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Opposites Attract Ch.02

Noah bounded through the woods as quickly as he could with his injuries. He went back to the site where he had last seen his brother but there was nothing there besides some claw marks on the ground and trees around the area. He dropped to all fours again and jumped towards home. 

After five minutes or so he reached the clearing where the battle had started and saw several puddles of blood, A few vampire corpses littered the area along with the bodies of his own people. He saw no sign of Aldaris. He looked through the piles of bodies for his brother and found several of his childhood friends, but not his brother. He saw Bane walking slowly on all fours between bodies, silently saying a prayer for their fallen brothers and sisters. He would grieve later. He ran to Bane and looked down at him, gasping for air.

"Bane..... Have you seen Aldaris?" He asked. He saw a sad look fill Banes eyes and he knew his brother was gone. He collapsed in the dirt and just stared solemnly. 

"He survived the attack by the werewolf, barely. He was returning here when a female vampire with daggers attacked him. I'm sorry, Noah." Bane said. He stood and placed a heavy paw on Noahs shoulder, trying to comfort him as best he could. Noah sat silently. 

"We can finish up here, why don't you go home." Bane said. Noah briefly thought of how Bane must be handling it, Aldaris was his son. When Bane had found Noah as an egg he had taken him into the pack, into his own bloodline of the pack even. He wanted to object, he knew he should help. But all he really wanted to do was sleep. He nodded numbly and stood up to walk out of the clearing. He shifted out of his form and that allowed people to see the emptiness in his eyes. 


It had been two days since his brothers death and Noah sat on his bed. He hadn't moved since he heard the news. But something kept nagging at the back of his mind and he felt like all he wanted to do was go see that vampire who had helped him. He laughed at himself and rolled in bed.

' Why do you want to see him? Just because hes handsome, and nice, and helpful, and different, and more handsome.....' He trailed off. He growled for a second before shifting and running out of his house. 

He arrived at the edge of the woods near the vampire, Matt's, house. He peeked through the house and noticed all of the lights were off except one on the second floor. A bedroom, Noah assumed. He sniffed a few more times and when he was sure he couldnt smell anyone else he darted into the open. He trotted quickly towards the house, looking around for any enemies. He got to the wall and took one more look around before jumping and digging his claws into the side of the house. He looked at the deep holes in the wall his claws made and winced.

'oops...' he thought. He shook his head and kept climbing. He was surprised the vampire didnt hear the loud noise every time he took a step up the wall. He finally reached the window and peered inside. It occurred to him then how creepy he seemed. He saw Matt sitting on the bed and jumped through the open window.


Matt thought he heard something but after a moment of silence he shrugged it off and turned back to his book. Which is why he nearly pissed himself when the giant dog jumped through his window. He screeched and dropped his book, losing his page, and stood from the bed looking for a weapon.

{Relax vampire, its me.} Noah seemed to scoff at him. {Nice scream.} He chuckled and looked around the room, he sat on all fours like a dog and just moved his head around. Matt sighed and picked up his book.

"That wasn't a scream it was a.... war-cry." Matt lied. 

{Uh huh. Well, you.... war-cry.... like a girl.} If wolves could smile, Noah would be.

"Shut up." Matt snapped at him and set the book down on his nightstand. "What are you doing here?" He asked and sat down on the bed. Noah lost his playfulness and shifted back and forth on his paws uncomfortably. 

{Uh, well I wanted to say thanks, for helping me last time.} He shrugged with his furry shoulders. His amazing blue eyes looked anywhere but at Matt. Matt was touched that he had come back to talk to him.

"You're welcome." He nodded. There was an awkward silence for a moment.

"How is your friend?" Matt asked. Noah looked up at him with his head cocked to the side. Matt loved it when he did that.


"The one who saved us." Matt moved around the bed so he was sitting on the corner facing Noah. Noah's blue eyes filled with tears and he looked down at the ground.

{His name was Aldaris, he was my brother. He died.} He whispered in Matt's head. Matt felt like an ass for bringing it up.

"I'm sorry." He didn't know what else to say. Noah looked up and suddenly those innocent eyes didn't seem so innocent.

{This is your fault! Your kind killed him!} He shouted and stood up, growling. 

"Hey I saved your life, and you did the same for me! I didn't kill your brother." Matt stood up. Noah stood up on his back legs and paced. Matt watched his heavy back paws thud with every step. He eventually sighed and stopped pacing, his shoulders sagged, all the anger leaving him. Matt watched as he shifted into his human form and had to hold back a gasp at the beautiful man.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gotten angry at you, it wasn't your fault. You saved me." Noah said. Matt swallowed and forced his dick to lie down. 

"It's alright. Come on, you look like you could use a drink." He said and walked down stairs. Noah watched him for a moment before following him, at a distance.

Matt stepped into the kitchen and poured them both a drink. He handed Noah his and watched as he sniffed it suspiciously and looked at Matt before drinking it. Deciding it wasn't poisonous he sipped his drink and sat down with Matt.

"How are your wounds healing?" Matt asked, trying to make conversation.

"They're almost completely gone, thanks." Noah said. He gave a small smile and brushed his light brown hair out of his eyes with one hand. Matt was surprised such a fierce fighter could come from such a little man. When standing, the top of Noah's head only reached Matt's chin. For a moment Matt allowed himself to think of what those soft lips would look like around his cock. He shook the thought away and took another gulp of his drink.

"I'm sorry you had to leave yesterday, But my clan was coming back. If they had found you..." Matt trailed off. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence before Noah spoke up.

"It's alright, my pack would have done the same to you." Noah smiled shyly. Matt returned the smile and for once the silence wasn't uncomfortable.

"You know, I was raised to believe that all vampires were horrible and evil. But your nothing like that, you're really actually nice." Noah blushed.

"I was raised to believe that all werewolves were mindless animals that only wanted to murder and kill. But you're nothing like that." Matt said. The two smiled at eachother.

"If you want, I'd like to stay friends." It was Matt's turn to blush. Noah smiled and nodded his head that he would.

"Awesome, just one thing before we finalize this friendship." Matt said.

"What?" Noah turned his head to the side like he does when he was in his wolf form. 

"What the hell is the difference between a Lycanthrope and a Werewolf?" Matt asked.


Noah almost chuckled when Matt asked the question. He knew many people didn't know the difference between the two and decided he would set Matt straight.

" I'm a Lycan, what you saw the other night, was a werewolf." Noah said simply.

"Yeah I got that. But what is REALLY the difference? He just looked like he woke up on the wrong side of the rock he crawled out from under." Matt said. Noah laughed and leaned back, crossing his legs.

" Lycan choose when they want to change and are fully aware of themselves when they are in their other form. Werewolves change with the lunar cycle and are just, what did you say, Mindless animals, after they transform." Noah explained, taking the last drink out of his glass before setting it on the table. Matt nodded like he understood but looked like he was thinking about something.

" But aren't your kind dangerous during the lunar cycle too?" Matt asked. Noah spit his last sip of his drink back into the cup and started coughing uncomfortably. Matt looked at him questioningly while Noah tried to get the liquid out of his lungs. When he was done coughing he blushed and looked very uncomfortable.

"What did I say?" Matt asked.

"Uh, well, we CAN be dangerous during the lunar cycle, but only on full moons. And it isnt for the reason you think." Noah shifted in his seat.

"Why then?" Matt was oblivious to his discomfort.

"The full moon is when we, uh, you know." Noah gestured with his hands. Matt looked at him confused.

"Mate." Noah clarified. A look of realization crossed Matt's face before he began giggling.

"So you're saying if you don't get laid on a full moon, you will go psycho and kill everyone?" Matt leaned back into the couch. Noah looked like he was going to object but he closed his mouth and nodded his head.

"Yeah pretty much...." He shrugged. The two laughed and Noah was glad that he came. He felt so much better when he was around Matt. 

"So you got any family? A girlfriend?" Matt asked nonchalantly.

"No, I'm gay actually." Noah clarified. 

"Oh, So a boyfriend then?" Matt asked.

"Nope I pretty much fly solo." Noah shrugged. There was a sad look in his eyes.

"No kids or anything?" Matts heart would be thundering if it could still beat.

"No, I decided I wanted to wait for my mate before having hatchlings." Noah said and looked at Matt with his big blue eyes.

" And hatchlings? Aren't you a mammal?" Matt's brow furrowed .

"We lay eggs." Noah smiled.

"So you're a reptile?" Matt tried to think about that.

"No, We are mammals. We just lay eggs. Like platypuses." Noah shrugged.

"I thought it was platapi?" Matt scrunched his eyebrows more.

"Does it matter?" Noah laughed and showed a row of gleaming white teeth.

"I suppose not." Matt shrugged. " What about the whole 'Cant cross moving water' thing?" Matt asked.

"Thats werewolves. People always get that myth confused with us because we cant swim so we try to stay away from water." Noah shrugged.

"Really, you can't swim?" Matt looked shocked.

"That's our greatest fear." Noah shrugged.

"I bet I could teach you." Matt smiled. Noah rolled his eyes and changed the subject

"So, Dracula. You got to ask your questions now it's my turn." Noah said. Matt sat forward and looked like he was ready for something.

"Okay, shoot." he said. Noah thought for a moment.

"Do you really drink blood?" 


"Do you kill people when you drink their blood?" 

"No. I only feed from humans once or twice a month, usually I drink bagged stuff, a friend of mine sells it." 

"Does holy water sting?" Noah raised an eyebrow.


"Stakes through the heart?" Noah poked him in the chest.

"Wouldn't that kill anybody?" Matt shrugged.


"Only if I eat it before a date." Matt joked, but kept his face serious.

"Sunlight?" Noah looked outside at the dark sky.

"Yes." Matt grimaced.

"Coffins." Noah raised an eyebrow.

"Definitely not."

"Crosses?" Noah cocked his head to the side. Matt opened his mouth to reply but closed it and nodded.

"Well, yes actually." He said. Noah looked thoughtful for a moment.


"Yeah those creep me out, not because I'm a vampire. Just cuz They're creepy." He chuckled. Noah giggled and after a fit of laughter, Matt stood up.

"Come on, I'll make us something to eat." He walked into the kitchen.

"Vampires eat?" He asked.

"We don't have to, but I always loved food." Matt smiled.

"Well one thing you will learn about Lycans, is that we are always hungry." Noah said, he looked around the house and could hear Matt in the kitchen. He found several pictures of Matt and what appeared to be friends or family, Noah assumed it was his clan. 

"How bout some steak?" He heard Matt call from the kitchen. His mouth watered and if he had a tail in this form it would have been wagging.

"Sounds great." He shouted back. He continued looking along the row of pictures. He found a necklace hanging above one of the pictures of him and his clan. It was just a simple black string threaded through several large teeth. Noah recognized them as the fangs of his people. They were to short to be werewolf and to thick to be vampire. He swallowed and kept walking. After a couple minutes of exploring the house he heard Matt call out to him. He stepped into the kitchen to see Matt set down a plate with a rare steak on it. The other had another steak but much more rare. The human in him grimaced at the bloody slab of meat but the animal in him screamed 'feed me' .

Matt set down silverware and sat across the small table from Noah.

"Dig in." He smiled. Noah licked his lips and reached for the knife. For a moment Matt thought the stove was still sizzling from the steaks but when Noah screeched loudly and jumped from the table, knocking the chair back, he realized to late that the silverware was real silver. A large burn mark dug into the palm of his hand where he had picked up the knife. Smoke came off the wound and it looked red and painful.

"Shit! I'm so sorry I didn't think about the silver." Matt said, he felt awful, he had just made a new friend for the first time in a long time and he tried to burn his hand off. 

"It's fine." Noah grunted through the pain but he held his hand close to his body and whimpered quietly.

"Fuck, let me go get the first aid kit." Matt ran upstairs with only the speed and grace of a vampire. He got back with the first aid kit and could hear Noah's gasping breaths. He clutched his hand to his chest, cradling it with his good hand and had his eyes squinted shut. Matt could see a few tears leaking out.

"Let me see it." He reached for his hand and Noah gave it to him willingly. The large red gash in his palm was exactly the size of the knife handle. The wound was red and incredibly deep. He didn't know silver could do this to a Lycan. He knew it hurt but didn't know it had this effect. He briefly wondered what it felt like to be shot with a silver bullet as a werewolf. He shook and moved Noah over to the sink.

He ran water over the wound and watched as a mix of blood and seared and/or melted flesh washed away. The wound looked better after being washed but still looked red and angry. Matt sat Noah down in a chair and got his a drink. Noah sipped it gingerly as Matt bandaged his hand. Noah sat on the chair and Matt kneeled on the floor so Matt was eye level with Noah's waist. Matt wasn't thinking about sex at a time like this but Noah couldnt take his eyes off of the beautiful man bandaging his hand. Once he was done he stood up and put the first aid kit on the table.

"There, better? I'm so sorry I just didn't think." Matt shook his head, he felt horrible.

"It's alright, really, you didn't do it on purpose." Noah said and looked at his hand. Before Matt thought about it he picked up the small hand and kissed the palm gently. Noah gasped and the two shared a long gaze.

" I.... I should get home." Noah said, without taking his eyes off Matt's.

"Yeah, will you come back?" Matt was in a trance until he realized he might have scared the smaller man off.

"Yes." Noah said, simply. He jumped off the chair and shifted. The bandaged stayed on but looked a lot tighter. Noah dropped onto all fours and padded across the tiled floor to the sliding glass door. Matt opened for it and Noah stepped out and headed towards the forest. He took one more look at Matt before limping off into the woods. 


Noah's dick was rock hard by the time he stepped into his house. He changed back into his human form before stripping his clothing and throwing himself down on the bed. He stroked his cock furiously. Even with the bandage there, Matt's lips sent an electric shock from his hand to his cock. Noah had to leave before Matt noticed and felt bad about rushing out. But now he got to satisfy himself before the memory faded. He used his right hand to pump his six inch cock and used his left to play with his hard nipples. He moaned and moved his hand away from his nipples to play with his ass. He moved his finger in circles over his tiny pucker. He felt his climax getting closer and pushed his finger into his ass as he came. After his orgasm subsided he licked his cum off of his hand and imagined it was Matt's. He rolled over and drifted off to sleep.


Matt watched Noah leave and rubbed his dick through his jeans. He moaned loudly and remembered that Noah's kind were supposed to have good hearing. He opened his eyes and looked at where Noah walked into the woods but didn't see anything. He sighed his relief and ran up to his bedroom quickly.

He wrapped his hand around his cock and began jerking it, thinking of Noah's smooth lips wrapped around it. He gasped Noah's name as he came in long spurts on his stomach and chest. He sighed and began falling asleep.


Noah stretched and yawned in bed before he willed himself to get up and make breakfast. After he showered and got dressed he stepped into the kitchen to make himself something to eat. As his eggs were frying he looked at the still red gash in his hand where the silver had burned him. He sighed and traced the sore wound with his finger. 

'It was worth it if I get to see Matt again.' Noah thought to himself. He put his eggs onto his plate along with ham and toast and began eating.

Matt poured himself a mug of blood before sticking it in the microwave to heat it up. He hated the bagged stuff, it was much better fresh. He saw the first aid kit sitting on the kitchen table and was reminded of Noah. He sighed and wondered how he ended up in love with a wolf.

'Whoa whoa whoa, Love? You just met the guy, and hes a flea ridden mongrel!' He shouted at himself. He winced and regretted calling Noah a mongrel. He did care for him, even if his brain wouldn't let him admit it. He sipped his warm blood and heard a knock on the sliding glass door. He couldn't see through the blinds on the door but there was only one person he knew of who would come over, or at least knock when they did. He put on a pair of gloves and stood behind the curtain as he opened the door. The shaggy light brown wolf stepped into the house and looked at Matt with his large blue eyes. 

{Hey.} Noah said. Matt could tell he was a little bit shy.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Matt asked. He was glad Noah couldn't wait to come back, he did love him, er, his company. He loved his company.

{I'm sorry it's probably to early. I didn't think about you being nocturnal and all.} Noah shifted uneasily on his paws. 

"No its fine, I stay up normal hours." Matt said while he slipped off the gloves.

{What's with the gloves?} Noah sat on his haunches. 

"Normal hours don't agree with me." He laughed and nodded outside. Noah's eyes widened.

{Oh the sun, I forgot.} He traced circles in the carpet with his front paw. 

" I was actually just going to hang out and watch a movie. Do you want to join me?" Matt decided to take a leap, he wanted to spend more time with Noah. 

The wolves ears perked up and his tail wagged slightly.

{If you wanted.} He tried to hide the excitement in his voice. Matt smiled and walked over to the couch, he heard Noah limping behind him and remembered burning the small boy.

"How is you're paw?" He asked. He was surprised to hear Noah's voice not his thoughts.

"It's better, thank you." He turned to see the smaller man blushing. His hand was still wrapped in a bandage but it was a new one.

"Do you mind?" Matt grabbed his hand and sat on the couch. Noah shook his head that he didn't mind and Matt unwrapped the bandage. The wound still looked bad but wasn't nearly as angry as the night before. He held the hand a moment longer then he had to and Noah cherished the touch. After Matt re wrapped the bandage they both leaned back and watched the movie. When it started Noah giggled.

"What?" Matt asked.

"It's Underworld." He chuckled. Matt realized the irony and laughed at his choice in movies. After about half an hour of the movie Matt wasn't even paying attention, he could only focus on the warm body near his. 

Slowly he put his right arm on the back of the couch and every few minutes he would inch it closer to Noah. Noah tried to bite his tongue when he felt Matt's arm around his shoulders.

"If you wan't to hit on me, do it in a less cheesy way." Noah smiled without taking his eyes off the T.V. Matt looked at him, surprised he had been caught and moved his arm. Noah felt hurt, he didn't want him to move his arm. Which was why he was so surprised when Matt pinned him to the couch and forced his tongue into his mouth. 

Noah moaned and kissed Matt back. They made out like teenagers for awhile before Noah had to pull away from Matt for air.

"Sorry, I forget about breathing sometimes." Matt laughed while Noah gasped for breath.

"S'okay." Noah smiled. After a second his smile faded.

"Are you sure this isnt superman syndrome?" He asked with a frown. Matt scrunched his eyebrows together questioningly.

"You know, I saved you and you saved me. This isnt just the gratitude and adrenaline and other emotional shit talking?" Noah asked. His hands were still wrapped around Matt's neck. Matt thought for a moment silently before pulling away from Noah.

"I guess you're right..." He mumbled. He sounded so hurt.

"What?" Noah asked and stroked his face.

"It.... It's been so long since I've been with someone." Matt looked down at his hands. Noah felt his heart hurt at the sight of the lonely vampire. He stroked his hair gently.

"I'm not saying no. I'm just saying not now." Noah said. Matt looked up at him and smiled. Showing his pointed fangs. Noah leaned back and Matt played the movie again. He putt his arm around Noah's shoulders and this time Noah didn't say anything, only leaned into his touch.


The day after they had decided to wait for a relationship, Noah had to go to a pack meeting. He told Matt he couldn't hang out with him that day and Matt had shrugged it off like he didn't care but Noah knew he did. The big vampire didn't like to share his feelings.

He trotted through the woods in his wolf form until he reached the clearing they normally met at. Most of the other pack members had already arrived and were sitting around waiting for him.

{Noah, glad you could join us.} Bane smiled at Noah with his eyes.

{Some of us are.} Inuart rolled his large eyes. Noah let out a low growl as he took a seat on a large boulder. 

{Where have you been?} One of the cubs asked as he tried to catch his fathers tail, swishing from side to side.

{Vitani} The mother growled and picked him up like a cat carries her cubs. 

{What?} The cub growled back and swatted at her mothers nose. The mother held the cub close to her with one paw.

{Sorry, Noah.} She laughed. Noah smiled and turned back to Bane.

{I.... I've met someone.} He said, he knew he couldn't tell them about Matt but that didn't mean he had to keep EVERYTHING a secret. 

{Oh?} Bane raised an eyebrow.

{Yes.} Noah traced circles in the dirt with his paw.

{A mate?} The cub peeked out from above her mothers paw. The mother used her other paw to create a cave, holding the small ball of fur in.

{I don't know yet.} Noah stroked his tail nervously. 

{Is she pretty?} The cub ran out from behind her mother. The mother looked confused and inspected her air tight trap before scooping up the cub again.

{It's a he.} Noah laughed. Lycans were one of the few species out there that would mate with a creature of the same sex. Only one was needed to make an egg. 

{Is he pretty?} The cub asked. The rest of the pack chuckled before Bane interuppted.

{Anyways, we do have more to talk about then Noah's love life.} He announced. The chuckling stopped and everyone was listening to him.

{The vampires have gotten out of control. They attacked us in our own woods!} Bane stood and made eye contact with every one of the pack members.

{We need to do something about it.} He said. {Any ideas?} There was a moment where all you could hear were birds chirping and the sound of a nearby stream.

{The vampire's have always been peacful. Why do they attack us now? We have caused them no problems!} One young member stood and spoke. Several others nodded in agreement.

{It doesn't matter. They still attacked, and killed, many of us.} Another stood up.

{Maybe they wont come back. We killed their kind too.} The younger one said.

{And if they do?} The other snarled. The two began fighting and the whole pack broke into madness before Bane could get control again.

{Quiet!} He shouted. Immediately everyone shut up and listened. No one was confused about who was in charge.

{I don't want to fight but we have to defend ourselves. If they think we are weak they will only attack again. And even if they don't, do you want to spend the rest of our days looking over your shoulder?} He asked. He was met with silence.

{Then It's decided. We go to war with the leeches.} 


Sorry it took so long, let me know what you think. Already starting on the next one. But I might go back to Mike and Tony for a chapter

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