Monday, April 23, 2012

Poll responses

Okay, just to start off, let me make it clear that I'm really starting to like this whole blogger thing. I get to interact with my readers WAY more. Plus there's pictures and music and colors, and all this fun stuff. But besides that, I get to force you to give me WAY more feedback. Those who aren't really the commenting types (which I've calculated to be roughly 80% of you. That's just sad people. Come on.) still vote on polls and what not. So these have been LOTS of fun. And to be honest, I've gotten COMPLETELY different answers than I thought I would get!

Poll #1

What story do you want to see a sequel to?

This was defeinitly not what I was expected. The first few days, The horsemen was taking the lead, with Free at last VERY close behind (only by one or two votes)  But then recently. Beauty and the beast pulled ahead by twelve more votes (which is kind of a lot) I totally called the horsemen wanting a sequel, because of all my stories, that's the one I've gotten the most feedback about. People LOVED that one (Honestly I wasn't all that sure about it, which is why I haven't done a second part to it) But hey, give the people what they want, right? Maybe for x-mas ;)

Poll #2

Who is your favorite character?

Not gunna lie, this one kind of pissed me off. OTHER beat out Richard? Wtf is wrong with you all. *Cries* Who the hell are these 'Others' you're talking about. I just put that in there since I'm a dumbass and forget my own characters sometimes. Richard was by far the greatest of all my creations and I'm convinced that you just don't know it. So for that reason, I do plan on having a sequel of Beauty and the Beast come out. Just to prove to you all the mightyness of Richard. Nikolai I can understand the high votes for. I expected that one. But Not Richard!? HE ONLY GOT SEVEN VOTES! You all make me sad. You will be punished. The end.


Poll #3

What Story do you want to see next?

This one wasn't to much of a curve ball. I kind of expected the vampires to be popular and zombies to be...well....not. (Poor zombies, I'll always believe in you guys.) But I was kind of surprised that you all aren't tired of the hybrid thing yet. Not going to lie, it's getting really difficult to come up with good hybrids now. I've pretty much done all the non-gross ones. Though I do have a few locked away in the vault. Working on a new story now....I think. It may have gotten thrown in with the 'maybe later' folder. So....sorry ;)


So, that concludes my rage on your poll answers. I'm trying to think of new ones to put up, so if you have an idea go ahead and comment or email me ( your idea and I'll gladly put it up. Unless it's stupid. Then I'll let you know that I hate it and wont put it up. Just kidding I'm not that mean don't hate me. 

So expect a sequel to B&TB in the next few weeks or months or years or never. You know how I am. I feel very vague today. Am I being vague. Well, sorry if I am. ;)


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  2. I'm loving this blogging thing. So much more fun! We actually get to see a lot more of your personality (and I have to say-- that's pretty great, because you're a riot sometimes).

    I am shocked that Richard only got 7 votes :-( I love him. Like, really really. Really! He was funny and sarcastic and there was a lot more depth to him than I expected there to be in the beginning. He put up with Cormac when no one else would have... and gave him shit... and made him a better person... and he held everything together when it was in danger of falling apart. AND-- a sequel to this story would be fully awesome.

    About the types of stories we'd like to see. #1: I do love the hybrid stories-- but I feel like if you keep going it might ruin a good thing. And #2: We all seem to love the vampires, but for me... I'd like LOVE to see what that crazy-awesome mind of yours could cook up involving zombies. I'm not a super big zombie fan... and maybe it's just because I watched like ALL of the fucking Resident Evil movies this weekend (instead of packing up our apartment like I should have been doing, tehehe)... but I'm kinda craving some zombie action. Something new and different. Vampires and warewolves have been done SO much. And knowing you, if you made a zombie story or series, it would be uh-maz-ing. So there's my 2 cents-- even though I really think my opinion is worth WAY more than that ;)

    Oh-- and one more thing I want to reiterate-- I'm super geeked about the next stories you have lined up. I know they'll be amazing, because you rock :)

    ** I had to delete my original post so I could add something, and fix some terrible grammar/spelling that I missed (its too late, and I've been packing all day, and I'm just so fucking tired... but I couldn't leave the misspellings/grammar. Yes, I'm slightly neurotic about it).

  3. As to the voting for favorite character, Richard was not one of the two love interests and might have gotten overlooked undeservedly. Nikolai was a very dynamic, memorable character. As to "Others" winning, think of it as a compliment. So many of your characters are well done, which is one of your strengths, that everyone seems to have a different favorite!

  4. ZOMBIES would be soooo cool!!
    I've enjoyed your hybrid series, but honestly I'm burned out by fantasy creature overload.

    Keep it fresh for yourself, I say, and give us what we want... stories that you're in the mood to write!