Friday, July 26, 2013

Survivors Ch.06

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Pike, Gavin, and the rest of their crew sat stunned as the soldiers finished their story. They had been planted on the border between the U.S. and Canada just as things started going out of control. When the defensive line had been pushed back even farther, they had gotten left behind. Them, and the scientists. They had been sent to the front line in the first place to study the effect of the drug and see if they could make some sort of antidote to the effects, something to calm all the people down after taking the gray liquid. They had had no such luck. Another thing they didn’t have was communications with the border. In the heart of Seattle they were just out of reach of their companions, if they still held the border.

“Last we heard, they were falling back and locking everything down. The U.S. was considered a dead zone,” one soldier said, sadly.

“But we don’t know if that happened, right?” Gavin asked. “They could be taking people in still.”

“What people? There are no more people. You ARE the people. I’m the people. ALL THE PEOPLE ARE IN THIS FUCKING ROOM!” the soldier in charged stood up and shouted, screaming. Guns were drawn in a heartbeat and the room froze for a second before Pike relaxed.

“We’re all just on edge. Everyone just calm down. We’re not enemies here,” he said, and sat back down. Everyone else did the same, albeit slowly.

“So then where do we go from here? Blood?” Gavin looked at Pike.

“No. It’s pointless. I don’t have the tools I need here to even make a cure. The base we had before was over run a long time ago. Other than a few first aid kits, I’ve got jack,” the doctor shrugged, and leaned on an old table.

“So... then what? We head to the border? Keep going?” Pike asked.

“We’ve tried. All the roads there are completely shut down. It’s too packed with cars and trucks and blockades to even walk there. Plus in a group this size, with so much shit lying around, every time we try we end up waking at least six drained,” a soldier spoke up. His name tag said ‘Wilson’

“Okay...” Gavin said, hesitantly. “What about not taking the roads.” He stood, looking out one of the dusty windows.

“What are you talking about?” Pike stepped up to him, looking out the window. His eyes went wide when he understood.

In the distance, the murky water of the Puget Sound. A large black sign sat, decaying and dead from disuse, but enough letters clung to the board to make out the words ‘Ferry to Victoria BC’

“Anyone know how to drive a boat?” Pike asked.

“We’d need something bigger than a single person boat. We would have to use one of the ferries for a group this size,” Gavin added.

“Are there any ferries even out there?” Wilson asked.

“I can see one. It’s not docked though, just floating around out there. I think it’s anchored...” Pike mumbled, pointing through the window.

“We’ll have to go get it. Pull it back in somehow... we’d also need fuel,” Gavin said.

“They fuel at the port, I’ve watched them do it again. I bet I could figure it out,” one of the soldiers said. His badge said ‘Rossy’ and under than ‘Engineer’

“So if a group of us go and retrieve the boat, and a group stays here to refuel and cover our asses I bet we could be out of here in half an hour, tops,” Gavin claimed.

“You’re all insane,” the apparent leader of the soldiers, his badge said ‘Steffy’, spoke up.

“Do you have a better idea?” Pike raised an eyebrow. He rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Good. Then lets go catch us a boat.”

After taking a second to make a plan, they were ready. Gavin, Steffy, and David all decided to go for the ferry. There were no other boats around, so it was decided the best swimmers would go. The boat was just far out enough to be a challenge, but the swim wouldn’t kill them. They had stripped down to their boxers and briefs, leaving their clothes at the shore so as not to weigh them down. They each carried a small knife as their only protection.

The other team, Pike, Rossy, the doctor, and a handful of nameless soldiers would all be staying to defend the port while refueling, and to refuel the ship itself.

“Everyone ready?” A round of head nods were shared. “Good, then lets hope that shit isn’t too cold,” Gavin said, and dove in head first. He popped back up to the surface and hissed. “Holy balls!” he swore.

“What?” Steffy asked.

“I don’t have mine anymore. I’m pretty sure they froze off,” he hissed. He began swimming in small circles to warm up and eventually stopped shivering. By the time they were all in the water and warm, it was time to go. They took off for the boat, each using their choice of swimming style.

“Hey, Rossy...” Pike whispered.

“Yeah?” he responded, as they all watched them swim.

“Did anyone ever find out if Drained could swim?” He looked over at the crew of soldiers. They all shifted silently, looking around before looking back at the small band of swimming men.

Gavin reached out and grabbed the mossy chain of the anchor, lifting himself partially out of the water. It was slippery, but he thought he could hold on. With a grunt he began pulling himself up the chain. His muscled strained, but held his weight as he pushed himself farther and farther up the chain, followed by Steffy and David. He grabbed the lip of the boat and pulled himself up and over. He sat on the deck, panting as the other two yanked themselves up. They stood, after catching their breath and unsheathed their knives. They walked the deck slowly, careful to not make any noise. A few dead littered the deck, blood splattering the boat. Gavin didn’t doubt that whatever did that was still on board.

“Lets keep it quiet, maybe we can take it down or lock it in a room or something,” Gavin suggested, pointing to the dead.

“Or throw it overboard, can they swim?” Steffy asked. They all froze and glanced at each other, before continuing on silently.

They left the boat deck, and headed towards the first deck level, interior section. The boat had several levels to it. The first deck wasn’t much more than a loop around the boat leading to the bow and back. The second was at the same level as the deck, but was encased with walls and glass windows, and had stairs leading to the second interior, and the second deck which hung about the first, just over the stern of the clipper. The last section was the captains quarters, a small encased section of the boat up at the very top, and that was where they were headed. They made their way through the empty first interior room quickly, climbing the steps with hurried movements, everyone was shocked when Gavin froze. Suddenly everything was deathly still. David was about to ask Gavin what the hell had happened, when he heard it. He froze and it was Steffy’s turn to be confused. He opened his mouth to speak and David whipped around faster than any human should ever move and covered his mouth, with eyes that said “shut the fuck up”.

Gavin looked back at them, and then forward towards the door leading to the second deck. It was laying partially open and he gently nudged it the rest of the way.

The sound that they had heard was the fast, shallow breathing of Drained. A lot of Drained. A sea of pale gray flesh greeted them, a hundred turned backs, all rising and falling in rabbit like movements. Lights were torn from the ceiling, and paintings from the walls. Tables and chairs were overturned, windows broken, blood splattered the walls. The only light in the room came from the sunlight outside. Gavin turned to face the other two men. He motioned for them to stop, and wait. He pointed to himself and then at the small stairway leading to the captains quarters. Steffy nodded but David shook his head. Gavin nodded, and the two men stepped back, shutting the door behind them quietly, looking through the broken glass of the door as Gavin faced the Drained again. He inched his way forward, avoiding all the broken glass on the floor. He reached the first mass of Drained and shut his eyes, praying for a second. He sighed quietly and stepped into the mob.


Pike stood guard with some of the other soldiers as the others prepared to fuel up the boat. The streets were quiet, and the only sounds that could be heard was the sound of the water gently lapping at the docks. He looked over his shoulder at the ferry and saw two figures step out onto the deck. He frowned when he realized Gavin wasn't one of them. He turned around and walked to the end of the dock, looking for the third man, but couldn't find him anywhere on the boat.

"Pike! What are you doing? Get back in formation," Rossy ordered.

"Where's Gavin?" Pike ignored him.

"I don't know but staring isn't going to help anyone. Get back in line," he repeated. Pike swallowed hard before stepping back into ranks with the soldiers, still glancing over his shoulder now and again to see if he could find Gavin.


Gavin was very glad he was still wet from the swim, because there was a good chance he would piss himself. The path to the control center of the ferry was littered with drained, all in a hibernating state. He knew one single wrong move would wake all of them and he wouldn't stand a chance. He carefully shimmied his way through the minefield of twitching sleeping monsters, and it was only as he got close enough to read the keep out signs on the door to the control room that he realized what he thought was just the wall,was really an original user. Gavin blinked, this one was big even by their standards. He towered so high that his neck was bent at an odd angle to fit himself in the room. There was no way he walked up the stairs and through the narrow doorway that led here, he must have changed right here in the room as there was no way for him to get in or out. His breathing was loud and shallow, rattling the chandelier that stood in front of him. His back was against the wall, and his eyes were open but unseeing. His lips were peeled back to reveal his unusually white teeth, though bits of red stained a few spots from whatever it was that pissed him off last. Gavin realized what it was when he took one step closer and saw the body of a regular drained, only missing it's entire head. Gavin gulped and tried not to puke. He took one more step and his toe bumped one of the empty bottles lying on its side. It made a soft 'clink' and rolled a few inches, bumping into one of the cold grey bare feet.

The drained tossed his head back and let out a scream so loud Gavin threw his hands up to cover his ears. The entire crowd of Drained, including the original user groaned and growled, a few snapped their jaws or swiped at the air, before falling completely still again, as if nothing ever happened. Gavin let out a silent sigh, checked to make sure he hadn't wet himself yet, and continued working his way through the crowd slowly. For such high end predators, they were surprisingly hard to wake. Gavin scraped by them, bumping into them sometimes, and even pushing one back a few steps when he was in the way. He stumbled two steps back, bumping into another one, and then they both settled and went back to their shallow breathing. Gavin finally reached the stairs and climbed the metal steps quickly but quietly. His hand rested on the railing, sliding up with him as he went. He reached the door to the control room and his hand was on the handle when he noticed something... off.

The room was suddenly silent.

The entire time since the second he stepped foot into the room, it had been filled with the raspy and labored breathing of the drained. When he had gotten across the halfway point, he realized more than half of the noise came from the original user, his breathing louder and deeper than all of the others. Now the breathing had stopped. He turned his head slowly and was met eye to eye with the original user who stood near the steps. At first he prayed the grayish eyes were just unfocused and glazed over, showing he was still in his hibernative state. But after only three seconds of eye contact, the behemoth blinked. He stood staring at Gavin, as if he couldn't believe someone would be so stupid as to wandering into their little den. Gavin couldn't believe it either. He continued turning his head and was met with at least 40 pairs of eyes, as if he was at a rock concert and he was the one on stage. All of them were silent, just staring at this stupid stupid man who had wandered into their home. Gavin couldn't help but agree with them.

"Balls..." he whispered, and all hell broke loose. The Original user screamed at him, nearly shattering his ear drums and stirring the rest into action. They began to fling themselves as the stairs, over the sides, climbing the walls, climbing each other, anything to get to Gavin. He should have been dead in seconds but the quantity of drained and the actual space in the room worked to his advantage. They stumbled and tripped over each other, covering the original user with their bodies in a desperate attempt to get at their prey. Gavin turned the handle and realized it was locked. With one desperate punch he broke the window, severely cut and bruised his hands, and opened it from the inside. He scurried into the room and slammed the door shut behind him. He grabbed a desk that sat not far from the door and as they began to pound on the metal structure and sent their arms through the jagged glass covered window, tearing their arms to shreds, he shoved it in front of the door. As he took stock of the situation, it was made clear why all the drained had gathered where they did. In the control room were two half rotted corpses. The men must have locked themselves in the room to escape the carnage outside and starved to death.

"Sorry guys," Gavin kicked on of the bodies aside and searched for the button he was looking for. His makeshift barricade was beginning to give way, and through the faces and bloody arms of the drained he could see the Original user shoving his way towards the door. Gavin was well aware that if and when the behemoth reached his destination, he would be out of time. He scanned the control panel filled with buttons and switches of every kind. Finally he found the one he was looking for. The sound of the anchor being lifted filled his ears and he kicked the ferry into high gear,heading towards the docks. He had no idea how to drive the boat, but he would figure it out. Finally the Original user reached the door and with one solid hit,the lock broke and the desk was flung aside as the door slammed open. Gavin turned to face the massive figure that filled the doorway, keeping any other drained from getting in. He sighed with  relief, and then took it back when he saw the metal frame of the door beginning to bend from the force the behemoth put on it. The sounds of creaking metal filled the cabin and as he finally broke through the door, Gavin could only think of one thing to do.


Pike continued to watch the streets for any signs of trouble and was pleased when there were none.

"I wonder what's taking them so---" as Rossy began to ask the question, he caught sight of the raising anchor as it rose to the deck. "Look, they did it!" He pointed, as everyone turned to watch, the only thing they noticed was the sound of shattering glass. They all looked towards the control room at the top of the ferry, and at the insane sight of an original user falling from the window. He fell the three stories and landed on the railing of the boat, on his back. The crack was so loud it hurt their ears from where they stood on the docks. He slowly slid into the water, still screaming and flailing. Seconds after he had broken through the window, another figure was seen, this time jumping through the shattered glass.

"Gavin?!" Pike shouted. Gavin hit the roof of the second floor and rolled down the sloped surface. He was followed by what can only be described as a sea of drained. He held onto the lip of the roof as drained tumbled over each other, flinging themselves into the water below. Eventually the flood ended and Gavin pulled himself up, but the roof was to smooth an wet from the recent rains. He slipped and was once again holding himself by his fingertips. He held for a second before he dropped to the deck below, landing on his ass. He sat on the deck in pain for a moment before David ran over to see if he was okay. He was on his feet, though it looked like he was limping. The ferry started heading towards the dock, and Steffy could be seen steering the ship inside.


Fueling the boat didn't take long and soon they were off, the doctor steering them via map. The boat ride was long but Pike was happy to be back with Gavin, who only seemed to bruise his tailbone with the fall. They had been sitting in the dining room quietly, holding hands while Gavin rested from his fall. They were talking quietly when Gavin noticed how pale Pikes skin was.

"You already need more? You just had some not that long ago," Gavin said, concerned.

"I know... its getting worse. I used to only need a little once every two weeks and now..." he looked down at the gray flesh of his hands and winced.

"How much do you have left?" Gavin asked.

"Half a vial. Not even enough for one fix," Pike shook his head.

"Well we can search the boat, maybe-"

"I looked already. Where do you think I got the half vial?" Pike sighed. Gavin could see the black lines in his eyes. "I guess its about time I kick the stuff anyways. They wouldn't let me into Canada if I was using." Gavin could see the fear in his eyes as he looked at the half empty bottle. He walked to the side of the boat and looked over the edge. For a moment Gavin thought he was going to jump, but then he turned back and hugged Gavin.

"Why don't we go hole up in the medic area? I saw a bed in there." Gavin stood with help from Pike and right before they were going to disappear, the doctor popped up, a brochure in hand.

"Says its a three hour trip but we don't exactly have the route memorized, so it will probably be longer than that." They nodded their thanks and left.


Gavin watched as Pike squirmed in agony on the bed. His skin was such a color that he could have mistaken him for a Drained easily. His hands shook and black liquid spewed from his eyes, mouth, and ears. He cried quietly as he began sweating gray liquid as well. Gavin had finally had enough when Pike began vomiting an hour ago, now he had brought the doctor in to help him with Pike, who didn't even know he was there, much less the doctor.

"This is bad..." the doctor said. He removed the thermometer they had stolen from one of the shelves and shook his head. "107," he mumbled.

"What? But he’s freezing!" Gavin held the back of his hand to Pikes forehead. He was cold to the touch and was shivering.

"Its not like we have ever dealt with someone detoxing from this, before," The doctor shook his head.

"Its already been three hours, how much more of this is he going to deal with?" Gavin used a white rag to mop the gray sweat off his forehead, it had long since dyed the cloth black.

"The better question may be how long until we come into port? They won't let him in like this," the doctor said.

"Will you check with the others. See if we can't get an estimated time?" Gavin asked.

"Sure," he nodded and left. Gavin held pike’s ice-cold hand and wiped the pools of liquid from under his eyes. The gray eyes opened and nearly made Gavin pull his hand away it was so similar to a Drained.

"You should just leave me," Pike whispered, his breathing was wet and labored. Black liquid leaked from the corner of his mouth as he spoke.

"Fuck that, we made it this far," Gavin said, holding Pike’s head up so he could get a drink.

“But, they won’t let me in,” he said, through his rough breathing.

“Then we’ll wait this out until they will,” Gavin whispered and kissed his damp forehead. He licked his lips, without think about it, and was surprised that the fluid was sweet. He put his fingers to his lips as if any of the liquid still remained.

“It’s Drained. It’s like it leaks from yours pores when you’re detoxing. Tastes like cherries, right?” Pike smiled a tired smile. For a moment Gavin worried, and then he calmed down when he realized he had barely touched the stuff, much less swallowed enough to turn him into a raging lunatic.

“I guess. Get some sleep, love,” Gavin said, he stroked Pike’s hair until he was passed out again.

Pike opened his eyes nearly two hours later. The room seemed darker than it should have been, and it was as if all the sound in the world had been muted. The room was empty, and the door hung open. He pushed himself so that his legs hung over the cot and he rubbed his forehead, a headache starting right behind his eyes.

“Gavin?” his own voice was muffled as well. He stood and walked on shaky legs to the door, looking up and down the hall before he stepped out. He walked on unsteady feet until he reached the room before the control room. He stumbled up the steps and heard voices coming from inside. He leaned against the door frame, pushing the door open the rest of the way.

“Pike? What are you doing up, go back into the infirmary right now.” Gavin grabbed his wrist and put his other hand around his waist.

“No, I’m fine... I think,” Pike put a hand to his forehead. “I’m just a little dizzy, is all. Everything is so quiet.” He stuck a finger in his ear and wiggled it in small circles, opening his mouth wide as if trying to pop his ear after a long flight.

“There’s nothing wrong with your ears, you’re just used to the heightened senses Drain gives its users,” the doctor spoke up. “You’ll get used to it. I’m sure it’s a lot darker, too,” he smiled. Pike nodded. “He’ll probably be weak and irritable for a while, but it will pass as his body gets used to surviving without the drug again. I think the hardest part is over.” He smiled and walked back over to the control panel.

“Where are we?” Pike asked Gavin.

“Almost there, twenty minutes tops. We got lost, which is why it took us more than twice as long as it should have,” he glared at the men leaning over the map, who shrugged and looked busy.

“Oh... I am actually feeling kind of tired, will you take me back to the infirmary?” Pike asked.

“Of course, love.” Gavin held his hand and wrapped his arm around his narrow waist as he led him back down the stairs and down the hall. As he laid Pike on the bed, he was shocked when Pike’s small, but muscular, arms pulled him in. He gasped in shock as he was flipped over Pike’s chest and landed on the cot beside him. He was about to say something when he felt Pike’s hard-on press into his own groin.

“I thought you were tired?” he raised an eyebrow.

“I am, tired of you not fucking me silly.” He kissed Gavin and shimmied his pants off, leaving his shirt on. Gavin tore off his own shorts and threw them aside, leaning over just far enough to shut the door, nearly falling off the small cot.

“We have to be quick, we don’t have long. We don’t want them to come looking for us.” Gavin began stroking his own cock, already halfway hard.

“I don’t know, that could be kinky,” Pike winked and helped Gavin. Soon he was as stiff as he had ever been and was sucking on Pikes pink nipples hungrily. Pike reached over to a drawer and grabbed a small jar of petroleum jelly. He smeared a small glob on his lovers dick, before forcing a finger into his ass and lubing his hole as well.

Gavin rolled Pike onto his stomach and braced himself with a hand above Pike’s shoulder on the bed. He used his other hand to guide his cock in, and once he slid home he began massaging Pike’s perfect cheeks. He spread his legs a little wider, pushing Pike’s out with his own, and began fucking in and out of him with a slow but steady pace. Pike moaned into the single pillow on the bed and fisted the sheets. Gavin could tell he really was still tired, but he could also tell that he needed this. He needed him. As he began picking up speed, he lowered himself so that he covered Pike completely, pumping in and out of his ass faster and faster as they both began to climb to orgasm. Pike humped back on Gavin’s dick, desperately needing to feel the sheets beneath him rub his cock. Any friction was welcomed. Gavin bit down on his shoulder and sucked hard, knowing that he would leave his mark on the man beneath him. Pike screamed as he exploded, covering the sheets with his cum. Hearing Pike’s cries of pleasure pushed Gavin over the edge and he pumped Pike full of his hot seed.

“God, Pike. I love you so much,” he nearly sobbed into Pike’s shoulder.

“I love you too, Gavin. Whatever happens, we’ll be together, right?” Pike asked, as they both came down from their high.

“No matter what,” Gavin whispered. He kissed Pike lovingly, covering the left side of his face with kisses from his hairline to his chin. Pike smiled softly and began drifting off, exhausted from their lovemaking. The last thing he felt was Gavin pull out of him, leaving his ass empty but satisfied.


Pike opened his eyes and stared blankly into the tabby cats own yellow eyes.

“Mongo...” he groaned and pushed his face into his pillow. The cat meowed and hopped onto his back, kneading the spot between his shoulder blades before lying down contently.

“Mongo, get up,” Pike heard Gavin enter the room.

“How long have I been out?” Pike asked as the cat was shooed off his spine.

“Not long. Ten minutes maybe. I know you need more rest, but we can see the army ships in the distance, we’ll be nose to nose with them in five minutes tops. We made it!” Gavin kissed Pike. Pike smiled and kissed back, before pulling away. “What’s wrong?” Gavin asked.

“Just feeling sick.”

“I talked to the doctor some more, he said you wouldn’t be back to normal for a few more days. Just try to take it easy, okay?” Gavin asked. Pike nodded and leaned against his chest. Mongo circled their legs and eventually stretched up on his hind legs and used Gavin’s leg as a scratching post.

“Ow, fucking cat!” Gavin kicked Mongo gently, who whined in annoyance. He jumped up onto the bed, before jumping onto Pike’s shoulder, forcing his head at an odd angle. “You’re a spoiled brat, you know that?” Gavin waved a finger at Mongo’s face. The cat hissed and swiped at him lazily. “Asshole,” Gavin muttered as he checked his finger for scratches.

“He likes you,” Pike said sarcastically, and pulled the cat from his shoulder and into his arms. Mongo purred as he was held like a baby, his tummy scratched.

“Jeez, get a room,” Gavin rolled his eyes and started to leave. “Come on, I can’t wait to see other people. It’s going to be amazing,” Gavin smiled, and they headed for the deck.


When they arrived, everyone but Wilson was on the deck, he was steering the ferry through the crowds of boats. Everyone looked stoic and serious, when they should have been crying with joy.

“What’s going on?” Gavin asked. Only two people turned to look at him. Neither of them said anything, only nodded at the boats. Gavin stepped up to the railing and looked.

A few Drained littered the decks, growling and screaming at them as they went by. Corpses hung from the rails and floated in the water. All of them wore soldiers uniforms.

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Gavin whispered. “So they lost a few boats, so what? I’m sure the shore is still secure,” he continued, not really believing the words himself. As they approached the docks, they were met with trash and body ridden streets, beached ships, and broken barricades.

“They didn’t survive,” Pike whispered, as they stared out into the dead landscape.

“No one survived. As far as we know we’re the last people alive,” one of the soldiers said, his voice hollow.

They stepped off the ferry and walked through the abandoned streets. No one spoke.

“W-what do we do now?” Pike asked, looking at the band of soldiers. Mongo had stopped purring.

“We... we... fuck if I know,” the doctor sat down and pulled a crushed box of Camels out from his pocket, lighting up.

“We survive,” Gavin said. He grabbed Pike’s hand, and looked out at the broken windows, and overturned cars of the city. They all looked at the landscape that should have been their safe haven, but turned out to be a continuation of their own hell. Pike glanced over Gavin and down at the bundle of fur he was holding with one arm. His pistols were still at his hips, and Gavins shotgun on his back. The soldiers were armed to the teeth, and even the doctor carried an ancient revolver in his hands. He looked at all of these things and he knew that what Gavin had said was true. They all didn’t fight this long for nothing. They weren’t ready to give up yet, and never would be. He had Gavin, and Gavin had him. Mongo resumed his purring, even after Pike put him on the ground. The wind howled through the empty streets, the only soundtrack to their endless days of hunting, scavenging, hoping, and most of all...