Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It may be a few days before I post again, as I am now on my way to the hospital. I'm able to write from my phone but I'm super shitty at it so I can't promise much. This is also my first attempt at blogging via phone. I'll try to keep you all updated, gory details and all.
Since its The Hell Season (known to others as spring) I get my terri-bad allergies. This year I and the other poor folk effected by this epidemic have agreed that this is the worse they have ever been. A ton of people (myself included) are calling in sick and just sit in a miserable pile of snot, mucus and tears all day.
So basically I feel like a dog with a bladder infection pissed in my lungs. I've been coughing up crap you wouldn't see in a 60s horror movie. I haven't been able to sleep because if I do, I wake up because I can't breath since it takes so much effort.
But since I'm a stuborn asshole, I haven't gone to the hospital. But at 1 am I woke up for no reason and started piling my guts out all over my damn house. So now I sit in a cold living room with a bowl of puke and wait for the hospital to open. I'm still to macho to go to the ER. But we'll see.

P.S. updated geist. I realized in my sneezing, coughing, puking, and all around deathlike stupor, I forgot to add the scene where they mention Avery's body. It's at the end of the third section from the end.(Sections separated by ~~) I would tell you what scene, but I don't want to give it away to those who haven't read it yet. It's just a few brief sentences so it's nothing to important. 

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  1. Leave it to you to feed our obsession for Geist while you're puking up a lung. Glad you came to your senses and went to the hospital. That's kinda why they were invented. Good luck.