Friday, April 6, 2012

Opposites Attract Ch.03

As soon as the clan meeting ended Noah rushed to Matt's house as fast as his bulky form would carry him through the woods. He arrived at the glass door of the house. It was two a.m. Noah didn't think Matt would be awake, he said he kept normal human hours. He scratched at the door and received no answer.

{Matt! Are you there?} He looked up at the window but there was no answer. He growled and looked around before barking and howling.

{This better wake you up, I feel stupid.} He thought out loud. There was still no movement or light from the house. He snarled and backed up before climbing up the wall. The window was closed but he could see Matt inside, sleeping. He was completely naked in his bed and in the hot night he had kicked the sheets away from his body. His flaccid cock rested on his thigh. Noah hesitated before deciding this was to important to wait until morning. He clawed at the window and Matt shifted in bed. Rolling so Noah got a good view of his ass. Noah swallowed and grimaced

{You're killing me here Matty.} Noah said. {MATT!} He shouted, aiming his thoughts directly at Matt. Matt jumped up and grabbed the sheet to cover himself with. He looked around and saw nothing but shook it off and started crawling into bed. Noah's paws were slipping, he didn't dig his claws in due to the holes he had caused last time.

{Matt, window!} He said as he struggled to stay attached to the wall. Matt looked at the window and saw Noah. He slipped on a pair of boxers out of view of Noah and jogged over to the window. He opened it just as Noah fell and grabbed his arm in time. He lifted Noah into the room with one hand and Noah was surprised at his strength. He knew vampires were strong, but he easily weighed five hundred pounds in his wolf form. All of it muscle. His tail alone weighed more than Matt would.

"Are you alright?" Matt asked once Noah was inside. Noah shifted into his human form. A stunning contrast to his wolf form he was only five six and 125 lbs. 

"Fine..." Noah couldn't get the image of Matt's large cock out of his mind. He was easily larger soft than Noah was hard. Then he remembered why he came. 

"No, not fine. We just had a pack meeting, we are in some trouble." Noah said and sat down on the bed. 

"Okay just hold on. Let me get pants." Matt said. Noah giggled and Matt walked into the bathroom to change. Noah thought it was funny how he was now shy. He waited while Matt got dressed and hesitated before taking the pillow Matt had been laying on and inhaled deeply. He could smell Matt's shampoo and his own manly smell. It sent shivers up his spine but he put it down before Matt caught him. 

"Okay, so what is the problem?" Matt asked as he sat next to Noah.

"My pack. They've decided your kind are to dangerous. They want revenge and to show that we aren't weak." Noah said. "They're going to declare war." 

"What?!" Matt stood up and started pacing.

"Matt this isn't good. If they declare war....we cant be friends anymore. Not to mention we would have to kill each other." Noah shrugged miserably.

"That's not going to happen." Matt sat back down and put his hand on the back of Noah's head and touched their foreheads together. They stared into each others eyes for a long while before Noah caved and fell into Matt's chest. The two embraced and Matt pressed a loving kiss to Noah's lips. Noah knew Matt was his mate then. Electricity shocked through his body and he was instantly hard. It was the same as when they had kissed on the couch, but only strong. Because now it was about love. Not sex. Matt looked at him and he knew he felt it too, but neither of them said anything. It wasn't time for confessing their love. It was time to make a plan.

"I'm not to worried about you, you have a strong clan. They will protect you." Noah said, he still didn't want their people to fight.

"You don't understand, Noah. My clan doesn't live in this town. They came only to kill your pack, and scare off those they didn't." Matt said. "I'm alone here." 

"What? Oh Jesus this is even worse." Noah pulled away from Matt and put his head in his hands. Matt rubbed soothing circles on his back.

"We will work this out, Noah." Matt reassured him. "Trust me." Matt smiled. Noah looked up at him and gave a weak smile back. The two shared another short kiss before Noah stood.

"We have to do something." Noah said as he paced uneasily.

"We could tell them about us. Maybe that will make them understand that our kind don't have to fight." Matt said.

"No, my kind cherish love but I don't think they will take kindly to you." Noah said and looked at Matt with sorrow filled eyes. Matt stood and hugged him lovingly.

"It will be okay." He repeated it a few times.

They spent the rest of the early early morning trying to think of a plan. Noah knew wolves could get impatient fast and it wouldn't be long until they were breaking through Matt's door.


Before they knew it, the sun was up and Matt hissed, baring his fangs, as unexpected sunlight poured through the window. He threw himself over the bed and into the corner to hide from the burning light. Noah quickly covered the window.

"I'll go make sure the rest of the house is shut up. Then we can have breakfast?" Noah asked. Matt nodded and stood from the corner. He watched Noah's tight ass leave his room and sighed. He could see the love in Noah's eyes and wanted nothing more to tell him that he loved him.

When he heard Noah call out to him he walked downstairs and poured himself a cup of blood before shoving it in the microwave. 

"Thats nasty." Noah wrinkled his nose.

"Tell me about it." Matt growled looking at the bag of blood. "Stupid cheap preserved shit." He growled. Noah laughed and Matt realized he was talking about blood in general. He smiled showing his pointed fangs and laughed with Noah. Soon they were going about their business in Matt's large, but little used, kitchen. Noah found some ham and eggs in the fridge and began making the two of them breakfast. Soon he was humming, and humming turned to whistling, which turned into singing. Matt was impressed by Noah's beautiful singing voice. But he didn't recognize the lyrics to the song.

" I remember." Noah sang. He repeated the line a few times, filling it with more sorrow and pain as it went. Soon Matt stopped what he was doing and just watched and listened to the smooth voice. When he finished Noah opened his eyes and realized Matt was listening and blushed.

"What song was that?" Matt asked. Noah blushed harder.

"It's uh, Night Surgeon. From Repo! The genetic opera." He said.

"Oh yeah, doesn't that one guy sing it? From Buffy The Vampire Slayer." 

"You watch Buffy?" Noah raised an eyebrow. This time it was Matt's turn to blush.

"I had a thing for Angel." Matt shrugged.

"Psh, who didn't?" Noah laughed and soon the two were laughing so hard tears fell from their eyes. Noah only calmed down once he smelled burning ham. He quickly flipped it and Matt went back to making toast while sipping blood. 

"So do all vampires drink bagged stuff?" Noah asked. 

"No, most of us still drink from humans, I just never felt right doing it." Matt shrugged. 

"Cuz my boy does have a heart. Even if its not beating." Noah smiled and put a hand on Matt's chest. "So will you just drink that stuff forever?" Noah asked.

"Well, when I find a mate. I would drink from them." Matt said. He turned back to buttering toast, trying not to make eye contact with Noah. 

"Oh..." Noah swallowed and tried to think of what it would be like to have Matt feed from him. He wondered if it would hurt.

Noah was glad they had a moment where the impending doom wasn't hovering over their heads. But soon his mind was clouded with worries and plans that would never work. 


Matt and Noah didn't see each other for several more days. Noah was busy with his pack, planning the unwanted battle, and Matt could only sit and wait. Noah was furious when Bane had picked someone else to search the town for remaining vampires. He wasn't surprised when the scout came back reporting only one vampire. The pack grew excited, an easy one to pick off. 

When his pack would make a plan or strategy, Noah would commit it to memory and made notes at home to tell Matt how to prepare. Other then that the two had no idea. Matt refused to run, and Noah refused to tell his pack about their relationship.

The a week after the pack had decided on a war, Noah returned to Matt's house with detailed information about the attack. The two sat silently for a moment before Noah spoke.

"Matt you have to call your clan." He said. Matt looked at him like he was crazy.

"What? Are you insane? If I call them then our people we go at it and it will be awful." Matt said.

"But at least it wont be man-slaughter." Noah said. Tears fell from his eyes and he collapsed. Matt scooped him into his arms. 

"It will be fine, Noah. I will be fine." He said, while rubbing Noah's back.

"But what if its not. You're underestimating my pack. They wont hesitate when it comes to killing you." Noah yelled. He stood and paced the floor.

"And you're underestimating my clan. If I call them, they will all come down here. More than last time probably. They will sniff out every last one of you and destroy you. I cant let that happen." Matt yelled back. He didn't know how they got into a fight but they had.

"Better me then you!" Noah shouted.

"You really are insane if you think that." Matt said and hugged him. He didn't want to fight. But Noah pushed him away.

"Call you're clan god damn it." He shouted. Matt thought for a moment and realized Noah was right. If they had any chance of surviving the odds would have to be even. 


"Now." Noah growled. And there was no arguing with him.


Nira jumped down and hugged Matt. 

"We are going to give those mutts hell." An evil smile spread across her fast. The others arrived over the course of a few days. He missed spending his days with Noah. Kissing and touching gently. They teased each other constantly with the fleeting moments of loving touches. Noah would often sing. Usually a song from Repo! Or Dr. Horrible's sing a long blog. Matt loved his peculiar taste in music. He knew Noah was a fan of musicals and would often sit through them just for him. He loved when Noah would begin singing a long with the movie. Word for word.

Nira's typical daggers hung from her sides and she unsheathed one and played with the sharp blade. The rest of his clan was sitting in his large living room. Matt made sure to scrub every inch of the house before scrubbing it over with dirty clothes and sheets of his. It would have been obvious that a lycan had been in the house. Noah's scent was everywhere. Matt missed it but figured it was necessary. Noah had assured him, when they had last met, that he would think of something to stop the fight. 

"So how many of the flea ridden mutts are left?" Ebon asked. 

"All of the ones we didn't kill." Matt growled. He couldn't stand to be around his own people anymore. Every time they said something horrible about one of his loves species he felt like ripping them in half. Noah didn't know the exact date of the battle but he said no doubt it would be soon.

"Stupid animals will learn to run, next time." Ebon laughed.

"There wont be a next time." Nira grinned. The rest of his clan laughed and a few high fived each other. 

Matt swallowed. He wondered if he could track Noah's scent to his home. He had committed the scent to memory long ago and was sure he could. He decided he would wait until his friends and family were asleep before sneaking off to find Noah.


Noah paced the living room. He looked out through a window in the direction of Matt's house. He hoped he would be ok. The rest of his pack lounged around his house, eating food or sleeping. Some talked quietly others loudly. It was far to cold tonight, even for his kind, and his house was the closest to their usual meeting spot. Bane walked up and put a hand on his shoulder.

"You're worried about something." It wasn't a question.

"No, I'm fine." Noah lied.

"It has something to do with the vampires doesn't it." Bane said. Noah looked at him eyes wide. Did he know about Matt.

"The fight will be fine, Noah. Our pack is stronger then a single bloodsucker." Bane smiled. Noah cursed asking Matt to call his clan. Now his people were walking into something they weren't prepared for. Most of his pack left after the meeting. Some stayed and fell asleep. Some continued to talk quietly. But no one paid any attention to Noah as he slipped out.

'I just have to see Matt.' He thought to himself. 'Just for a moment.' He shifted and darted off quietly into the woods.


Matt shut the sliding glass door quietly and as he tiptoed and turned around to head off into the woods to trace Noah he ran smack into the large wolf. He let out a 'oof' and landed on his ass. Noah was definitely a solid creature. Noah stood and reached out a clawed hand. Matt accepted it and Noah pulled him up. He was surprised by the strength in the furred arms. 

{What are you doing?} Noah whispered in his mind. 

"Going out to find you." Matt looked up at the dark house. "Come on." He held his finger to his lips and pointed out the house. He tiptoed out towards the woods. Noah followed him on all fours, careful not to make a sound. When Matt felt they were a safe distance away, he stopped and turned to hug Noah. Noah felt a surge of joy. He was glad Matt wasn't disgusted by his wolf form. Matt smiled at him, showing his fangs, and Noah perked up his ears and wagged his tail a bit. Matt snickered and sat down on the ground. Noah shivered and it was easy to see his breath in the freezing air. Matt however seemed unaffected. Noah growled.

{damn you dead people.} He said. Matt chuckled and pet Noah like a dog on his head. Noah didn't mind the touch and leaned into it like a cat starving for attention.

"How goes things on your side?" Matt asked.

{Bad, they don't know about you're clan coming, and I cant tell them without seeming suspicious.} Noah whimpered. 

"It will work out." Matt said.

{We keep saying that but I don't see how.} Noah looked at the ground. He wrapped his tail around his paws to try and keep them warm. 

"It just will." Matt said and pushed Noah's shoulder. Noah used his paw to push him back, but harder. Matt shoved him playfully and Noah pounced on him. Pinning him to the ground. 


Nira heard the sliding door close quietly. She rose from her spot on the couch and saw her brothers and sisters were sleeping quietly. She went around the house to the sliding glass door and saw Matt walking into the woods with a large wolf following him quietly. She gasped. 

'That mutt is going to attack him while he is alone!' She thought she quickly grabbed her daggers and slipped on the belt that held them. Before sneaking off to help Matt. She didn't know why he was sneaking out in the first place and didn't want to wake the others until she knew what he was doing. 

She followed them into the woods and stopped when she heard rustling. She hid behind a tree and watched. Matt was on the ground. The wolf had him pinned to the ground by his shoulders. Its paws with its long claws were on his shoulders. He growled and his ears laid back against his head. Nira grabbed her daggers and prepared to strike.


"Watch out for the big bad wolf, Matty." Noah growled sarcastically and laid his ears against his head like an angry dog. Matt feigned fear. He saw Noah's ears twitch behind him a moment before Nira struck, daggers in hand. She lunged for Noah's eyes as he turned to watch her. He moved barely in time and she rolled to strike again. Noah stood on his back legs and roared in anger. Nira landed a solid blow against his bottom jaw. He fell and landed hard on his back. Nira went for his eyes again and Noah wrapped his tail around her wrist and held the dagger back. Nira used both hands to try and push the dagger down but his tail was far stronger then her small arms.

Matt was stunned by the sudden attack. He saw the muscle in Noah's tail flex as he held back the dagger. He used his back leg to kick Nira in the chest, sending her backwards. He rolled so he was back on all fours and growled low. A look came across his face and he covered his teeth before silencing the growl. He began backing up slowly. Nira picked up a dropped dagger and lunged again. Matt realized Noah was trying not to fight, only defending himself. Matt couldn't do anything or he would give their relationship away.

Nira's attacks were fast and unrelenting. Soon Noah couldn't defend himself any longer and instead dodged an attack by swinging under her arm, continuing to spin and swing his tail around. Nira jumped over it, and the tree she had been standing next to split where Noah's tail had struck. He growled again but Matt recognized it as an annoyed growl. He didn't want to fight but had no choice. He stole a glance at Matt but Matt didn't know what to do. Nira took the moment to drive a dagger into his left back leg. Noah howled in agony. Smoke rose from the wound and Matt remembered it was a silver dagger. 

Noah stumbled backwards and pulled the knife out. He hissed and growled before turning and running as best he could into the woods. Nira grinned at the retreating figure.

"I'll go chase it down." She said and picked up her daggers, one covered in the blood of his lover.

"Wait." Matt said. She stopped and looked at him. He had to think fast.

"Let him go. Maybe he will scare off some of his pack, make them see that we aren't playing around." Matt said. She grinned and sheathed her daggers.

"You were always the smart one, brother." She gave him a hand up and he looked in the direction that Noah left.

"Don't worry, he isn't coming back." Nira said.

'That's what I'm afraid of.' He thought to himself.


Noah hobbled as fast as he could until he was sure the vampire hadn't followed him. He examined the wound on his leg before deciding that he would be alright. He briefly wondered if Matt had set him up.

'No, Matt would never do that. He loves me.' He reminded himself. He was proved right when Matt walked through a dense patch of trees and ran over to him.

"Are you alright?" He asked and put a hand on Noah's leg. Noah nodded.

{How did she find us? And how did you get back out there?} Noah asked.

"I told her I was fine and I had to go finish what I came out here for." Matt shrugged.

{And she just let you go? What did you tell her you had to do?} Noah cocked his head to the side.

"I... uh I told her that I had to go jack off." Matt blushed. Noah laughed bitterly. His leg hurt to bad to get the giggles now.

{That vampire, she had daggers.} Noah said.

"Yeah she was playing pin the dagger on the werewolf. I'm glad you noticed." Matt laughed. Noah glared at him.

"Lycan, sorry sorry." He held his hands up in the air.

{My brother was killed by a vampire with daggers.} Noah said bitterly. There was an awkward silence.

"She's my sister." Matt said. Noah looked at him surprised. "Thank you for not hurting her." Matt said.

{She's just lucky my tail missed. It usually doesn't.} Noah stood {I should get back to my pack, they know how to treat silver wounds and this gives me the perfect excuse to tell them about the rest of you're clan.} Noah said. He stood and walked with only three legs, keeping the other one off the ground.

"okay, I don't think I can get away again. I don't know when we could see each other next." Matt said, he looked incredibly sad and worried.

{don't worry, we will be fine.} Noah repeated Matt's own words from earlier.


Noah arrived back with his pack and found they were still sleeping. He made a big deal out of howling and making noise as he hobbled in. It wasn't long before one of the younger pack members woke up.

{Noah? Are you alright?} The smaller one looked at his leg and his eyes widened.

{I was attacked, the vampire has called in his brood. He must have known we were going to attack.} Noah gasped, exaggerating his pain. The young ones eyes widened further.

{I'll find Bane.} He said and began searching various sleeping wolves and people for Bane's comforting form. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

"You really had to go all the way out there just to... you know. You couldn't have just used a bathroom or something?" Nira asked. It was the first time Matt had seen her blush and look uncomfortable. Nira was confident and arrogant, not uncomfortable and embarrassed. 

"You know how good our hearing is. You and everyone else would have heard me." Matt said. Nira rubbed her forehead.

"You're lucky I came along before that dog could touch you." She shook her finger in his face like a mother from the 50's 

'I was really hoping he would touch me.' Matt growled in his head. He had been rock hard when Noah had been on top of him. That problem was quickly solved when Nira stuck a knife in his lovers leg. Matt had never been turned on while having a bigger guy on top of him. He felt so comfortable with Noah that they didn't have a need for submissive and dominant titles. He wanted to hold Noah. He was tired of hiding from his family and friends. He wanted the fighting to stop and everyone to just get along. He wanted Noah.


"We must attack them now! What if more of them come?" A large lycan from the back slammed his fist down on the table. 

"Calm down, Greg." Bane said calmly. Noah had to hold back a laugh. Who named a lycan Greg?

"First off, Noah are you alright?" Bane asked him. Noah nodded silently. He didn't trust his voice, he was worried that any second he would scream about his love for a vampire.

"Good, Now. I agree, we cant wait much longer. We don't know how many more are on the way. " Bane said. A few loud protests were heard but most nodded in agreement. Noah was glad he wasn't the only one he didn't want to go to war. 

"We should talk to them. They don't need a war and neither do we. Both of our species are dying, how many of us do you think are left in the world? The humans don't even know we exist." One pack member said. Several more joined in, nodding heads. It seemed the pack had split into two separate groups, ones who wanted war, and ones who didn't.

"I agree with them, Bane. We don't need war." Noah shook his head. Bane's hard face showed no remorse.

"They must die, Noah. You of all people should think that." Bane said.

"What, why?" Noah questioned. Bane shook his head and sighed.

"Nothing, Get some sleep everyone." He said and walked out of the room. Noah waited a moment and looked around and the uneasy pack members before following Bane outside.

"What did you mean by that?" Noah said. Bane turned to face him.

" Your mother was killed by a vampire, as was your father, and your brother. You, of all of us, should hate them the most." Bane said.

" Things were different then. I'm two hundred years old, Bane. And, I'm still young." Noah said.

"Yeah, and Vampires live a hell of a lot longer then us. For all you know your little leech friend could be the one who killed Aldaris and the rest of your family." Bane snapped. Silence passed between them.

"You knew?" Noah said quietly.

"Yes, it wasn't hard to figure out, most of the pack members are to young to recognize a vampires scent. Its all over you." Bane hissed. Noah swallowed. What would happen now?

"What are you going to do?" Noah asked. Bane stared at him silently.

"They're our enemies, Noah." He said as if Noah should know what he was going to do.

"I love him." Noah whispered. Bane sighed.

"That doesn't matter." He said and began walking off again.

"It does matter! I claim him as my mate, as does he!" Noah cried.

"You cant mate with one of those THINGS!" Bane shouted back, pointing in the direction of Matt's home.

"What the hell?" Noah heard a voice from behind him. A few other pack members stood listening, but a younger one had spoken.

"Good, maybe the rest of the pack can talk some sense into you." Bane said, as the rest of the back gathered outside.

"Go on, tell them." Bane muttered.

"I have found a mate." Noah said, bitterly. He didn't move his eyes from Bane. Several of the pack members clapped and cheered. Some clapped a hand on his shoulder and several 'Congrats' were heard.

"He's a vampire." Noah said quietly. All stopped talking and only stared. 

"But I love him. They're not what we all think they're like!" Noah finally turned to face the rest of the pack.

"They aren't murderers, and they don't kill humans!" Noah tried to plead Matt's case. Several of the pack members just stared quietly, not sure what to think.

"The rule is that any mate is accepted into the pack unless he or she commits a crime against said pack, then it is decided if he or she can stay." An elderly woman said from the back.

"He's a vampire, he has killed hundreds of our kind." Another younger male spoke up.

"And we have killed thousands of them!" Noah shouted. That shut them all up and they took a moment to think.

"Yes, I know he's killed our kind. But I've killed his people and he knows it. He still loves me." Noah said. It seemed the pack had split into two sides. One for, and one against, the pair.

"But the rest of his people, even if we did accept him..." An older male spoke up.

"Yes, That's one of our problems. But if we accept him maybe the rest of his pack will realize we are not what they think." Noah said. Some of the pack continued to think, others appeared to have already made up their minds.

"We are a pack, we make decisions together. All for the mating of Noah and This bloodsuck-"

"His name is Matt." Noah growled at Bane.

"... Yes.. Noah and... Matt, Stand over there. All against, over there." Bane gestured with his head. Noah stayed in the center, as he was not allowed to vote, and Bane stayed with him, Pack leaders must stay balanced in all decisions of the pack.

The sides were nearly equal. Most of the younger people were on the agreed, and most of the older members were on the opposed. Staying to their old ways. But there were a few young ones in the opposed and a few older in the agreed, including the elderly woman who had spoken up about the laws.

"It's decided, after counting. The vampire has a chance. ONE chance." Bane clarified. Several of the opposed growled and the approved murmured happily. Noah could feel his tail wanting to sprout and wag.

"He has one chance Noah. We must meet him and speak of the coming war." Bane said. 

"I'm not sure if I can get him away from his clan." Noah worried.

"You must try, or we will forget the meeting and go to war." Bane shrugged. Noah growled, before shifting and running off into the woods.

{Meet us in the clearing, Noah.} Bane said. Noah turned to see him shifted and several other pack members changing.


Noah crept up to the house and across the open lawn. He attempted to quietly crawl up the wall, but failed miserably. The sound of his claws scratching the walls were loud and annoying. He put his ears back and cursed his claws. Finally he reached the window and peeked inside. Matt slept in his bed and Noah was glad for that, but there were several vampires sleeping on his floor, or in chairs around the room. It would be like walking through a mine field. He cursed and hopped through the window.

The pads on his feet silenced his steps but even the wind changing direction and blowing his scent into the vampires faces would waken them. He padded on all fours, keeping his tail up away from the sleeping creatures, and inched towards matt's bed. Once there he attempted to wake him quietly. He shook him gently and Matt woke up with a start. He put a clawed, furry hand over his mouth and put a finger to his own lips. Matt's eyes widened as he looked around. Noah gestured to the window and Matt shook his head, and made the 'shoo' sign. 

Noah shook his head and pointed at the window again. Matt made a silent sigh and climbed out of bed. Careful to avoid his sleeping friends. Before he knew it he saw Noah trip. He nearly fell backwards over Ebon but used his tail to catch himself. He sat in a bridge position over Ebon and used his inhuman flex ability to bend backwards, bringing his legs up and over the sleeping vampire.

"Nice!" Matt's said, without thinking. He clapped his hands over his mouth and Noah put his hands over Matt's. They looked around and saw that none of the vampires had been disturbed. They removed their hands and Matt mouthed 'sorry' Noah shook his head, his ears back in anger, before jumping out the window. He landed on his back legs silently and looked up at Matt. Matt followed him down, landing with more noise, but uninjured. 

{Stealthy.} Noah hissed. Matt glared and stuck his tongue out. They were almost into the woods before Nira jumped on his back. He yelped in surprise and hoped none of the other vampires had heard him. He rolled and got Nira off of him before pinning her.

"Help-!" She was cut off by a furry paw over her mouth. 

{I'm really getting sick of you!} Noah growled. She glared at him and licked his paw.

{Ew!} He wanted to pull his paw away but kept it plastered to her mouth. She fought and kicked under him but his size was to much for her.

{Matt would you shut her up? We don't have time for this!} Noah looked up at Matt. 

"Nira, quiet! He's a friend." Matt explained in a hushed whisper.

"Frwiend?!" She mumbled under his hand. 

"Yes, now be quiet. You will wake the others and we really cant have that." Matt said. She glared at him but stopped fighting. Matt nodded at Noah and he hesitantly moved off of her. He wiped his paw on the ground, removing the spit she had left there.

{Ew.} He muttered again.

"Matt what the fuck is going on here?" She whispered angrily.

"I don't know, Noah?" Matt looked up at him.

{I don't know how but my pack found out about us. We put it to a vote and they decided that you need a chance, to talk to them. I'm taking you to meet them. This could put a stop to the war, Matt.} Noah said. 

"Wait, what do you about you two? What's going on?" Nira asked, louder.


{Shh!} She was silenced.

"What about Nira?" Matt asked.

{ I cant send her back, Matt. She knows about us. If things don't work out she could get you killed.} Noah said.

"She would never do that, Noah." Matt said. 

{I still cant take the chance. She has to come.} Noah said. Matt sighed and began following Noah deeper into the woods. On the way he explained to Nira what had been going on. It was clear she didn't like Noah but she loved Matt more than anything.

"Where are we going, babe?" Matt asked after walking for several minutes.

{We're almost there. It's a clearing my clan meets at for meetings and other business.} Noah explained. After another minute of walking he stood on his back legs and stepped into a clearing.

His entire pack was there They sat on various fallen logs and some sat in the trees. All were in their wolf forms. None of them trusted the vampires, even those who agreed on the mated pair.

{Noah! I said your mate, not all of his friends too!} Bane growled and lolloped over to Noah.

{I'm sorry, she caught us on the way out. It was either this or send her back to their clan to tell all of them.} Noah said. Bane sighed and shook his head. Using one paw to rub his temple, an odd gesture for a wolf.

{The lesser of two evils I suppose.} He sighed and turned, walking back to where he had been sitting before.

{This is Matt. And his sister, Nira.} Noah made a short introduction. Most of the members stayed silent but some bowed their greeting. 

{Bane is the pack leader.} Noah said to Matt. It was clear which one was Bane. He sat on a tree stump, in the center of the clearing. 

"Hey." Matt choked.

"Not gonna lie, this is nerve wracking." Matt laughed uneasily. A few other members chuckled to themselves. 

{Matt. I'm Bane. The pack leader. We are here to determine if you are suited to join our pack. Or if that is even legal...} He added. Noah moved to his spot in the pack and sat, with his tail curled around his paws like a cat.

{You will be fine.} Noah sent Matt a private thought. Matt nodded, in agreement with Bane and Noah. 

{Nira, not going to lie. I don't want you here. But it seems my son made the decision he thought was best.} bane said.

"Son?" matt blurted out. The rest of the pack chuckled.

{You didn't inform him that you are the Alfas' son?} Bane turned to Noah. Who shrugged.

"Thank, babe." Matt said sarcastically. He noticed several younger lycans watching him. It never occurred to him that there would be children here. But he guessed that with everyone here there was no one to watch the children.

{So you wish to be mated to Noah.} Bane said simply. 

"yes, sir." Matt didn't know what else to say.

{Have you ever killed a lycan, Matt?} Bane asked. Matt swallowed.

"Yes, I have." He said quietly. Several of the pack members gasped and mothers pulled their hatchlings closer to their bodies.

{Did you participate in the latest raid on our pack?} Bane asked over the roar of murmuring lycans, it grew quiet again.

"Yes I was." Matt cleared his throat and the pack got louder with protest.

{Did you kill or injure any of our members?} Bane growled.

"I was trying to kill Noah actually..." Matt coughed. Noah chuckled and Bane glared at him.

{Anything else I should know?} Bane sighed.

"Uh, I don't think so..." Matt looked at Noah, making sure there was nothing. Noah cleared his throat.

{His sister killed Aldaris.} Noah said. The entire pack went wild. They spoke in their own tongue and began yelling at each other. They went into a frenzy. Some began growling and the sides were clear. It wasn't looking good for Matt.

"Oh yeah... theres that." Matt rubbed the back of his neck.

{Silence!} Bane growled at his pack. They continued to fight. Bane stood on his hind legs and let out a loud, commanding howl. The pack was silenced.

{I'm ashamed, we are in the presence of guests and all you can do is act like a bunch of animals. All of you, shift, Now! Maybe if you don't look like beasts you wont act like them!} Bane growled. Everyone, including Noah, changed to their human forms. Bane followed and stood, not as a judge, but as a equal in front of Matt.

"I see no reason why you shouldn't be mated to Noah. But its not up to me, this is a matter of the pack. Vote. Opposed on the right, Supported on the left." Bane said, without looking away away from Matt and his sister. Noah stepped forward, next to Bane and turned to watch the pack sort itself out. Again the sides looked even and Bane turned to count them. Matt and Noah looked at each other nervously. 

"It's decided then. Matt, welcome to the pack." Bane smiled. Noah squealed and jumped at Matt. Matt hugged him in a tight embrace and they shared a kiss. 

"Ew." Nira inched away from them.

"Now we must deal with your clan." Bane said seriously.

"Please, Bane. Let me talk to them." Matt said.

"If I take Noah with me maybe they will see how much we care about each other." Bane looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Very well." He nodded. Matt, Noah, and Nira turned to leave. "But Matt." Bane stopped them. "Keep him safe." Bane said quietly. Matt wrapped his arm around Noah's shoulders and hugged him close. He nodded his respect and they left.


{You did good.} Noah said to Matt, once he had shifted back into his wolf form.

"Thanks, I was nervous." Matt sighed, as they walked back towards his home.

{Well its my turn to be nervous now, you have no idea what its going to be like being in a room full of vampires.} Noah said. Matt looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

{Oh yeah....} Noah laughed and Matt shook his head.

They arrived back at Matt's house and the sun was beginning to rise.

"Come on, we need to get in fast." The three ran full speed towards the house and made it just in time. Nira and Matt inched away from the light but Noah stayed outside.

{Maybe I should just stay out here.} After thinking about it Matt nodded.

"Maybe that would be best..." Matt disappeared inside and Nira and Noah were left alone.

"I didn't know that was your brother...." Nira said awkwardly. Noah said nothing.

"If I had.... I mean if I had know you.... Shit..." She muttered. Sounds of an argument were heard inside and Matt was thrown against a wall. Nira disappeared deeper inside the house and Noah sat at the door trying to see around the corner. Matt smiled at him before he turned back to the obvious problem inside.

After a moment a young female vampire came to the doorway. She kept her toes at the blinding morning sun and just looked at Noah.

"I'm Amy." She said and smiled. "I always thought all the fighting our people did was stupid." She giggled. Noah shook his shaggy fur and gave, what sounded like, a hyenas chuckle. 

{Wish I could say the same.} He growled. Amy shifted uncomfortably.

"I'm glad Matt found someone. He was always so lonely." Amy said. A hiss was heard from inside the house. Noah turned his head like a confused dog.

{Are you sure everything is alright in there?} Noah tried to peek around the door.

"Yeah, Ebon is just pissed off. Matt can handle him no problem." Amy smiled. The sound of splintering wood was heard from inside the house.

{There goes the table.} Noah chuckled. Amy looked back into the house. Suddenly the large man Noah had seen the first night he scoped out Matt's house, came out and lunged for Noah. Noah stepped back casually and the vampire stumbled slightly, putting his hand into the sunlight. His head sizzled and blistered before he cried out and pulled it back. He hissed and held his hand to his chest. Matt came out, hair tussled and out of breath. 

{Can you really be out of breath if you don't breathe?} Noah asked.

"Old habits die hard." Matt laughed. Ebon wouldn't look away from Noah. Several others had gathered behind Matt. 

"This is Noah, everyone." Matt said, There was an awkward silence.

"Look you guys, I know this is weird but the fighting has to stop. We are killing each other to extinction and this is the perfect situation to bring the peace." Matt said and gestured to Noah.

"He's right, I didn't like it either but its not so bad." Nira chimed in.

{I don't bite.} Noah wagged his tail playfully.

"Yeah right." One of the vampires from the back muttered. 

"Okay fine, If you don't like it then feel free to leave tonight." Matt said. Three or four of the vampires turned away from the group.

"Noah is part of the clan now, no matter what you all think." Matt said.

{And equally, you all are part of my pack.} Noah bowed. 

"Hell, Matt. Most of us didn't even like fighting the werewolves." A younger man came forward.

{Yeah, okay we are going to have to educate all y'alls 'cause That's going to cause some problems.} Noah said. Matt laughed but the others looked confused.

"Well now that we got this sorted out, Noah go back to your pack. We need to get rid of all these old wives tales about our" Matt continued mumbling to himself.

{On it.} Noah said before he got involved in another argument on what the plural of something is.


Noah trotted back into the clearing and was surprised to say the least, to see several of his pack laying on the ground, wounded.

{Bane! What the hell happened?} Noah asked as he looked around.

{Those god forsaken werewolves!} Bane snarled. 

{Fuck, is everyone alright?} 

{No, its bad Noah. They found the cave where we keep the eggs.} Bane said. Noah looked at him silently.

{They're all gone, Noah. All of them.} Bane shook his head. 

{Jesus.} Several mated pairs sat together, mourning the loss of their unhatched children.

{Bane, what are we going to do?} Noah asked.

{I don't know, Noah.} Bane said simply, he padded off slowly into the woods. Several members of the pack came up to Noah to ask for guidance or help, he did what he could but that wasn't much. Hours later Bane returned.

{Bane, where did you go?} Noah asked.

{To check the cave again. No survivors.} Bane looked exhausted.

{Bane I hate to leave you here, but maybe Matt's clan can help us. Track down the wolves and finish this.} Noah said, it sounded odd coming from his lips, he had just made a speech about ending the violence and it had already started again.

{No, you're right. We have to take care of this. This isn't just fun and games anymore.} Bane said, Noah saw something snap in him and knew that Bane was right, things just got serious. They shared a gaze before Noah dashed off at full speed.


"Noah?" Matt saw the large wolf bolting from the woods. He walked over to the door and stood at the unbreakable line the sun made in the doorway. 

Noah saw most of the vampires sitting around, it was clear Matt had been taking care of the education part.

"What are you doing back so soon?" Matt asked. Noah quickly shifted to his human form and ran into Matt's arms.

"Somethings happened, Matt." Noah accepted the comfort Matt's arms offered.

"What's wrong, love?" Matt pulled Noah back so he could see his face.

"The Werewolves. They've attacked us." Noah said. 

"What? Are you okay, Bane? Everyone?" Matt pulled Noah inside.

"Most of the adults are fine, but those mangy mutts found the cave where we keep our eggs until they hatch." Noah said.

"And?" Matt waited anxiously.

"They're gone, Matt. All of them. This could be the end of all of us." Noah sighed and put his head in his hands.

"Cant you just, you know, make more?" One of the other vampires said. Noah shook his head.

"You don't understand, eggs are precious. It only takes one of us to make an egg for a reason, if we needed a mate then our whole species would go extinct. Eggs can take years to hatch, and producing them is hard enough as it is. We don't have the peace we need to raise eggs. We have people monitoring them constantly. Even the slightest temperature change could kill them." Noah explained. The whole clan stood in shock.

"Is there anything we can do?" Matt rubbed Noah's back.

"yes, we need your help. I hate to ask this of you all so soon after we make peace, but the werewolves need to go. They've killed both of our kind and they've gone to far this time. We are one of the few remaining pack's of Lycan's and we don't plan on disappearing any time soon." Noah growled.

"We will do what we can." Matt said, the rest of his clan nodded.

"We're friends now." One muttered. A dull roar of agreements sprang up from the small crowd of vampires. Noah smiled.

"You're loyalties will not go unrewarded." Noah smiled.

"I need to get back to my pack, Bane looks exhausted and he could use my help." Matt kissed him on the lips and smiled at him.

"Go be a leader, we will be there as soon as night falls." Matt promised. Noah smiled before standing up and running out the door, shifting as he went.


Night fell and the vampires showed up in the clearing, as promised. Matt could feel the change in the pack. Several mates sat close to each other, looking tired and depressed. This time there were more children then before. Obviously those who had found a babysitter the night before had taken more precautions tonight and brought the young ones along. He heard a hiss from his left.

{Vitani!} A small cub bounced into the open space in front of the vampires, Her mother stood, frozen with fear. The small cub walked up and sat back on her back legs, much like a golfer or a squirrel.

{Are you a vampire?} She questioned. Her mother finally came out of her trance and pounced behind the cub, lowering her head and letting out a low growl.

{It's alright Raj.} Noah trotted into view, he picked up the cub in his mouth and passed it to the cautious mother.

{Excuse us, we are all a bit on edge.} Noah apologized, while the mother trotted back to the spot she was in before her cub had gotten into trouble.

"It's understandable." Matt said.

{And don't mind Vitani, she's a bit nosey.} Noah glared at the cub and she shirked under her mothers protective paw. Which was easily the size of the cub herself.

"Understandable." Matt repeated and smiled at the cub, who wagged her tail happily.

{Thank you for coming, I'm to understand that all of those here are in agreement with our truce?} Bane stepped into view, and it was clear he was tired.

"Yes, those who don't have already been forced out of the area." Matt confirmed. The clan behind him nodded in agreement.

{Then please, sit. If it makes you more comfortable we would be happy to switch into our human forms.} Bane said as he turned back to his spot.

"Whatever you like." Matt said. Noah shifted and sat next to Matt, holding his hand. The two groups sat together, they looked like long time friends, the awkwardness was gone and some even joked and had made new friends in the opposite species.

"Now if you don't mind, Bane, could we get down to business?" Matt asked. Bane gestured with a paw, giving Matt the signal to go on.

"Now that we are allies, we need to make sure there is no one who has any resentment towards the other species, we are equals now." Matt said, when no one said anything he continued. "Remember that we are no longer fighting each other on the battle field, we aren't the enemy anymore." Matt spoke to both species. "I think before we plan anything else we need to at least be sure that my clan can tell the difference between a werewolf and a Lycan, because honestly." Matt blushed. "I still cant tell the difference." Several chuckles were heard around the group.

They spent the next several hours discussing the oncoming battle. The vampires shared fighting styles with the Lycans and vice versa. During breaks you could see groups of the two mingling and joking. It lightened the tense mood and Matt was astonished that the two species got over their hate for each other so fast.

"It's amazing isn't it?" Noah walked up to him with a soda in hand, one of his pack had ran home and brought an ice chest filled with soda and sandwiches back, giving vampires a peek at a lycan feeding frenzy.

"Yeah, its almost like most of us didn't know why we were fighting in the first place. Once someone said stop, we had no problem doing so." Matt laughed.

"It's so strange to think that a little more then 24 hours ago we would have killed each other on sight. And now...." 

"And now we're partying together." Matt laughed. Noah joined him.

"You have no idea what we can party like, it gets pretty crazy. Especially during a full moon when we are all sexed up." Noah laughed. Matt spit out his sip of soda and wiped it off of his chest.

Soon they got back to work, continuing their planning and talking. By the end of the night the two species had become close friends. And had devised a plan against the werewolves.


The vampires sat in the trees, after a lesson on tree climbing from the lycans; the ones who picked up the skill best of all watched and waited. The rest inched along on the ground. Noah jumped to another tree and stretched out, smelling the air. Matt stood against the tree trunk looking up to Noah. Noah looked down and shook his head silently. They continued for a few more minutes until Noah gave the signal. Everyone froze and listened. Noah gestured over the hill covered with dead leaves. He jumped silently to the next tree and lowered his ears, the signal that he sighted the enemy.

A week after the clans had first met and mingled, they launched their attack. Both sides were well prepared for battle. And what a battle it was. Once the ones in the trees started the attack, everyone else joined into the fray. The two species fought beautifully, the vampire's agility and grace with the lycan's brute strength and cunning ferocity. Often times you would see a vampire pulling a wolf off of a lycans back or a lycan taking out a wolf when a vampire was overwhelmed. The battle was epic, but short. Soon the wolves were dead, the ground was littered with fallen corpses from all sides. But the victory wasn't the sweetest part. 

"Noah." Matt called out.

{Yeah?} Noah answered, as he pulled the carcass of a werewolf into the pile designated for the enemy.

"What do lycan eggs look like?" Matt said, without turning around Noah answered.

{Blue or purple usually, very shiny. With gray white or black spikes on them.} He answered.

"I have a surprise for you then." Finally Noah turned around and saw Matt standing at a rock. The rock was several feet tall, at least eight feet high, creating a small shelter from the wind, and against the wall was about fifteen eggs.

{Holy shit!} Noah cried out, everyone dropped what they were doing and looked around for incoming danger. Once people laid eyes on the eggs, screams of joy and hope were heard throughout the otherwise silent woods. 

"Can you tell who's is who's?" Matt asked.

{It doesn't matter, for the most part cubs are raised by the pack as a whole. Not by individual parents.} Noah explained, he wagged his tail happily. Even Bane smiled.

"I didn't think it was physically possible for that man to smile." Matt whispered.

"I heard that." Bane said without turning to face them.

"Oops." He giggled. A scream was heard from behind them as a failure looking werewolf jumped from the trees. The woman who screamed began shifting but was knocked out by the beasts large hand before she could get far. The creature set his eyes on Noah and attack. 

Noah was unprepared and taken aback by the attack. The beast quickly wrapped its jaws around Noah's neck and bit down.

"No!" Matt cried out. Noah's high pitch cry of pain was heard, much like a dog who had been kicked. His eyes dimmed as precious blood flowed from the wounds on his neck. The rest of his family was on the werewolf like lightning. Vampires and lycan's alike tore the creature away from Noah. His body fell limply to the ground. Matt ran to his side as fast as possible.

"Noah, baby stay awake." Matt used his shirt to apply pressure to the wound. Unable to hold his form Noah shifted back into his human form.

"Please, oh god please." Matt prayed over and over. A lycan and a vampire ran towards home to get medical supplies. Noah had several holes in his neck, and scratches on his shoulders and face.

"Matt." Noah spoke and managed to cough up blood.

"Shhh. Don't do this, don't just just don't." Matt's hands were shaking. Several others bent down to help apply pressure. Matt cradled Noah's head in his lap and tried to keep him awake. But the smaller man was drifting off rapidly.

"Please, baby. I love you so much." Matt said as he brushed the hair from Noah's forehead.

"Don't make this like the last scene in Repo..." Noah joked, he laughed but choked on his own blood.

"Shut up, would you?" Matt smiled sadly. Noah fought to keep his eyes open but soon drifted off into oblivion.


"How you feeling?" Matt smiled as he brought Noah a bowl of warm soup.

"Okay." Noah smiled, He still had a hard time talking but Matt was sure that his voice would heal with time, however the scars left on the right side of his face would not. Four claw marks from the werewolf cut across Noah's right ear, and he was extremely self conscious about them. He always made sure to face the left side of his face towards someone. Matt sat on the bed and fed Noah slowly.

"You know my hands weren't hurt. I can feed myself." Noah smiled.

"Yes, but I like to do it. So just give me this pleasure while I can get it." 

"Fine, but in return you have to watch a musical with me." Noah smiled. Matt glared and pouted but sighed.

"Fine." He feigned misery. "I love you." Matt set aside the bowl of soup and kissed Noah. He crawled into bed but Noah scooted away.

"Lay on the other side." Noah said.

"Why?" Matt asked, already knowing the answer.

"Just 'cause." Noah mumbled, already knowing what was coming.

"I've told you once and I'll tell you again. I love you, and your scars don't bother me." Matt said, Noah turned away, tears filling his eyes.

"Babe, I promise. It doesn't bother me, I love every part of you." Matt said, Noah still refused to face him.

"Feel this? You do that to me." Matt placed Noah's hand over his rock hard cock. Noah finally faced him and squeezed his cock teasingly. Matt moaned and thrusted into Noah's hand. 

"Wait." Noah said when Matt tried to take it farther. Matt groaned and nibbled at his neck.

"What." He drew the word out in a whine.

"Just wait." Noah teased.

"Wait for what!" Matt continued whining and nibbling at Noah's various body parts.

"I said wait!" Noah growled with a smile.

"Don't growl at me dog boy, I'll spank your ass." Matt challenged.

"Promise?" Noah smiled. 

"Oh a masochist? I'm liking where this is going." Matt growled and moved down to bite a nipple.

"I said wait" Noah pushed him away and made him wait like a good boy. After half an hour of teasing and nibbling Noah gasped.

"What?" Matt asked, suddenly worried.

"Guess what time it is." Noah smiled.

"Uh I don't know, sunset." Matt shrugged.

"Look outside." Noah eyes were glazed over.

"I see woods, and grass..." Matt trailed off, not following where Noah was going.

"The moon." Noah finally gave a hint. Matt looked up and saw a completely full moon. It glowed bright enough to illuminate the room. He turned from the window and saw Noah gasp and panting with need.

"No more waiting." He smiled and pounced into bed. Noah pulled him up into a kiss.

"Oh, I like this Noah." Matt joked. 

"Quiet." Noah growled.

"Oh, bossy Noah." Matt raised his eyebrows.

"Less talking, more fucking." Noah bit Matt's neck.

"Agreed." Matt said before pushing Noah's knees against his chest. Noah gasped at the sudden movement and began moaning with lust when Matt began lapping at his tiny pucker. 

"Oh god." He gasped. He moaned loudly but neither of them worried about any of the others hearing. Noah had made sure the pack kept the clan busy with a game of hide and seek (they're favorite thing to do) all night.

Matt began thrusting his tongue in and out of Noah's twitching hole. 

"Shit, so good." Noah held the sheets in both of his hands. "Want to suck you, baby." Noah growled, Matt backed away from Noah's ass and moved them into a 69 position. Noah came face to face with Matt's swollen purple cock head. Matt sucked him into his mouth and began working his shaft like a pro. He took Matt's member into his mouth and moaned with lust. He felt Matt's cock twitch in excitement at the vibrations. Soon he felt Matt was about to cum. He let go of Matt's cock with a pop.

"I want you to cum inside me." Noah said. Matt released his cock and gave it one final kiss until he moved to kiss Noah. They shared a tender kiss before Noah laid on his back, legs up ready to be fucked. Matt grabbed the lube he kept in his drawer and smeared a liberal amount around and inside Noah's tight rosebud and around his thick cock.

"Are you ready, love?" Matt asked. Noah nodded his head vigorously.

"Push out, babe." Matt said as he placed his cock head at Noah's portal. When he felt Noah's hole relax he pushed in and slid in more then half way. Noah hissed and arched his back.

"Are you okay?" Matt asked, worried he had hurt his smaller lover.

"Just stings, feels kinda good. Keep going." Noah gasped. Matt pushed in the rest of the way and once he bottomed out, held his position and let Noah adjust. When Noah gave him the go ahead he began thrusting. Soon he picked up speed and they developed at steady rhythm. Every time Matt plugged Noah's, now, open hole he was met with a satisfying grunt from Noah. And every time he pulled out his ass squeezed him like a velvet glove, trying to hold him inside. 

The only sounds in the room were the loud, panting, grunting, sighing, and slapping of passionate sex. Noah wrapped his legs around Matt and encouraged him to fuck him harder. This wasn't making love, this was pure sex. Matt felt his orgasm building and warned Noah.

"I'm about to cum." He grunted in between thrusts.

"Fill me, Matt. Claim me as yours." Noah closed his eyes and felt Matt's warm jets of cum inside him. The constant rubbing of his prostate brought him to a loud finish as he sprayed his chest and stomach with his own release. Matt collapsed onto the bed and Noah rolled over to rest on his chest. The two dozed off, panting and sweaty. Noah woke an hour later and still felt the thrum of the moon arousing him. He saw he was hard again and began rubbing Matt's flaccid cock. Soon his dick woke up and was throbbing with need.

Matt woke and smiled down at his lover. They shared a kiss which became passionate and needy. He pulled Noah on top of him and aimed his prick at Noah's stretched butt hole. Noah sat back onto the hard cock at once and moaned at the fullness. His passage was still slick with their earlier love making and Matt began thrusting into him at once. This time they took their time and spent much of it kissing and touching. 

They slowly built to their climax and held each other as they finished. As soon as they began to cum, Matt dug his fangs into Noah's soft neck. Noah was expecting it but it was still a strange feeling. It didn't hurt, it actually felt very good. When Matt had his fill he licked the wound closed and pulled back so he could see Noah.

Matt looked into Noah's warm eyes and knew he had found a mate for life. One he could spend every waking second with and never get tired of him. He saw the same realization in Noah's eyes and they smiled, sharing their silent secret. Finally Noah could no longer support himself and melted into Matt's warm embrace. His cock slowly softened and slipped out of Noah. Noah leaked cum from his asshole but Matt didn't care. He held him closer and they fell asleep in each others arms.


Three months later they added their egg to the small cluster of eggs in a secret cave that the, as the younger ones had so named it, 'clack' had found for their new rookery. Matt held Noah in his tight embrace as they looked down at their multicolored egg that was already beginning to sprout spikes. In a years time they would have a little Moah or Natt running around. They had decided to raise their child with the entire pack as support. Instead of only having two parents, he or she would now have almost forty.

"What are we going to name her?" Matt whispered in Noah's ear.

"Her? It's going to be a boy." Noah nodded. 

"What? You cant know that. I want a little girl." Matt said, his voice echoing in the cave.

"And just because you want it makes it happen? Either way, she's getting a traditional lycan name." Noah said and walked out of the cave. Matt turned to follow him.

"What, like Vatani, Raj, Inuart, or Bane?" Matt scoffed. "No way in hell, little man." 

"What's wrong with Bane?" Their sturdy leader came into sight.

"Nothing." Noah chimed.

"Nope, great name. Very sturdy, I like it." Matt said at the same time. They looked at each other and blushed in embarrassment at being caught.

"Uh huh." Bane rolled his eyes and walked off. Once out of earshot the two broke into quiet giggles

"I want her to have a human name." Matt said.

"Well to bad. Not gunna happen." Noah shook his head.

"oh yes it is." Matt nodded.

"Fine, we decided to raise her with the 'clack'" Noah put air quotes around the group name. "We will vote on it." 

"No fair there are more of you than there are of us. That's biased." Matt said.

"It's decided." Noah dashed off.

"Hey now." Matt chased him as he ran off into the moonlighted grassy field.

"I want to name her something human." Matt said when he caught Noah. He pulled him to the ground and pinned him.

"What kind of human name is Nira Anyways?" Noah rolled his eyes.

"Okay yeah she's got a weird one." Matt gave him that.

"And Ebon?" Noah raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, yeah those are weird. But Matt isn't a weird name." 

"Depends who you ask." Noah shrugged. Matt frowned at him, making him smile.

"We will decide later, we have a year or more after all." Noah smiled. Matt watched him for a moment, the scars were hardly noticeable now and the only thing you could see when you looked at him were his beautiful eyes.

"I love you, so much." Matt said. Noah smiled and Matt leaned down and planted a firm, loving, kiss on his lips. He pulled away and rolled over so they were lying side by side, watching the twinkling stars.


Hope you guys liked this one, I wanted to get it posted fast as I have gone awhile without posting. Hope this and my new story makes up for it. I really love writing for you guys and I was always hesitant to start writing, it seemed like such a chore with not a lot of reward. But now I see I was totally and completely wrong about that. Just reading your comments makes me glad I write. I will be starting a new series soon or continuing with Rehab. I'm not sure yet. But send me your feed back and help me decide!

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