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New stuff, and Story contest winner

So here's the new blog theme. Before anyone whines about the text, at least wait until you read a whole story before you tell me if it's good or bad. I read that gray on black was like the second best color pattern for reading on a computer screen but I wasn't sure. Whatever, I tried it. Let me know in a week or two if it's destroying your eyesight and I'll change it.

So now that that's out of the way, the moment you've all been waiting for:

The winner to the story idea contest thingy is......*Drumroll*

The Naked Llama/Nix

Congrats Nix, your story will be the first one posted on Friday October 5th. You can collect your prize (A free preview of any story ever, whether it's in writing or ready to be posted) whenever you like, just email me ( with the story you want to see before everyone else (you can even see yours if you want, since it's already finished and ready to be posted ;)

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Info info info, Updates updates updates

Info Info Info:

1) If you're having problems reading something on the blog (i.e. big white bars where the words should be) high light it, and you'll be able to read it. If you find one of these spots (my editor has searched the blog pretty well I do think) comment about it here or email it to me and I'll have it fixed asap. It's just with so many pages on the blog (I really don't think you realize how many there are, well over 100 by now I think) it's hard to find all the spots. Thanks for your help in fixing this!

2) All Hallows Eve Month (AHEM, awesome right? This is what I'll be calling it) is starting in just two days (yipee) and as promised, I have four Halloween stories for you. They will be posted on each Friday of the month (5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th.)

3) That being said, it is NOT too late to enter the story competition. I'm willing to write a new story and put one of the current four in the vault for later use if your idea beats it out. If not, I'll be announcing the winner on the first of October. Remember, the prize is a free early preview of any chapter of any story of your choosing. You can even go so far as to watch us write and edit it, a story in the making so to speak. Or you can just call dibs and get it as soon as it's done, hoarding it away from the other bloggers to read and cherish as your own (am I getting a little cocky about my stories?)

4) A new tab will be added starting the 5th of October called (can you guess it?) AHEM. All Hallows Eve Month. I'll post all stories and if you want to read them again later, you can click that tab and it will take you to a page similar to the stories page, with links to all four AHEM stories. I'll probably turn this into a Holiday page later on, complete with catagorized Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, Valentines day etc, stories. But that probably wont be until next year when I have two or three Holidays under my belt (I'm extremely bad at Christmas stories. Every time I try they turn into dark Halloween type stories. The three times I've tried they've all ended up being about murder. But I'll still do my best.

5) Introducing a new blog you will all love eventually Naughty (my sexy beast of an editor) has started her on blog. In a week or so we'll have an interview up (much like the one Kitten2010 and I did---> Here) up that will give you an insight to our relationship as editor and writer. (it's probably going to get pretty crazy) She's also trying to build up the courage (with a couple of jabs from a cattle prod from me) to post her own stories there, I haven't read any from her yet but I'm sure they will be as amazing if not more so than mine. (is the cocky thing coming back again?)

Note: If you find your religion missing in #4 and are deeply saddened by my absolute lack of knowledge of other holidays, please comment and email and I'll do my very very very very very very very very very very very very best to get a story out for that holiday. I'm in no way religious and choose to celebrate certain holidays for my own personal reasons, I wont discriminate based on what religion I do or don't follow.


Updates Updates Updates:

1) During ALL (Don't cry) of October there will NOT be any new chapters of No Tomorrow or Angel Hunter. I do have a few chapters finished but you unfortunately wont see them until November, when I wont be doing much writing. (For those of you who don't know I'm a caterer. Wedding season is June to October. You get discounted wedding prices if you have on in November to May. Unfortunately for some reason my particular location has wedding season from June-Mid November. Probably because it's too hot in the spring and summer months to do much, and too cold in the winter. I'm also going back to my high school culinary program to help coach a culinary team for a competition I competed in a few years ago as a favor to my old teacher, unpaid. So long story short (to late) I'll be a mindless, sleepless, foodless, shell of a human being and probably wont get any writing done that whole month.

2) I have stories (one or two, I can't remember honestly,) Line up for after No Tomorrow and Angel Hunter are over. So you wont have to wait long after they're finished to get a new story, good news for you.

3) As usual I'm always taking story ideas so feel free to send them in via comment or email. The first story in October was sent in by a reader, as was the skeleton of the second, I did tweak the second a little bit more than a little haha, but the first is almost the same as how they proposed it to me. Details are good, vague is better. It means we wont bash heads against how a story should be written. My favorite suggestions are ones that give me a basic idea and let me run away with it. But a solid story idea is welcome too.

4) I'll be updating the blog this weekend (the theme) so it will probably be down for a day or so with lots of glitches and changing colors and texts and all kinds of stupid shit. I apologize and just wanted to give you a heads up.

5) Thank you all for being so patient and understand while I try to get my health and my job stuffs sorted out so I have time to write for you guys. I really am trying my best and as always I value my readers above almost anything. Know that all of you are appreciated and no matter how much people say otherwise, it's the authors that serve the readers, I wouldn't be anywhere with out you all. Thank you <3

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As I'm sure you've all realized by now, I love Halloween. Christmas is a close second, but Halloween is king. So, that being said. I promise that October will be a month full of stories. A combination of ones that will make you say 'Awww!' and ones that will make you cringe and close the window as fast as you can. Since I do love Halloween, I have to pay tribute to the horror gods by posting dark Halloween stories!

My plan (remember plan is a loose word) is to have one Halloween story a week. Right now I only have one, and it's halfway done. BUT, that doesn't mean this still wont happen. Emails emails and more emails people! Your comments inspire me.

Besides the Halloween stories, I will attempt to continue Angel Hunter and No Tomorrow, but there is a decent chance that they wont be continued until after the month of tears and fears >:)

Oh, and P.S.

My Birthday happens to be somewhere in the magical month of terror.

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To be or not to be?: Epilogue

Since this was so short I figured I would thank you all by giving it to you now. It's the epilogue from my story To be or not to be? Or is it even a question? I enjoyed writing that story (although it was very sudden and kind of rushed) and always wanted to do an epilogue, so here it is.

For the original story, click: Here.

“Demi, you home?” Benjamin called out as he stepped into their apartment.

“In the living room.” He called out. Benjamin followed the voice and found his boyfriend in the living room as promised. Demetrius was sitting on the couch, just hanging up the phone as Benjamin walked in.

“Who was that?” He asked.

“The lawyer,” Demetrius said. “He said that since I completed my hours of therapy, we’re done. Case closed.” He smiled. Benjamin smiled back. He sat down on the couch next to him and pulled his head in close, kissing him.

“Congrats, love. We don’t have to think about them ever again.” He said.

“They took my brothers, they’re in the foster system now.” He said, a little hurt in his voice. “I kind of hoped they would stay out of it.”

“I know it sucks...but I mean after your mom had that break down I don’t think she was really ready to take care of them alone.” Benji said, making Demetrius nod. After they had left, and moved to a small town just outside of L.A., his mother had lost it. His father never even made it to the hospital, Demetrius had shot him through his chest, piercing his lungs. He drowned in his own blood. To keep him from getting in even more trouble, Benji had called the cops when they were a safe distance from his screaming mother and unwanted girlfriend. They came quickly and arrested Demetrius. Benji had gone with him. Demetrius and his lawyer had gone with the temporary insanity plea. The judge had a hard time believe it at first, seeing how calm and collected Demetrius was at his hearing, but when he saw the very evident signs of abuse, it didn’t take him long to let him off easy.

Demetrius had to attend therapy, until his therapist decided he was safe and sane. When they settled down together, Demetrius finally told Benjamin everything that happened at the ‘facility’. Benjamin had been sick, literally, when Demetrius told him what they had done to him but he sat through it all. He cried when Demetrius cried, and calmed him down when he got furious, and was there for him when he woke from nightmares. It took him a long time to be able to sleep through the night again. But even now, almost a year since the day he shot his father, they still hadn’t done anything more intimate than kissing.

Even with soft kisses and touched Demetrius would go rigid or get pale. Benjamin took his time and eased Demetrius into the relationship, giving him time to adjust. Demetrius even spent time with his therapist, talking about how to be close to Benji without making himself sick. Now, in his mind he knew what he was feeling wasn’t wrong. But all of the conditioning forced into his head at the straight camp had burned this sickness into his mind. He wanted nothing more than to be close to Benji sexually, but he couldn’t.

“I promise I could help you get free.” Benji said, and kissed him. Demetrius took a deep breath and kissed him back. He smiled when the waves of nausea that usually came didn’t hit him. Maybe he was getting better.

“I never said thank you, Benji.” Demetrius said.

“You don’t have to.” Benji smiled and shook his head.

“Yes I do. I have so much to thank you for.” He sighed. “You were there for me when I was lost and confused, and when I finally knew what I wanted but it was the wrong thing.” He thought of the morning he almost took his life. “You were even there for me when I became a murderer.” He knew it was sick, but he couldn’t help but laugh. “And you’re still here for me now, when I can’t even take care of you.” Demetrius rested his hand on Benji’s thigh, looking at the bulge that suddenly began to grow in his crotch. Benji tilted his head back and let out a low moan, before pushing Demi’s hand away.

“You don’t have to do that, Demi. I know you’re not ready.” He said, trying to will his erection to go down.

“But I want to. I want to be ready!” Demetrius said, getting frustrated.

“Don’t push yourself, it will only make it worse.” Benjamin hugged him.

“I know he’s dead, Benji but I feel like he still has this grip over me.” Demetrius said.

“But he doesn’t.” Benji whispered in his ear. Suddenly an idea struck him. “Let me try something?” He asked. Demetrius nodded, his eyes closed as Benjamin rubbed his shoulders. “Sit down on the couch.” He said, smiling. Demetrius did as he was told and sat down. Benji knelt between his legs, and reached for his belt.

“Benji!” Demetrius pushed his hands away.

“It’s okay, Demetrius. Close your eyes.” Demetrius hesitated but did as he was told. “Take a few deep breaths.” He whispered, again Demetrius complied. “Now don’t think about anything. Just let your mind drift. Don’t think about me, or about that bitch Daisy.” Demetrius chuckled. Benji had forgiven him for sleeping with that woman, though he was still bitter about it. “Now just enjoy.” He smiled, and fished Demetrius’ cock out of his pants. The thick seven inch organ was already growing as Benjamin stroked it in his hands. Demetrius leaned back a little, his breathing increasing by the slightest amount. He gasped as Benjamin wrapped his mouth around his cock, making it twitch.

“Oh god...” Demetrius bit his lip. Benji continued to suck him off, fondling his balls with his right hand as he stroked his cock with his left. Demetrius kept his eyes closed, only focusing on the sensation of a rough tongue licking the underside of his cock. He felt his balls tighten up against his body. He grunted in pleasure. “I-I’m gonna cum.” He moaned. Benjamin continued suck, drawing the cum out of his balls. As Demetrius finally exploded, he opened his eyes. Benjamin swallowed repeatedly as Demetrius flooded his mouth with his cream. The look in his eyes was pure love, the same look Demetrius had seen the day under the oak tree, when Benji had first told him that he loved him. He craved that look more than anything in the world. He sighed as his cock went soft and he watched Benji put it back into his pants, buttoning them up and doing his belt to the same notch it was at before.

“How was that?” He sat back down on the couch and pulled Demetrius close to cuddle with him.

“That was a-amazing.” Demetrius said, still shocked. “Thank you.” He kissed Benji on the lips, tasting himself on his tongue. “I...I can try to return the favor.” Demetrius put a hand on Benji’s cock, which was half hard just from the blow job.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll take care of myself later, The point of this was that we did something and you didn’t get all queasy on me.” He poked Demetrius in the stomach, making him laugh, though there was a sad undertone in his laughter.

“I’m sorry, Benji.” He said, sadness returning to his eyes.

“It’s okay, I told you that. You just need time.”

Benjamin was right, he just needed time. A few months after he had survived his first blow job, he was able to return the favor in full. A month after that, he finally shared a bed with Benjamin for more than sleeping. It took longer, but finally he had recovered enough from his imprisonment, and the rape, to allow Benji to take him. The gentle carresses of his lover soothed away the pain and misery that the facility and his father had created for years. He was happy, he was healthy, and he was free.

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Halloween story

It's the moooost wonderful tiiime of the yeaaaar!

At least, to me it is.

Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time. Where your dark side is considered a good thing. Most would think that this would provide an excellent opportunity for me to really go crazy with the dark tones in my stories. However, I have to say it's quite the opposite. With so much love for this evil and delicious holiday, It's impossible to choose one of my many beloved halloween monsters to feature in my story.

So I ask you take the chance to vote on the polls to the left and right of this post. Left for submissive character and right for dominant one. If your favorite isn't on there, comment or email me with an idea. You can even take it a step farther by emailing  me a story idea. As long as it's somehow halloween related it will be taken into consideration.

The prize (for emailing me with an idea, not just a character vote) is the winner (not that I promise there is going to be one, my mind works in ways even I don't understand) will get the chance to have a sneak peak/early view of any chapter of any story they choose (no expiration date.) Plus, they get mentioned in the beginning of the halloween story they help create. Golf claps and bows to the winner etc etc.

I hope I get a few emails soon ;) good luck and happy haunting.

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Since it might be awhile before I'm posting again, and not all of you have twitter, feel free to email me ( or comment with your email and I'll send an email to you when I post.

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So the general response I got from the earlier post (and they're still rolling in, trust me!) is to take as much time as I need, or to post whenever I can, like I did on lit and at the beginning of this blog. The reason I tried to set a date for post is it makes it easier for people, so they aren't checking back every single day for two weeks not knowing when I'm going to post something. If you guys really wouldn't mind the random post times, that's what I'll do. Let me know what you think.

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Sorry for no Saturday post. But I think I've decided what I'm going to do. I'm going to leave it up to you guys. I can either go on break from writing for, lets say two weeks, and get you a new story every two weeks. Or you can give me more time, lets say a month, and I'll post once a week like I have been, using all the stuff I've gotten done in that month.

Every two weeks

Wait a month and get a story every week for a set amount of time before I go on break again.

Comment with your vote. I would put it in a poll but polls aren't working for some reason, which makes me sad.

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Future plans

So I know its probably been nice having a new chapter every week(I know I enjoyed writing that much), but unfortunately I've returned to work full tome(I was only part time for the past month or so due to health reasons) plus I started taking a few classes at the local college. So I might have to cut back to one chapter every two weeks. I'm not sure yet, we will see how things go. But I'm back to working almost 90 hours a week, not counting school. Plus I need at least an hour of gym time a day since I'm starting T soon and need to get in shape haha. Plus working around naughty and kittens schedule it makes stuff really difficult. I'll make a decision on posting times soon, and let you all know.

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It's been brought to my attention that the older stories (the ones I copied over from Literotica) were not visible because of a white highlighted text. I knew it was annoying before, but with the black/white background text it made the words completely invisible. Today I'll have Naughty go through an fix all of them. (I've already fixed a few) Sorry for the inconvenience everyone! Enjoy Ch.03 of Angel Hunter.

Angel Hunter Ch.03

Sorry for such a short chapter all, it’s been a busy week and I did more than half of this last night! It's not edited because my editor didn't have time this morning, but when she gets home from work it will be the edited version if you want to wait for that :)

Shep smiled as he stepped out of the airport.

“Would you stop complaining?” He frowned.

“I’m not complaining. I’m just saying that they should bring back those little peanuts.” He mumbled.

“No one cares about the peanuts. I’m allergic anyways.” Shep said, as he hailed a cab.

“Psh, no one cares about peanuts.” Lex mocked Sheps deeper voice. “Madness.” He mumbled, as he shoved Shep out of the way and crawled into the cab first. Shep rolled his eyes and crawled in beside him.

“Rockefeller Center, please.” Shep mumbled.

“Rockefeller?” Lex frowned. “Who is this guy anyways?” He asked, reaching for the map of angels Shep held.

“Jophiel.” Shep said, earning an awkward glance from the cabbie in the rearview mirror.

“Jophiel, huh. What’s he up to in New York. Seems a little busy for an angel.” Lex grumbled, looking out the window.

“So the country was to empty and the city is too busy? Make up your mind.” Shep said, another look from the cabbie making him blush.

“Stop here!” Lex shouted.

“Stop!” Shep said, out of reflex. The cabbie hit the breaks, sending them all forward sharply.

“Get out here.” Lex said, and threw the door open, the cabbies eyes went wide.

“Must have been a loose door, you should check that out.” Shep threw him a big tip to distract him, before climbing out. “What are we doing?” He asked, once he was on the street next to Lex.

“Follow me.” Lex said. He grabbed the handle of the store. Shep frowned as he followed him inside, taking a moment to glance behind him. He could feel eyes on his back, though he didn’t know where they came from. Shaking his head in dismissal, he followed Lex inside. As he stepped inside, he realized Lex had changed. Though he still looked like Lex, he was more human appearing now.

“Thanks, that’s all.” Lex smiled. Shep frowned as he looked the man in front of him up and down. He looked enough like Lex. His skin was still pale and his hair was still covered in red. But his horns had gone, and his red eyes were now a golden brown. His tail was nowhere in sight either. He hadn’t changed his clothing, keeping himself clad only in leather and chains, but the shop owner didn’t seem bothered by this, he did work in New York afterall. Lex turned and smiled, shoving a small bag in Sheps chest. Shep frowned and opened it, revealing a black Blutooth.

“Happy birthday.” Lex mumbled, and stepped outside. Shep rolled his eyes and walked back outside the shop, smiling at the owner as he left. Lex stood waiting for him, barefoot and tail swishing as usual.

“I knew Demons could shape shift, I Just never thought about you doing it.” Shep mumbled, as he shoved the accessory into his ear.

“I don’t like it.” Lex shrugged. “But you walk too slow.” He laughed.

“RIght, well. Maybe I’ll get a few less looks now. Though we are in New York so it’s a bit short lived.” He shrugged, as he began walking down the street with Lex by his side. “ did you pay for this?” Shep frowned.

“Easy.” Lex pulled a very large wad of cash from some unknown source on his body, Shep was afraid to ask where Lex had been keeping the bills.

“Holy shit.” Shep swore, and stopped to look at Lex.

“Remember, stud. You can only talk to me, other people still can’t see me.” Lex laughed. Shep continued walking, keeping his eyes forward.

“Where did you get that?” He asked.

“I don’t know. It just kind of adds up. I mean I don’t really eat or drink or anything like that, at least I don’t need too. Only if I wanna, and I don’t usually.” He shrugged. “I just get a little now and then and it adds up over the years.” He smiled.

“H-How much do you have?” Shep frowned.

“Enough to stay there.” Lex smiled, and pointed at the tall building before them.

“The New York Palace...We’re going to stay in the New York Palace. That place is like-”

“A little over $600 a night, I already reserved our room.” Lex said, heading into the hotel. He stopped at the front desk and smiled, shifting into his ‘human’ form. The man at the front desk tried to stop his jaw from dropping when the leather clad twink strolled up to the marble desk.

“Lexington Morris.” Lex batted his eye lashed. THe man quickly typed in his name and nodded.

“Everything is set up for your room, sir.” He smiled, as Shep stepped up behind him.

“Thank you.” Lex nodded, and headed for the elevators after the man gave him the two keys.

“Just let me know if you need anything....sir.” The man added, smiling dumbly at Lex. Lex turned around and smiled.

“Will do.” He hit the button for the elevator, which opened quickly and they piled in. In the elevator alone, Shep finally spoke.

“He was totally flirting with you.” He frowned.

“Yeah...So? Most people do. I am gorgeous if you hadn’t already noticed.” Lex fluttered his thick eyelashes.

“Modest aren’t you?” Shep scowled. Lex looked him up and down.

“You’re jealous.” He said, a smile creeping over his pale face.

“What?” Shep scowled harder. “No I’m not.” He shook his head.

“You totally are!” Lex laughed, then stopped and smiled. “I didn’t know you cared.” He looked down at his feet before glancing up at Shep with a smaller smile.

“I don’t.” Shep snapped. “You’re just some dumb demon he follows me around like a creeper.” Shep growled, he stared up at the numbers on the elevator as they lit up, showing them climbing floor after floor. With his eyes trained on the numbers, he didn’t see Lex’s hurt face.

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned... I’ve sinned a lot.” He couldn’t help the smile that crossed over his face.

“Lexington...” The priest sighed. Father Francis could be seen shaking his head through the screen that separated the two men. “What is it this time, my son?” He asked, voice already weary.

“The usual.” Lexington stayed in the kneeling position, looking around the small wooden room, bored.

“There shouldn’t be a usual.” The priest said, sternly.

“I can’t help it.” Lexington muttered. “It’s just having fun.” he unfolded his hands and leaned back, letting his arms rest on the bench behind him.

“Your fun is still sin.” The voice didn’t lose any of its sternness.

“I know, Father.” Lexington mumbled. He shuttered when the thought struck him that he meant father in more ways than one.

“You know I love you, Lexington.” His dad spoke to him through the mesh again. “Because of that I have to watch out for more than just your current happiness. If you continue this path I’m afraid for what will happen to your soul.” He said, a sense of urgency in his voice.

“I know!” Lex snapped. “...Father.” He added calmly at the end.

“You take your vows soon, my son. You must prepare for that.” He said, before leaving the confessional. Lex sat there for a moment, before he sighed and left. He straightened his black coat and headed for the front of the church. As he passed the rows of pews, specks for praying men and women scattered among the dark wood, he was stopped by an older man.

"Father." he put a hand on Lexs shoulder.

"oh, I'm not a priest yet... if you want I can-" As Lex turned to find his dad, the man continued on.

"My son just came out as a homosexual." the man's eyes were red from crying. "I don't know what to do." He said, letting out a small sob with a sigh. Lex stared at the man as he got a hold of himself. "I don't want him to go to hell." The man added. "Please, Father what do I do?" Lex blinked once before speaking.

"Just love him." he muttered, before walking off.

"Lex?" Sheps voice brought Lex out of his reverie.

"Oh, you're awake." He blinked, as he moved out of the window seat that looked over the bustling town.

"Yeah." Shep stretched and looked around the huge room. "I still can't believe how bug this room is." Shep laughed.

"Yeah, right." Lex smiled. Shep was washing his face in the all marble bathroom when there was a knock on the door. "I got it. He called to Shep who poked his head out the doorway.

Lex opened the door as a bell hop pushed in the large cart. several cloches covered the tray, the bright silver domes shining in the morning light pouring in from the balcony. Lex tipped the man, before pushing the cart over to the table.

"What's that? Shep asked as he sat down.

"Oh, uh well we get a breakfast for two during our stay." Lex said.

"You don't eat." Shep frowned.

"No, but I felt like it. are you gonna eat or not?" Lex moved the cloche aside and sat down.

"Everyone gets a free breakfast? this hotel is nice." Shep smiled.

"well, not everyone. I got a special package." Lex said, trying to keep a straight face but ended up giggling at the word package.

"Ignoring the bad innuendo, what do you mean?" he said around a mouthful of souffle.

"well, I got us a special room and deals." Lex shrugged.

"Like what?" Shep asked.

"a breakfast for two, lunch by the pool, a...uh...candlelight dinner-" Lex was interrupted by Shep coughing and looking around the rooms with the large bed and larger shower. the soft carpeting and two of everything.

"You got us the honeymoon suite?!" Shep stood up.

"Why not? we don't actually have to be on a honeymoon." Lex crossed his arms.

"youre unbelievable." Shep said, after staring at him for a full thirty seconds, before leaving the room.

"Where are you going?" Lex asked.

"We aren't here for fun, Lex. I'm here to kill another one of those sick bastards." Shep grabbed his swords and hid them behind the folds of his coat.


“So where is this guy supposed to be anyways?” Lex asked, as they stepped through the streets. He rolled his shoulders, enjoying being back in his Demon form. Shep pulled the wrinkled map from his coat pocket, unfolding it carefully. He turned it over, revealing the small paragraph of text explaining the exact location of each Angel.

“Great.” He mumbled.

“What?” Lex frowned and tried to peek over his shoulder while they walked up 5th avenue.

“He’s there.” Shep stopped.

“Where?” Lex spun around, searching for the hidden Angel.

“On the-” Shep was cut off as Lex was suddenly scooped up and was sent kicking and screaming to the top of the Empire state building. “Lex!” Shep shouted, he broke into a run. He shoved his way through the crowds, watching as people stared confused but only mildly annoyed, used to the strange happenings in New York. As the small dot that was the angel landed on the very top of the tall building, Shep began sprinting into the crowded building, ignoring the crowds of people glaring at him as he shoved and pushed his way to the stairs.


“God damn it put me-” Lex was caught off guard when he was dropped roughly on the building. The loud thud of his thin body hitting the hard surface was accompanied by the rushing winds created by the dieseased angels gray wings. It landed carefully on it’s gray bare feet. Long toes twitching as it scratched at the ledge of the building. They weren’t at the top, but at the first ledge below the tall arches that made up the top of the building, ending in the tall needle. Lex groaned as he stood, trying to keep his hair from blowing in the strong wind. “Down.” He mumbled. He unwrapped the long chain the crossed his chest, letting it fall to his feet. His other hand rested on his whip, prepared to draw it when needed. “Lets go bitch.” Lex snapped.

“You are not worthy.” The angel growled. Lex straightened up.

“Not worthy of what? I don’t have a soul, is that it? Nothing for you to ‘nom nom nom’ right?” He snapped.

“Lex?” Shep reached the top, gasping for air.

“How did you even get up here?” Lex frowned, keeping his eyes on the Angel.

“I knocked out a few people.” Shep shrugged as he began to catch his breath. “Are you okay?” He asked, worried.

“yeah, but lets get something clear.” Lex turned. “If every time we go to kill something, I get shot or kidnapped, we need to have a talk.” He said, pointing a finger at Shep, who only smiled.

“Noted.” He smiled wider, and drew both of his dual swords, the light from Solias reflecting in the shine of his multicolored hair. He tossed his head, pushing the long black hair out of the way before charging forward. The Angel easily dodged the attack and Shep was sent flying, the force of the wind catching him off guard. He stumbled toward the edge, saved by the feeling of thick chain being wrapped around his waist. He felt the hair forced out of him as Lex pulled him back.

“Easy, big guy. Remember I’m not the best flier, it would probably be best if we avoided the edges.” Lex reminded him.

“Noted.” Shep said, again. The angel smiled.

“What, no weapons tough guy? You going to dodge us to death?” Lex frowned. The angel smiled wider, and opened it’s black mouth. The void that led down to its empty stomach was filled with black and gray teeth, though many were missing. It enhaled deeply, before letting out a scream that literally made Lex’s ears bleed. Shep winced and covered his ears, dropping his swords as he did so. Though the scream seemed to have a worse effect on Lex, who was no on the ground in agony. Shep watched as black tears poured from Lex’s eyes. Black blood leaked from between his fingers as he attemped to cover his ears. He had curled into the fetal position as he tried to guard himself from the scream. Finally, Shep couldn’t watch any more as he pulled a hand away and forced it to grip Solias. With a deep breath, he hurled the sword at the Arch.

Caught off guard, the angel reacted a moment too late. He moved, the sword striking him in the wing. He screeched as he failed the now useless limb. Now greeted with only the sound of the screeching angel, and the howling wind, Shep turned to Lex who was sobbing quietly.

“Lex? Come on, stand up.” Shep grabbed his arm. Lex shook his head and continued to cover his bleeding ears. Shep sighed and picked up his other sword, charging the angel. He blinked once, before turning and grabbing Sheps arm, before forcing him over the edge.

The world was numb to Lex as he continued to feel the blood drip from his ears and eyes. The deep ringing tone that replaced the bright sounds of the world around him filled every part of his brain. He felt a tug as Shep tried to pull him up, but only shook off the hand. As Shep charged the angel, he looked down at his black stained hands, looking at them through black stained eyes. He only looked up, when he heard the screams from Shep. He saw the angel looking over the edge, but no one else. With the bile rising in his throat, he shoved the angel aside and dove over the edge. His small wings opened but did nothing to help him. Shep screamed as he fell, his sword falling a few feet away. Lex beat his wings as he dove down, arms outstretched for Shep, who had his eyes squeezed shut tight. As his long fingers wrapped around Sheps wrists, he slowed their descent and with all his might began pulling them back up to the top of the building with his small wings. He groaned and strained as he pulled them back up farther and farther. Finally, one hand reached the narrow edge of the building. He grunted as he pulled Shep up, pushing him to safety.

As he attempted to pull himself up as well, he was met with two clawed gray hands to the shoulder. The angel, with wings far larger than his own (even if one of them still had Shep’s sword embedded in it), began pushing him down again. Lex watched as Shep grabbed Dyrnwyn from where he had set it, and shoved it through the angels long naked gray tail. It screeched louder than it had before as the blade stuck him to the building. Without hesitation, Lex scurried up the Angels body as it flailed. Standing quickly, he grabbed his whip and wrapped it around the Angels thin neck, he pulled roughly, jerking it to the side quickly once it was tight. The snap was heard through the noise of the wind as the Angels neck was broken. Relieved, both of the survivors fell down.

“Are you okay?” Shep asked, looking at the trail of drying blood from Lex’s ears.

“Yeah, they stopped ringing.” He scratched the side of his head.

“Hey.” Shep said. Lex looked at him, waiting for him to speak. Shep only stared for a minute before standing and offering his hand. “Lets go back to the hotel, I want that lunch by the pool damn it.” He smiled. Lex smiled back, and accepted the hand. “Feel like flying us down?” Shep joked. Lex laughed fakely.

“Oh, I think not.” He laughed as he held the door open for his partner.

“So what were you like before you became a Demon?” Shep asked, as he placed another package of creamer down.

“Pretty much the same. The only difference is that I had to lie about who I was before.” Lex said, handing him a handful of sugar packets.

“What do you mean?” Shep pulled off another piece of gum from the glob in his mouth and stuck it to the end of a coffee stir-stick.

“I was a pastors son, about to become a pastor.” Lex explained.

“Wow, really?” He frowned.

“Yeah. My father didn’t approve of my ‘Homosexual urges’ and thought I could just shrug them off. But the clubs always called to me...” Lex smiled. “Not quite as much as other guys cocks, but they did call to me.” He winked.

“You’re disgusting.” SHep rolled his eyes. Lex smiled.

“I never got to see him, after I died that is. The big man downstairs said I could, but I was too chicken shit I guess.” He shrugged. “Done.” He brushed off his hands and stood back.

“You realize we need a real hobby, right?” Shep said, leaning back on his hands as they looked at the model of the empire state building they had built out of creamer, sugar, stir-sticks, and a few packs of gum.

“Ah, wait we forgot something.” He smiled. He took out a fresh pack of gum and began unwrapping a few pieces. After a couple of minutes of molding it into the shape he wanted, he stuck it onto the side of the tower. Shep smiled as he looked at the body of the angel Lex had sculpted.

“You know he’s not actually there right? He turned to yucky angel dust when I took my sword back.” He wrinkled his nose.

“I know. But he’s there in our hearts.” Lex patted his bare muscled chest. Shep smiled and laughed weakly.

“Alright, come on you sex-offender.” He said, grabbing his coat.

“Where are we headed?” Lex asked.

“To blaze a trail.” Shep smiled wider.

“Blaze a trail? At three in the morning? Come on, Shep. Our flight doesn’t leave until tomorrow afternoon.” He grumbled, beginning to pack his bags anyways.

“Not that trail, sex-offender.” Shep smiled.

“Oh, this trail.” Lex gulped, as he stood in front of the church.

“Come on.” Shep stepped forward.

“Well, you see...” Lex didn’t move from his spot across the street. “Churches and I, we don’t really-”

“Move it.” Shep shoved him.

“Shep...” Lex said weakly. Shep stopped in front of the door, opening it.

“What’s his name?” He asked.

“What?” Lex looked confused.

“Your dad, what’s his name?” He repeated.

“Oh...Uh... Father F-francis.” Shep could honestly say this was the first time he had seen Lex nervous or scared. Even in front of the Arch angels he showed no fear. Maybe some pain, but not fear. Without a word, Shep entered the building.

“Can I help you, my son?” An old man walked towards Shep slowly.

“I’m looking for Father Francis. Shep felt uneasy in the old building. Lex hadn’t been lying when he said he didn’t work well with churches, neither did Shep.

“I’m Father Francis, how can I help you?” He asked, confused. He looked as if he was trying to recognize Sheps face.

“You don’t know me....My name is Shepherd....Er....Shep.” He said, after a moments hesitation. “I know your son.” He said. A sad look crept over his eyes.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but he passed on quite a few years ago.” Father Francis said sadly.

“I know...I mean...I...Shit.” He mumbled, before biting his lip. “Sorry.” He took a deep breath. “You believe in something after death, don’t you Father?” Shep asked.

“Of course.” He nodded.

“Your son wants to talk to you.” Shep blurted out. The Pastor stared at him for a long moment.

“That’s not funny.” He said sternly. “I know as well as any that my son was a sinner and that he didn’t make it into the kingdom of heaven. As much as I loved him, I know he didn’t-” The old mans voice cracked.

“I think he would still like to speak with you.” Shep opened the door to see a petrified Lex standing there. He suddenly seemed so uncomfortable in his leather pants and thick chains. He fidgeted, trying to pull up the low riding leather.

“Lexington...” His father gasped.

“Hi, dad.” Lex choked out.

“You’re alive?” he said, happiness filling his voice as tears fell from his eyes. “No...No that’s impossible....But then...You made it into heaven!” He seemed even happier now, tears pouring from the eyes withered by time. “I knew it! I knew you wanted to forget your life as a sinner. I knew you could be a holy man if you wanted to be!” He said, placing his hands on Lexs shoulder.

“That’s not exactly it, dad.” Lex said, gently, wrapping his own hands around his fathers and smiling. It took his father a moment, a confused look crossed his face. But once his eyes landed on the curved horns, and long tail that Lex allowed him to see, his face went pale. He jerked his hands back suddenly.

“Oh, No...” He whispered. “No, Lexington! No!” He shouted now, his voice echoing in the church.

“Dad, it’s not like that. Things are different than you think they are.” Lex shook his head.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against princpalities, against powers, against hte rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Father Francis backed away from Lex, who cried out softly as the bible verse cut into him. He took a step back as his father continued to speak the verses. “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” He grasped the cross around his neck desperately. Lex had a sad look in his eyes, but also a look of acceptance. He had known how his father would react, and that’s why he had been avoiding it.

“I love you.” Lex whispered, before turning and leaving. Shep chased after him quickly.

“Are you okay?” He asked, walking behind Lex.

“I don’t want him to fall into the hands of those bastards.” Lex snapped, black tears falling from his eyes for the second time that day.

“I know. That’s why we need to pick up the pace. It’s time to end this war.” Shep said, seriously.

“The two of us against an army. Those seem like positive odds.” Lex mumbled, the first really truely negative thing he had said since they met. He stopped and leaned against a planter with a few small bushes in it.

“Come on, Sex-offender. You and me against the world. With my dedication, and your...” He looked Lex up and down. “Ass. We can do this shit.” He smiled. Lex stared at him.

“Sex offender is NOT my new nickname.” He glared at Shep.

“Oh yes it is.” SHep nodded and began walking down the street again.

“No it’s not! Shep! It’s not!” Lex chased after him, when shep ignored his cries and only laughed.