Thursday, June 13, 2013

Survivors Ch.05

This is the second to last chapter, the next one will be a long one but it will be the last. Sorry I'm still posting so slowly, I'm really tired of these stories and I'm just pushing to finish them so I can move on to something I actually like. I just don't want to leave you guys with more unfinished shit.


Mongo frolicked alongside Pike as the group walked down the highway. Empty cars littered the road, and they walked around them, searching for supplies as they went. Since the attack on Parktown, Ariel and her crew had taken up with Gavin’s group. Now twenty people strong, it took a lot more supplies to fuel their little group. A lot of supplies, and a lot of lies.

“Gavin, I think Pike is getting sick,” S=she whispered in his ear, they both glanced over at the pale man who had his hands bunched into fists inside the long sleeved black shirt he wore. He was sweating as if he had a fever and his steps were uneven. His glazed over eyes stared at the ground. They had left Portland four days ago and were just now approaching Seattle. Gavin could practically taste freedom. The groups had been together over a week but it wasn’t making things any easier. It had been several days since Pike’s last fix, but that didn’t distract him from the attention Ariel was giving Gavin. They constantly got into fights, usually over nothing.

“Don’t think I’m through with you just yet,” Pike grumbled and leaned against a wall. Since the second group had joined theres, Gavin’s group had agreed to keep Pike’s... condition... a secret. Gavin didn’t know how much longer he could keep it under wraps. His half of the group had been searching for a vial of the drug for days but were unable to find anything. As they got closer to the border between the states and Canada, they saw signs of more military presence. More tanks littered the streets, dead soldiers, drained in soldiers uniforms, guns, even some in Canadian military apparel. It was obvious the government had tried to contain the riots and outbreaks closer to the border, it looked like they had been pushed back.

“Gavin,” David called him over. The group stopped and took a rest, while Gavin and David talked to the side. Gavin kept his eye on Pike, who took the chance to go behind a destroyed car and vomit.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“There’s a police station around the corner, I saw the sign awhile back. We might be able to find something for him there, they confiscated a lot of that shit when everything went down.” David looked towards Pike who was sitting on the sidewalk, against a car tire. A puddle of puke was a few feet away from him, gray swirls staining the liquid.

“How do we explain it to the others though?” Gavin asked.

“Tell them we’re looking for weapons, it wouldn’t hurt either. We’re damn near out of ammo.” David checked the clip in his pistol before pushing it back in.

“Good plan. Okay, everyone,” he said, turning back to the group. “There’s a police station down the block. Keep your eyes open for weapons and any other supplies,” Gavin said, loud enough to have their attention but quiet enough so that he wouldn’t attract any unwanted attention. The group nodded and gave a mumble and groan as they stood up and began walking in the direction David led them in. Gavin, Pike, and Ariel took up the rear. Mostly because Pike couldn’t keep up. Gavin was watching Pike, and Ariel was watching Gavin.

“You okay?” Gavin asked, letting Pike lean on him as they walked.

“Fine,” Pike said, his breath labored. Gavin could feel him shaking under his arm. He pushed up his sleeve, careful not to let Ariel see. His veins were varying shades of black and gray, and they pulsed heavily.

“Liar.” Gavin gave a sad smile.

“I will be,” Pike mumbled, tripping over his own feet.

“Easy.” Gavin stopped, and lifted Pike into his arms, cradling him like a baby. Pike wrapped his arms around his neck and held on tight, but not soon after his head rolled back and he passed out into a feverish sleep.

“Gavin, we need to leave him, he’s slowing us down,” Ariel whispered, once Pike was out.

“It’s not happening, we take care of our own here,” Gavin muttered, breaking into a sweat from carrying Pike.

“Fine, but don’t let him drag you down, Gavin.” Ariel shook her head.

“I heard that,” Pike grumbled, eyes still closed.

“Quiet you, go back to sleep,” Gavin instructed, now covered in a fair sheen of sweat. Pike moaned quietly and fell asleep again.

“Gavin, I’m going ahead with a small group,” David said.

“We’ll wait here,” Gavin said, after assigning a small group to go with David. The rest of the group sat down, all holding guns and keeping their eyes open for any Drained. They sat in a small circle with dusty cars in an uneven circle around them. Blood spattered the windshields of three of them and one of the doors was left open on another, the battery long dead.

“Do you think...” the voice went silent suddenly, when the man realized the whole group turned to stare at him, even the half conscious Pike. “Do you think... I mean it’s obvious they couldn’t hold down the fort here. Do you think Canada is still even... I dunno...” He didn’t finish the thought, and he didn’t need to, the same thought had been running through all of their heads here. They had all had some small glimmer of hope that there was some sort of control this close to the border, but it was obvious there wasn’t.

“Of course, I mean we have to take a ferry to get across to Victoria, there’s no way the drained made it past that, right? And on the land to land borders, there’s like an actual border, I mean a wall and stuff right? They could just lock it down and nothing could get in or out, right?” someone else chimed in. Gavin didn’t know the two men, they had come with Ariel’s group.

“Yeah, of course,” Someone else answered. They all nodded silently, not really believing what they had said.

David and the others returned quickly, a few bags in tow.

“There wasn’t much, I mean, they cleared out the police stations and hospitals first when the shit hit the fan, so it was pretty cleaned out,” David said.

“Did you find any?” Pikes rough voice rose to the groups ears. He had been lying on the ground on his back, but now he had flipped over onto his stomach and one of his pale gray arms was stretched out towards David, fingers grasping at the air. Gavin could see him shaking uncontrollably and his eyes were clouded and his veins were now completely black.

“Find any what?” Ariel asked, looking at Pike. “What’s wrong with him? He’s not contagious is he?” Her eyes went wide and about half the group stepped away from Pike.

“Please...” Pike clawed his way to Davids boots, grasping at the legs of his jeans. The sight made Gavin sick. It was easy to forget Pike was a junkie when he was ‘high’ so to speak. He looked and acted fine. But a few days without drain and he began to look and act like something out of ‘Night of the Living Dead’. David looked from Gavin to Ariel, and finally his eyes landed back on Pike. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small ziploc bag with two half filled gray vials inside. Pikes eyes went wide and with an animalistic grunt he pulled his upper body up higher, reaching for the vials. He still fell a couple inches short and he swiped at air desperately, drooling down the front of his black shirt. David, with a disgusted look, dropped the bag onto the group. It landed in front of Pike, who tore it open with his teeth, ignoring the ziploc seal and quickly opened the top to one of the vials.  He tossed it backed, letting the dusty mercury-looking liquid slip down his throat.

“The fuck!?” Several of the new people swore. Pike coughed and dropped the glass vial. It shattered on the concrete and he put his head down onto the warm asphalt. He sighed and clenched and unclenched his fists. His skin faded back to a dark tan color, and his hair got its sheen back. His veins disappeared beneath the bright skin, and he just generally looked brighter. It was as if someone had flipped a technicolor switch on an old black and white movie. He pocketed the other vial and stood up, with the help of Gavin.

“He’s a fucking user?” Ariel pulled a gun on Pike, and then suddenly there were guns everywhere. What was left of Ariel’s group aimed at Pike, and Gavins group aimed at Ariel. Everything went silent as the standoff continued for several minutes.

“Ariel, drop the guns. He’s fine, look at him. He’s not turning into some muscle head junkie anytime soon. It’s a long story,” Gavin explained. Mongo hissed at Ariel and stood in front of Pike as if he was guarding him.

“You all are seriously okay with this?” she addressed the rest of the group, ignoring Gavin.

“No, but we don’t have a whole lot of a choice. Even if it’s not perfect, this is our family now and we stick by our family. Gavin and Pike have saved our lives more than once and we owe them some courtesy,” David said, the unofficial leader of a group within a group.

“You’re fucking crazy,” Ariel swore. “Gavin, cut the shit. You like me and I like you, come with me and we’ll be fine. The rest of your group can come, but not him,” she said, staring at Pike, who scoffed at her.

“Bitch please...” he sighed.

“Pike, quiet,” Gavin shushed him, receiving an angry glare.

“I love Pike, Ariel. We’re just friends, I thought you knew that?” Gavin shook his head.

“Gavin, he’s a user. He’s a danger to everyone here-”

“Okay listen up, sugar queen. I’m sick of this shit. Ever since you dragged us into your little kingdom at gun point you’ve been all over him. Are you deaf? He just said you have no chance with him. How does it feel that he picks a drug addict over you, that’s gotta hurt, huh?” Pike said, stepping away from Gavin so that Ariels gun was pressed up against his collarbone.

“He’s just confused, he doesn’t know what he really wants,” Ariel scowled.

“Really? Are we pulling the ‘it’s just a phase’ card now? He’s like 30!” Pike snapped.

“Hey... wait... what, how old do you think I am?” Gavin frowned at Pike.

“Shut up, I’m busy beating sluts off you with a stick,” it was Pike’s turn to shush him. Gavin scowled at him.

“I’m 25,” he grumbled.

“You’re a danger to everyone here, one day you’re going to drink that shit and you’re going to turn, just like everyone else,” she whispered.

“Don’t count on it, bitch.” Gavin’s eyes went wide as Pike and Ariel stared down. He never knew Pike could get so catty.

“Come on, we’re leaving.” Ariel holstered the pistol she had pointed at Pike and turned, the rest of her group following.

“Gavin, are we just going to let them go? We’re stronger with them with us,” David whispered.

“We don’t have a choice, come on,” Gavin said, and the group picked up their supplies before walking off in the opposite direction as Ariel’s group.


“This is nice,” Pike laughed as he shut the door to their room. Shortly after they split up from Ariel, the sun began to set and they looked for a place to stay for the night. They had found a hotel that, for some reason or another, remained untouched by the drained and was still locked down. Other than a few broken windows were people had snuck in and looted anything good, it was empty. It was secure enough that the group decided to take a bit of luxury and get their own rooms. The few couples in the group shared and the single people got their own. Privacy was something that most of them had completely forgotten about since everything had started. It was rare to even go to the bathroom alone, much less sleep and change clothes alone. Well, Gavin wasn’t completely alone.

As he stripped off his shirt and readied himself for bed, Pike stared at him from a chair near the door. He watched as Gavin bent a dropped his pants, leaving him in only a pair of boxers. He licked his lips at the slight tent in the material as Gavin looked over his shoulder at Pike.

“Are you looking at my ass?” Gavin asked.

“No,” Pike said honestly, a turned his head a bit so he could get a better look at Gavin’s bulge.

“You’re awful.” Gavin laughed as Pikes own jeans began to tent.

“Hey, I’m only human,” He shrugged. Mongo had been sleeping on the bed and looked up as Pike walked over and picked him up. “Out,” he whispered, and put Mongo on the fire escape outside the window. The cat meowed once and then ran off when he noticed another cat in the alley below. Gavin laughed and watched as Pike unbuttoned his own shirt.

“Oooh, the kid is at a sleepover and the adults have the house to themselves?” Gavin pulled Pike close to him once the shirt was off.

“Yep.” Pikes hand immediately went down to Gavins crotch and grabbed the prize he found there. Gavin let his head roll back as he squeezed Pike’s ass above his jeans.

“These are annoying,” he growled, and unbuttoned the offending clothing. He yanked them down and was greeted with Pike’s tight green briefs. His erection could be easily seen underneath the thin material and it only grew by the second as Gavin returned to squeezing Pike’s firm ass.

“A room to ourselves. We’re not going to get this chance again for a loooong time,” Pike said, as he laid his head against Gavin’s strong chest.

“Nope, better make the best of it,” Gavin whispered, and pushed Pike back onto the bed. He yanked the briefs down and Pike’s erection slapped his stomach loudly. He wiggled underneath Gavin’s hungry eyes and gasped when he felt Gavin’s hot mouth swallow his entire cock. He groaned and thrusted his hips into Gavin’s mouth. Gavin sucked him eagerly, making Pike moan and squirm. He reached up his hands and massaged his chest as he sucked, before running his hands all the way up past Pike’s collar bone and released his cock from his mouth, kissing Pike firmly on the lips while caressing his face. Pike could taste himself on Gavin’s tongue but didn’t care, the kiss was so sweet it would have made him swoon had he been standing. He pressed two hands against Gavins chest and pushed him onto his back on the bed. He straddled his waist, feeling Gavin’s cock slide between his firm ass cheeks. Gavin grabbed his hips and Pike felt his cock twitch in excitement. Pike began to tease Gavin, wiggling his hips and letting his cock ooze precum onto his chest. Gavin growled and rolled them over again, pushing his legs up to his chest. Pike grunted and felt the head of Gavin’s cock at his entrance.

“Forgetting something?” he giggled, and stuck his tongue out. Gavin growled and reached onto the floor, pulling a bottle of lube out of a pair of jeans. “Expecting this were you?” Pike said, shocked.

“Oh don’t play innocent, these were from your jeans.” He held up a row of condoms. Pike blushed and smiled. Gavin let Pike’s legs drop, and rolled a rubber onto his cock. Pike took the chance to swing one leg over his shoulders and turn himself onto his stomach. He pressed his face onto the mattress and wiggled his bare ass in the air.

“I’m waiting,” he taunted in a sing song voice. Gavin bit his bottom lip with an evil smile and tore the cap off the small bottle of lube. He pushed the tip of the tube into Pike’s small opening, making him gasp, and squeezed. When he was sure Pike had a fair amount of lubrication, he tossed the bottle aside and lined himself up. Grabbing Pike’s hips, he slowly pushed his hard cock inside Pike’s tight channel. Pike let out a long, low moan as he was filled in one fluid push. Soon he felt Gavin’s balls slap his ass and the hard length stopped deep inside him. He gasped and panted his pleasure as his cock dripped precum beneath them.

“God you’re tight,” Gavin grunted.

“..big...” was the only word Pike could gasp as Gavin pulled his cock from his ass, and pushed in again. Soon they picked up the steady rhythm of fucking and Gavin had Pike moaning for release. Pike gripped the sheets as Gavin fucked him steadily, before reaching one hand down to stroke his cock. Gavin slapped his hand away and began stroking it for him. Pike gasped as he came, his cock spurting cum into Gavin’s hand. He cried out as Gavin fucked him harder, grabbing his hips and crying out as he filled the condom with his own cum.

Pike whimpered and ground his ass back on Gavin’s cock as he came. As Gavin slipped out, Pike whined at the empty feeling inside him. He rolled over, onto Gavins chest and watched as Gavin licked his cum off of his hand. He pulled the condom off and tied it before throwing it in the trash across the room. He hugged Pike tight to his chest and Pike shut his eyes, breathing in the scent of sex.

“God that was good,” he sighed.

“Hell yeah it was,” Gavin laughed, and massaged Pike’s flaccid cock.

“Ugh, don't’ get me started again.” Pike groaned and rolled, pressing his back to Gavin’s chest and his ass to his cock.

“You’re no fun,” he whispered, and kissed Pike behind his ear before they fell asleep.


Pike yawned as the morning sun shone on his eyes. He stretched and opened his eyes and froze as he looked down the barrel of a rifle.

“Uh... Gavin.” He nudged his sleeping lover.

“Huh?” he groaned, face in the pillow.

“Wake up.” He nudged him harder.

“Ow, don’t hit-” He rolled over to glare at Pike and was greeted with a rifle of his own. “Hello...” he said.

“Get up,” the soldier behind the gun ordered. They both stood up out of the bed slowly, and got dressed when they were handed their jeans and shirts. They were backed out into the hallway where the rest of their group stood with guns on them as well. A handful of soldiers, Canadian and American, held guns and watched them as they walked over to line up with the rest of their group.

“Who are you?” Gavin asked.

“We ask the questions,” one soldier snapped.

“You’re soldiers, does that mean that you guys have a base somewhere? That the border held?” David said, hopefully.

“No. We’re holed up in a building not far from here. We got separated from our group and all of our communications broke down. We have no way of contacting them at the border,” one soldier, who was clearly in charge, said. “Pat them down for any weapons.”

“The hell?” One soldier pulled out the small gray vial from Pike’s jeans.

“Yeah, that’s mine,” Pike replied, reaching for the vial.

“You’re a user?” The soldiers all turned their guns on him.

“He’s fine, he won't turn, we don’t know why,” Gavin stood up for him.

“That’s the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard,” the soldier said and cocked his gun.

“Wait, if he’s telling the truth Bill will want him,” a different soldier interjected, pushing the first soldier’s gun down a fraction of an inch. He glared at Pike for a moment longer before dropping the gun.

“Fine, we bring them to Frankenstein,” he grumbled, and before they knew what was going on they were being marched out of the building.


“Immune?” The man they called Bill stepped out from behind a stack of books. He had thick glasses on his nose, making his eyes seem unusually big. He was unshaven and his white lab coat was stained with what looked like mustard and various other substances.

“That’s what they say.” The soldier waved his gun at Gavin and Pike.

“Is it true?” he asked Pike, who only nodded. Bill’s eyes went even wider and he rubbed his hands together. “Let me take some blood!”

“Wait what? Hey man I don’t like needles,” Pike’s eyes went wide.

“Don’t touch him!” Gavin struggled against a guards grip as the man approached Pike with a vial and a needle.

“Hey I need that, that is my bodily fluid and you can’t take it.” Pike pulled his arm out of the doctors grip.

“You have to understand. If you’re immune to the effects of the drug we can possible make an antidote, a cure for this thing!” Bill explained.

“Wait what?” Pike asked.

“Okay everybody, just slow down, and no drawing fluids until we get the whole story,” Gavin said. The soldiers nodded and Gavin was let go.

“Fine, I guess I'll start,” the man in charge said.