Monday, April 2, 2012

A Pessimists Romance Ch.01

So as almost all of you probably know, a popular chain of my stories has been the wings of gray esque series. The series that revolves around a world (Maybe our future?) That was ravaged by a disease that fuses human DNA with an Animals, giving them several traits from that animal. So I've been going in a chain, pretty much Chronological order of what happens throughout history with this new disease and it's victims.

Revolution > Wings of gray > Things change > Hybrid Chronicles: Toby & Mason > Hybrid Chronicles: Micah & Declan

But I've decided to go back in time a little bit. This one takes place BEFORE wings of gray.


Neil stepped inside the hallway and sighed. His first day of school, again. He had started school and had only been in class a few days before he had gotten sick. For a long time no one could figure out what animal he was mutated with. He had all the symptoms of the disease but showed no animal traits at all. At least not on the surface. What nobody knew was that he had grown three extra organs. After finally discovering them, many doctors tried to figure out what they were. Finally, it was a marine biologist who figured it out.

Neil had been mutated with an electric eel.

The three organs were used to produce electric pulses. A normal electric eel, Neil found out, is able to generate 500 volts and 1 amp of electricity. Of course the three inherited organs Neil developed were easily ten times bigger. He had enough energy stored in his body to kill ten adults. After they had figured it out, they had sent him to the camps.

He had spent a year in isolation. He wasn't able to speak to anyone but the guards, who were cruel and prodded him with cattle prods to watch them explode when he got angry. He had lost a lot of weight because he refused to eat, and they had to force feed him a lot of the time. His electric blue eyes, which were once filled with joy and curiousity of a teenager, had turned cold and bitter. He used to be amazed by the things that humanity could do when it pulled together. Now he looked at people with nothing but contempt.

The only reason he had returned to school was because he knew no one would remember him, and no one would know he was infected. That was the positive thing about his situation. His mutation was invisible to anyone who didn't have x-ray vision, and a skilled knowledge about human anatomy.

He had returned to his hometown, and found that people he used to know, neighbors and friends, were never told what had happened to him. His dad had told them all he went to live with his mother. No one knew. Neil kept it that. Whenever anyone would ask him about his trip, he would smile and lie. He didn't get along with his dad. It wasn't that they hated each other, it was that they no longer connected. After spending so long in the camp, Neil had changed. He wasn't a friendly ordinary teenager anymore. He looked at everything with cynical eyes. His father tried to make conversation but both of them found it awkward. Neil couldn't talk to him about sports, or music, or t.v., they had nothing to say to each other.

Neil starred at the hallway full of highschoolers. They were all close to his age. He had been a freshman when he was taken. Now a senior, he was worried he would behind everyone else. But he had always been exceptionally smart and caught on to things he had learned in class quickly, he had even taken a few classes that were ahead of what he should have been at. He looked down at the paper in his hand and memorized the locker number. The bell rang, and while everyone else scurried off to class, he stayed in the empty hallway trying to find his locker. He had finally found it and was jiggling the handle, annoyed, when a light voice spoke.

“Shouldn't you be in class? You're late.” A woman behind him said. He turned and stared at the tall well dressed woman.

“Sorry, I’m new. I’m having some trouble with my locker.” Neil excused himself.

“Oh! You're the late transfer. That locker always sticks, sorry.” She smiled and tried to help him with it. It finally snapped free and he began putting his textbooks in it.

“I'm Principal Wallace, welcome to the school.” She smiled, and held out a hand. Neil glanced at it and took it in his. A small snap was heard and she pulled her hand back. “Damn static electricity.” She mumbled.

“Yeah...” Neil turned back to his locker and put up a magnetic calendar and planner.

“Do you know where your first class is? I can take you there, excuse your tardy.” She said.

“Thank you.” Neil smiled. He showed her his schedule and they began walking down the hall to his first class, English.


Connor sat in his seat, throwing a paper air plane at the back of his friends head. It hit Dalton in the head and he turned and glarred at him, flipping him off. Their teacher cleared her throat loudly and glared at both of them. Dalton turned around and looked forward. Their teacher began telling them about the book they were going to be reading, Julius Ceaser, when the door opened. Their principal stepped into the room and another, smaller, figure followed her in. Connor's jaw dropped.

A beautiful boy stood there. His hair was long, reaching down to his shoulders, and had horizontal white stripes on his bangs on the left side. His eyes were a crackling bright blue and he was thin. Almost to thin. He was probably no taller than 5' 5” and his hands were long and slender. He had beautiful high cheekbones and the black pants he wore showed off his long legs and tight ass. Dalton wipped his head around and both of them at the same time mouthed the words 'Called him.' They began shaking their heads at each other and silently argueing.

“Sorry to interrupt, but this is your new student. Neil Kidd.” The principal introduced the stunning boy.

“Welcome to the class, have a seat anywhere.” Their teacher said, and went back to writing on the board. The principal left and Neil was left sitting up in front of the class. Both Dalton and Connor quickly moved all of their stuff off of the two empty seats next to them. Being the only two empty seats in the room, Neil had to pick one. They both studied the boy, who finally walked towards Dalton. Connor cursed in his head, and then nearly cried with joy when Neil walked passed his friend and sat next to Connor. Dalton looked back and glared at Connor, who gave him a thumbs up and a smug nod of the head.

The teacher continued to ramble on about the book, but both of the men could only stare at Neil.


Neil picked up his stuff and walked out of the room. He was glad he was already familiar with Julius Ceaser, he had read it at least five times. Back in the camp, he had convinced a guard to get him a book. Neil was a few steps out of the door when a huge guy came up to him.

“Hey, I’m Dalton.” He held out his hand, and Neil shook it. Dalton ignored the shock that went through his finger tips.

“Neil.” He said, not really all the interested. Suddenly, Dalton was shoved out of the way and another guy came up.

“Connor, don't mind Dalton. He's a douchebag.” Connor smiled. Neil raised an eyebrow.

“Neil...” He introduced himself again.

“Neil Kidd, cool name if you ask me.” Conner smiled.


“So how are you liking the school, Kid?” Conner asked.

“Neil, and it's okay. I was here as a freshman but I went and stayed with a my mom for a few years.” Neil lied.

“Where does your mom live?” Conner asked.

“Florida.” Neil said.

“Wow, that would be cool. Do you need any help to your next class?” Dalton butt in.

“Uh, sure, thanks. It's in IT6...wherever that is.” Neil looked around.

“It's this way, I have a class over there. I'll take you.” Conner shoved Dalton away.

“No, it's fine. I can take him.” Dalton glared at Conner.

“Isn't your class in the other direction?” Conner smiled. Dalton scowled.


“I don't want you to be late.” Neil said.

“We definitly don't want that.” Conner winked at him. Dalton scowled.

“Fine, I'll see you later.” Dalton said to both of them, and walked in the other direction.

“What's up with you two?” Neil asked.

“What? Nothing.” Conner shook his head. Neil knew he was lying.

“Alright, then.” Neil raised an eyebrow, but dropped it.

“You should hang out with us at lunch.” Conner said.

“Uh, sure.” Neil didn't know what else to say.

“We sit by the huge oak tree outside. Just come find us.” Conner smiled and stopped outside Neils rom. “This is it.” he said.

“Thank you.” Neil looked up at the numbers on the door.

“See you later, Kid.” Conner smiled and left him to his class.


Neil thought about blowing off Conner, but decided against it. Afterall, he had no where else to sit. He headed over to the grassy field that the huge tree nearly covered. As promised, Conner and Dalton were sitting under it. Along with a few friends.

“Hey, Kid.”

“Hey, Neil.” Dalton said, at the same time as Conner. They glared at each other and elbowed each other in the side.

“Jesus, you two are horrible. One cute guy stumbles into your class and both of you start going at him like he's a melting ice cream cone.” The girl next to them said as she took a bite of her sandwich.

“Excuse me?” Neil's eyes got wide.

“Don't take it personally, these two fight over anything adorable and with a dick between it's legs.” She said. Neil found himself blushing, which was unusual for him.

“We do not!” Conner said defensivly, the girl raised an eyebrow at him.

“Yeah, it doesn't have to have a dick between it's legs.” Dalton added. “At least not for Conner.” He nudged his friend.

“Shut up.” Conner scowled at him.

“Come here, hun.” The girl scooted over and patted the grass next to her. Neil didn't want to get grass stains on his pants, but he was tired of standing. “I wont try and jump you, promise.” She smiled.

“Uh, thanks?” Neil said, teenagers were weird. Was this how he was supposed to act? He really had changed in the three years he was gone.

“I'm Maria by the way.” She smiled at Neil.

“Neil.” He smiled.

“How are you liking your classes? Minus the one you have with these two horn dogs.” She glared at Conner and Dalton, who blinked innocently.

“They're fine. I didn't go to school in Florida, so I've missed a lot. But so far I seem to be getting everything they're talking about.” Neil said.

“No school? Weren't you there for like three years?” Conner asked.


“What were you doing then?” Dalton questioned.

“Nothing really. I worked a lot.” Neil said, and it was the truth. While in the camps they used him to fuel the building. It saved a ton on electricity bills.

“Wow, what did you do?”

“Electrical work, mostly.”

“So you know all kinds of weird technical stuff?”

“Not really, I was just helping out.” Neil lied.

“That's cool I guess. Must be weird being back in school.” Conner said.

“Yeah, but everyone's been nice.” Neil said. 'That’s because none of them know what I am.' He thought to himself.

“Good, I would hate for someone to be mean to you.” Conner winked at him. Neil was taken aback, he blushed and looked down at the grass.

“No lunch?” Maria asked.

“No, I didn't think to pack one.” Neil shrugged.

“Here,” Conner gave him a slice of pizza he had for lunch.

“No, That’s fine. I don't really eat all that much, anyways.” Neil said.

“Obviously.” Dalton poked him in the ribs.

“Don't be a dick.” Conner threw a candy bar at him. “You look great.” He smiled warmly at Neil.

“Thank you...” No one had ever told him he looked nice. He didn't put that much effort into his appearance, really. Just enough to make him look presentable. It wasn't like he was dressing up for anyone.

“You do have a great sense of fashion.” Maria added. “I love the formal look.” She smiled, tugging at his black coat that sat over his white button down shirt.

“And the hair is sexy.” Dalton added, raising an eyebrow seductivly.

“Uh, you're to nice. Thank you.” Neil brushed his bangs over his face, shy.

“But your eyes are the best part.” Conner brushed his hair away, making Neil look up at him. Neil smiled. The bell rang and the group groaned as they were herded back into their classes.


Conner sat in his trig class, thinking of the gorgeous slender boy. Neil had been so cute at lunch, blushing and smiling at every comment from Conner. The bell rang and he began heading home. He started his car and was cruising down the street when he saw Neil walking down the sidewalk. His hands were in the deep pockets of his black slacks. His head was down, white and black stripes covering his eyes.

“Kid!” Conner slowed down. Neil looked up and was somewhat surprised.

“Oh, hi.” He gave a small smile.

“Want a ride?”

“Oh, you don't have to do that. But thank you.”

“It's no trouble, get in.” Conner urged him. Neil looked ahead and then threw his back pack in the bed of the truck, and climbed in next to Conner.

“Thank you.” Neil smiled.

“Just tell me where to go, Kid.”

“Neil.” He corrected. “Just turn right up here.” He pointed to the street ahead of them.

“So what do you do for fun?” Conner asked.

“Fun? I don't know.” Neil shrugged.

“You know, movies, music, T.V.” Conner suggested.

“I don't really do any of those things.” Neil shrugged again.

“What? Really?” Conner frowned.

“I was... working... in Florida a lot. I guess I just... grew up to fast.” Neil looked like he was in another world.

“That sucks.” Conner seemed deep in thought, too.

“Yeah...This is it. Thank you for the ride.” Neil got out of the truck and grabbed his backpack from the bed.

“No problem, you want me to pick you up for school tomorrow? It's on the way anyways.”

“Really? You wouldn't mind?” Neil seemed uncomfortable with the offer.

“Not at all. I'll see you around Seven Thirty?”

“Alright...” Neil said.

“Alright.” Conner smiled, and after watching Neil climb the steps to his house, drove off.


Neil shut the front door behind him and stood in the living room quietly for a minute. He sighed and picked up his bag. He climbed up the stairs to the second floor and walked to the door at the hall. He opened it and after closing it behind him, climbed up the curling stair case leading to the attic.

He set his bag down and looked around at the plain room. The only things in the empty space were a bed, a dresser, the connecting bathroom, and the balcony on the far side of the large room. A few chairs were splattered around the room lazily, and a bedside table with a lamp on it sat to the right of the bed.

“It is plain in here, isn't it?” Neil said. The upside to having an architect as a father, meant that the house was custom built the way he wanted it. Neil headed towards the bathroom, and arched at bolt of electricity to the broken light bulb ahead of him. The room lit up and he looked at himself in the mirror. What were they seeing that he wasn't? He didn't see anything that special. His eyes were nice, but not really all that fantastic. At least he didn't think so.

“Neil, you home?” He heard his dad call down.

“Yes.” he shouted back.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“I'm not really hungry.” Neil called back. “Make whatever, I'll eat later.” He continued.

“Alright.” His father answered, and that was that. Neil turned to the side and looked at his thin frame. He supposed he was very skinny. But after being locked in solitary for so long, he found it hard to think about what he looked like. He had been by himself for so long.

“Who the fuck needs Humanity?” He glared at his reflection. “What did Humanity ever do for me?” He said. The light began dying, fading out slowly as it used the last of it's charge. Neil stared at himself in the mirror until it got to dark to see. He let a small amount of his energy break free. The blue and white bolts dances over his body, making the room glow.

“Humanity didn’t do shit for me.” He said quietly. He powered down, and walked out of the dark room.


Conner closed the front door behind him, and was met with three loud brothers. He was tackled into a hug and managed to shove the much bigger guys off of him.

“Where ya goin', Conner?” One of his brothers called out to him. Conner flipped them the finger, before climbing down stairs to his room in the basement.

He walked through his filthy room and turned on his music, loud. He tugged off his shirt and walked into the bathroom. He flipped the light on and looked at himself in the mirror. Was Dalton really competition when trying to win over the dark haired boy's affection? He looked at his dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He already had the sharp, pronounced jaw that ran in his family. He wasn't built like a tank, but wasn't skinny either. He flexed a bit and liked the look of his four pack and strong pecs. He gave a smile and was pleased with his rows of white teeth. He definitly wasn't unhappy about his looks.

“Conner!” His mother called.


“Dinners ready!” She said.

“On my way!” He looked at himself one more time, winking. He shut off the light, grabbed his shirt, and ran upstairs to join his family.


Neil waited outside, it was seven forty five and Conner still wasn't here. He had probably forgotten. Neil cursed himself for being so stupid, and went back inside. Maybe he could ask his father for a ride. Or walk, at this point he was going to be late anyways. He searched the halls for his dad when he heard a knock at the door.

“So sorry!” Conner apologized when he opened the door.

“It's alright.” Neil said.

“It's really not. My brothers were being pains and hid my backpack somewhere.” Conner laughed.

“Did you find it?” Neil rose an eyebrow. They walked to the truck and Neil was glad it was warm.

“Uh...Negative, Ghostrider.” Conner frowned.

“Then shouldn't you be looking for it?”

“I didn't want to make you late.” Conner smiled.

“Class starts in five. We're already late.” Neil pointed out.

“Did I mention I was sorry?” Conner frowned.

“Yes, you did.” Neil gave a small smile. “Why don't we go look for it?” Neil offered.

“Really? We'll be even more late.” Conner said.

“That's alright. I don't really like school anyways.” Neil said, and it was the truth. In school he felt like he was caged. He didn't like that feeling.

“Sweet, ditching on your second day.” Conner smiled and turned the truck around.

“It's halfway through the year.” Neil pointed out.

“But it's still your second day.” Conner winked at him.

“Can I ask you something?” Neil said, after awhile.

“Go for it.” Conner said.

“Why are you and Dalton interested in me?” He asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, for one, I’m a guy.” Neil pointed out. “I hope that isn't to hard to figure out.” He added.

“Well, for one, We're gay.” Conner smiled at him. “I hope that isn't to hard to figure out.” Conner added.

“Obviously...But I’m not.” Neil said.

“Really? Well, there goes my gaydar. It doesn't matter, honestly. We've gone after quite a few straight guys.” Conner laughed.

“You thought I was gay?” Neil asked.

“Yes.” Conner winked at him.

“Do I act...-”

“Gay? No, not at all. You don't really act like anything, to be honest. I think I was just hopeful.” Conner smiled.


“And for two?” Conner asked.


“You said 'for one, I’m a guy.' so I ask, for two...?”

“I'm not...I don't look. I’m plain.” Neil said.

“Plain? Jesus.” Conner laughed. “You're gorgeous, Neil. Have you ever seen your eyes?” Conner asked.

“They're just blue...” Neil said.

“No way, they're this weird...Electric blue. Like you have a little tornado going on constantly.” Conner said.


“My turn to ask you something?” Conner asked.

“Uh...Sure.” Neil looked down at his gloved hands.

“Why are you so.....Neilly?” Conner laughed.

“Excuse me?”

“I don't know...You're so..Antisocial.” Conner said.

“I don't know.” Neil shrugged. Conner stopped the truck in front of his house.

“Come on, Kid.” Conner climbed out and walked towards the building. Neil followed him, and was surprised when he felt the warmth of home.

“Your parents?” Neil asked.

“Work, my brothers at school. Just the two of us.” Conner said. Neil looked at the pictures of Conner and what he assumed were his three older brothers. His mother and father sat on either side of him, as a child, holding up a big fish in the picture next to the one with his brothers. The house seemed warm and full, Neil had always heard of people talk about that, the warmth of a home, but had never felt it himself. His home always felt empty and cold. Like a house, not a home. Conner searched through cupboards and under the couch while Neil looked around.

“What are your parents like?” Conner asked.

“I don't know, we don't really talk.” Neil said, looking at a picture of Conner's father holding him up on his shoulders at Disneyland.

“Really? Don't you live with your dad?”


“Then how do you not talk?”

“He does his own thing, I do mine. We don't really have a whole lot to connect us.” Neil said.

“I'm sorry.”

“It's fine, I like it better that way.”

“Why? You don't like your dad?” Conner looked up from the refrigerator.

“It's not that...I...I don't really like people in general. I don't really get a long with them.” Neil looked down at the old, but soft, carpet.

“You get a long with me.” Conner smiled.

“Believe me, that's a rare thing.” Neil said, flipping through a photo album with even more pictures of Conner and his family.

“Really? Why don't you like people?”

“They're selfish. They only do things to move themselves along in life. If they're given a choice between helping themselves or helping others, they'll always chose themselves. No matter how much the other needs them.” Neil said, glaring at the floor.

“Wow, that's very...Cynical.” Conner chuckled.

“Cynicism isn't necessarily a bad thing.” Neil said. “Nobody ever thinks about it maybe being the truth.” He looked up at Conner, a dark look in his eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Making chocolate chip pancakes.” Conner smiled as he grabbed a bag of chocolate chips.

“Aren't you supposed to be looking for your bag?” Neil asked.

“Yes, and then I looked at you and decided I’m going to feed that skinny ass of yours. My moms recipe, you'll love it.” Conner smiled, as he mixed the batter.

“You're insane.” Neil stared at him with cold eyes, a scowl on his face.

“Sit your ass down.” Conner winked at him. Neil rolled his eyes and sat down. He looked at the worn, scratched wooden table. Several names were carved into it. He moved the rooster shaped salt shaker and read Conners name, scrawled in jagged chickenscratch.

“It's a family tradition. Everyone who's in the family carves their name into the table. So, whenever someone gets married, them and all of their family has to carve in their names.” Conner explained.


“It's been in the family for years, as soon as I could write I carved mine in the middle. I just hope one day I meet some hot stud to cellar!” Conner shouted the last word.

“What?” Neil furrowed his brow.

“The cellar! I haven't checked there yet and that's where they hide shit all the time!” Conner turned off the burner and took put the last pancake on the blue plate. “Hold this.” He shoved it in Neil's direction.

“Wait, what? Where are you going?” Neil followed him, plate still in hand.

“I told you, cellar.” Conner called out as he jogged out the front door. Neil followed him, not knowing where to set the buttered pancakes. He followed Conner down to the cellar.

“Find it?” He asked, feeling stupid holding a plate of warm pancakes.

“Yep.” He held up a green backpack.

“Can we go upstairs, now? It's freezing out here.” Neil said, holding the warm plate closer.

“Sure.” Conner smiled. He moved past Neil and reached for the wooden doors to the cellar. He pushed on them and only the sound of rattling metal was heard. They both froze. He tried again, pulling, pushing, and then shaking them furiously.

“Uh....How about some pancakes?” Conner frowned.

“W-what?” Neil's jaw almost dropped.

“I don't know, it must have gotten stuck.” Conner said.

“Oh Jesus.” Neil tried the door himself. Seeing that it was, in fact, locked, he moved to the back wall and sighed. He sank down to the ground and Conner sat down next to him. Conner stared at him, and grabbed a pancake off the stack. Neil glared at him.

“How can you be hungry, now?” Neil asked. Conner shrugged. Neil rolled his eyes, and after a second, grabbed a pancake. They munched on the pancakes silently for awhile

“These are good...” Neil said.

“Thanks, Kid.” Conner smiled.

“Stop calling me that.” Neil glared at him.

“What, it's your name.” Conner winked.

“My name is Neil.” Neil said.

“Neil Kidd. So...You're Kid.” Conner wrapped an arm holding a piece of pancake around Neils neck and pulled him closer. He kissed his forehead, leaving a small chocolate mark from the chocolate chips. Neil blushed and wiped the chocolate away quickly. Conner smiled and laughed.

“You're to cute.” He said, and ate another pancake. “Some first date, huh?”

“This is NOT a first date.” Neil said.

“Fine, then we'll have to count our next date.” Conner shrugged.

“What? No! I’m not gay!” Neil said.

“That's what they all say.” Conner winked at him again. Neil rolled his eyes. He swallowed his pancake and stood up, walking around the small cellar.

“What are you doing?” Conner asked.

“Nothing, just seeing whats around.”

“You cant see shit in here. It's pitch black.” Conner said. Of course, he was right. The only light would be from the cracks in the door to the cellar, but it was a cloudy winter day and the only light that came through was pale gray and didn't do much.

“Isn't there a light in here?” Neil asked.

“Yeah, above us. But the wiring is all jacked up so it doesn't work.” Conner said.

'I could make it work...' Neil thought, but he couldn't do shit with Conner sitting there.

“Oh.” He said simply. He stepped towards the left wall and something moved. “What the fuck?!” He screamed. He jumped back and something fell off a shelf.

“What?” Conner stood up, putting the plate of pancakes down.

“Something moved!” Neil shouted, voice higher than he would have liked it to be.

“Where?” Conner asked. Neil felt something scrape his leg. He squealed like a little girl and moved against Conner. Sure, he had lived in one of the harshist places on earth since the consecration camps, that didn't mean he couldn't still get scared. He buried his head against Conner's chest and the only sound in the room was their breathing. They listened quietly. “I think it was just your imagination.” Conner said.

“I did NOT imagine that.” Neil said. He pulled away from Conner quickly. He stepped back towards the right wall and whatever it was moved past his leg again. He screamed and fell against an old shelf, things falling all around him. “Oh fuck this!” He shouted. He let out a small amount of energy, not knowing how much the light bulb could stand, towards the bulb. The light flickered before a dim yellow glow lit the room. A medium sized raggity dog sat in the corner. The mutt shivered and stared at them with fear.

“It's just a dog.” Conner said. “He looks like a stray. It must have snuck in here at some point and was living here. Poor thing.” Conner frowned. Neil stared at the shaking dog.

“It probably has rabies.” He wrinkled his nose.

“He's just scared.” Conner said. “Come here, sweetheart.” Conner got down in a crouch and held out his hand, the dog backed up farther into the corner.

“Chewy over there is going to bite your hand off.” Neil said. The dogs ears perked up and he walked stiffly over to Neil and scratched at his leg gently with one of his front paws. Neil raised an eyebrow.

“He likes you.” Conner smiled.

“He smells.” Neil frowned.

“Don't be so cold hearted. It's not his fault.” Conner said, smiling.

“He's going to chew off my leg with his rabies infested mouth.” Neil scowled even harder. The dogs ears perked up again and his small tail wagged soflty.

“Is that your name, sweetheart? Chewy?” Conner asked. The dogs tail thumped harder.

“Fitting name.” Neil frowned. The dog whined and laid down, resting his head on Neils shoe. Neil's scowl softened.

“See, he's not rabid.” Conner said. Neil looked down at the dog. He crouched down and reached out for his ear gently, scratching his matted fur.

“Society abandoned you, too. Didn't they?” He whispered to the dog, who sighed and looked up at Neil with huge brown eyes.

“Hey...” Conner said.

“What?” Neil didn't look up from his new friend.

“How did you turn the light on?” Conner looked at him.

“What? I... I didn't.” Neil said, trying to think of a lie. “It was just a coincidence.” Neil said.

“No way, you said 'fuck this' and then the room went blue and then the light came on.” Conner said. Neil sighed.

“You cant tell anyone.” Neil said.

“Tell anyone, what?” Conner frowned. Neil stood up and stepped away from Chewy, who was still staring up at him with loving eyes.

“Please, don't freak out.” Neil said. Conner nodded his head. He closed his eyes and let the electricity dance over his body. A bolt shot up to the light and the room got even brighter.

“What the fuck...” Conner's jaw dropped.

“You said you wouldn't freak.” Neil stopped and opened his eyes.

“How did you... What the fuck!” Conner shouted, backing up against the wall opposite Neil. Chewy turned his head, but stayed near Neil.

“I'm an infected.” Neil said. Conner frowned.

“I don't know any fucking animal that can do that!” Conner pointed to the light.

“I'm mixed with an electric eel.” Neil explained. Conner blinked. He seemed to relax a bit.

“Okay, things making sense now.” Conner nodded.

“You wont tell anyone will you?” Neil asked. Conner stared at him. This was the most emotion Neil had shown since they had met the day before.

“No, I wont tell anyone.” Conner finally said. Neil looked relieve.

“Thank you. I swear, I’m not dangerous or anything.” Neil said.

“Were you really in Florida?” Conner asked. Neil hesitated. “Don't lie to me anymore.” Conner stared at him.

“I was in the holding camps, for the infected. They kept me in solitary confinement.” Neil said.

“For three years?” Conner's eyes went wide. Neil just nodded. “Oh my god...” Conner whispered. The light dimmed until it was pitch black again. Neil didn't know if he should light it again, so he just stood there in the silence and the dark.

“Why didn't you tell us?”

“I don't want anyone to know. I may be cursed by having this mutation, but I was blessed that it wasn't more obvious. I'll hide it as long as I can.” Neil said.

“You shouldn't hide who you are. I know what that's like. I was in the closet for three years, you know.” Conner said.

“It's different.” Neil sat down and Chewy crawled into his lap. Neil wasn't lying when he said he smelled, but he wanted the comfort now. Though he hated to admit it.

“It's not, though. You're hiding this from everyone, and now no one can really know you.” Conner said.

“I want it that way.” Neil scowled in the dark.

“Why? People aren't as bad as you're making them out to be.” Conner said.

“Don't tell me about people!” Neil shouted, suddenly angry. “I spent three years being tortured by those stupid guards!” He shouted.

“Not everyone is like that.” Conner said in a calm voice.

“No? You don't think they had families? That they had kids, and wives? That their kids didn't go to school. These people are everywhere, Conner. Open your eyes. People suck.” He spat. Conner was silent for a minute.

“But if you don't give anyone a chance, you wont be able to find the ones that aren't like that.” Conner whispered.

“Why bother? The way I see it, Half the world is composed of Idiots, the other half of people are clever enough to take advantage of the first half.” Neil said.

“Are you calling yourself an idiot?” Conner asked.


“What, so you hate yourself?” Conner laughed.

“It makes sense if you think about it.” Neil stroked Chewy’s back as he slept.

“How so?”

“If you don’t like yourself, you cant like other people.” Neil said.

“You’re very Cynical, aren’t you?” Conner laughed, again.

“I’m a glass half empty kind of guy, yeah.” Neil said bitterly.

“Will you turn the god damn light on?” Conner asked. Neil looked up at where he knew Conner was standing, and let some electricity bounce to the light. The room flickered to life and Conner stared at him. He smiled at Neil.

“So you’re a pessimist and a cynic?” Conner asked.

“Negative words.” Neil mumbled.

“You’re a negative person.” Conner shrugged.

“I like being negative, it makes me happy.” Neil stared up at Conner coldly.

“Stand up.” Conner said. Neil glared at him for a minute before doing as he was told. He brushed off his pants and noticed the light starting to dim. Conner stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Neil, pulling him to his chest. Neil froze for a second while Conner squeezed him lovingly and stroked his hair. The room was now only pale yellow as the light faded

“What...are you doing?” Neil asked.

“I’m killing you with kindness. It’s proven to be very effective against cynical gay boys.” Conner said. The room was now pitch black.

“I’m.... not gay.” Neil said. Conner nodded and squeezed Neil one more time before stepping back. Conner was going to say something, when the doors to the cellar opened. One of his brothers stood there.

“Aw shit, you found it.” He frowned and sighed, walking off with the doors still open. Neil and Conner scrambled out of the cellar quickly, relieved to be free. Chewy followed Neil loyaly.

“Who’s dog?” Conner’s brother asked. Then he looked at Neil. “Who’s kid?”  Conner smiled.

“Not a god damn word.” Neil didn’t look at Conner, but pointed a finger at him. Conner smiled smuggly and made the motion of zipping his lips. “He’s my dog.” Neil said, but wasn’t sure why he was saying it. Chewy seemed to understand, and looked up at Neil. He was panting, making it look like he had a smile on his face, and thumping his tail on the ground.

“This is Neil, he’s a friend from school.” Conner said.

“Right.” His brother was walking away before he turned around.

“Why do you guys smell like Chocolate chip pancakes?”

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