Thursday, September 13, 2012

Halloween story

It's the moooost wonderful tiiime of the yeaaaar!

At least, to me it is.

Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time. Where your dark side is considered a good thing. Most would think that this would provide an excellent opportunity for me to really go crazy with the dark tones in my stories. However, I have to say it's quite the opposite. With so much love for this evil and delicious holiday, It's impossible to choose one of my many beloved halloween monsters to feature in my story.

So I ask you take the chance to vote on the polls to the left and right of this post. Left for submissive character and right for dominant one. If your favorite isn't on there, comment or email me with an idea. You can even take it a step farther by emailing  me a story idea. As long as it's somehow halloween related it will be taken into consideration.

The prize (for emailing me with an idea, not just a character vote) is the winner (not that I promise there is going to be one, my mind works in ways even I don't understand) will get the chance to have a sneak peak/early view of any chapter of any story they choose (no expiration date.) Plus, they get mentioned in the beginning of the halloween story they help create. Golf claps and bows to the winner etc etc.

I hope I get a few emails soon ;) good luck and happy haunting.

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