Monday, April 2, 2012

Deep Waters Ch.02

"Seems like someone learned how to eat in moderation." Steve laughed as he walked through the door. Levi smiled at him and put another spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

"Ah, we've also discovered silverware." Devin laughed as he came in from the bedroom, his hair was wet and it was obvious he had taken a shower. Levi stood up and walked over to Devin, standing on his tip toes he proceeded to smell Devin's hair.

"We're still working on his addiction to shampoo. We've gone through four bottles in the past week. I keep telling him more isn't always better but the boy won't listen." Devin fake scowled. Levi blushed and moved away from Devin.

"How are you adjusting?" Steve asked Levi, as he sat back down to eat again.

"Good, Devin has been really nice." Levi smiled.

"I'm sure he has." Steve eyed Devin. Devin blushed and Levi looked confused.

"He means I'm sleeping with you." Devin smiled. Levi blushed and ducked his head down.

"Are you?" Steve chuckled.

"No." Both men said at once.

"That's a shame, you guys are cute together." Steve laughed. Levi and Devin glanced at each other blushing. Levi finished his food and rinsed the plate off in the sink.

"What do you have planned today?" Devin asked Steve.

"Finding out what you have planned today." Steve laughed.

"Levi and I were going to go for a swim. You and Stoph should come." Devin said. 

"Sure. Meet you out front in like 10 minutes?" Steve said. Devin nodded and ran back into the room to grab his swim trunks.


"Come on Stoph, get in the water." Steve begged. Levi splashed Devin playfully with his tail.

"Stop that." Devin growled.

"No." Stoph said from the shore. Splashing could be heard behind Steve again.

"You wouldn't have gotten your trunks if you didn't want to swim. Come on, what's better then swimming with a mermaid?" Steve laughed.

"Merman." Stoph, Devin, and Levi reminded him.

"Whatever." Steve rolled his eyes.

"Fine." Stoph caved. He put his book down and began walking towards the water. Levi chirped like a dolphin and splashed Stoph before he could even get in.

"Damn that tail of yours!" Stoph shouted and jumped into the water. Steve swam up to him and gave him a firm kiss on the lips before swimming off. Levi swam up to Devin while Steve and Stoph played together.

"Why did they do that?" Levi asked.

"Do what?"

"This." Levi said, and kissed Devin firmly on the lips. Devin starred at him and touched his lips.

"That's a kiss." Devin said.

"Kiss..." Levi tested the word on his tongue. He swam backwards slowly, thinking.


"My people call it-" He gave a short series of clicks and chirps.

"What does that mean?" Devin laughed.

"You do it when someone is sick. To help them breathe." Levi explained. Suddenly he pulled Devin underwater. Devin gasped and had no time to take in air before Levi pulled him under. He felt panic rise in his throat and tried to kick to the surface. Levi held him down and held him still. Devin only panicked more the more Levi tried to hold him still. Suddenly Levi's lips met his and he felt Levi's tongue spread his own lips apart. Water rushed into his mouth before Levi's lips sealed the gap. Levi managed to get rid of the water in Devin's mouth and breathe fresh air in. Devin inhaled and felt the burn in his lungs vanish. Levi continued to provide him with oxygenated air and Devin found himself breathing underwater. Albeit, with Levi's help, but it was still the coolest thing he had ever done. After a few minutes he began swimming back up and only then realized how deep they had gone. Eventually Levi helped him up to the surface, making the swim upwards a lot faster.

"That was amazing!" Devin shouted once they reached the surface. Levi chirped and flipped backwards in the water.

"So you do that when your people are sick and can't breathe as well underwater?" Devin asked. Levi nodded and spit water in his face. Devin glared at him and wiped it off.

"What does it do for humans?" Levi asked.

"A kiss? Oh its uh..." Devin tried to find the words for it.

"It means you love him." Stoph chipped in.

"Love? This is like mating for humans?" Levi asked.

"You've heard the word before haven't you?" Devin asked.

"Yes. But I never understood what you meant." Levi said.

"You should have asked, but yeah it's like mating." Devin said.

"But humans don't mate for life." Levi was swimming circles around Devin. Who was getting tired from treading water.

"No, we don't. Usually, anyways." Devin said.

"It's a shame more human's don't." Steve said.

"You two are mated, yes?" Levi turned to Stoph and Steve.

"Yeah." Steve laughed.

"Why don't you have a mate?" Levi asked Devin.

"I just haven't found the right person yet." Devin began swimming towards shore.

"Yes you have." Steve coughed.

"Quiet." Devin glared at him. 

"Man, swimming makes me tired." Devin said once he reached the shore.

"Walking makes me tired. Everything is so heavy on land." Levi chirped. 

"I guess it would make sense for all merpeople to be as thin as you. Less muscle tone then us land walkers huh?" Devin laughed. Levi nodded much like a dolphin, splashing the water.

"Tell me more about your home." Devin said. Levi swam up to the bank and beached himself in the sand.

"Merpeople live in Atlantis." Levi said simply.

"What? That's real?" Devin sat up, interested. Levi nodded his head and played with the sand.

"Yes, centuries ago, it was a battle ground for a war against Mephistopheles and Michael." Levi said.

"Mephistopheles is Stoph right?" Levi nodded.

"The war lasted many years. The city was in ruins, but we rebuilt. At the end of the war, Mephistopheles used dark magic to curse the city. It sunk, and we were caught in its spell."

"Stoph turned you into merpeople?" Devin asked.

"Yes, many angels died. They cannot swim." Levi explained.

"Wow. So don't merpeople hate Stoph or something, then?" 

"No, we thank him." 

"What, why?" Devin asked.

"Above the water is bad. People are cruel and there is much war. In the ocean, it's just us. There's almost no fighting, no wars, our people focus on art, music, and magic." Levi pushed himself back into the water.

"It's a beautiful place." Levi had a strange look on his face.

"You miss it don't you." Devin said. Levi let out a soft gurgle of sadness and longing.

"Yes, I miss my home. But I know I will never return." Levi said, sadness gone and only cruel acceptance in its place.

"Levi I've been thinking. I want you to stay here. With me." Devin said, reaching for Levi's hands.

"I thought I was staying with you?" 

"I mean more permanently." Devin said.

"Forever?" Levi questioned.

"I guess. I can't say for sure, for all I know you'll meet your mate and leave but.... until then.... yes, forever." Devin said. Levi smiled.

"I'll stay forever." Levi said.

"You can't say that for sure, what if you meet your mate?" Devin said.

"I have met my mate." Levi used his arms to push himself up and kiss Devin, he giggled and rolled back into the water, diving under the surface.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa, I'm not your mate." Devin said, blushing from the kiss that tingled his lips.

"Yes you are, I know." Levi appeared at the surface again.

"How do you know?" Devin asked.

"I just do. You always know when you meet your mate." Levi swam backwards.

"But... I mean you don't even know me." Devin stood up, watching him from the shore.

"I know you. You're Devin, you're human, you're nice, you-"

"I meant really know me. You're just stating facts that any stranger could see." Devin laughed.

"Maybe, but I know." Levi repeated. 

"But I don't know you. It doesn't work like that for humans, you have to get to know each other, go on dates-"

"What's a date?" Levi swam back up to the shore.

"What?" Devin asked, still lost in his rant.

"A date, what is that?" Levi turned his head to the side.

"A date is something humans do to get to know each other. You go out for dinner or a movie or something fun." Devin threw his hands up, not really caring.

"Oh, we don't have that." Levi said.

"I know!" Devin shouted. Levi ducked part of his head underwater, leaving only his eyes above.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell." Devin took a deep breath.

"That's okay, I know you're confused. I'm confused about human customs." Levi said, he pulled himself up to the shore, sitting on the sand with his tail curled up, like one of the old mermaid pictures you see, all he needed was a hairbrush.

"It's just that you're saying I'm supposed to be your mate. Like forever, and I don't even really know you." Devin sat down in the sand.

"We have time." Levi smiled.


"He said he was your mate?" Stoph raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah, I have no clue how I'm supposed to react to that." Devin sighed. Levi had fallen asleep earlier and Devin decided to let him sleep. The thin man tired easily, he wasn't used to the constant weight of the surface.

"This is serious, Devin." Stoph said.

"I know!" Devin sipped his soda nervously.

"Well, congrats." Stoph said, toasting him with his own soda can.

"What? You can't honestly believe I'm his mate." Devin said.

"I do, they're never wrong about this sort of thing Devin. If he says you two are mates, you're mates." Stoph said.

"What if it's just puppy love or something, I saved him and let him stay in my house." Devin said.

"Nope, merpeople aren't like humans. They mate once, and only once. Ever. The End." Stoph said.

"Maybe he got it wrong, or he's just playing a joke or something."

"They're never wrong. And this isn't something to joke about, not for them. Finding your mate is the biggest day of their lives. They spend their whole lives praying to find their other half. It's a huge deal. I can't imagine how he contained his excitement." Stoph laughed.

"But... but..."

"You're mates, Devin. Accept it." Stoph said. Devin sighed. He reached for another soda and found the box empty.

"I didn't want soda anyways, I'm going down to the store to get a case of beer. I'll be back in five, make yourself comfortable." Devin said, grabbing his keys. As soon as the door closed a pale Levi stepped out from the doorway of the bedroom.

"He doesn't want to mate with me." Levi made that sad cooing sound that his species does.

"That's not it, Levi. He just doesn't understand. Humans are very set in their ways and are frightened by anything different." Stoph moved a pillow so Levi could sit. He walked unsteadily over to the couch and sat. He nuzzled his head into Stoph's neck and Stoph remembered how touchy Levi's people are.

"He doesn't like me." Levi cooed louder.

"He does, he just doesn't know it yet. I know you aren't wrong about the mating and I know he'll have the same feelings for you. In time." Stoph hugged him to his side.

"Do you really think so?" Levi looked up at him.

"I do." Stoph nodded.

"Mephistopheles, will you help me with something?" Levi asked, suddenly.

"What?" Stoph stared at him, confused in the sudden change of mood.

"I need to make a date."


Devin returned home to find the house empty, Stoph and Levi were both no where to be seen.

'What are they up to...' Devin wondered. He set his keys down and searched the house. On the couch where Stoph had been sitting.

Something came up, had to go. Will talk to you later.


"Alright then..." Devin threw away the note and sat down on the couch with nothing to do.


"What do dates have?" Levi asked.


"Devin listed some things but I've forgotten them." Levi explained.

"Oh, you mean what do you do on a date. Well, it's basically just two people getting to know each other, spending time together. You can go to a movie, or out to dinner, or do anything really." Stoph said.

"As long as you are with the other person?" Levi asked.


"Does mating count?" Levi asked, Stoph laughed.

"That usually comes after the date." Levi looked disappointed. 

"What does Devin like to do on dates? I must make it a good one. So that he will agree to be my mate." Levi said.

"It doesn't exactly work like that Levi. It could take awhile." Stoph said, they were walking down the street with Stoph leading the way.

"I'll make it work. Where are we going?" Levi asked.

"To pick out a place for your date." Stoph said.

"Where should we go?" Levi stumbled and Stoph caught him by his arm, "Thank you." 

"No problem, I was thinking you two should go out to dinner, but you still don't handle yourself to well around food." Stoph laughed.

"I've gotten better." Levi said defensively.

"You have, but still not good enough to be around mortals." Stoph said.

"Oh, well then where should we go?" Levi stepped carefully, trying not to fall.

"I'm not sure, I was thinking maybe staying in. Have a movie night, you could cook something." Stoph suggested.

"We don't cook our food, I don't know how." Levi said.

"That makes sense, water and all." Stoph gestured with his hands. "You can order in, I'm sure you'll like Chinese food." Stoph laughed.

"What's Chinese food?" Levi asked.

"It's just a type of food we have up here." Stoph explained.

"Oh." Levi seemed thoughtful, "What do we do?"

"Well, you order in. Maybe curl up on the couch together, watch a movie, something that you two really like but have seen before, so you can talk during the movie if you wanted." Stoph shrugged.

"What movie?" Levi asked. Stoph's eyes lit up.

"I know just the one." He gave a wicked grin that almost scared Levi.


"What's going on here?" Devin hung his jacket up as he looked through the door.

"A date." Levi smiled.

"He means between you and him." Stoph laughed, at Devin's shocked face.

"Oh..." Devin seemed cautious.

"Well, I'll leave you two to it." Stoph smiled and skirted his way around Devin, out the door.

"Did he help you plan this?" Devin pointed to the Chinese food containers scattered around the coffee table. Levi nodded his head with a smile.

"He said you and I had to... get to know each other. It's not the way my people do it, but if it makes you happy..." Levi trailed off. Devin smiled and sat down.

"It does, thank you." He grabbed a pair of chopsticks.

"What are we watching?" Devin asked.

"I don't know, Stoph said you would like it." Levi shrugged. Levi pushed a button on the remote and a Disney logo came up.

"He didn't..." Devin shook his head.

"What?" Levi asked, confused. Devin giggled as the movie started. Levi looked back and forth between him and the television.

"It's 'The Little Mermaid'. Of course he would." Devin laughed.

"Huh?" Levi turned his head, still confused.

"It's a movie, about merpeople." Devin laughed. Levi smiled and grabbed his own box of food.


"So they throw me in the water."

"No!" Levi laughed. The movie had finished over an hour ago and the food was long gone, but they still sat talking.

"Yes! Now listen. So they throw me in the water- my swim trunks disappear. I had to run home, four blocks away, with nothing on at all." Devin laughed. Halfway through the movie they had grabbed a bottle of wine, and then another, and they were halfway through their third. Both of them were completely drunk now and having the time of their lives.

"Your turn." Devin laughed and pointed at him.

"Uhm, okay." Levi thought for a second, his eyes were glazed over and he wobbled slightly.

"When I was five, my father grounded me for sneaking out." Levi began.

"Wait wait wait, why were you sneaking out?" Devin asked.

"We party under the sea too, didn't you see the thing? The... the the.... movie! Didn't you see the movie?" Levi asked, pointing to the TV.

"Okay okay, go on." Devin took another sip of wine.

"So I'm grounded, right?" Levi slurred.

"Uh huh." Devin mumbled while sipping from the bottle.

"And It's really late at night. And my friends come over, they had to sneak through my whole house." Levi giggled. "And they get inside, and we completely trash the place!" Levi laughed harder.

"Your own house?" Devin chuckled.

"Uh huh." Levi giggled and nodded his head. "And the next morning, my parents woke up. They asked me what happened and we blamed it all on dolphins." Levi burst into laughter.

"And he believed that?" Devin giggled and rolled around on the floor.

"Yeah. I was always the perfect son. He believed almost everything I said." Levi shrugged.

"You lucky bastard." Devin chuckled. They sat silently for a moment and Levi rolled over to Devin on the soft carpet.

"Will you kiss me?" He asked.

"We shouldn't..." Devin shook his head.

"Please?" Levi pouted. Devin shook his head slowly as their lips got closer. Their lips met and Devin's tongue brushed across Levi's lips. Levi opened his mouth and allowed Devin access. Finally they pulled apart due to the necessity of breathing

"I could get used to human customs if all of them are that nice." Levi moaned. 

"We're drunk." Devin groaned.

"Only a lot." Levi giggled.

"We shouldn't have... what did we do?" Devin laughed.

"We kissed." Levi smiled into Devin's chest.

"Yeah, we shouldn't have done that." Devin giggled. 

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay, it was nice." Devin smiled at him.

"I'm tired." Levi sighed.

"Me too." Devin purred. Soon both of the men had fallen asleep on the soft carpet of Devin's living room floor.


"Oh man, I'm getting to old for this shit." Devin opened one eye and saw Stoph looking down at them. He rolled over and hugged a snoring Levi to his chest.

"On the floor you two? Really? I'm NOT cleaning the carpet." Stoph crossed his arms over his chest.

"Nothing happened Stoph." Devin groaned and nuzzled into Levi's hair, it smelled like the ocean. 

"Uh huh." Stoph said, rolling his eyes and picking up the empty Chinese food boxes.

"It doesn't look like nothing." Steve came walking in, a large smile on his face. 

"Well it is nothing." Devin whined, wanting to sleep longer.

"Hangovers a bitch I bet." Steve laughed.

"Soooo glad I can't get drunk." Stoph laughed harder.

"You cant get drunk?"

"Nope, something left over from my demon days I guess." Stoph shrugged.

"Believe me, I've tried." Steve winked. Levi moaned and buried his face in Devin's neck.

"You two are a cute mated pair." Stoph smiled.

"We're not mates, it was just a date." Devin shoved Levi away suddenly. The smaller man woke up suddenly and looked around confused.

"Devin..." Stoph looked at him angrily. 

"We're not mates!" Devin shouted and stood, walking into his bedroom and slamming the door behind him. Levi looked down at his hands and tears began to fall down his face.

"He'll come around, fish boy. Just give him time." Steve said, sitting down with Levi and stroking his hair while he cried.


"Devin?" Levi knocked softly on his bedroom door. It was almost midnight and Levi wanted to go to bed. He was to scared to sleep alone and Devin hadn't come out of his room since that morning. Not even when Levi brought him food. He knew he was still awake because of the light that came through under the door.

"What?" Devin said through the door, his voice was muffled but held a hint of something.

"It's getting late... and I'm tired I was wondering if I could-"

"Sleep on the couch." Devin interrupted him, he sounded tired and annoyed.

"Okay..." Levi whispered. He walked over to the couch and sat down. He was to scared to ask for a pillow or blanket and instead just curled up on the uncomfortable sofa. He laid there in the cold for a few hours, unable to sleep, when he heard Devin's door open. He kept his eyes closed and was surprised when he felt a thick warm blanket cover his shivering form. Devin tucked the comforter around Levi and brushed a lock of hair away from his face.

"I'm sorry." He whispered to the, or so he thought, sleeping Levi. He felt Devin's warm lips on his temple and then he was gone, his bedroom door shut again and Levi was finally able to fall asleep.


"Morning." Devin said, when Levi stepped into the kitchen. He was making Levi's favorite breakfast, french toast.

"Good morning..." Levi said quietly.

"I made breakfast." Devin set down a plate of food.

"Thank you..." Levi sat down cautiously. Devin looked at him and turned off the stove, sitting down across from him.

"I'm sorry about how I reacted." He started, "This is all just happening so fast and to be honest I'm scared." Devin admitted.

"Scared?" Levi questioned.

"Yeah, I'm supposed to be your... mate." Devin swallowed nervously, "And I don't even know how to be a good boyfriend. What if I can't take care of you or make you happy. What if you got it wrong and I'm not that guy you thought I was?" Devin was close to tears. Levi reached a hand across the table and placed it on Devin's.

"But I'm not wrong, and you are the guy I know you are. We're never wrong when it comes to mating. That's what you don't understand," Levi started, "You don't have to be a good boyfriend, or take care of me or make me any happier than I am now. I'm mated to you, just you." Levi said. Devin looked up at him nervously.


"Just you." Levi repeated. "You don't have to change or be something you're not. Whatever plays out, it was meant to be and I'll love you just the same." Levi said. He stood up and walked around the table. He sat down in Devin's lap and kissed him tenderly. Devin returned the kiss and soon the two had forgotten breakfast and were on their way to the bedroom.

"We can't go back after this, Devin. Once we consummate the mating you can\never leave me, and I can never leave you." Levi said when they landed on the bed.

"I know." Devin said, and began kissing Levi again. He pulled his shirt off quickly and stripped Levi and his. Devin pushed him onto his back and pulled his pants and underwear off at the same time. Levi unbuttoned Devin's pants and pulled out his hard cock. 

"I should probably tell you," Levi fondled Devin's cock playfully, "I've never done this before." Devin looked up at him suddenly.

"You're a virgin?" Devin's eyes widened.

"Yes. I wanted to wait for my mate." Levi smiled.

"Well you don't have to wait anymore." Devin kissed him and began stroking the smaller mans cock.

"That feels good." Levi moaned. 

"Ditto." Devin kissed him again.'

"I want you." Levi begged.

"I know babe, I know." Devin rolled Levi over onto his stomach and place a hand on the small of his back. Levi arched back and tried to coax Devin to him.

"Shh, hold on I have to get you ready." Devin kissed the back of his neck and massaged his ass.

"Please." Levi moaned. Devin spit onto his ass and pressed a finger in. Levi moaned louder and pressed back onto the digit.

"This wont be good enough for everything, love. I have to get some lube." Devin got off the bed and returned a minute later with a tube of lube and a pack of condoms.

"Do we really need those? I can't get human diseases, and you can't get any diseases from my people." Levi reasoned. Devin threw the box of condoms behind him onto the floor.

"Then hell no we don't need them." Devin climbed on the bed. He poured a large amount of lube onto Levi's asshole and worked the lube inside with a finger.

"Please, more." Levi said after a moment.

"Hold on sweetheart." Devin pushed in another finger. Levi moaned and bucked his ass against Devin's fingers.

"Please, put it in me please!" Levi begged and purred. Devin pulled out his fingers and lined his cock up with Levi's tiny hole. 

"Just relax babe, and let me do all the work." Devin kissed the back of his neck. He began slowly working his cock into the tight hole and Levi grunted as he was filled with Devin's hot cock.

"Are you okay?" Devin asked, once he was about halfway inside.

"It hurts, but don't stop." Levi begged. Devin pushed in again, this time slower, giving Levi time to adjust. Soon he was all the way in.

"Oh Gods. I never knew it could feel like this." Levi whimpered. He moved his ass slowly, adjusting to the cock in his ass. 

"Just hold still love, let yourself get used to it." Devin kissed the back of his neck.

"Look at your chest." Levi said. Devin looked down and sat the strange tattoo forming on his chest. The strange foreign language crawled around his shoulder across his chest and up his neck slowly.

"What does it say?" Devin asked.

"In short, it's saying you're mated." Levi said.

"I could get used to being mated if it's like this." Devin kissed his shoulder blade and began moving. He slowly began to thrust his cock in and out of Levi's ass.

"It feels so good." Levi grunted. 

"Feels good for me too, baby." Devin began pounding his ass harder. Soon their pace was matched and Devin was close to filling his ass.

"I'm gonna cum." Levi whimpered.

"Me too babe, cum with me." Devin whispered in his ear. Levi grunted once more and sprayed the bed with his release. Devin felt Levi's already tight hole get tighter. He couldn't hold back anymore and his own release filled Levi's ass. The two men collapsed and Devin rolled off of Levi so he wouldn't crush him. Levi turned onto his side and curled up with Devin. Both of them now had matching tattoo's. Levi's right arm was covered in the black script and it crawled up his arm over his shoulder and halfway up his neck. Devin had the same tattoo but his ran up his left arm and neck.

"We match." Devin muttered, beginning to fall asleep.

"We always have, and always will. It's just that other people can see it now." Levi mumbled, his eyes already closed. 

"I'm glad. I want everyone to know." Devin whispered. 

"I'm glad you're glad." Levi laughed.

"I love you." Devin whispered, almost completely asleep.

"I love you too, my mate." Levi drifted off, snoring softly next to his mate.


"I'm coming, I'm coming." The knocking had dragged Devin out of bed and away from Levi. He was still groggy and he was walking out to the door in nothing but his night pants.

"What?" he growled as soon as he pulled the door open. A shocked Stoph stood there. He looked up and down his chest, examining his new tattoo's.

"No... fucking... way!" He shouted and ran off towards his house.

"Stoph! God damn it." he left the door open behind him and ran after the retired demon.

"Oh my god! Steve, guess what!" Stoph ran through his house and found Steve sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and reading the paper.

"What is i- ..... Oh my god!" A large smile spread across Steve's face. Levi appeared in the doorway behind Devin. He too was wearing only night pants and his tattoo was clearly shown.

"News spreads like wildfire." Devin grumbled. 

"I thought you wanted people to know?" Levi seemed worried.

"I do want people to know, just not through that big mouth." Devin glared at Stoph. He hugged Levi to his chest.

"What were you doing over at our place anyways? You usually just walk in." Devin laughed, keeping his arm around Levi.

"Something is going on." Stoph got serious.


"An old friend of mine is visiting." He explained.

"How old?" Levi questioned.

"Very old. A couple of thousands of years old." Stoph looked at him with serious eyes. 

"Oh... that old." Devin sighed.

"What do we have to worry about?" Levi asked. "Doesn't he know you're human now?"

"No, he doesn't. News travels fast in the demon world, but the higher ups and I managed to keep it on the down low. I was very powerful, famous even, if they found out what I did.... everything would go to Hell in a hand basket in less than a fortnight." Stoph shrugged.

"Hell in a hand basket? A fortnight? Damn you are old." Steve scoffed while sipping his coffee. He stopped laughing when Stoph met him with a wicked glare. 

"So who is he?" Devin asked.

"An old friend from back in the day. He's the one who helped me fight the arc angels. Back in the plague days." Stoph slightly smiled, his tongue running across his lower lip.

"Hey, remember, we talked about this. Plagues bad, living good." Steve sipped his coffee again. 

"Shut up." Stoph stuck his tongue out at his partner.

"You still haven't said who he is." Levi said. 

"He's an Incubus." Stoph said.

"What's an Inc-"

"I'm an Incubus." A beautiful man appeared at the open door.

"Can we at least get dressed before we start having brunch with demonic friends from Stophs mysterious past?" Devin said bitterly.

"I don't know, it's kind of nice." The stranger gave a wicked smile. 

"Boto!" Stoph hugged the gorgeous man.

"Mephistopheles!" The man returned the hug.

"Boto? Boto the siren?" Levi asked.

"The one and only." Boto smiled. 

"He was created when a Siren and a Incubus mated. He's half of both." Stoph explained.

"Mephistopheles I must ask, what in Lucifers name are you doing here?" Boto laughed. "With a bunch of mortals? Disgusting really." He muttered the last part. He wiped his hands on his tight shirt as if trying to remove the filth from his hands.

"He's a charmer..." Steve rolled his eyes.

"It's a long story, how long are you staying?"

"We'll if all the human men look like this I will be staying here awhile." Boto stepped close to Devin, placing a hand on his bare chest.

"He's mated." Levi growled.

"Of course." Boto pointed at his inscriptions. He ran his finger along the scrolling text and toyed with his nipple. Devin stood their shocked.

"You would think with someone part Siren in them, you would be able to read merish." Levi stepped forward and pushed Boto's hand away.

"Levi, don't be rude." Devin said, not taking his eyes away from Boto.


"Come on, we should go get dressed." Devin pulled Levi out of the house, never breaking eye contact with Boto.


"What the hell was that?" Levi asked, once they were together in their room.


"You were into him." Levi fumed.

"I was not! I'm with you Levi. I told you last night, we're mated and I'm glad for that." Devin said, he seemed sincere enough and Levi nodded.

"I'm probably just freaking out over nothing, I'm sorry. I'm just worried I guess." Levi said.


"I'm worried that I won't be enough for you," Levi said, "That you'll find someone else...humans tend to do that. I don't want to lose-"

"Don't you remember what you told me last night? I love you for you, not for what you can give me." Devin said. Levi nodded and kissed his mate.

"We're mated and inseparable." Devin kissed him again and soon they were reaching for the bed.

"We can't get into this." Levi giggled.

"I just want to make sure we consummate our mating completely. Don't want to be half consummated." Devin said between kisses.

"Devin..." Levi warned.

"Pretty please?" Devin began tugging Levi's shirt off.

"I just put that on." 

"Well I'll take it off." Devin laughed into his neck. 

"Devin!" Levi stood up, he ran from the room and Devin chased him, following his giggles through the house.

"I'm gonna find you..." Devin played.

"Nuh uh." Levi said from his hiding spot.

"Devin." Boto let himself into the house.

"Boto, what are you doing here?" Devin asked.

"Just wanted to come talk to you." He slinked his way into the room.

"Uh.... why?" Devin questioned.

"You're gorgeous." Boto said simply. "I have to have you." Boto pressed his lips to Devin's and forced his tongue inside his mouth. His bare chest touched the tight shirt that Boto wore and he could feel his tattoo changing. His tattoo began to fade and the script became blurred and the spirals and designs began to fade completely.

"Devin?" Levi's voice brought Devin back to reality.

"Levi..." He pushed Boto away quickly.

"I thought you said.... You told me... I was a fool to come to this world." He said suddenly. Devin watched Levi's tattoo fade until it was gone completely. He ran out of the room quickly, slamming the front door of the house behind him.

"He wasn't that great looking anyway." Boto shrugged.

"He's my mate, don't talk about him like that." Devin snapped.

"Not anymore." Boto traced his hand where his tattoo bonding him to Levi used to be.

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