Future Updates & Changes (Suggestions?)

Current Changes

So some of the new changes I've implemented are the stories tab and the stories list. Disregarding the fact that the list is missing wings of gray (If you guys decide you like that more, I'll add it on there) Which do you like better? I don't want to keep both. The list is on the right hand side at the top, the tab is at the top third one from the left. The tab gives you more information, but the list is more convenient. Let me know what you think via emails and comments and I'll make my final decision in a week or two.


Future Colors

Another section of the blog up for debate right now is the color. My old color was red but for some reason the text automatically changed to gray in some places, making it impossible to read. I'm sure if I fiddled around with it a little bit I could make it work. I did like the red, but for sake of time I switched to blue. I was also think about doing black and white (and gray). If you have any other color ideas, vote on the poll at the top to the left, or email or comment.


Future Tabs

I have a lot of 'To be announced' tabs, and that's because I don't know what else you guys want! What are you looking for in this blog? Do you want more in depth pages about the making of stories, or the thought process behind them? Do you want more inside info about the stories? Do you want a tab dedicated to daily (Or every other day hehe I'm not that cool.) shorts based on characters from the past (Maybe just bringing them in for short four or five page snippets checking in on them and seeing what they're up to?) and characters from the future (Maybe I'll get a lot of different shorts out there with characters that I'm mulling over in my head and you guys can vote on which ones you want more of).

I can have tabs dedicated to more entertainment purposes, funny pictures and what nots. The main reason for the blog is for a place for my readers to...well...read. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun in the process. I can do pics of super cute boys like I have all over the place already xD I can do whatever you guys want, just remember I can't do it if you don't tell me what you want!!!!!! I won't get pissed, even when people yell at me I don't get pissed, I'm pretty neutral about everything I guess. ;)


Future Stories

This is also a place where you guys can voice your opinions on current stories, and other such things. If you have ANY ideas on future stories, post them here or email me. Please please please PLEASE believe me when I say I DO take ideas offered up by my readers. Cinderella, Geist, Deep Waters, Beauty and the Beast, and Fire have all been stories based off of readers ideas. I know before I started writing, I always had a bunch of ideas in my head and I always wanted them out there, I was just to lazy to write. I would have loved it if a skilled writer (hehe, come on I gotta brag a little bit ^~^) could take my ideas and bring them to life.

That being said, I can't promise to follow a script like I'm your pet monkey. If you give me an idea, and I like it, I'll try to keep it up to your standards, but in the end my mind kind of takes over and makes it something else. But that isn't always a bad thing ;) I've never had anyone complain once I've made their ideas into a story. 


Future Music

I'm always open to other options in music, as long as it doesn't piss me off. I'm not going to lie. If you request anything country or rap I will laugh at you and fly away. It wont happen. But besides that, I do like finding new kinds of music, I Just suck at finding them. Give me some song titles and I'll do my best to add them to the playlist for you. Though the stupid gadget is hard to work with. Half the songs that come up on the list don't work -.- But I'll try!



Okay, now I have dabbled in poetry a little bit. Not recently, but a few years ago. I heard from one or two people that I was good but I've never really liked poetry. In regular writing you can hide your feelings behind your characters, but in poetry it's kind of out in the open. If you guys are interested I suppose I could post a few things on here. But I'm warning you now that I wont be as accepting of criticism (Especially if it isn't constructive) with my poetry as my writing. It was just an idea. 


  1. Yay I love the new format, it is very user friendly even on a tiny iPod screen. I like the blue, but black white and grey might be easier to read... And most of all I love, lots and lots, the idea of shorts, daily or weekly or random interval- I think it would be fun, for me to read at least. Anyway that's probably more opinions than you wanted. So I'll just stop now :) also happy almost end of allergy season!

  2. Excellent! Much better with tabs and wider sidebars. And I like the blue.

  3. i like the pics and wouldn't say no to more of them :-)
    but i have to admit, I'm no fan of poetry. if others would want it... that's okay, i don't have to read it after all... but in my opinion it isn't necessary.

    i like the blue color and i think it's easy enough to read.

  4. I love your stories and your blog is great.

    If you want to add something how about a 'Yaoi of the Week (or month)' selection where you recommend a good story you found? Sort of like your post earlier this year, only just one story or series at a time.

    Would be fun to broaden the libarary and learn a bit about what you like also.

  5. No idea why I am putting this here. Just a tid-bit haha. So I have always gone to your site on my phone, the mobile version is much simpler and has no pics. Well my phone broke today but I decided I HAD to check out your page. At work, HAHAHA My boss comes by and she's points to one of the new found pics on your page and says "I'll have on of those!" I swear I laughed so hard I cried. Hope this cheers up your day as much as it did mine!!! x's and o's from a fan.

  6. Hi,
    love all your stories. Though you already must have ideas and character reference for Angel Hunter, I couldn;t help but post this. Hope you like it/ it helps.



  7. Hi im a huge doctor who geek. And i think a nice story would be a doctor newly regenerated that just happens to be gay and that now travels the cosmos in the tardis ttrying to find somebody special.

    Just a though

    1. I love Doctor who and I'm probably one of the biggest Whovians you'll ever meet. However, I don't think I have the skill to pull off writing the Doctor.