Sunday, September 16, 2012

To be or not to be?: Epilogue

Since this was so short I figured I would thank you all by giving it to you now. It's the epilogue from my story To be or not to be? Or is it even a question? I enjoyed writing that story (although it was very sudden and kind of rushed) and always wanted to do an epilogue, so here it is.

For the original story, click: Here.

“Demi, you home?” Benjamin called out as he stepped into their apartment.

“In the living room.” He called out. Benjamin followed the voice and found his boyfriend in the living room as promised. Demetrius was sitting on the couch, just hanging up the phone as Benjamin walked in.

“Who was that?” He asked.

“The lawyer,” Demetrius said. “He said that since I completed my hours of therapy, we’re done. Case closed.” He smiled. Benjamin smiled back. He sat down on the couch next to him and pulled his head in close, kissing him.

“Congrats, love. We don’t have to think about them ever again.” He said.

“They took my brothers, they’re in the foster system now.” He said, a little hurt in his voice. “I kind of hoped they would stay out of it.”

“I know it sucks...but I mean after your mom had that break down I don’t think she was really ready to take care of them alone.” Benji said, making Demetrius nod. After they had left, and moved to a small town just outside of L.A., his mother had lost it. His father never even made it to the hospital, Demetrius had shot him through his chest, piercing his lungs. He drowned in his own blood. To keep him from getting in even more trouble, Benji had called the cops when they were a safe distance from his screaming mother and unwanted girlfriend. They came quickly and arrested Demetrius. Benji had gone with him. Demetrius and his lawyer had gone with the temporary insanity plea. The judge had a hard time believe it at first, seeing how calm and collected Demetrius was at his hearing, but when he saw the very evident signs of abuse, it didn’t take him long to let him off easy.

Demetrius had to attend therapy, until his therapist decided he was safe and sane. When they settled down together, Demetrius finally told Benjamin everything that happened at the ‘facility’. Benjamin had been sick, literally, when Demetrius told him what they had done to him but he sat through it all. He cried when Demetrius cried, and calmed him down when he got furious, and was there for him when he woke from nightmares. It took him a long time to be able to sleep through the night again. But even now, almost a year since the day he shot his father, they still hadn’t done anything more intimate than kissing.

Even with soft kisses and touched Demetrius would go rigid or get pale. Benjamin took his time and eased Demetrius into the relationship, giving him time to adjust. Demetrius even spent time with his therapist, talking about how to be close to Benji without making himself sick. Now, in his mind he knew what he was feeling wasn’t wrong. But all of the conditioning forced into his head at the straight camp had burned this sickness into his mind. He wanted nothing more than to be close to Benji sexually, but he couldn’t.

“I promise I could help you get free.” Benji said, and kissed him. Demetrius took a deep breath and kissed him back. He smiled when the waves of nausea that usually came didn’t hit him. Maybe he was getting better.

“I never said thank you, Benji.” Demetrius said.

“You don’t have to.” Benji smiled and shook his head.

“Yes I do. I have so much to thank you for.” He sighed. “You were there for me when I was lost and confused, and when I finally knew what I wanted but it was the wrong thing.” He thought of the morning he almost took his life. “You were even there for me when I became a murderer.” He knew it was sick, but he couldn’t help but laugh. “And you’re still here for me now, when I can’t even take care of you.” Demetrius rested his hand on Benji’s thigh, looking at the bulge that suddenly began to grow in his crotch. Benji tilted his head back and let out a low moan, before pushing Demi’s hand away.

“You don’t have to do that, Demi. I know you’re not ready.” He said, trying to will his erection to go down.

“But I want to. I want to be ready!” Demetrius said, getting frustrated.

“Don’t push yourself, it will only make it worse.” Benjamin hugged him.

“I know he’s dead, Benji but I feel like he still has this grip over me.” Demetrius said.

“But he doesn’t.” Benji whispered in his ear. Suddenly an idea struck him. “Let me try something?” He asked. Demetrius nodded, his eyes closed as Benjamin rubbed his shoulders. “Sit down on the couch.” He said, smiling. Demetrius did as he was told and sat down. Benji knelt between his legs, and reached for his belt.

“Benji!” Demetrius pushed his hands away.

“It’s okay, Demetrius. Close your eyes.” Demetrius hesitated but did as he was told. “Take a few deep breaths.” He whispered, again Demetrius complied. “Now don’t think about anything. Just let your mind drift. Don’t think about me, or about that bitch Daisy.” Demetrius chuckled. Benji had forgiven him for sleeping with that woman, though he was still bitter about it. “Now just enjoy.” He smiled, and fished Demetrius’ cock out of his pants. The thick seven inch organ was already growing as Benjamin stroked it in his hands. Demetrius leaned back a little, his breathing increasing by the slightest amount. He gasped as Benjamin wrapped his mouth around his cock, making it twitch.

“Oh god...” Demetrius bit his lip. Benji continued to suck him off, fondling his balls with his right hand as he stroked his cock with his left. Demetrius kept his eyes closed, only focusing on the sensation of a rough tongue licking the underside of his cock. He felt his balls tighten up against his body. He grunted in pleasure. “I-I’m gonna cum.” He moaned. Benjamin continued suck, drawing the cum out of his balls. As Demetrius finally exploded, he opened his eyes. Benjamin swallowed repeatedly as Demetrius flooded his mouth with his cream. The look in his eyes was pure love, the same look Demetrius had seen the day under the oak tree, when Benji had first told him that he loved him. He craved that look more than anything in the world. He sighed as his cock went soft and he watched Benji put it back into his pants, buttoning them up and doing his belt to the same notch it was at before.

“How was that?” He sat back down on the couch and pulled Demetrius close to cuddle with him.

“That was a-amazing.” Demetrius said, still shocked. “Thank you.” He kissed Benji on the lips, tasting himself on his tongue. “I...I can try to return the favor.” Demetrius put a hand on Benji’s cock, which was half hard just from the blow job.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll take care of myself later, The point of this was that we did something and you didn’t get all queasy on me.” He poked Demetrius in the stomach, making him laugh, though there was a sad undertone in his laughter.

“I’m sorry, Benji.” He said, sadness returning to his eyes.

“It’s okay, I told you that. You just need time.”

Benjamin was right, he just needed time. A few months after he had survived his first blow job, he was able to return the favor in full. A month after that, he finally shared a bed with Benjamin for more than sleeping. It took longer, but finally he had recovered enough from his imprisonment, and the rape, to allow Benji to take him. The gentle carresses of his lover soothed away the pain and misery that the facility and his father had created for years. He was happy, he was healthy, and he was free.


  1. I was just thinking about this story the other day. Thanks for updating.

  2. Thank you for the epilogue. That story was a very powerful one that left many loose ends. It was good to have them resolved.