Friday, April 6, 2012

Wings of Gray Ch.03

Mike answered the door when he heard the light, quick, knocking, he automatically knew it was Alex. 

He opened the door and stepped aside so Alex could come in.

"My parents are out of town for the weekend. Dad went on some buisness trip and mom went to a little mini vacation at a spa." Mike smiled. Alex's eyes widened, but he covered his emotion quickly.

"Come on, I got 'Attack of the Killer Tomato's' and 'The Blob' I figured we would go with some classics." Mike smiled and held up the two movies. 

"Awesome! I've always meant to see these." Alex said and grabbed 'Attack of the Killer Tomato's'

"Me too. Ethan never liked old scary movies." Mike grumbled and plopped down on the couch. 

Alex followed him and snuggled into his warm embrace. Mike started the movie and they relaxed and enjoyed.

Soon Mike was to distracted to watch the movie and was concentrating on the hollow of Alex's neck and wondered what it would feel like to lick that little spot. 

He felt his cock stirring in his sweats and was worried Alex would feel it. He forced it to go down but couldn't keep himself from looking at Alex. 

Alex glanced up at Mike and caught him staring. Mike didn't seem bothered by being caught and kept staring. 

Alex blushed but held the gaze. Soon they were kissing passionately and Mike thrusted his tongue into Alex's mouth. 

Alex made a soft cooing sound and used his tongue to play with Mikes. 

Mike kissed his mouth one more time before moving down his jaw line and down his neck to that spot he had been thinking about for an hour.

He lapped and nibbled at Alex's collarbone and was rewarded with a sultry moan from Alex. 

Mike bit at Alex's neck and sucked the skin there. He wanted his mark on Alex so everyone would know who he belonged to.

"I want you so bad." Mike moaned into Alex's neck.

"Need you Mike." Alex whimpered and ran his fingers through Mikes hair. 

"Are you sure?" Mike asked and stopped nibbling at the spot long enough to look up at Alex.

"Yes. Please." Alex begged. Mike smiled and stood. He took Alex's hand and led him up to his room. 

He pushed Alex down onto the bed and followed soon after. 

He nibbled at the spot again and Alex bucked his hips underneath him. 

'Theres definitely going to be a mark there tomorrow.' Mike thought to himself and he smiled at the thought. 

He moved up to Alex's ear and sucked and nibbled at it. Alex gasped and thrusted his hips against Mikes eagerly. 

His panting increased and Mike committed the spot to memory before moving down, towards Alex's chest.

He began slowly unbuttoning the shirt Alex wore.

"Wait." Alex suddenly stopped him. Mike worried he had changed his mind. 

"I-I'm not.... I don't look....Christ." Alex swore under his breath and look up at the ceiling. 

Mike saw he was trying to hold back tears.

"Hey, Hey. Why the waterworks?" Mike asked. 

"You can tell me anything, you should know that by now." Mike scooted back up his body and wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close to him. 

He kissed the top of his head and rubbed his shoulder hoping to comfort him.

"I.... In the camps.... Sometimes the guards... They didn't have a lot to do since they couldnt leave the camp very often... So...So they had to find ways to entertain themselves...." Alex forced the words out. 

Mike could see how hard this was for him.

"Ok." He said and urged Alex on.

"They.... You've heard of dog fights,right?" Alex asked. Mike nodded in response.

"They're illegal though right?" Mike asked.

"Yes, but fighting mutants against each other isn't." He whispered.

"What?" Mike asked shocked.

"They would pit us against each other. If you lost then the winner got to do what they wanted to you. So did the guards." Alex looked down.

"That's.... God that's horrible, Alex..... Did you..." Mike trailed off. Alex nodded.

"They tried to keep predator against predator but sometimes when they would get bored, or if it was a special occasion. 

They would put the prey in with the predator. Jaguars against mice, Alligators against ducks, Wolves against rabbit..... Bird against panthers." Alex whispered the last part.

"They..." Mike tried to imagine what Alex had been through. 

Alex took a deep breath and pulled away from Mike. He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed the several scars that ran along his torso. 

They looked like a very oversized cat and taken many, many swipes at him. On his right shoulder a large oval bite mark showed where the large cat had apparently taken a snap at his shoulder. 

Another identical bite mark showed on his left side.

He removed the shirt the rest of the way. Slipping it off his wings. 

He turned so Mike could see his back and Mike saw the claw and bite marks that surrounded the place where his wings met his back. 

Several stray marks fell on his lower back or shoulders.

"How do you kill a bird." Alex whispered.

"Break its wings...." Mike answered. Anger filled him. How dare someone touch his beautiful boy.

"I understand if you don't want....want to see me anymore." Alex said around tears. 

Mike snapped out of his thoughts to see that Alex had turned around and was watching his reaction. 

He had taken the angry look Mike wore as one towards him. He covered his body with his soft looking wings.

"I'm not angry at you, love." Mike said and quickly pushed the wings away from his thin body and pulled the shirtless boy to his chest and smoothed his hair and gave him comforting hugs and kisses.

"I'm angry that someone could do such a horrible thing to my little bird." Mike said and reached a hand down to touch Alex's wing. He jumped at the touch but soon relaxed against Mike. 

Mike still couldn't believe how soft and comforting the wings were. He kissed Alex again and again. 

He trailed kisses down his face and neck until he reached his chest again. He kissed each of the teeth marks that formed the circular bite on his shoulder. 

He moved lower to kiss each of the four claw marks on his left breast. While there he stopped and licked at Alex's hard nipple. 

Alex let out a heavy sigh and stroked Mikes hair. Mike moved to his right side and licked and kissed the nipple there before moving down to the claw 

marks that went straight down his middle through his belly button and ended just above where his pants began.

He kissed Alex's belly button and then moved to his left side where he kissed and licked the other bite mark. 

He looked up as he unbuttoned the first button on Alex's jeans. Alex nodded slowly. 

And Mike returned to his work. He pulled the pants down and off. His legs bore a few bites and scratches where it looked like someone had tried to trip or stop him. 

Mostly around his ankle and calves. 

He moved lower and quickly put a warm kiss where he could see Alex's cock pressing at his underwear to get out.

He moved down and kissed his thigh before getting to his ankle. He kissed the scars there and moved to his feet. 

His right foot had four small puncture wounds like someone with a clawed hand had stepped on his foot in order to keep him from running. 

He quickly licked back up to Alex's face where they shared another passionate kiss. He bent and put his mouth to Alex's ear.

"Turn over, love." He whispered gently. Alex whimpered but turned over as he was told. 

Mike started at his hair and inhaled the scent of the shampoo Alex used before moving lower to the back of his neck 

where he kissed a bite mark like someone had restrained him by biting the back of his neck. 

He moved to his right shoulder blade where the bite mark from the front finished in a perfect circle. 

He kissed and licked the marks before moving down to Alex's wing bases. He made sure he kissed and loved every scar he could find. 

He slid lower and kissed the few stray scars before he reached the firm twin globes. 

He grasped them and squeezed gently. He massaged the orbs and smiled when Alex let out a whimper. 

" S-so good." He heard Alex moan into his pillow.

He moved lower where he discovered a smaller bite mark that didn't wrap all the way around his leg. 

He pondered what animal-hybrid could have made that mark. 

Soon he forgot it and bathed his feet in kisses before moving back up to Alex's firm ass.

He nuzzled the globes and kissed them through Alex's tight briefs.

"P-please." Alex whimpered. 

"Please what?" Mike teased.

"D-don't." Alex whimpered more. Mike worried he didn't want this.

"Don't what lover?" He said soothingly.

"D-don't make me wait." Alex gasped suddenly. Mike smiled and bit the waistband of the briefs.

He slowly pulled them down wit his teeth until they were around Alex's ankles. 

He pulled them off quickly and nudged Alex to roll over.

"I want to see you, lover." Mike nuzzled Alex gently and the smaller boy rolled over so Mike could see his straining erection.

"I'm not very-"

"You're perfect." Mike interrupted. He looked up at Alex and saw him blush. 

Mike reached for Alex's cock but the boy put a hand out to stop him.

"I- I wanna see you too." Alex whispered. Mike smiled and stood up so he could take off his pants. 

Mike pulled off his sweats and his cock slapped his stomach before bobbing up and down pointing upwards.

Alex whimpered softly and reached out a hand. Mike stepped closer and Alex grabbed hold of his dick.

"Mmmm... feels good baby." Mike said and watched Alex stroke his dick slowly. Precum dripped from Mikes cock head and Alex leaned forward nervously. 

He quickly darted out his tongue and licked up the drop, Mike moaned loudly. Alex's eyes lit up and he quickly licked another drop from Mikes dick.

He licked and sucked the top while using his hands to stroke the shaft. Mike reached down to stroke Alex's cock while he sat on the bed. 

Alex looked up at him and Mike nearly blew his load there. Those big orange eyes showed love, lust and something else Mike couldn't place yet.

"Stop baby, I'm gonna cum." Mike said and pushed Alex's mouth away. The boy frowned but did as he was told. 

Mike laid down on the bed and pulled Alex with him. He kissed the boys mouth and could taste himself on his tongue. 

Alex moaned and deepened the kiss. Mike moved his hand back to Alex's aching cock. 

He stroked him quickly until the boy tensed and and Mike felt him squirting in his hand.

"Have you ever tasted yourself?" Mike asked as he brought his hand up covered in Alex's warm cum.

"No, I've thought about it but I've never done it." Alex whispered. Mike held up his juices and licked some off. Alex eyes widened.

"Mmm. You taste good." Mike said and took another taste. He held his hand out to Alex and he hesitated a second before licking a bit off of Mike's finger. 

"You taste better." Alex blushed. Mike laughed and rolled on top of Alex and started to kiss his was down his body again.

He finally reached Alex's softening cock and sucked it roughly a few times to get it hard again. 

Once he was semi-erect Mike moved in between his legs. He bathed his balls with kisses and licks before moving lower to find Alex's small opening.

He moaned at the sight of Alex's tiny pink hole. He leaned in and kissed the rosebud gently. 

He began rimming Alex for all he was worth. He sucked and licked at the tiny hole. Alex was writhing and moaning on the bed,

when Mike went to lean over to the nightstand next to the bed

"God please, no more. Just take me please." Alex begged. 

"I can't babe I have to stretch you out first. I don't want to hurt you." Mike said soothingly.

"No!" Alex shouted. " I don't care. God please hurt me, do what you want with me just put your cock in me damn it!" Alex lost his shyness and screamed at Mike. 

His words fueled Mikes passion and he reached over quickly to grab the lube. 

He squirted a fair amount on his fingers before inserting one of the digits. 

Alex tensed and sighed before relaxing his muscles.

"God." Alex sighed.

"Call me Mike." Mike smiled. Alex opened one eye and glared at him, before a lazy smile crossed his face and he closed his eyes again.

Mike began thrusting in and out with his finger getting Alex's hole open.

Soon he inserted another and instead of putting another finger in, he scissored the two digits, stretching Alex's hole.

"No more, need you, please. Now." Alex panted, his eyes were glazed over with lust.

"Soon, lover. Soon." Mike said and raised himself to his knees. He pushed Alex's ankles up and Alex wrapped his arms around his knees to give Mike access to his opening. 

Mike aimed his dick at Alex's channel and pushed until the head popped in. Alex hissed and tensed up. Mike held still while Alex adjusted to the intrusion. 

After a moment Mike felt Alex relax under him and moved in further. Alex moaned as Mike sank all the way into him.

"So tight, lover." Mike grunted. Alex moaned a reply and tried to wiggle his ass back. Mike began thrusting gently.

"Oh, oh god." Alex whimpered as Mike sped up his thrusting. 

"Jesus Christ, you're so tight." Mike whispered into Alex's ear. 

"I want to see you ride me baby." Mike moaned. Alex opened his eyes and nodded vigorously.

Mike pulled out and quickly pulled Alex up. He took Alex's spot on the bed and watched as his lover straddled him.

"That's it, baby." Mike grunted as Alex lowered himself slowly on Mikes cock. 

"God, your big." Alex moaned as he sat all the way down on Mikes dick. He slowly began moving up and down Mikes slick shaft. 

He moaned and watched the look on Mikes face as he began to grind his hips down on his cock.

"Jesus.." Mike gasped. Alex panted loudly as he rode Mike to climax. Mike grabbed his hips and after only a couple thrusts up into his body Mike shuddered and squirted his hot release into Alex. Alex moaned.

"So full." He whispered before he tensed and shot his cum onto Mikes chest. His wings spread wide and arched upwards he closed his eyes and tilted his head back to the ceiling as his cum poured from his cock.

"So beautiful...." Mike whispered. Alex collapsed down on Mikes chest and his eyes began to droop. 

Mike rolled Alex off him and walked into his bathroom. He grabbed a warm washcloth and cleaned himself off. 

Then walked over to Alex who lay in a blissful heap on the bed. He cleaned him off quickly and climbed into bed after throwing the cloth into the hamper. 

Alex turned on his side and curled against Mikes chest. 

"Sleepy...." He whispered. Mike kissed the top of his head and wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

"Sleep now, lover." And waited until he was sure Alex was asleep before drifting off himself.

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