Thursday, September 27, 2012

Info info info, Updates updates updates

Info Info Info:

1) If you're having problems reading something on the blog (i.e. big white bars where the words should be) high light it, and you'll be able to read it. If you find one of these spots (my editor has searched the blog pretty well I do think) comment about it here or email it to me and I'll have it fixed asap. It's just with so many pages on the blog (I really don't think you realize how many there are, well over 100 by now I think) it's hard to find all the spots. Thanks for your help in fixing this!

2) All Hallows Eve Month (AHEM, awesome right? This is what I'll be calling it) is starting in just two days (yipee) and as promised, I have four Halloween stories for you. They will be posted on each Friday of the month (5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th.)

3) That being said, it is NOT too late to enter the story competition. I'm willing to write a new story and put one of the current four in the vault for later use if your idea beats it out. If not, I'll be announcing the winner on the first of October. Remember, the prize is a free early preview of any chapter of any story of your choosing. You can even go so far as to watch us write and edit it, a story in the making so to speak. Or you can just call dibs and get it as soon as it's done, hoarding it away from the other bloggers to read and cherish as your own (am I getting a little cocky about my stories?)

4) A new tab will be added starting the 5th of October called (can you guess it?) AHEM. All Hallows Eve Month. I'll post all stories and if you want to read them again later, you can click that tab and it will take you to a page similar to the stories page, with links to all four AHEM stories. I'll probably turn this into a Holiday page later on, complete with catagorized Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, Valentines day etc, stories. But that probably wont be until next year when I have two or three Holidays under my belt (I'm extremely bad at Christmas stories. Every time I try they turn into dark Halloween type stories. The three times I've tried they've all ended up being about murder. But I'll still do my best.

5) Introducing a new blog you will all love eventually Naughty (my sexy beast of an editor) has started her on blog. In a week or so we'll have an interview up (much like the one Kitten2010 and I did---> Here) up that will give you an insight to our relationship as editor and writer. (it's probably going to get pretty crazy) She's also trying to build up the courage (with a couple of jabs from a cattle prod from me) to post her own stories there, I haven't read any from her yet but I'm sure they will be as amazing if not more so than mine. (is the cocky thing coming back again?)

Note: If you find your religion missing in #4 and are deeply saddened by my absolute lack of knowledge of other holidays, please comment and email and I'll do my very very very very very very very very very very very very best to get a story out for that holiday. I'm in no way religious and choose to celebrate certain holidays for my own personal reasons, I wont discriminate based on what religion I do or don't follow.


Updates Updates Updates:

1) During ALL (Don't cry) of October there will NOT be any new chapters of No Tomorrow or Angel Hunter. I do have a few chapters finished but you unfortunately wont see them until November, when I wont be doing much writing. (For those of you who don't know I'm a caterer. Wedding season is June to October. You get discounted wedding prices if you have on in November to May. Unfortunately for some reason my particular location has wedding season from June-Mid November. Probably because it's too hot in the spring and summer months to do much, and too cold in the winter. I'm also going back to my high school culinary program to help coach a culinary team for a competition I competed in a few years ago as a favor to my old teacher, unpaid. So long story short (to late) I'll be a mindless, sleepless, foodless, shell of a human being and probably wont get any writing done that whole month.

2) I have stories (one or two, I can't remember honestly,) Line up for after No Tomorrow and Angel Hunter are over. So you wont have to wait long after they're finished to get a new story, good news for you.

3) As usual I'm always taking story ideas so feel free to send them in via comment or email. The first story in October was sent in by a reader, as was the skeleton of the second, I did tweak the second a little bit more than a little haha, but the first is almost the same as how they proposed it to me. Details are good, vague is better. It means we wont bash heads against how a story should be written. My favorite suggestions are ones that give me a basic idea and let me run away with it. But a solid story idea is welcome too.

4) I'll be updating the blog this weekend (the theme) so it will probably be down for a day or so with lots of glitches and changing colors and texts and all kinds of stupid shit. I apologize and just wanted to give you a heads up.

5) Thank you all for being so patient and understand while I try to get my health and my job stuffs sorted out so I have time to write for you guys. I really am trying my best and as always I value my readers above almost anything. Know that all of you are appreciated and no matter how much people say otherwise, it's the authors that serve the readers, I wouldn't be anywhere with out you all. Thank you <3

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