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Cinderella Ch.01

Well, because I'm stupid I decided not to go to the hospital. So I had all day and night (since it's hard to sleep with all the projectile vomiting and all) to get some writing done. So this is the first chapter of my first new story. I'll have another story coming out soon (because I always have two going at a time) Enjoy.

P.S. I hope this makes you all realize that the reason it always took me so long to post on Literotica is because of editing. Gbc5452 still hasn't gotten ANYTHING back to me since I started the blog. So just think. How many chapters have I posted? Two of Geist and Two of APR? Plus To be or not to be. And this. So in the time that you've gotten six stories, on literotica you wouldn't even have one yet ;)



Titus lifted the bag of chicken feed onto his shoulders, and set the other one on top of that. It piled high above him, and his muscles strained against the already small tunic he wore. He waved goodbye to the general store owner and began carrying the feed back to his farm.

He had been born a farmer, and he would die a farmer. His father had died only two months ago, and had left him the farm to care for. He did so begrudgedly, caring for the horses and chickens as he was told.

He didn’t particularly enjoy the labor. In all honesty, he wanted to be a soldier for the king's army. It was what he had dreamed about since he was a child, but he couldn’t just ignore his father's wishes and leave the farm. He had thought about hiring some farm hands, and so maybe he could be a soldier for the nearby town. It wouldn’t be exactly what he wanted, which was to travel all across the land serving his king, but it would be close.

But of course, he could hardly afford the bags of feed he needed. Much less the farm hands it would take to run everything when he was gone. The one thing he didn’t mind was the fact that he was the breeder the king bought all his horses from. The noble steeds served the highest ranking guards well, and if any were ever injured or sick, they were brought to Titus. He was known as the kings Stablemaster and he was proud of it.

He cut open one of the bags of feed, and sprinkled a fair amount on the ground and the dozens of chickens flocked together and began pecking at the food. He put the bag in a safe spot, and went to check on the horses.

He had just recently announced that six new horses were ready to be sold, and that they would be fine steeds for his majesty’s army. He expected word from the king any day now, and was sure that the horses were well groomed and fed every day, just in case. He just finished brushing down the final horse, when a messenger arrived, bearing the king’s emblem.

“Orders from his majesty.” The thin man handed Titus a letter. he opened the stained piece of paper and read quickly. He had never really gone to school, and was taught at home, so it did take him a few minutes to read the short letter. But he was happy with what he read. The king requested his best horse, and it was to be delivered to a foreign land as a present to their ruler. But best of all, it was to be delivered by Titus himself.

The king agreed to hire stable hands to care for the farm for the month or so Titus would be away. He wanted to show the other monarch how much he honored his friendship, by not only bringing him an amazing steed, but by having his most trusted and faithful stable master deliver it.

Titus beamed at the letter and folded it neatly into his pocket. He was excited, and knew it wouldn’t take him long to answer the king’s call. He told the messenger this, and moved quickly to saddle the horse, and gather what little he had to bring for the trip.

Titus sat astride the horse that was being delivered to a neighboring lands king. The horse was black, with a single white stripe down its nose, right between its eyes. It was a beautiful horse, and would make a fine present. Titus brought with him only gold, and a few extra tunics to change into.

He rode out of the town that he had never left before, and began his new adventure.


Areli sat still while the prince strapped the muzzle over his mouth. The crudely bent metal formed a protective cage around the soft pink lips and surprisingly perfect white teeth. The prince removed the chains that bound his wrists, ankles, waist, neck, and chest. Each set of chains falling to the ground with an all too familiar ‘clink’. The collar around his neck was attached to a chain lead, and a pair of chain cuffs were slapped over his thin wrists. Areli stood at only just under five feet. His thin form wasn’t uncommon among slaves, and the long hair that fell into his eyes was badly in need of a cut. The only particularly unusual thing about him, was the long hair that fell into his eyes, was white. He was only a young 18 summers old, and hadn’t had time to even grow into the cheap tunic he wore. But his hair had turned ghostly white when he was ten.

The prince tugged on the lead and Areli followed him willingly. His bare feet made a small slapping sound as he tried to keep up with the princes long strides. The stone floors of the palace halls were cold, but he had grown used to it years ago when he was first brought here.

He had been enslaved when he was six. His parents had gotten lost when they had ventured from one kingdom to another, and he was the only one to survive. After a week of wandering through the woods, he had been found and was taken to work in the fields that day. On one of his rides through the palace, the prince had spotted him. Caked in mud and sweat and tears. He brought him to the palace and had the filth washed away until only a small boy stood. The prince was sixteen then, ten years older than Areli. It was clear the boy wasn’t fit to work in the fields and the prince had demanded that he would be kept as his personal pet.
Only after the first night in the palace did the prince realize what he had gotten himself into. It was made very clear that night that Areli was very, very...sick.

The ride to the palace was a long one, and Titus felt himself growing lonely. It took him several tries to remind himself that he was always lonely, and the trip didn’t make it any different. He never much cared for women, but he had taken a few as his partner for a night or two. The ones he really searched for were the men, if they could even be called that. The ‘men’ that he looked for were the feminine ones. With the soft skin, and smaller hands. The long haired beauties didn’t always have to breasts.

But that wasn’t to say that he wanted men who looked only liked women. He wanted the men for a reason, they were men. He liked their hairy chests, and hard cocks. Their deeper voices and calloused hands. It was all much more soothing to him than a woman’s squawking and crowing like an old chicken. Which was why he was glad to arrive at  the palace. He knew this king's castle was famous for treating its guests well. From food, to drink, to the slaves they would lend to weary travelers for the night. His cock throbbed as he approached the castle. He dismounted the horse and gave it to a guard to care for until the king could see the gift.

“You will work here for the day, understood?” The prince told Areli, who nodded quietly. It was unusual for the prince to put him to work instead of having him follow him around like a prize, but it did happen occasionally. Areli bowed his head as the prince left, leaving the chain hanging from his neck. It reached down to the ground, and dragged against the floor when he walked, but he knew better than to pick it up or take it off.  

Of all the places in the palace, he enjoyed working in the kitchen or out in the dining hall the most. Though the men in the hall were loud, crude, and often very blunt, he didn’t mind feeling appreciated every now and again. He liked the lustful looks the men gave him, and the firm slaps on the ass and gropes at his crotch. Sometimes one of the men would pull him onto his lap and Areli could feel their hard cocks grinding against his ass, which was protected only by the thin cloth that made up his pants.

He knew the prince would never let another man touch him more than that, especially not over night, but he did like the feeling of a strange body every now and again. He loved his master, the prince, and he knew he could never stay with another man when the moon rose, but he couldn’t help his lust.

He got to work making the meals for the guests of the palace. The kitchen was filled with women and men alike. Though all the men were the ones unsuited for the hard physical labor of the fields or housework. Areli was also in this category. Instead, he spent the day making loaf after loaf of bread, and cooking the four fat pigs the soldiers and other guests were to eat. Even several slabs of beef were to decorate the table on that night, and Areli was glad when he was given the chore of pouring the men their wine for the night. He knew it would be an interesting one.

The rumor of the palace treating its guests well was no lie. The large hall Titus was lead to for supper was too grand to be called a hall. The single long room alone was larger than his house times three. A single stone table split the room in half, only stopping a dozen feet or so from each end, allowing enough room to walk to the other side. Large wooden doors on each end of the hall marked the exit, but the room itself wasn’t the greatest surprise.

The food on the table was more glorious than anything Titus had seen in his thirty-eight years. The table was lined with breads, filled with pieces of fruit or nuts and grains, even some crusted with melted cheese. Meats of every sort littered the table as well, pig, cow, goat, chicken, and even fish were cooked and covered with herbs and plants for flavoring. Milk and water covered the table along with fruit, cheese, pies, and soups. But again, this wasn’t the greatest surprise.

The greatest of all these things were the several young slaves carrying wine, and ale around to the guests. They were mostly girls, but a few boys littered the crowd. Since there were so few, they were in high demand by the guests. Titus watched as one man pulled down a thin slave, who dropped the tray of wine and goblets he carried. The metal crashed to the ground as the man forced the boy down on his lap. He squealed as the man, who was obviously a soldier, laughed and squeezed his crotch hungrily. A few others laughed at the sight and raised a cup to the soldier, before drinking heavily.

Titus looked around the room and realized there were a few soldiers, fucking the slaves in plain sight. No one seemed bothered by this and Titus found himself quickly growing used to the sight. He accepted a few goblets of wine before switching to ale. He quickly decided to switch back, when he saw the delicious treasure walking around the room.

The young man was short, and thin. But that didn’t distract from his beauty. His feet bore no shoes, and his legs were easily seen through the thin plain pants he wore. The tunic hung from his shoulders lazily, sleeveless and many sizes too large for the young man. His pale chest was easily seen through the arm holes of the tunic, that hung down halfway to his waist. He looked a little lost, but dazzled in the crowd of loud men and slaves. Titus spotted him from across the room, and knew he had to have the man. Before he waved the slave over, he noticed the chains and shackles hanging from his limbs. None of the other slaves were forced to wear such heavy steel, perhaps he was a troublemaker? Titus couldn’t help but smile at the thought. He waved the slave over, who quickly caught the gesture and made his way to Titus. Only when the young man turned to face Titus, did he realize he not only wore the large and heavy looking chains, but also a large muzzle over his mouth.

Before he could reach the stable master, he was cut off by a very large soldier in heavy armor. The man immediately reached for the slaves perky ass, and squeezed. He heard the soft whimper from the thin lips of the boy, and stood. He was no soldier, but he would fight for this one if he had to. He only made it a few steps towards the man, before the very loud sound of a whip cracking interrupted the noise of the hall. The man scream and released the slave, who fell to his knees. He quickly scrambled up again, chains clanking and rattling.

“Areli is my personal slave. And you will not touch him.” A soft but stern voice said. The melodic sound coated by the familiar English accent. Every stared up at the man known to be the prince. He had an air of confidence around him, and everyone went silent. He held a large black whip in his right hand. The soldier squirmed on the ground, holding his face which had been cut by the whips end. The prince drew back his arm and cracked the whip again. Areli jumped.

“Who put him out here?” The prince asked, and a man dressed in a plain white tunic stepped forward, obviously the head slave of the kitchen.

“I did, sir.” The man said, shakily.

“You will be punished.” The prince said quietly, and two guards came and dragged the slave away. Titus swallowed. The palace was kind to their guests, but not their slaves. “And you.” The prince said, looking down at the soldier who had dared to touch his slave. “Get out of this palace.” The prince said, and two more guards appeared out of nowhere to drag the soldier away. “And you!” The prince said, finally looking at Areli, who bowed his head. “You will finish serving the guests, do not let any of them touch you, or you will be punished.” The prince said, as if Areli could stop any of the large men if he tried. Areli nodded, and the prince left, expensive shoes clicking on the hard stone floors of the castle. There was a moment of silence, before the roar of hunger and celebration came over the crowd again. Areli stared after the prince, before turning towards Titus and made his way to him quickly.

“May I get you something?” Areli said, after bowing.

“A goblet of mead, please.” Titus said. Areli bowed his head again, and began pouring the drink for Titus. “He was your master?” Titus asked.

“Yes, sir. I am the personal slave of the prince.” Areli smiled, his voice was warm and sing song.

“Is he cruel to you?” Titus asked.

“Oh, no sir!” Areli looked up, wide eyed. His eyes were a strange golden color. “He’s a very kind master, and he takes very very good care of me! He’s never mistreated me before!” Areli assured Titus. The devotion in his eyes was obvious.

“Then why do you wear those chains?” Titus asked, pointing at the chains garnishing his wrists and neck. Areli looked down at the dangling chain links and looked thoughtful.

“Well....I’m sick, sir.” Areli said simply. They made eye contact for a long time, while Titus pondered what Areli had just said. He was about to say something, when Areli was called upon by another man at the end of the table.  He bowed once, before scurrying off on bare feet to serve the other man.

A few hours later, after he had stuffed himself with food and drink, he was led to the room he would occupy while staying at the palace. Which would be for a few weeks. He crawled onto his bed and had just started to drift off to sleep when the unforgettable sound of the princes whip cut into his mind. he opened his eyes and thought he had imagined the sound, but seconds later, a loud thud was heard, and dust fell from the cracks in the stone ceiling. Titus stared up at the bricks that made up the floor above him and frowned.

'By the gods what was that?' he asked himself in his mind. He was just about to fall asleep again when he heard the horrid sound. It sounded like a horrific mixture of animal and man. It was so loud it practically shook the halls of the keep and was followed with another crack of the whip. he hadn't the slightest clue what room lie above him, and after that he wasn't sure he wanted to know.


The next morning, the great hall was filled with platters of eggs, and strips of bacon and sausage from the fat pigs the palace owned. Next to that were large jugs of wine and water. Even more bread littered the table, with butter and sugar and everything Titus could ever dream of. The breakfast feast was delicious, but nobody seemed to mention the curious sounds the night before. Titus wondered briefly if he was going insane and had imagined it all. But then he remembered having to shake dust off his tunic from the ceiling.

“Did you hear those awful sounds last night?” One young soldier asked another across the table from Titus. The one soldier was small and his helmet hardly fit on his head. But the one he spoke to was large and bore many scars from battle.

“Ah, yes. I’ve stayed in this keep as a guest for years, and I can promise you that it will happen again tonight.” The older soldier said.

“Really? What is it?” The younger one said, astonished. Titus listened carefully.

“Nobody knows. A few years back, it never happened. Then one night, whatever it is, came out and attacked the prince. That’s why he wears his mask. Rumor is he’s horribly scarred under than. Even worse than I!” The soldier laughed with his mouth full of a large bite of egg and sausage. The other soldier laughed along with him. “Ever since that, there’s always been those strange noises from the princes room. The sound of his whip cracking and the creature roaring.”

“What do you think it is?” The young soldier asked, eyes gleaming with interest.

“Who knows. Maybe he just has a mutt up in that room.” The larger man returned to eating his breakfast.

“One hell of a mutt.” The man looked up as the prince walked across the hall, to the other door. His boots clicking marvelously on the stone floor. His slave wasn’t with him this time, Titus found himself wondering where the boy was.

Areli awoke and was dangling from the chains attached to the walls of the prince’s room. His shoulder ached and he had a large gash across his chest where the prince had struck him with his whip in the night. He didn’t remember anything, but that wasn’t abnormal. The prince drugged him heavily with herbs almost every night before chaining and beating him. His wrists bled where the chain dug in while he was passed out from either pain, or hunger. The muzzle on his mouth itched and the prince was nowhere to be seen. His feet didn’t reach the floor, so he dangled helplessly by his arms until his prince would return to free him, which he always did.

He apparently took his time today, and Areli waited for two and a half hours before the prince returned. Areli almost cried from relief and wanted to kiss the man, but the muzzle wouldn’t allow it and he knew the prince would never let him get that close. The prince unchained him, before leading him to the bed. Areli raised an eyebrow. It wasn’t often the prince demanded his ass, but it did happen. He complied as the prince moved his arms and legs into place, chaining them to hooks on the bed posts. His muzzle was removed and soon a large metal bar was shoved between his teeth, and tied by leather strips at the back of his head. The muzzle was put on over this uncomfortable device, and was secured as well. Areli waited patiently as his prince took every precaution, making sure he was chained well and wouldn’t be able to wiggle matter what.

Areli felt the prince spread his cheek and begin to lick at his ass and his balls, not giving them to much attention. Just enough to make him hard. Once Areli’s cock pressed up against the bedding spun from silk, he grabbed a small flask he kept by the bed, that was filled with grease, not alcohol. He poured a decent amount into and on Areli’s hole, before shoving in two fingers and working him open quickly. The prince was silent, and quick with his actions. He made it clear he didn’t care for Areli’s pleasure, but only wanted his own.  After Areli was roughly stretched open, the prince climbed above him and forced his cock in.

Areli whimpered a little as his ass was stretched even more. The prince stopped and snapped at him to be silent. Areli did as he was told and let the prince fuck him quickly. He felt the princes building orgasm, and accepted his seed gratefully. He hadn’t gotten off, but again, that wasn’t unusual. He waited patiently as the prince cleaned himself with water from a jug, and a small piece of cloth. He put on a new set of fine clothes, made from the finest material, and grabbed his whip. He wiped the cum that leaked out of Areli’s ass off, and unchained him, before allowing him to dress in the simple clothing he was given. After a short crack from the whip, Areli followed him down the hall, eager to see what he was going to do today.


Unfortunately, it was nothing fun. Areli sat patiently, but bored, beside the prince. The prince sat next to the king, who was preparing to go out to view a gift from a neighboring land. They had recently made an alliance with the other lands king and had been sending gifts back and forth as thanks for their partnership. The man from the day before, who had asked him about his master, stood before the king patiently as several guards piled around them to escort him and the prince to the present. The man was obviously a stable master. His muscles were large, but lean. His appearance was raggity at best, and he smelled of horses. Areli always liked horses.

“How many horses have you brought me?” The king asked the stable master as they walked towards the stables.

“Only one, your majesty.” The stable master said.

“One? That is all? I must say, from the previous gifts your king has sent me, I’m a bit surprised.” He seemed a bit peeved by the seemingly small gifts.

“One is all you will need, your highness. He’s my best stallion and will be a fine war horse for your best general, or even for yourself if you care to ride. He’s the fastest horse the gods have ever made, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with him.” The stable master said, smiling.

“What is your name again?” The king asked. Areli was a bit surprised. The king almost never cared to remember somebodies name.

“Titus, your highness. Marcelius Titus.” The man bowed, his shoulder length hair falling in front of his face.

“Titus, lets see this amazing horse you have here.” The king said, as they reached the stable. Titus nodded and went to retrieve the horse, coming back a moment later with a black stallion, a white stripe down the front of his nose. The horse was very large, even for a stallion, and had an air of confidence around him that marked him for a true war horse. The king did look impressed, until the horse got a wave of panic in his eye, and started pulling against the reigns that Titus held.

“What the-...Calm down. Easy there.” Titus tried to calm the animal, but it did no good. It panicked and yanked at the reigns.

“You’ve brought me a war horse that is scared of absoloutly nothing?” The king began to get angry.

“I don’t know what’s wrong! He’s never really been scared of anything before, not even snakes!” Titus stammered, trying to make the king see it wasn’t his or the horses fault. The king frowned but suddenly the princes eyes went wide. He turned to Areli, who duck in fear at his masters angry gaze. He pulled the whip from his belt and pulled it back. “What are you doing?” Titus said, thinking he was moving to strike the horse. The whip fell down and hit Areli on the shoulder.

“Get back!” The prince shouted sternly. Areli scurried back, several feet away from the horse. The chain he wore as a leash lie in the dirt. He crouched down as the horse began to calm down. He looked at the ground and played with his toes nervously.

“Sorry, father.” The prince said.

“Ah...Quite alright.” The king said, dismissing the strange event. The stable master, Titus, looked at Areli and then back at the horse, which had calmed down a great deal.


“It does appear to be a fine horse.” The king said, interrupting Titus. “The gift is a welcome one. Will you be staying in the palace long before returning to your kingdom?” The king asked, as they headed back inside once the horse was taken care of.

“Yes sir, I planned to stay a few weeks to see the land.” Titus said. The prince stood in front of Areli, who handed him his own chain leash. Titus glanced at the boy, but said nothing.

“Fantastic, you’re free to roam the palace as you wish. Such a fine stable master such as yourself deserves the finest I have to offer.” The king laughed happily.

“Thank you, your highness. You’re very kind.” Titus said honestly. The king didn’t have to offer him all the luxuries he was. “If I could just request one thing...” Titus bit his lip.

“Oh? What’s that?” The king asked.

“I’ve never been in this land before. I was wondering if you could give me a guide.” Titus asked, as they stepped back into the palace.

“Of course, one of our best slaves will be happy to give you a tour. Why, Areli here has lived in the city for most of his life. I’m sure he would be a great tour guide.” The king said, gesturing to the small chained boy being pulled along by the prince.

“What? Father. Areli cant be out past nightfall.” The prince said.

“I’m sure Titus can have him back by then, won’t you?” The king smiled at Titus.

“Of course, your highness. I’m sure we can make it back before then.” Titus said.

“You better be more than sure.” The prince said. He glared at Titus for a moment, before handing him the leash on which Areli was kept. Titus took it, hesitantly. The prince moved his hand to his hip and took the rolled up whip off of the hook on his belt, where it normally sat. He held it out to Titus.

“I wont need that.” Titus shook his head. He had no desire to whip the poor chained boy.

“Trust me. You will.” The prince forced the whip into his hands, and stormed off.

“How long have you been in the city?” Areli asked, his voice quiet and soft.

“Just since last night. It’s a very beautiful place.”

“Yes. When I first came here I was impressed by it, too.” Areli said, looking around the three and four story buildings, and large trees that speckled the sizeable city. Titus had never seen a city bigger than the town he was raised in. It was strange to see so many people in one place.

“Have you always been a slave?” Titus asked, the chain felt uncomfortable in his hand. The whip felt even worse.

“for most of my life. Ever since I came to this city.” Areli said, as he led Titus along the cobblestone roads of the city.

“So you weren’t born a slave? Aren’t you unhappy here?” Titus asked.

“Not at all. I would have been killed a long time ago if not for the prince.” Areli said.

“But he treats you so horribly.” Titus was surprised, it seemed Areli was telling the truth. He did love his master.

“He treats me how I need to be treated. He knows how to care for me.” Areli said. “Does your land not have slaves?” Areli asked.

“We do, but we treat them very well. Nothing like this place.” Titus held the leash in his hands.

“I understand how it must look to you, but you have to understand. I’m a special case. My master treats me how I need to be treated, and everything works out.” Areli explained to him.

“I just don’t think I can understand.” Titus shook his head. Areli laughed a little bit, and with a small pouch of coins, bought Titus a treat. “What is this?” Titus asked, as the vendor handed him the food.

“It’s a type of bread we have here. From what I’ve heard, it’s not made in any other kingdom.” Areli said. The bread looked strange, flat and thick, it was filled with what looked like cooked vegetables and fish. Titus hesitated before taking a bite, and practically swooned. It was delicious!

“This is amazing! I must remember to come back here and get some more.” Titus said, as he finished the last bite. “Where did you get the coin for this?” Titus asked.

“The prince gives me little spending money, especially when I’m outside the palace. It’s not often, so I save up a lot.” Areli explained.

“Here, I’m sure I can pay you back...” Titus began digging at the pouch he kept his gold in.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t really need the coin. The prince buys me everything I truely need, and I don’t want much else.” Areli smiled. Titus didn’t like it, but accepted the gift.

“This city truly is beautiful, but do you have any water nearby? It’s so far away from the sea...I miss that ocean spray.” Titus said, he loved living by the ocean.

“We have a large lake in the center of the city. I’ve never been to the sea. What’s it like?” Areli asked.

“It’s very large, and salty. The fish are much bigger from the sea than from a lake or river.” Titus said.

“I hope I can see it one day.” Areli said, the tone in his voice saying that he didn’t think he ever would.

“Maybe you will.” Titus smiled.

“Come, I’ll take you to the lake.” Areli smiled, and ran ahead of Titus. Titus laughed and chased after him quickly.

The two spent hours playing throughout the town, and before they knew it, the sun was almost completely set.

“Oh, no. I need to get back to the palace!” Areli said, obviously terrified.

“It’s alright, we’ll get back in an hour or two.” Titus said, as they turned towards the castle.

“But it’ll be dark by then!” Areli bit his lip.

“What’s wrong with the dark. I’ll be here to protect you. Nothing will happen.” Titus said, laughing.

“It’s not me who needs protected.” Areli mumbled, and quickened his pace. “The prince will be so angry with me...” Areli was beginning to panic.

“Maybe we can borrow a horse...” Titus thought, as a carriage stopped ahead of them.

“Get in. Now.” The prince poked his head out. Areli seemed to sigh with relief and scurried into the carriage.

“I’m sorry, my prince.” Areli bowed and rested his head on the princes knee. He sat on the floor of the carriage, while Titus and the prince sat on the soft seats.

“You’re an idiot, Areli. You know that?” The prince said, but Titus could clearly see the small smile on his face, and hear the hint of laughter in his voice. Areli looked up and smiled a little bit, though it was a smile filled with shame and sadness. “I trust you enjoyed your time in the city?” The prince turned to Titus.

“Yes, Areli was a fantastic guide. He even treated me to lunch, from a vendor.” Titus said. The prince turned towards Areli.

“That was very kind of you. You didn’t eat, did you?” The prince stroked his hair, picking a blade of grass out of it. Areli smiled.

“No, sir.” Areli said. Now that Titus was alone with the prince and Areli, he could see that it wasn’t a cruel relationship. The prince obviously cared for the boy, and Areli loved his prince. Though Titus did wonder why Areli wasn’t allowed to eat. The prince glanced out the window and then sat back in the seat.

“We’re cutting it close, Areli. You know better than this,” The prince said.

“I know sir, I’m sorry.” The boy rested his head on the princes knee again. His white hair fell in waves onto the princes black pants, made from the finest cloth.

They arrived quickly at the palace, just as the sun was disappearing. Areli jumped out of the carriage first. Titus was next and the prince was last. Titus noticed the prince carried a beautiful engraved black and silver cane. It looked expensive.

“Thank you for the tour.” Titus thanked Areli.

“Of cour-...” The young boy groaned and gripped his sides.

“Inside, quickly.” The prince demanded, growing angry very quickly. “Guards, you know what to do.” The prince beckoned two large men who stood by quietly. They took Areli, an arm for each of them, and carried him inside the castle. “It was nice meeting you, Titus. Now if you’ll forgive me, I have some things to take care of.” The prince began walking off and stopped. He turned and walked back quickly. “I’m afraid we both have forgotten something.” The prince said.

“What’s that?” Titus asked.

“My whip.” The prince held out his hand. Titus took the whip from off his belt, glad for it to be out of his possession. He watched as the prince ran quickly upstairs to his room where Areli had been led.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prince run before.’ Titus thought to himself, before following the prince inside, but stopping at his own room instead.



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