimes had to things. Like...just to get food or clothes...things like that.” He cringed and waited for Tucker’s reaction.

“Things? What do you mean by- oh...” Tucker finally saw what Luka was trying to tell him. “You... You had to Luka, you didn’t really have a choice. You know I don’t think any less of you.” Tucker said.

Luka held on to Tucker a bit tighter. “Please don’t let me go,” he whispered.

“I won’t, I promise.” Tucker held Luka tighter.

“Thank you,” he whispered. His tears had left him exhausted and he fell asleep quickly after that.


Tucker sat up that night, holding onto Luka tightly. After Luka’s shaky confession, he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep. He couldn’t stop thinking of Luka’s sad life. He wanted to show Luka that there was something better. He gently kissed the top of Luka’s head. The younger man’s hair still smelled like Tucker’s pine shampoo, but with an undertone of vanilla that must have come naturally.

Tucker wasn’t sure what to do, but he had a vague idea. He knew Valentine’s Day would be coming soon and he was fairly confident that Luka had never celebrated the holiday.He wondered how he could celebrate it with the human who had never actually celebrated the human holiday.

‘What if I take him out? Would that be awkward?’ Tucker asked himself. On one hand, he really did like Luka in that way. On the other, he had never liked men like that before. This was all new to him. Did he take Luka out and give him cards and chocolate and flowers like he would a woman? He didn’t see why not. Everyone loves chocolate...

In a way, it didn’t matter if Tucker didn’t get it perfectly right. Luka wouldn’t know the difference. But Tucker wasn’t going to use that as an excuse. He wanted everything to be perfect.


Luka stretched as he woke up. He frantically started to search for Tucker. Normally he would feel the larger man beside him. His sleep hazed mind finally deduced that opening his eyes would help. He squinted at Tucker’s side of the bed and then sat up. “Tucker?” he said. He stood up and quickly looked down to see what he’d stepped on. A trail of velvety rose petals led to the door. Luka was incredibly confused and didn’t know what else to do but follow where the petals led.

“Morning, Luka.” Tucker greeted him.

“What’s this for?” Luka asked. The kitchen smelled delicious and Luka saw two stacks of pancakes on the table.

“It’s Valentine’s Day.” Tucker said. “It’s a holiday...Where you celebrate having the people you love in your life.” Tucker blushed.

Luka blushed as well. “ So is this for me?”

“Yeah, over the past few weeks I think we’ve really grown on each other. You mean a lot to me Luka, and I’m glad you’re here.” Tucker smiled.

“Thank you, Tucker. That looks really good.” He sat down and then hesitated. “Tucker, I didn’t do anything for you. I didn’t know it was a holiday today.”

“That’s alright. This is just for you. You deserve to enjoy yourself. Go ahead, they’re chocolate chip.” Tucker was still blushing from his confession about caring about Luka.

Luka grinned and took a small bite. “It’s really good, Tucker. Thank you. I’m glad to know you like having me here. I really like staying with you.”

“I like you staying here. I just really hope you consider this your home, too.” Tucker said. He sat down while Luka ate. “There’s more after this, too. So get ready for a day of fun.” Tucker smiled.

Luka stood and hugged Tucker. He shyly kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you.” Tucker went even more red than Luka. He chuckled and looked down at the ground.

“No problem...Now hurry up and eat. I’ll go get the second part of your fantastic day of fun ready.”

Luka laughed and started to finish his food. Tucker fed him well and he noticed that he’d already put on a few pounds. He certainly noticed that he was starting to fill out his clothes perfectly and he was proud that he’d caught Tucker noticing. He finished eating and waited excitedly for Tucker to reveal what was next.

“Alright, everything’s ready. come on in.” Tucker said, from the kitchen. Luka stood up, excited. He walked to the kitchen and looked inside. The counters were cleaned off and several bags and boxes were set around the room.

“What is this?” Luka asked.

“I decided, since you like sweets so much, I’d teach you how to make a cake.” Tucker beamed.

Luka smiled, but was a little nervous as well. He’d never cooked anything in his life. “That sounds fun,” he said.

“You’ll love it. But just a heads up...I’ve never really made a cake before, so we’re going to wing it.” Tucker blushed. Luka was worried, but trusted Tucker. Even if the cake didn’t turn out so great, he enjoyed spending time with Tucker. He stepped into the kitchen and was ready to start.

“Okay...So what do we do first?”


Five minutes later


Tucker and Luka ran out of the kitchen as the electronic mixer went wild, spraying the room with cake batter. They ducked behind the wall and looked at each other. They smiled and began laughing so hard Luka was afraid he would die. Tears ran down their face and both of them were covered in egg, flour, and sugar.

“Are you okay?” Tucker asked.

“Yes...Just a little sticky.” Luka giggled, blushing.

“Sorry. Maybe we can just go buy a cake?” Tucker laughed, and got Luka laughing again.

“Yeah, okay.” Luka smiled. Tucker stared at Luka for a second, smiling.

“Luka, I just want you to know that I did mean what I said earlier. I...I really like you.” Tucker said. Luka felt his blush growing.

“Thanks, Tuck. I like you, too.” Luka said. Tucker turned an even deeper red than Luka.

“No, I mean...I.....REALLY...Like you.” Tucker said. Luka’s eyes went wide.

“Oh... You do? Really?” he said. He felt his heart beat speed up and his thoughts raced ‘Tucker likes me? Like...he loves me? How could he love someone like me...’

“Yeah...I’ve never really like another man before...But I know I like you.” Tucker said.

“I like you too...” Luka smiled. Tucker beamed.

“I wanted to do all of this for you, to show you how much I care about you. I was just worried you wouldn’t have fun. I wanted your first Valentine’s Day to be the best.” Tucker said.

“I did have fun. I just... need a shower.” Luka smiled a little.

“Yeah... Me too.” Tucker laughed, picking clumps of sugar out of his fur. He looked at Luka and smiled. “You got a little something on your face.”

Luka laughed shyly. “I think we both do.”

Tucker reached out and used his thumb to wipe away the bit of batter stuck to Luka’s chin. He brushed the smaller man’s lip and it felt like a jolt hit him. Suddenly his whole body felt warm. He leaned forward a bit and so did Luka. Their eyes met.

“Can I kiss you?” Tucker asked.

Luka wrapped his arms around Tucker’s neck and pulled the big man close to him. Their lips met. Luka let out a soft moan. It was his first real kiss and it was perfect. He let himself give in to it completely. Tucker held him in strong, confident arms and he felt safe.

After a long while, Tucker took Luka by the hand and led him to the bathroom. He started the shower and stripped to his boxers. Luka blushed and clutched at the material of his T-shirt.

“What’s wrong?” Tucker asked. “Is this too fast?”

Luka sighed and stared at the floor. “I’m afraid you won’t like how I look.”

Tucker held Luka and kissed the top of his head. “I like you for who you are, not how you look. And I’ll always think you’re beautiful anyway.”

Luka looked up into Tucker’s sincere brown eyes and with a small nod started to take off his shirt. Tucker smiled and gently touched Luka’s stomach. He caressed the soft skin and then leaned down to give Luka a quick kiss. “You’re perfect to me.”

Luka pressed himself to Tucker’s muscular body and closed his eyes as he relished being held. After a moment, he gathered the courage to start unbuttoning his pants. He stepped back and worked the tight denim down to his ankles. As he was stepping out of them, Tucker let out a low, surprised sound.

“What is it?” Luka asked, shyly starting to angle his body away from Tucker.

Tucker pulled Luka closer and brushed his hand against Luka’s erection and by his estimation his little guy was working with almost seven inches. “You’re big for such a little guy,” Tucker teased.

Luka groaned at Tucker’s touch and his knees buckled. He held on to Tucker’s wide shoulders and looked up at the man. Tucker was smiling at him and then dove down to kiss Luka’s neck. Luka whimpered and it became clear that Tucker was the only thing keeping him upright.

Tucker held Luka with one arm and with the other managed to get his boxers off. Luka blushed a bit and shyly felt Tucker’s cock. It felt like nine inches of thick, hot steel, but it was like touching smooth silk.

Tucker helped Luka into the shower. The water was hot, but Luka didn’t mind. Tucker started to rub Luka’s body, getting all the cake batter out starting with his hair and working down. Luka turned and started to help Tucker get cleaned up as well. Luka felt daring and after they were both clean, he reached up and touched one of Tucker’s ears. Luka thought those ears were cute, especially since the rest of Tucker was so big. They made him look like a teddy bear.

Tucker smiled and rested his hands on Luka’s hips. His hands felt big and powerful and Luka whimpered softly at the thought of all the things he would let those hands do. Tucker pulled Luka closer and kissed him, gently probing with his tongue. Tucker’s hand moved smoothly up and down Luka’s back. “We could, uh, move this to the bedroom,” Tucker suggested when the water from the shower started to run cold.

Luka nodded and smiled shyly. Tucker turned the water off and they stepped out. Luka was shivering a bit, but a quick once over with a towel took away the cold. After giving himself a quick dry off, Tucker took Luka by the hand and led him the the bedroom.

Tucker sat on the edge of the bed and Luka straddled his lap. For a while, they just hugged that way. Luka could feel Tucker’s erection pressing between his cheeks urgently, but Tucker made no indication of rushing him. Luka looked into Tucker’s eyes. It was strange being so close to another person, but he wasn’t scared. Tucker reached up and pushed away a few dripping strands of hair.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” Tucker smiled. Luka blushed and stroked a thin hand over Tucker’s furred chest. Tucker growled low and nipped at Luka’s ear. Luka whimpered and wrapped his long fingers through Tuckers hair. He played with the small ears that topped his head and smiled.

“I like your ears...” Luka said, blushing.

“I like your...I like you.” Tucker chuckled. He leaned down and sucked one of Luka’s small pink nipples into his mouth and nibbled until Luka was groaning and squirming on his lap. Luka loved the feeling of his cock underneath him and was ready to take it.

“Tucker..can we...” Luka could hardly get the sentence out.

“Hell yeah we can, baby.” Tucker smiled. He nibbled on Luka’s neck lovingly.

“I want to,” Luka said breathlessly. He shivered and arched his back as Tucker’s hands gently moved over his body.

“What do you want?” Tucker whispered.

Luka looked into Tucker’s eyes and kissed him. Then, with a moan, he slid from Tucker’s lap. On his knees, he quickly took Tucker’s cock into his mouth. The taste and the heat of it made him moan and his own cock was leaking pre-cum. Tucker’s hand tangled in his hair and guided him into an up and down bobbing motion.

“Oh god, you’re good at that. Keeping going, sweet thing.” Tucker smiled down at the small human boy. Luka smiled around Tucker’s cock and he started to move faster. Tucker leaned back on his elbows and Luka followed his cock like his life depended on it.

Tucker watched Luka for a while, running his fingers through blond hair. Finally, he decided to return the favor. He pulled Luka up onto the bed and the smaller male settled onto his back. Tucker covered Luka’s body with his, resting his weight on his elbows. He kissed Luka and the blond continued to squirm beneath him. Luka wrapped his legs around Tucker’s waist and dug his fingers into Tucker’s back.

“Please, I want you,” Luka panted. “Please.”

Tucker smiled. He definitely hadn’t expected Luka to act that way, but he loved it. “I should probably get you ready first,” Tucker whispered, nibbling at Luka’s ear.

“Oh...right,” Luka replied.

Luka was already visibly shaking with anticipation as Tucker trailed kisses down his neck to one pearled nipple. Luka’s body lurched at the touch of Tucker’s tongue and he let out a soft groan. Tucker was teasing him with kisses on his stomach and Luka was biting his lip, thrusting upward desperately.

“Tucker,” Luka moaned plaintively. “Please...”

Tucker smiled and trailed his tongue from the red tip to the wispy blond hairs at the shaft. A glob of pre-cum dribbled down the head of Luka’s erection and his entire body jerked. His knuckles were white from gripping the sheets. Tucker’s grin grew wider. He loved the way Luka’s body reacted to him. He gently guided Luka’s legs apart.

Luka twisted the sheets and had managed to cover his face with them as his body twisted with pleasure. Tucker lightly licked his lover’s pink rosebud. Luka gasped and squirmed a bit more. Tucker got a better grip on Luka’s hips and continued his assault of licks.

“Please, Tucker,” Luka moaned. “Please, I want you inside me!”

Tucker dove to the drawer of his bedside table and coated his middle finger with lube. Luka bucked against his finger, urging penetration. Tucker worked his finger in and out and Luka threw the sheets away from his face as he arched his back and desperately reciprocated the motion.

Tucker added a second finger and Luka was even more enthusiastic. Tucker quickly added a third finger. Luka winced at this and bit his lip. Tucker worked his three fingers in and out until he felt that Luka was ready.

“Tucker!” Luka groaned.

“You ready for me, babe?” Tucker teased.


Tucker kissed Luka and lined up his cock with Luka’s entrance. He savored the feeling of the incredibly sexy body writhing with pleasure beneath him as he slowly pressed his way inside. “God, you’re so big,” Luka sighed.

As soon as he was completely buried, Tucker started to roll his hips. He earned a soft moan from Luka with the first few thrusts. Suddenly, Luka moaned loudly and wrapped his arms around Tucker. “There...again, please,” Luka pleaded. Luka’s legs wrapped around Tucker’s waist and his fingers dug into Tucker’s shoulders.

Tucker smiled and once again hit the spot. Luka moaned again for more. Tucker took in a deep breath, memorizing the smell of Luka when he was so aroused. Their smells mixed together and it felt perfect. This was where Tucker belonged. Buried deep inside Luka’s smaller body, pressed up against him in their throws of passion. Tucker nibbled at his neck with a small smile as Luka wiggled and moaned for more. Luka bit his lip as Tucker hit that magic spot over and over again. Finally, his legs got tighter around Tucker’s waist and he cried out softly in a satisfied sigh. Tucker felt his warm cum spray over his chest and the feeling of the smaller man glowing under him brought him to his own release. He filled Luka with his seed and cried out in pleasure as he fell to the side of Luka. Luka clung to his body and buried his head in his chest, falling asleep a half a second before Tucker did.

Tucker stretched and rolled over, pulling Luka against his chest. Luka mumbled something in his sleep before putting a hand on Tucker’s chest and snuggling deeper into the fur there. Tucker smiled and growled low. Luka giggled and opened his eyes sleepily.

“I like that noise.” He smiled.

“I’m so glad you ran into me that day.” Tucker smiled.

“Me too. I...I don’t mean to be rude but...” Luka turned red and began to stutter.

“What is it, babe?” Tucker asked sweetly. He saw Luka blush harder and smile softly when he heard the term of endearment.

“I was wondering... if you still wanted me to stay here...” Luka said, playing with a curled lock of fur on Tucker’s chest.

“What?” Tucker frowned. Luka looked up, frightened. “Of course I want you to stay here! I don’t want you to ever leave, sweetheart.” Tucker smiled. Luka beamed and tears began falling from his beautiful eyes. Tucker kissed them away and hugged Luka tighter. “Come on, I’ll make us some breakfast.” Tucker smiled. They stepped out of bed, still naked, and stumbled their way into the kitchen. They both paused as they saw the mess of the kitchen. The small room was covered in batter and frosting and dirty utensils. They both stared at the mess and paused.

“We could go out for breakfast.” Tucker said.

“I don’t want to put clothes on...” When Tucker looked down at his little human boyfriend, Luka blushed and buried his head in Tucker’s side like a shy kitten.

“Me either.” He chuckled.

“I clean up and you make breakfast?” Luka said, sweetly.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Tucker slapped Luka’s ass playfully and Luka squealed before grabbing a sponge and began wiping down the counters.

After living in the tiny apartment for a few months, now, they both decided it was time to move. The apartment was just to small. The shower was tiny. It could fit both of them, but just barely. They would be pushed up against each other under the spray (Which wasn’t always a bad thing) and would have to struggle to get out. The closet wasn’t big enough to hold both their clothes, the couch was to small and they couldn’t fit in a bigger one, and even Tucker’s ears scraped the doorway or ceiling sometimes.

“Tucker, we have to move.” Luka begged, after spraining his ankle while falling out of the shower with his big bear of a man.

“I know, babe. I’ve been looking for a place.” Tucker said, rubbing Luka’s ankle gently.

“Isn’t there anywhere?” Luka pouted.


“What?” Luka perked up. “Did you find something?”

“It’s not exactly a house or an apartment.” Tucker said.

“What do you mean?” Luka turned his head to the side.

“Okay, just hear me out here.” Tucker said. Luka nodded, still wondering what Tucker was going to say. “I found a building.”

“A building?” Luka repeated, confused.

“A building. I-”

“Not a house?” Luka asked.

“No, a building.” Tucker said. “So I-”

“As in an apartment building?”
“Baby, it’s a building. Alright?” Tucker laughed. Luka blushed and nodded. “I found this building and I went to check it out. It’s really really cheap, because it needs some work. And they’re looking to sell it, not rent.” Tucker said.

“Okay...” Luka mumbled. “What’s the downside?”

“It’s big.” Tucker said.

“I’m no expert at house shopping, but isn’t big a good thing?” Luka asked.

“Usually...To an extent. But I mean it’s REALLY big.” Tucker smiled.

Luka walked around the very large building. Tucker wasn’t kidding when he said it needed work, and when he said it was big.

It was three stories high and looked like an old warehouse with apartments above. The first floor was a large open warehouse looking room. There was a small office in the back right but most of the concrete floor was open. It was dimly lit as most of the lights had gone out or had crashed to the ground. Luka stepped over a piece of glass and listened to his footsteps echo.

“You want to live here?” Luka asked.

“Well. Not just us, baby.” Tucker said.

“Huh?” Luka was really confused now. Did Tucker want someone else to move in with them? Was he going to leave Luka?

“I want to help people, Luka. I want to help Humans. There are so many people who are in situations like you were. They’re scared and they’re hiding and they’re out on the streets. They have to sell themselves and eat out of trash cans and steal. It’s not fair. They deserve a safe and warm place to stay. Even if it’s just for a night.” Tucker said, walking over to Luka and hugging him tightly.

“I still don’t understand...You want to live with someone else?” Luka felt the tears coming.

“What? No baby, no. I want us to live here, and start a shelter for humans. We could have a small soup kitchen and we could put out cots or mattresses at night so they could have a warm place to sleep.” Tucker said.

“How would we pay for that?” Luka was shocked at Tucker’s enthusiasm for this. He had been thinking about this for a long time.

“The second and third floor we could rent out as permanant living spaces. Like apartments. We would charge cheap rent since it’s nearly impossible for a human to get a job, and if they couldn’t pay rent they could do the work around the shelter. Like cleaning and cooking and what not. That way we would get free work around the shelter and they would get a place to stay.” Tucker said. The idea was beginning to swim through Luka’s mind and he was starting to like it. Tucker was right, they could do this. He remembered how many other humans he had seen on the street. They had tried to stay away from each other, they were easier to spot in groups. But they all looked the same as he had. Their eyes were sunken in and their bodies thin. They were covered with bruises and dirt, and their skin was pale and yellow. The matted hair and torn clothing marked them as kindred spirits.

Here they would be able to get a full nights sleep without worrying someone would find them. They could get a real meal without picking off the other pieces of trash and shooing away mice.

“Could we have a shower room, too? I remember how much I wanted a shower. It had been so long since I had one, I-” Luka’s voice cracked.

“Of course. We could knock out the wall between to rooms and make it like a gym shower, you know? A bunch of shower heads with a curtain or a wall between them?” Tucker smiled.

“We could work with the Goodwill and Salvation army to get things like human clothes and stuff. They usually throw that stuff out anyways.” Luka smiled.

“We could do this, Luka. We could help so many people.” There was a light in Tucker’s eyes that Luka would see sometimes when he would catch Tucker staring at him.

“But it’s not that simple.” He was suddenly brought back to reality. “How would we decide who gets the upstairs rooms, and who gets to just spend the night?”

“certain rules. They would have to be free of any drugs and alcohol. The ones with jobs get priority. The ones with experience in cooking or cleaning or anything that could help out get dibs after that. Then we could just pick random names.” Tucker said. Luka was honestly surprised.

“You really thought all of this out, didn’t you?” Luka said. Tucker nodded.

“I love you so much, and it makes my heart hurt to think about what you went through. When you first came to me you were so cautious and felt so unloved... I don’t want anyone to have to feel like that.” Tucker said, tears brimming his eyes as he held Luka’s hand to his chest with a large furred hand that resembled a bear paw. Luka smiled.

“I love you, Tucker.” He blushed.

“I love you, too, Luka.” Tucker brushed a thin strand of hair away and claimed Luka’s mouth in a warm kiss.


Two years later


“Luka, we need more blankets.”
“I’ll see what I can do.”

It had taken awhile, but they managed to do it. After they had decided to go ahead with their plan they had bought the building and had moved in as soon as possible. Tucker did a lot of the handy work himself. Luka handled the little stuff like sweeping and scrubbing the unknown stains from the floors and walls.

After the place didn’t look like the crypt keepers apartment, they began getting supplies. Beds, blankets, pillows, lights, tables, chairs, cups, bowls, silverware, the list was never ending. Different companies began to tie into their small shelter and it grew quickly. Goodwill automantically sent all of their human clothing to them and there was hardly anything they ever threw out.

Slowly, the first guests began trickling in. Most were just as terrified as Luka had been when he first met Tucker. The sight of Tucker had them turning paler than they originally were and some would even pass out. So Tucker tried to stay away from the main entrance and he let Luka talk to the frightened humans. They trusted another Human more than they would an Infected, and Tucker took no offense to that. Once they had gotten to know him, they pushed that now instinctual fear away and greeted Tucker with a smile and a soft ‘Hello’. The rooms filled up quickly and if you were one of the lucky few to get one of the private rooms on the top two floors, then you would enjoy it for the short lived month that you got it for.

After a month, the ones who were lucky enough to get it would be rotated out, and a new set of names would be pulled and those lucky few were allowed the rooms that the working humans hadn’t claimed already.

They fed hundreds of mouths a day and several grocery stores had taken to giving them discounts since they bought food in such large quantities. The mattresses the humans were given were usually lumpy and uncomfortable, but it was better than the wet asphalt they were used to. Tucker turned the corner to give the blankets Luka had given to the few humans who were waiting. They sat shivering on their mattresses as Tucker handed them the thick blankets with a smile. He went to hand the last blanket to one of his waiting humans and saw he was trying to steal one from someone who had previously been asleep. Now awake, the other man was fighting to keep his only blanket.

“Hey!” Tucker shouted. He gave the blanket back to the other man and turned towards the thief. “You know the rules, no fighting. Get out.” Tucker said pointing to the door.

“But Tucker I-” The human tried to beg.

“You can come back in three days, but until then you’re on your own. Get out.” He held firm. the human sulked off and disapearred through the door.

“Another fight?” Luka asked, giving a bowl of watery soup to a woman with two children by her side.

“Yeah, I told him he could come back later.” Tucker yawned and stretched.

“You’re exhausted why don’t you go up to bed? I can take care of things here.” Luka smiled.

“No, it’s almost lights out anyways. I’ll wait for you. Besides, you know I cant sleep without you there.” He smiled and kissed Luka. Luka rubbed his cheek on Tucker’s chest and smiled.

“I’ll get the top floors, you handle this one and I’ll meet you in bed.” Tucker smiled. Luka nodded sleepily and headed around to do his last rounds.

“Last call, everyone. If you need something then speak up now because lights out is in ten minutes.” Luka called out, in his now much louder voice. He had grown a lot in the past two years and had lost a lot of his shyness, though it still made an appearance now and then. Tucker did the same Last calls for the second and third floor, telling them all it was time to shut out their lights. After they had finished they crawled into bed, still clothed, and curled up next to each other. Luka sighed.

“Do you think we’re in over our heads?” He asked, softly.

“No. I think this is what we were meant to do.” Tucker turned to him and smiled.

“Me too.” Luka whispered, returning the smile in the dark.

“I love you, Luka.” Tucker kissed his forehead, right above his nose.

“I love you, too, Tucker.” Luka sighed happily and turned the rest of the way onto his side so that they could snuggle together face to face. Tucker nuzzled his neck and gave him one final peck on the lips before they both fell asleep in each others arms.