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Wings of Gray Ch.06

Ok here is the last chapter, I really want a lot of feedback for this one because if a lot of people REALLY don't like the ending then I will put out an alternate ending but I hope I don't have too. Thanks to my editor :) 


Alex put the last of the dishes away and looked around the house again. 

He liked to clean while Mike was at school and he had finished his own work. 

Mike's parents wouldn't let him pay them for letting him stay here so he was glad to help cook and clean. 

Alex walked into the living room and saw the clock on top of the T.V. 

'Lunch will start soon.' He thought to himself. 'I want to surprise Mike and take him lunch.' Alex said. He grabbed Mike's mom's car keys and stepped outside. 

He went to Mikes favorite Chinese food place and ordered Mikes favorite and some rice and chow mien. 

When he was given his food he drove to the school and walked into the building. 

This had been the first time he had set foot on the school property since the attack. 

He swallowed his nervousness and walked into the cafeteria. He spotted Mike eating with a few people Alex didn't know. 

He didn't want to just walk up there and interrupt his conversation. 

He thought about what he should do but before he could decide Mike looked up from the table. 

He smiled brightly and got up to meet Alex. 

He got to the door and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and planted a kiss on his lips. 

"Hi, baby. What are you doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see you." Mike said and kept Alex close to him. 

"I thought I would surprise you with some lunch better then a sandwich." Alex said and held up the Chinese food. 

"Oh, you are far too good for me." Mike said and kissed Alex again. He took the Chinese food and opened the to-go box. 

"Aww, you know my favorites. How shall I ever repay you?" Mike did a fake bow and kissed the top of Alex's hand. 

"I think last night earned you this. You have no debt to me loyal subject." Alex played along, and turned his nose up at Mike. 

Mike laughed and dipped him into a kiss and nibbled at his ear. Alex was caught off-guard and almost screamed. 

Mike giggled when he brought Alex back up. Alex was blushing and looked around the cafeteria nervously. 

No one was watching, except the people Mike had been sitting with. 

"I should go. Lunch is almost over and I need to give you time to eat." Alex said.

"No, please stay. I can share." Mike pouted and hugged Alex closer. 

"I have more homework to do. But thanks for the offer." Alex said. Mike sighed and kissed him again. 

"Ok, I'll see you when I get home." He said. 

"Kay." Alex smiled and walked out of the cafeteria. He strolled down the hall and out the front doors of the school. 

He walked down the steps when he heard the door to the school open behind him. 

"Hey, scum." He heard. He recognized Radialls' voice and turned to tell him to leave him alone 

when he saw Randall pull the gun from his belt. He leveled it with Alex's chest and Alex heard it fire. 

He was shocked by the force of being hit. He fell back what felt like four feet. 

His legs gave out and he fell to the hard sidewalk. His head smacked the ground. 

His head spun and his chest felt like a bomb had gone of inside it. He felt waves of pins and needles flow through his body. 

He tried to inhale and the left side of his chest hurt to bad to breathe. He began suffocating and forced himself to breath. 

He felt blood gurgle up from his throat. He tried to stand and realized he couldn't feel his legs. 

His vision began to fade he choked and blood spattered upwards and fell back down to the sidewalk and back onto his face. 

Waves of excruciating pain like nothing he had ever felt before hit him then. He lost his vision and it came back again. 

Before finally he was surrounded by only darkness. 

'I love you, Mike.' He thought to himself. At the last second before the darkness consumed him. 


Mike stroked the feather he held in his hands gently. Careful not to ruin the perfect form of it. 

He wiped away the single tear that fell from his face. He looked once more at the picture of Alex that sat on the beautiful gray casket. 

It reminded him of Alex's wings. He touched the smooth surface of it. 

'Not as soft.' Mike thought to himself. 

His parents stood by the car giving him time to say goodbye. The only thing that compared to the pain he was feeling about losing, 

what he believed, was the love of his life, was the fact that so little people showed up for the funeral. 

Maybe two kids from their school had showed up. One infected person who had spoken to Mike and said he was a friend of 

Alex's from the camps. He had read in the newspaper what had happened and wanted to pay his respects, 

Mike and his parents and a teacher where the only other people to come 

Mike sighed and remembered what had happened when he heard the gunshot. 

He swallowed and thought about that day that seemed so far away but the pain from it was still so fresh. 

The sound of a shot was heard even through the thick noise of the cafeteria. Everyone looked up and around but so nothing. 

Several teacher began walking into the hallway to see what had happened. Mike frowned and followed the crowed of students 

that followed the teachers. When he finally got into the hallways most people were crowded around the front door. 

Several people were on their cell phones. Some telling friends or family what was happening, some, mostly teachers, 

on the phone with the police. Giving them the schools address. 

Mike pushed forwards more and saw the three P.E. Teachers holding down Randall. 

A gun lay a few feet from him. He was laughing and looking at something down the front steps of the school. 

Several teachers were kneeling next to what appeared to be a figure on the ground. 

'Oh God please no.' Mike felt his heart being squeezed with fear. He pushed through the crowd and the group of teachers next to the body. 

'Not a body, please not just a body.' Mike thought to himself. 

He looked down at the ground and saw Alex lying there. His face covered with blood. 

There was a puddle of blood beneath him staining the sidewalk. 

The white shirt he had been wearing was now almost completely covered in red. It was dark black on his chest where the, 

what appeared to be, gunshot bled. Blood leaked from his head as well and made a trail down the sidewalk. 

'So much blood.' Mike thought. 'There's never this much blood in the movies...' 

He didn't know if Alex was still alive then. He didn't know until hours after the accident. 

He had almost no pulse when the paramedics arrived. They wouldn't allow Mike into the ambulance with them. 

Mike met them at the hospital and had sat there for hours staring at a wall. 

His parents sat with him and tried to comfort him but nothing they tried worked. 

Mike held a single feather that was untouched by the blood that had polluted the scene of the shooting. 

He held and twirled it nervously. Every now and then he would begin to cry quietly but most of the time he just 

starred at the wall, or at the door that surgeons would come out of after performing surgery. 

Four hours after they had arrived at the hospital the doctor came out and asked for Alex's family. 

They stood and explained they were as close as it got. The doctor nodded. He looked uncomfortable for a second and seemed to look at the ground for answers. He then raised his head and shook it sadly, Alex was gone. 


When the car pulled up to their house Mike stood up and began walking to the side of the house. 

"I'll be back in a bit." He told his parents before he walked to the backyard. His mother opened her mouth to say 

something but his father put a hand on her shoulder and shook his head silencing her. 

Mike walked through the thin birch tree woods that were connected to his backyard. He spun the feather back and forth between his fingers. 

He didn't watch where he was going, he had memorized the path by now. Especially because of his first date with Alex. 

"We're almost there." Mike said leading Alex through the trees with their hands still firmly locked together. 

"Where is there?" Alex asked. 

"Be patient!" Mike laughed. 

He stepped out of the woods and finally glanced up at the old barn. He looked back down at the feather and continued walking. 

He reached the barn and stepped inside. 

"Beautiful isn't really a word I would use for this place..." Alex laughed. 

He walked slowly towards the ladder that reached up towards the loft. He put his foot on the bottom rung and it creaked under him. 

"Is this really safe?" Alex said testing his weight on the first rung of the shaky ladder. 

He finished climbing up the ladder and managed to not ruin the feather on his way up. He sat on the hay and looked out at the setting sun. 

The grass was brown but still long and beautiful. The winter wind was cooler then it was back in summer when Mike had brought Alex here. 

Mike swallowed his sorrow and held back the tears that threatened to pour over. This wasn't meant to be a sad moment for him. 

He looked back out at the view. 

"It is beautiful isn't it..." 

Alex's voice echoed in his head one more time. He stood and walked to the wooden window. 

No dust had collected on the edge of it where Alex had stood the night Mike brought him here. 

He set the feather gently down on the surface. He touched it one more time before a single tear fell and hit the feather. 

The tear slid down the curled feather like a drop of water rolling off a ducks back. Mike swallowed and turned around. 

He climbed down the ladder and walked across the dusty, hay covered floor. He stepped outside the barn and turned back. 

He looked into the barn. It was dark except for the single beam of light that shone in through the loft window. 

He took one deep breath and shut the door of the barn for the first and final time. 


I know it was a sad ending but I felt like that's how the story had to end. I'm sorry if you wanted a happy ending but it 

wouldn't have felt right if I forced a happy ending out. I hope you enjoyed the story Anyways, 

I do have another story coming up soon so keep checking back for more :) it may be awhile though.

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