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Opposites Attract Ch.01

Hi all, this is a new story I have been working on. It will be a little more plot based than sex based (as most of my stories are) So if you're looking for a quick way to get off this won't be for you, so shoo. There will however be sex in future chapters, I promise. Also, this is SCI-FI/fantasy related (again, as most of my stories are) So if this isn't for you, you can also shoo.

Enjoy :)

P.S. There will be more of this story and more of Things Change but I will be bouncing back and forth between those depending on which ones I get better reactions from. 


Matt walked noiselessly over the rooftops. He loved to come up here and just think. He jumped across the gap between two buildings and landed effortlessly on his feet. He was hungry and looking for an easy target. He saw a homeless old woman walking along the streets. He kept looking for someone tasty looking. The homeless always tasted of booze and dirt, also he preferred men over women. He spotted a small young man walking out of a strip join. He looked around before turning and walking down the street with a cigarette in his hand. Matt stopped and turned around to follow him. He quickly walked ahead of the smaller man and jumped down to an ally. He pulled the small man into the ally and covered his mouth. He sunk his fangs into the tender flesh quickly and heard him gasp. He drank his fill before licking the wound closed. He set the smaller man gently down again a wall and made sure he was out of sight from anyone on the street. He could hear him breathing slowly and anyone who did happen to see him would only think he had fallen asleep. Matt took one more glance around before jumping up the wall of the building again and continuing his walk home.

"Nice night, isn't it." A voice said from behind him. He turned but he knew who the voice belonged to. He saw the small woman standing behind him. Her hair was blonde and long and her form very small and petite. The red shirt she wore complimented her ruby red lips. 

"Nira, Haven't seen you in a month. Where have you been" He smiled and hugged her. She returned the hug and kissed him on the cheek. 

"I'm sorry. I've been hunting bloody wolves down in Florida." She said and they continued to walk across the rooftops. 

"Ah, always on the hunt." Matt rolled his eyes. 

"Unless you want to live with those mutts someone has to do it." She smiled and hopped easily over the gap of two buildings. They heard a howl in the distance and barking. "Speak of the devils." She looked into the distance. 

Matt chuckled. "Here on business I see." He stopped at the edge of a building and jumped down. He heard her land behind him. 

"'Fraid so, Little brother." Nira laughed and tossed her long hair. "Any woods or forests in the area?" She looked around the strange city. 

"Yes, towards the west. You will find some farms on the outside of town. There fields meet the woods." Matt pointed west. 

"Can't you just relax for a little while before you go to work?" He asked as they walked down the street. It was empty except for a few cars every now and then. 

"Bro, our family has been wolf hunters since-" 

"Since the 1700's I know, I know." Matt rolled his eyes. Nira pulled him into a headlock and ruffled his hair. He hissed and pulled away. She laughed and looked around some more. 

"So where are we going exactly." She asked. 

"I'm heading home. You are going to go play with a bunch of mutts." He said. She laughed. 

"Very true, wish me luck." She said and began running west. Soon she picked up speed and was moving as fast as a car could. Matt shook his head, she was foolish to use her powers in public. Even if the streets were deserted. He looked around and smiled before taking off towards home. 


Once home, Matt walked through the house picking up various pieces of clothing and trash. Once the house was decently clean, he stripped his clothes in his room and headed towards his bathroom. His bathroom was one of his favorite parts of the house. It was large and had a huge Jacuzzi tub and also a very large shower.

A large mirror hung above the sink and Matt admired his body as the tub filled. He wasn't as pale as most vampires were. His eyes were a deep emerald green color, and his hair was a shiny black color. His body was smooth and chiseled, each of his muscles well defined but not grotesquely so. 

The bath was filled and he slipped into the steaming water. He sighed as the heat relaxed his muscles and he laid his head back to rest. He moved one of his hands along his nipples and down towards his flaccid cock. It had been a long time since he had had a lover. He missed the touch of another man.

He wished he could have a real meaningful relationship. So far he had only had one night stands. He knew it was impossible but he could still dream couldn't he? He sighed. Matt usually enjoyed his life as a vampire but the only downside was he could never tell anyone what he was. It just wasn't allowed. He finished his bath and crawled into bed completely naked. 


Matt woke to the sound of Nira pounding on his window. He slipped on a pair of his black silk boxers and walked over to the window. He opened it and Nira swung into the room. She gasped and fell to the floor clutching her arm. 

"Nira are you alright?" He knelt at her side. She moved her hand so he could see the deep bite wound on her upper arm. There wasn't much he could do since no medication would have an effect on her Anyways so he just grabbed a rag and washed off the blood before seating her on his bed. 

"Damn dog bit me." She growled. 

"You shouldn't play with wild beasts, Nira." He laughed. 

"I killed three of them. There's a whole damn pack out there. " She dabbed at the wound with the rag whenever blood would spill forward. 

"How many?" Matt asked. 

"15 at least." She sighed. 

"Damn. They haven't hurt anyone, Nira. Maybe we should just leave them alone." Matt shrugged. Nira looked at him and he saw the pure hatred in her eyes. 

"They're mindless beast, Matt. They haven't hurt anyone yet but they will. We can't just let them wander around freely." She said. Her wound had healed by now and she threw the cloth aside. "I'll see you later, Matty." She said over her shoulder as she hopped out the window. 

"Bye, Nira." He said without turning to watch her leave. He crawled back into bed and fell asleep. 


Noah moved around the small opening where they had been attacked. He looked at the bodies of their fallen and grieved silently for a moment. 

"Noah." The voice behind him said. He turned and looked at Aldaris. 

"Aldaris, I'm glad you survived the attack." Noah hugged his brother. 

"You're alright?" Aldaris asked. 

"Yeah, I wish I could say the same for Orgrym, Rainaa, and Von." Noah looked down at the corpses. 

"Yes, damn blood suckers." Aldaris cursed. He squeezed the mace hanging from his belt. Noah was comforted by the weight of his long sword at his side. He brushed his light brown hair out of his eyes and sighed. Several of his pack members picked up the lifeless bodies of his friends and carried them off to be buried. 

"We have never caused problems with the vampires. Why are they attacking us now?" Noah asked his older brother. 

"I don't know." Aldaris sighed. "come on." He shifted forms and his thin body darted off into the woods. Noah groaned, his werewolf form was meant more for fighting. Aldaris' was meant for moving quickly and silently. Noah was fast, but not nearly as fast as Aldaris was. He changed into his wolf form and lumbered after Aldaris as quickly as he could. 

{For Christ sake, Aldaris would you slow down!} He shouted in Aldaris' head. 

{Having trouble keeping up, little brother?} Aldaris laughed. Noah growled and tried to catch up. His feet were larger with long claws on the end meant for scratching and shredding, not for gripping dirt. His long claws would get stuck on leaves, sticks, roots, and anything else on the wooded ground. He hissed and jumped on a tree. Before he lost his speed he jumped to another and another. 

{I'll admit it, that's creativity right there.} Aldaris sounded shocked. 

{Better hope I don't catch up to you brother.} Noah let out a chuckle, or as close to a chuckle as a wolf could make. 

{Never!} He saw Aldaris kick it into high gear. He continued to jump off the trunks of trees and was surprised when he saw no more trees to jump to. He jumped as far as he could and landed in an open field. He saw Aldaris speeding across the smooth green grass and chased after him. 

{Damn you!} He growled. Aldaris chuckled and continued to run at top speed.

Noah knew he couldn't keep up with him but he also knew that Aldaris couldn't hold that speed forever. He stopped running and looked around for a moment before turning and heading into a different part of the woods. 

Aldaris darted back into the woods after the stretch of soft grass and he couldn't hear Noah behind him. He slowed to a fast trot to catch his breath. He took a second to breathe and then took off running again. He looked behind him while he ran and saw no sign of Noah. He grinned and turned around just as he ran smack into his younger brother. 

{Ow.} He landed on his back with all four legs up in the air. He looked stunned and it was almost hysterical the look on his face. Noah gave a growl that was meant to be a laugh and took off in the direction of their cars. He reached the road first with Aldaris a minute behind him, Still walking slowly from the shock of smacking into Noah's beefy chest. Noah stood on his hind legs and walked towards his brothers car. He shifted back to human form when he got there and watch Aldaris switch too. His brother glared at him as he climbed into the drivers seat. 

"You win this time." He growled. Noah laughed and turned on the radio. 


" I called in some help, for the wolves." Nira said. They sat next to Matt's pool in the bright sunlight. 

"Who?" Matt asked. 

"A few friends." She shrugged. "They should be here by tomorrow." She sipped lemonade. He still enjoyed eating normal food even though he didn't have to, he could still taste it couldn't he? 

"So, were going on the hunt tomorrow then?" He asked. Nira nodded her head, making her blonde hair bounce. 

"Awesome, I haven't been on a wolf hunt for awhile." Matt was excited. 

"We need to stop them before they get out of control" Nira said. 


"We need to stop them before they get out of control." Bane said. He paced back and forth in the small area where the pack had gathered. He had been the leader of the pack since before Noah could remember. Several of the pack members were transformed and their ears flicked back and forth listening to the sounds of the woods. After the surprise attack from the one vampire everyone was on red alert. 

"Agreed, we need to at least find out how many there are and if they plan to attack again." Inuart stood up. He was the best fighter in the pack. In human terms he would probably be called a general. Though all werewolves were able to fight some were more equipped for it. Just as all werewolves could run, Aldaris was faster than Noah. Noah sat on all fours like a well trained dog and his tail swished back and fourth nervously. Some pack members chose to stay in human form and sat cross legged in the dirt or sitting on a fallen log. 

"Noah knows the area best, I think it would be wise to send him to sniff out the vampires." Inuart said. He looked at Noah with a sneer. He and Noah had never gotten along very well, but he was right, Noah did know the area better than anyone else. 

"Noah?" Bane asked. He was young but was a good alpha. He had several scars from fights with other packs or from vampires. If Noah refused he would look like a coward. He swallowed and nodded his head. It was hard to see expressions on wolf faces but he could tell several pack members were uneasy about sending someone to find their races natural enemy. 

"It's decided then. Noah will search for any vampires we don't know about. Let me know if and when you find anything and I will call a meeting." Bane said. He shifted and ran off into the woods, ending the meeting. People stood up and walked off or ran off in their wolf forms. Once everyone was gone it was only Inuart and Noah. 

{What's your problem?} Noah growled. 

"You." Inuart sneered. Noah barked in anger. 

{I've done nothing to you. Why are you always out to get me?} Noah stood on his hind legs and walked over to Inuart. He was easily seven feet tall in his wolf form. 

"You're a little punk who doesn't belong here." Inuart shrugged and kicked dirt into the fire to put it out. 

{What are you talking about?} Noah didn't know how Inuart could find out about that. 

"You know perfectly well that you are not part of this pack." Inuart said angrily. 

{I am too! I was hatched and raised in this pack.} Noah dropped onto all fours. 

"Lies! You were found as an egg by Bane and brought here. You're not one of us!" Inuart shouted. He shifted angrily and put his head down low, growling. Noah followed his move and lowered his head. The two were just about to rip each other's throats out when Bane stepped in out of nowhere. 

{Stop it, the both of you!} He growled in thought speak. Noah stopped growling and sat down, respecting his pack leader. Inuart continued to growl and bare his teeth. 

{Inuart!} Bane snarled at the general. Inuart growled a second longer before standing upright and walking off. The two watched him leave and sat in silence a moment. 

{I don't know how he found out.} Noah sighed. 

{Inuart has his ways. Go home, Noah.} Bane walked back into the woods. 


Noah walked through the city, sniffing for any hint of a vampire. He had not found a single trace of a vampires scent so far but he knew it was important that he kept looking. He walked through the city for hours before he finally got the scent of one. It was faint, had to be a couple days old. He followed it to outside the city. A large, expensive looking, house was where the scent led. At first he thought he had followed the vampire to a place where he had tracked down some food. But he found the scent all over the building.

He shifted and walked around the house. He found a window he could see through and saw a man sitting there. The scent went straight to him so Noah knew it was the one he had tracked, the one who owned the house. He didn't know vampires lived in houses. He thought they just lurked in caves and other creepy places. 

A woman sat with him with long blonde hair, and next to her sat a tall man with no hair and a long scar trailing down his face. He played with a knife while he listened to the woman speak. Next to the owner of the house was a very tall man who looked to be about as big as Noah when he was shifted. Noah was astonished by the huge size. He didn't know vampires could get that big. He definitely didn't want to fight that guy.

Next to the bulldozer was a very petite woman. Her brown hair was curly and shiny and her smile wide and displaying two sharp fangs. He went from person to person in the room and came to a total of eleven vampires. That was high numbers. He didn't know how his pack would compare in a fight. The women were small and seemed delicate. He wasn't worried about them. It was the men. All of them were very large and very mean looking. 

Noah glanced at the owner of the house and took in his features. He was tall and strong. His arms were crossed over his chest and his T-shirt was pulled tight over his biceps. Noah's mouth watered at his beautiful green eyes. He stood as if he was in charge but he didn't talk much, only listened. Noah had had enough sightseeing and took off to find bane. 


" So I did a little recon last night and I think I've seen their whole pack by now." Nira said. 

"And?" Matt leaned against a table with his arms crossed over his chest while he listened. 

"I counted about 10. So it's pretty much one on one, with one person to run around and help out whoever needs it." She said. Alec fiddled with a knife and stared blankly into space. He always gave Matt the creeps. 

"Tonight we will attack." Alec said and slammed his knife, point down, on the table so it stuck up. 

"we are getting close to a full moon, isn't that kind of dangerous? They get stronger the closer they are to a full moon." Matt said. 

"Exactly, we need to take them out now, who knows what they could do when the moon rises." Nira pointed out said. Matt shrugged. 

"Alright, suit up." He said and grabbed a sword off his desk. 

"I still don't see why we can't just use guns." Ebon rolled his eyes. 

"Like you need one, you're a walking tank." Matt laughed. Ebon smiled and nodded his head in agreement. 

"It's to difficult to make silver bullets. They run out to fast and then we have to find a way to make more. It's much more efficient just to use heavy and slash or sharp objects made of silver." Nira said as she grabbed two jeweled daggers from a chest of weapons. Ebon grabbed a large mace and swung it around. 

"Hey, no swinging maces in the house." Matt laughed. Ebon chuckled and strapped the large weapon to his belt. 

"Those dogs wont know what hit 'em." Ebon grinned. 


Noah paced the opening in the woods where his pack met. After he informed Bane of what he had learned about the vampires, Bane had called a meeting and discussed a plan. He had sent Aldaris to keep an eye on the vampires so they would know some idea of when they would attack. At eight o'clock Aldaris had dashed into the opening saying the vampires had been gathering weapons. After this was confirmed the pack prepared itself. Several of the fighters wore light leather armor so they could still move easily. Most didn't like the constricting feeling of metal. Some wore nothing other than standard clothing. This was usually just a special handmade type of leather pants that would fit their unusual body shape.

Everyone had their ears tuned to the sounds of the woods to pick up any foreign noise. The moon was large but not yet full and it was high in the sky. Noah heard the crack of a stick behind him and turned. At that moment he heard several of his people begin to fight behind him. The few that were in hiding jumped out to aid their brothers and sisters. Noah saw the largest, tank like, vampire use a large mace made of silver to hit one of his siblings in the jaw. He was knocked back several feet and Noah could smell burning flesh and fur. 

He heard the blade before it hit and dodged the attack just in time. He recovered and look at the handsome vampire who owned the house. He let out a low growl and prepared to attack. He used his strong back legs to pounce at the target and was surprised by his speed. He dodge and brought his sword around. The flat side hit Noah's right hind leg and he heard his flesh hiss on contact.

He howled in agony and pounced away as fast as he could. He saw several of his pack dead around him and several vampires with them. It was impossible to tell who was winning. He saw Aldaris take a swipe at the female vampire with the blonde curls and her try to stab at his eyes with sharp daggers. He was concerned for his brother but could do nothing, he had his own foe to deal with. 

The vampire took the moment he was distracted to his advantage and tried to stab the sword through his paw. He pulled it back just in time and saw the sword get stuck in the dirt. He raised onto his back legs and saw the vampires eyes go wide at his height. He howled and snapped at the vampire. His teeth sunk into the tender flesh of his shoulder and he heard him scream in agony. He managed to pull the sword out of the dirt and held it to Noah's chest. Noah screeched and let go of his shoulder. Both tried to recover and the vampire took his chance to retreat. 

Noah chased after him until he realized they were nearly alone in the woods. The sounds of battle were faint and the moonlight was their only light. The vampire turned to face Noah and Noah growled a threat. 

{You die now, blood sucker!} The vampire looked surprised to hear the wolves words in his head. 

"I don't think so, mutt" Matt hissed and bared his fangs. He gripped his sword tightly ready to defend an attack. 

{Leech.} Noah roared. 

"Flea ridden-" Matt was interrupted by a long howl. They both turned to look and saw a tall werewolf looking down on them. He was nearly hairless and had gray bland skin. His eyes were bright yellow and his body was very thin and looked more human then wolf. His teeth were easily as large as Noah's and his claws were longer. 

"Friend of yours?" Matt hissed. 

{Far from it.} Noah said and ran deeper into the woods. Matt watched him run and felt a sense of pride. 

"You better run!" He screamed to the retreating form. 

{You would as well if you were wise.} He heard in his head, though the voice was fading with the distance. Matt looked at the werewolf and saw its eyes focused on him. Drool dripped from his open mouth and there was no intelligence in his eyes. He pounced at Matt and missed when Matt turned and followed Noah into the woods. 


Matt had been surprised at, what he would call, beauty of the wolf he had attacked. His eyes were a light blue and his fur was a soft brown color. He was tall and strong looking and his tail was different from the rest of the packs. His tail was long and the fur was smoothed down, much like a monkeys. It was very thick at the base but got slimmer as it went down. While the other wolves of his pack had bushy tails, like golden retrievers. His ears were a bit larger than the others of his pack as well.

He wore simple leather armor. Only a pair of gloves that covered his clawed hands but opened at the fingers to allow his vicious claws room, a chest piece that matched his gloves but had no part to cover his upper arms, and leather pants designed to fit his unusual body shape. The pants left the lower part of his legs free and only covered his thighs. 

'For a dog he's not bad looking.' Matt thought to himself before he attacked. 

The two fought fiercely but had been interrupted by, what he assumed, was back up for the wolf. When the dog had turned to run he was surprised, But not at all amused when the ugly creature looked at him next. He took off after the wolf and heard the other one close behind him. He barely managed to catch up with the wolf and was surprised at their speed and grace. 

"What is that, If not a friend of yours?" Matt yelled over their heavy breathing. 

{Simply put, a werewolf.} The wolf said in his mind as he jumped neatly over a log. Matt missed it and jumped to late, catching his foot on the end and landing face first in the dirt. The wolf stopped and looked down at him before looking back up at the pursuing creature. 

{Come on!} He growled audibly and yanked Matt up by his shirt, with his mouth. They began running again and the creature was gaining on them. 

"You're a werewolf! And you sure as hell don't look like that!" Matt shouted. 

{You're mistaken, leech. I'm a Lycanthrope. HE is a werewolf.} The mutt made a sharp turn into a side path. Matt decided he would follow him since he obviously seemed to know these woods. Matt sighed and kept running. 

"What the hell is the difference then?" He shouted. He could practically feel the werewolves breath on his neck. 

{Is now really the time to be talking, bloodsucker? Rock.} He jumped over a large boulder in their path and Matt barely made it. He wasn't used to running in the woods. Matt stopped talking and tried to stay ahead of the big bad wolf behind them. 

{Theres a path coming up to the right.} The wolf said in his mind. He looked for the path and barely saw it before he had to turn. The wolf turned sharply and tried not to run into him. They heard the creature scrabble behind them and tried to make the turn. They gained a few seconds and Matt was glad for that. With no warning the wolf jumped over another fallen tree. Matt didn't see it and tripped again. 

"Fuck me!" He growled. The wolf ran for a moment longer before he noticed. The werewolf grew closer and Matt wouldn't have time to get up. He turned to look at the large creature as it pounced. 


'Why am I doing this?' Was the last thing Noah thought before he jumped at the werewolf. He bit at its neck and clawed at its chest while it recovered from the shock. It swiped its huge paws at Noah's chest and left five deep cuts there. Noah howled in pain and tried to get back on his feet to move. He turned to run and the beast clamped down on his tail with its teeth. It growled and shook its head back and forth like a dog playing tug o war. Noah screeched in pain and was sure his allies back in the opening could hear it. He was relieved when the pain stopped and turned to see the vampire smash the werewolves face into a tree. The beast was stunned and held its nose for a second. 

"Run!" The vampire jumped over the fallen log and Noah followed. He struggled to run as blood poured from his chest and tail. He was having trouble keeping balance with his tail injured. He heard the werewolf pursuing them again. 

{I will not make it, vampire.} He groaned in thought speak. 

"Keep running." Matt hissed back. Noah let out a pained groaned and tried to keep his speed. Matt could hear his thundering steps getting slower, his breath heaved as he tried to pump more air into his lungs. Matt was glad he didn't use those anymore. He was surprised when the wolf took in a huge breath and let loose a loud howl while they ran. 

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Matt shouted at him. 

{Wait.} The wolf gasped in his mind. He grew slower and slower until Matt couldn't help but think of leaving him, The creature was catching up. They were almost caught when another wolf jumped from the trees. 

{Noah!} He heard in his head. The smaller wolf pounced on the werewolf chasing them and bit at his already wounded throat. The wolf he had been running with made a sudden stop and tried to turn around. His claws slid in the dirt like a dogs' on tile before he finally turned. He watched and attempted to catch his breath as the other wolf fought with the monster. Matt saw the other one was much thinner and not as muscled as his temporary friend. 

{Aldaris!} He growled next to him. He started to run towards the fight but the other wolf looked at him and yelped loudly. 

{Run, Noah!} He screamed. His friend hesitated and he could see the conflict in his eyes. {GO!} The other wolf shouted again. He turned and began running. Matt followed. They finally reached a small stream and the sounds of battle were long gone. 

{Come.} He said and wadded across the water. It wasn't deep enough to where they had to swim but it went up to Matt's waist at some spots. Matt noticed the wolf avoided the deep spots. He had heard that his kind couldn't swim. Finally, Noah fell to the ground. His breath heaved and his wounds still bled. Matt looked at his battered form and felt the dagger hidden in his boot, he had dropped his sword while running. The wolf looked at him with his big blue eyes and seemed to sigh. 

{If you plan on killing me, do it now vampire and make It quick if you have any soul at all.} He said weakly in Matt's mind. Matt hesitated before sitting besides the wolf. 

"What's your name?" Matt asked while he poked at the ground with a stick. 

{I'm Noah.} He said, still panting. Matt looked at him silently for a moment before offering his hand. 

"Matt." He said. The wolf looked at his hand for a moment before offering his own, human like, hand. They shook lightly and Matt stood. 

"You saved my life, I owe you. Come on." He walked again but turned around when he heard something across the river. The beast roared and ran towards the water. Matt backed up, ready to run again. 

{Don't worry. His kind cant cross moving water.} Noah said as he stood slowly. Matt could almost hear him grunt in pain, but all he did was let out a quiet growl. The beast bounced back and forth on the bank and barked and growled in frustration. He had blood smeared across his muzzle and claws. Matt wondered if it was the remains of the other wolf who had come to their rescue. 


'Aldaris' Was all Noah could say in his mind. He walked on his hind legs, the vampire pulling him along through the woods until Noah saw they were heading towards his house. Once they got there the vampire left for a moment and came back with a first aid kit, a bowl of hot water, and a rag. 

"Sit." Noah sat on the floor, much like a dog would. His injured tail curved around his body like a cats. Matt dipped the rag in the warm water and dabbed at the claw marks on his chest. Noah hissed in pain but held still. Once the blood was cleared away Matt wrapped his chest in a bandage from the first aid kit. He reached for his tail and Noah growled and slid it across the floor away from him. 

"Come on, I'm trying to help you." Matt put his hands on his hips. Noah looked at him intensely for a moment before allowing him to grab his tail. Matt was surprise at the weight of it. He could hardly lift it with one hand. It was easy to feel the dozens of muscles that supported it. He began cleaning the blood from the wound as Noah looked out the window, ears twitching every which way. 

"Your different from the rest of your pack." Matt said. 

{Yes, I'm...I guess you would call it adopted.} Noah said, he didn't know why he was telling the vampire this. 

"What could you possible do with this tail, its heavy as hell, wouldn't it just slow you down in a fight?" Matt asked. Noah's eyes seemed to laugh almost and He, once Matt had finished bandaging the tail, used it to help him stand to his full height. He curved it slightly at the bottom so it wouldn't touch the ground when he walked. He moved over to the window and looked at the woods. 

{My tail can be used as a third arm of sorts.} Noah said. His ears were pointed at the woods, searching for any sounds. 

"Spiffy." Matt shrugged. Noah chuckled in his head and they heard a loud thump from the roof. They both looked up. 

{What was...} 

"Quick! Hide!" Matt searched for a place to hide the large lycan. 

{What?} Noah turned his head to the side like a confused dog. 

"That's the rest of my clan. If they find you they'll kill you." Matt searched for a place. He couldn't find any and he heard them walking down the stairs. Noah used a clawed hand to open the sliding glass door and dropped to all fours before running into the woods. Matt watched him leave and wished he could have talked to him more. He was beginning to feel like they were friends. 

"Matt, where did you run off to? We saw you being chased by that werewolf and no one saw you after that." Nira said as she stepped off the stairs. 

"I killed it, and then I couldn't find my way back to the fight so I headed back here." Matt lied. He saw several of his people were injured, a few nursed their wounded limbs, others just ignored them. He noticed a few people missing. 

"How many gone?" He asked. Nira looked pained. 

"Three, Tobias, Andrew, and Elaine." She sighed at sat in a chair. 

"They will be missed." Matt didn't feel pained by the loss of his 'friends' That worried him. 

"I'm going to bed, we can crash here for the night and leave tomorrow." Nira said and went upstairs. Several of his comrades had fallen asleep already and Matt sighed. He looked once more into the woods and swore he saw a pair of blue eyes dash off into the trees. 


Let me know what you guys think of this new story. Also, I want to know what you guys want, longer chapters (Probably three to five pages long) but further apart (Maybe two every week). Or shorter chapters (a page long) but closer together (every day or two). I will be counting how many answers I get and make my decision on how to post on that so your vote does count : ). If you like this story I promise there will be sex in future chapters (can't guarantee the next one but it will come, No pun intended.)

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