Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Kind of Love Ch.02

'Can a demon love? Was love the feeling that he was feeling for Steven? If this is what people have always been talking about he could understand their need for it. It was wonderful. The feel of Steve's hard body against his. The strength behind the gentle exterior. The weight of his chest on his as they kissed passionately. The feel of his rough hands on his hips. Greater than any feeling he had ever felt before. But COULD he feel them? Who had ever heard of a demon falling in love?

Demons are supposed to be cold and ruthless. Not submissive and vulnerable. And he was Mephistopheles damn it! He was the big bad! The Grim reaper, the Demon lord of fear! What would Lucifer have to say about it. He was one of his Demon Lords. Would he really punish him? He had done nothing wrong...Yet.

'Lust is a sin, isn't it?' He reminded himself. 'Lucifer loves sins!' He thought hopefully.

'This is not lust this is love.' His brain screamed at him.

Should he tell him at all? Its not wise to keep secrets from one so powerful as Lucifer.' Stoph thought of this as he sat alone in his room. Minutes after Steve had left.

'Its decided' He thought to himself. ' Ill tell Lucifer the truth.' He tried to empower as much bravery as he could, into himself. Even the Demon lord of fear feels it every now and then. Especially when it comes to Lucifer. Who would not fear him?

'Tell me the truth about what?' A man, who appeared to be in his late twenties, appeared sitting on Mephistopheles bed. Stoph jumped and almost let out a shriek at the figure. He looked completely normal other than the eyes. Which were completely black. It made it impossible to tell where he was looking.

"Lucifer!" Stoph bowed low until the devil himself grunted in approval. He rose and gazed uncomfortably into his dark colorless eyes. It was then for the first time he noticed light didn't even reflect off of them they were only black.

'Tell me what Mephistopheles?' Lucifer stated calmly eyes never shifting. As far as Stoph could tell.

'Uh. Just that a....Problem...has...occurred" Stoph chose his words as carefully as he could. He knew Lucifer had a large temper as one would expect.

"a problem? You have never had a....problem. Before Mephistopheles." Lucifer's brow twitched and his mouth, which until then was a perfectly straight line, bowed a little into a frown.

"Yes, sir. I mean no I haven't sir but yes there's a problem now."

"Stop your babbling, my patience is thinning, Mephistopheles." Lucifer's anger began to flare.

"Yes I'm sorry. Its just that. There's a...a child." Stoph hesitated. Wondering if it was to late to drop the subject.

"A child poses a problem to my Demon lord Mephistopheles?" Lucifer asked in wonder. And what Stoph believed to be shock. "What problem could a child possibly hold?" Lucifer's wonder and shock turned to confusion. His brow furrowed over the pitch black eyes.

"A matter of....of....Love...Sir..." Stoph waited to be Obliterated where he stood. Perhaps sent to one of his companion Demon Lords circle of hell? But nothing came. He finally opened his eyes and saw Lucifer staring at him with a blank expression on his face.

"Love?" Lucifer said quietly.

"Yes." Stoph said just as quietly. "I believe so." 

"Who's' love?"Lucifer asked confused.

Mephistopheles stood silently. Afraid of what would come if he answered Satan's query 

"Mephistopheles." The prince of demons voice began to rise. "You know as well as any that a Demon such as yourself is not capable" He spat the last word like it was a filthy swear on his tongue.

"That's what I believed as well until last week. I met him at the High school. You told me to go to the High school because the teenagers are weak and don't know what they want yet. And may be foolish enough to make a deal with you." Mephistopheles babbled.

"I KNOW WHAT I SAID!" Lucifer shouted. His eyes, if possible, turned a deeper black. His skin paled his teeth turned sharp and his lips turned red as if stained by blood. Mephistopheles jumped at the sudden outrage. Lucifer quickly calmed down and motioned for Stoph to continue with what he was saying.

"We met and he has been so....nice. And he says he wants...a....a relationship with me. And of course normally I would refuse but with this one hes. Hes different. I....I wish to have a relationship with him." Mephistopheles finished. Nearly shaking so hard he thought Lucifer would be able to see his fear. No doubt he probably could any ways.

Lucifer's head snapped up from staring at the place on the floor. The same place Steve had stared Stoph noticed.

"You wish to have a relationship with a mortal boy? You, a demon, a Demon lord. One of my generals from the seven circles of hell. Wishes to have a relationship. With an innocent Human child..." Lucifer stated it as though it was the most complicated thing in the world. Mephistopheles wouldn't be surprised if it was.

"He does not know what you are I'm assuming." Lucifer crossed his left leg over his right.

"Of course not my lord. I would not be so insane as to go against your laws." Mephistopheles cringed at the thoughts of what the punishment would be for that.

"Good." Lucifer said. Stoph thought he saw a thoughtful look in his black soulless eyes.

"Ill make you a deal Mephistopheles." Lucifer said. Raising his dead gaze to meet Stoph's icy one.

"A....a Deal?" Mephistopheles asked. He knew how dangerous Lucifer's deals could be. He almost always got what he wanted. The trouble was Stoph didn't know what he wanted.

"Yes, You tell this human boy. This...." Lucifer made gestures with his right hand waiting for a name.

"Steven." Mephistopheles gave him the boys name.

"Yes...This....Steven. You tell him what you are. What your job is and what your here for and if he still wants to be with you. I will allow it." Lucifer stated. Mephistopheles nearly exploded with joy. Not yet completely comprehending what Lucifer was telling him. Nor hearing the rest of what he was saying.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you!" Stoph gasped as he knelt on the floor and began bowing to his boss. 

"I'm not done yet Mephistopheles!" Lucifer raised his voice. Stoph immediately stopped and listened.

"But, If he rejects you. In any way shape or form. Then your human...lover. Will be sent to the worst punishment I can think of." Lucifer finished. Mephistopheles hesitated. Was it worth it? What if he did reject him? he would be....He didn't even want to think of what could happen to him. He had no desire to see how sick Lucifer's imagination could get.

"Oh and one more thing. Of course you cant tell him about this deal of ours. He must decide for himself with no influences from you." Lucifer said. Mephistopheles thought about his choices. 

"I want an answer now Mephistopheles." Lucifer said impatiently. Stoph gazed up at him from the floor where he still sat. 

"I accept your deal." He said. Still wondering what he had just done.

"Fantastic. You tell him by next week or I send your boy to hid own personal hell." Lucifer said. 

"Bu-" Mephistopheles started but was cut short. As the Devil had gone. 'What have I done?' Mephistopheles asked himself. It was not his place to decide whether or not Steve goes to heaven or hell. The worst part of hell none the less. 'I hope I've made the right choice' He thought to himself, gazing out at the moon.

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