Saturday, September 22, 2012


As I'm sure you've all realized by now, I love Halloween. Christmas is a close second, but Halloween is king. So, that being said. I promise that October will be a month full of stories. A combination of ones that will make you say 'Awww!' and ones that will make you cringe and close the window as fast as you can. Since I do love Halloween, I have to pay tribute to the horror gods by posting dark Halloween stories!

My plan (remember plan is a loose word) is to have one Halloween story a week. Right now I only have one, and it's halfway done. BUT, that doesn't mean this still wont happen. Emails emails and more emails people! Your comments inspire me.

Besides the Halloween stories, I will attempt to continue Angel Hunter and No Tomorrow, but there is a decent chance that they wont be continued until after the month of tears and fears >:)

Oh, and P.S.

My Birthday happens to be somewhere in the magical month of terror.


  1. cannot waiiiiit to read all these new stories! but i do hope you have a chance to continue the other two as well. either way, new stories yaaay! :D

  2. What ever happened to your other story "Survivors" the one you are co-writing with *I forgot the other author*?

    1. Ugh I love that story so much. I've been pushing kitten to work on it, but she never has time or never feels like it ): If nothing happens in the next couple of weeks or by the end of october I'll do it alone