Friday, April 6, 2012


This is a sequel to Rehabilitation, if you havent read it I suggest you read it before reading this one otherwise things wont make a lot of sense :)


Zo had been living with Mick for months now, he had adjusted to his new life and was looking for a job, but was having no luck. While he searched Mick had no problem supporting him. They lived together and got along well. They never even fought, usually.

"I'm sorry, Zo I just cant do that." Mick said for the fourth time.

"But that's what I need!" Zo shouted. He had grown a lot less shy in the past few months and was capable of speaking his mind, about everything.

"Why? You're not a slave anymore Zo, you're free why cant you just enjoy it?" Mick asked.

"I do! But being a slave is what I'm mean for. You don't understand." Zo sighed, defeated.

"I'm sorry, sweet thing. I just don't know how, I cant." Mick hugged him. Zo had been 100% perfectly happy, almost. The only thing in his new life that he didn't like was that Mick treated him with complete equality in every way. Of course that was good in a few ways, a lot of ways. But he couldn't help but miss that satisfaction you get when you please you're master. They had tried talking about it but Mick didn't understand the need to serve, and Zo didn't understand Mick loving him to much to ever treat him like that. While their usual sex was good, amazing even, it wasn't completely what Zo needed and so he was left.... unfulfilled.

The arguments didn't happen often, but when they did they were explosive and usually one of them would leave for awhile. Usually Mick. But other than that Zo loved their time together, he felt loved and wanted and it was the best feeling in the world. Mick had to work a lot but Zo didn't mind, knowing what kind of people he helped.

"Babe I was thinking." Mick said one morning while they were making breakfast together. "You need a job and one of the best things that the agency could use is an employee who's been there and back." Mick said. Zo looked at him questioningly. 

"Someone that the recovering slaves can trust. You were treated horrible and you survived. I think could really help them realize that it gets better and they can survive." Mick said while sipping his coffee.

"I would like to help people." Zo said.

"I'll talk to the boss about it if you want a job." Mick said, Zo nodded excitedly. 


A week later Zo was starting his new job. He wasn't to go on rescue jobs like Mick would, but would spend time with the recovering slaves personally. He would make sure they had anything they needed and would supply them with it if they didn't. Many of the slaves would open up to Zo faster then other people since they knew he had been through what they had. It made Zo feel like he had a purpose. He was able to help people, more importantly people who were going through exactly what he had. The only thing he didn't like about the job is that it would remind him of what he was missing.

Often times he would think about how he wasn't a slave anymore, and even though he was glad he wasn't abused or beaten anymore, he did miss it. Mick didn't understand and Zo couldn't make him understand, which meant that he was left unfulfilled. Sometimes at night after he and Mick made love he would sit awake and think about his old life. The things he missed and the things he didn't. Mick knew he was unhappy but couldn't bring himself to fix it. Zo tried to hide it but Mick knew him to well.

"I wish you weren't so unhappy, love." Mick kissed his forehead as he caught his breath after sex one night. 

"I'm not unhappy." Zo looked up at him and smiled.

"Maybe not unhappy, but not completely content." Mick said. Zo wrinkled his nose and turned his head.

"I wish I could understand." Mick said. Zo stayed silent. Soon he heard Mick snoring softly and curled up in his arms before falling asleep himself.


"Hi, Marni. How are you?" Zo said as he stepped into Marni's room. She smiled and sat on the bed. She was getting more social with each of his visits.

"I'm good." She said.

"Good. So I have some news for you." Zo sat down on the bed, he didn't know how this would go.

"Really?" She looked confused.

"Yup, it's been decided that in about a month, you'll be put on auction again." Zo said, Marni stayed still and emotionless. Zo noticed her hands were shaking though.

"Don't be scared, Marni. I'm in charge of putting you up on auction and I promise I wont let you go to a bad home." Zo said. "You trust me don't you?" Marni nodded and gave a weak smile.

"I'll make sure you get a really nice master, Okay?" He asked. Marni nodded.

"Good, now that that's out of the way, how about something to cheer you up?" Zo glanced outside to make sure no one was looking before he pulled out a chocolate bar. Marni's eyes lit up. 

"You gotta share." He said and smiled. He broke the chocolate into two, giving Marni the bigger piece and they munched on it silently. Marni had gained weight and was now at a healthy weight, she had become more talkative and was much more open. She was happy, and ready to go back into slavery. Even though she was nervous.


A month later Zo received the notice that someone wanted to buy Marni. He looked over the guy's file and did a background check on him. He seemed nice enough and owned three slaves already. Zo got off work and headed towards the guys house. The house was somewhat small, but cute. Zo stepped up the two small stairs to the front door and knocked. He tucked the paper with the address into his pocket and waited. A man opened the door and Zo recognized him as the man who wanted to buy Marni.

"Hello, I'm Zosimos from the S.P.A.," Zo showed the man his badge confirming he was who he said he was. 

"Yes, can I help you?" The man looked surprise. "Am I in some kind of trouble?" He asked.

"Not at all," Zo smiled. "I'm the person in charge of making sure Marni gets to a good master. I was wondering if I could have a look around?" Zo said. The man looked relieved.

"Oh, of course, please come in." He smiled and moved aside so that Zo could step inside.

"So Mr....." 

"Just call me Zo." Zo smiled at him.

"Zo, what exactly are you looking for?" He asked.

"Nothing specific. Just making sure Marni goes somewhere nice." Zo smiled. The house was kept clean and was large enough to hold four slaves and their owner. 

"And you have three slaves now, correct?" Zo asked. 

"Yes, do you want to meet them?" He asked.

"That would be great." Zo stopped and the man called out, moments later three slaves came into the room. Two men and a woman. 

"This is, Zo. He's here to make sure this is a good home for Marni, the new slave I was thinking about purchasing." He said to the other slaves. They all looked well fed and were free of any cuts, bruises, scars, or any other injuries. 

"May I speak to them alone, please?" Zo asked. He nodded and left the room.

"So, I want to know what you all thing of your home and your master." Zo sat down on a couch. The slaves stayed silent for a moment before one of the men spoke up.

"Master Rick is really nice." He said. The other two nodded in agreement.

"He never hits you or miss treats you?" Zo asked them all.

"No, he feeds us whenever we are hungry and makes sure we are healthy and have somewhere warm to sleep." The girl said. Zo looked through the files and saw he took all of them to see a doctor once a month, none of them had any reported health problems. Zo was pleased that such a nice man wanted to give Marni a place to belong. Then he noticed the redness around the smaller mans wrists.

"What's that?" Zo pointed it out. The smaller man looked down at his wrist, he looked up and gave a smile.

"Master Rick likes to tie me up." He said.

"He's into bondage?" Zo raised an eyebrow, the small man nodded. 

"But I don't mind, I like it and he knows it. If I'm ever uncomfortable I just tell him to stop and he will." The small man said. Zo nodded. 

"Well, I think that's it for you guys. Oh, can I see where you sleep?" Zo added after a second. They nodded and showed him upstairs. Two of them shared a room and one of them shared a room with Rick. After checking the rest of the house and talking to Rick again Zo was pleased with Marni's new home.

"So how did I do?" Rick asked nervously.

"Good, I think Marni will be very happy here." Rick smiled. The two shook hands and Zo left to go tell Marni the good news.


"Good news, Marni." Zo said as he walked into the room. Marni looked up and sat in her normal seat on the bed. 

"I checked out that guys house." Zo said, Marni listened closely. " He seems really nice, and I think you will be happy there." Zo smiled. Marni's face was split by a large smile and she hugged Zo roughly. 

"When do I get to go?" Marni asked.

"It should be tomorrow actually. This is probably the last time i'll get to see you." Zo frowned. Marni's smile vanished and her eyes filled with tears.

"Come on now. You're going to a new home and you will make new friends. He has three other slaves, all of them seem nice. His house is beautiful. You wont even miss me." Zo said. 

"Yes, I will." Marni whispered into his chest. 

"You will be happy with you're new life." Zo smiled at her.

"I wish you were." She said. Zo was taken aback.

"I am happy. Mick treats me well and I get to work doing something I love." Zo said.

"Love more than being a slave?" Marni asked. Zo was silent for a minute.

"Mick cant, and wont, treat me like a slave. Even if I do miss it, I cant expect him to do something he is trained to believe is wrong." Zo said.

"And he cant expect you to give up something you love just to please him." Marni said. 

"We're slaves, it's our job to do things that we don't like to do to please others." Zo argued. 

"I'm a slave, you're not." Marni said.


Zo sat on the bed quietly thinking. He looked around the loft, before stripping down to his briefs and crawling into bed. He pulled Mick's pillow to his face and inhaled deeply.

"Why have the pillow when you can have the real thing?" Mick smiled. He dropped his jacked on the floor before kicking off his shoes and crawling into bed once he was down to his briefs. 

" 'cause maybe the pillow will give me what I need." Zo said bitterly. Mick paused.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? I thought you were happy?" Mick said. Zo sighed and sat uup, holding the pillow in his lap.

"I am, I love you and I love working where I do, and I love living here, I love my new life." Zo said. "But I cant help but miss my old one." He added quietly. Mick sighed.

"We've been over this, you don't deserve to be treated like that." Mick rubbed his brow in frustration.

"But I like it. I'm not asking you to beat me half to death, I'm just asking for a something small; a collar, or when we sleep together tie my hands together, give me orders, don't ask me what I want, just tell me to do it!" Zo shouted.

"You want me to take away your rights!" Mick shouted back.

"I want you to grow a pair!" Zo yelled back. Mick wrapped a hand around Zo's throat and pushed him down on the bed, applying a small amount of pressure.

"Like this? Is this what you want god damn it?" He whispered angrily. Zo struggled for breath, his cock was hard instantly and it took everything he had to stop from cumming right there. He nodded his head quickly though. Mick looked down and saw his hard cock and the wet spot on his briefs. Zo panted and tried to thrust his hips up. He hadn't felt this rush of not being in control in so long he had missed it. 

"You really like this?" Mick asked, done being angry. Zo nodded again, still struggling slightly for air.

"Uh huh." He squeeked out. Mick looked at him silently for three seconds before squeezing his neck hard. Zo gasped and tried to stop from cumming but the forgotten sensations came flooding in and he couldn't stop himself. He blushed and opened his eyes and saw Mick looking at him with a look he didn't understand. Mick removed his hand from around Zo's throat and sat up, giving him room to sit up straight. He sat up and rubbed his neck for a moment before blushing and looking away from Mick.

"That alone made you cum?" Mick asked surprised. Zo sat silently but nodded. Mick sighed.

"I'll think about it. Lets go to bed m'kay?" Mick asked. Zo nodded. Mick slid out of bed and grabbed a warm washcloth. He stripped Zo of his briefs and wiped away the remains of his release. He crawled into the bed and pulled Zo to his chest.


A week later nothing was said about what happened that night and Zo was beginning to think that Mick had forgotten. He finished a long day of work and walked into the loft to find it completely dark. He paused and looked at his watch, Mick should have been home. He hung up his jacket and moved to close the door when he saw the envelope. 


was written on the single piece of paper inside the envelope. Zo felt something heavier inside and pulled out a black collar with silver tags on it. He read the tag and was surprised when it said


968 Columbia lane


Zo felt his cock stir in his pants and swallowed. He put on the collar and found it tight enough to remind him that it was there. He walked towards the bedroom and saw the ribbon glass panels were shut. Zo could see the colored blur of a man behind the glass. Zo found another note on them. He read the single word on the paper.


He thought for a moment before he stripped completely, so he was only wearing his new collar. He pushed open the panels and stepped inside the room. He held back a gasp when he saw Mick standing there. Shirtless, with tight black leather pants on. The room was illuminated by red candles that glowed and flickered softly. Mick stood in front of the bed with his arms crossed over his bare chest. Zo's cock sprang forward and begged to be touched. 

"On your knees." Mick said quietly. Zo didn't hesitate to drop down in front of Mick.

"Is this what you wanted?" Mick asked. Zo nodded silently. "I have a few conditions." Mick said, he walked around Zo slowly. Zo waited patiently.

"One, you cant call me master." When Zo said nothing he continued. "Two, I wont hit you. Three, I wont call you slave." When Mick finished he paused a moment.

"Anything to say?" He asked in his new commanding voice. Zo cleared his throat.

"Can we make a compromise?" Zo asked, voice shaking with need.

"Go on." Mick said, finally stopping in front of Zo.

"If I cant call you master, can I call you sir?" Zo asked.

"Deal." Mick said.

"I want you to hurt me, but what if you don't leave any permanent marks?" Zo said. Mick hesistated.

"Okay fine, don't break the skin." Zo said.

"Deal." Mick agreed.

"And if you wont call me slave, can you call me.... other things?" Zo asked, he was to embarrassed to say it.

"Like what? You really want to be treated like this. Don't you, slut." Mick said, letting Zo know he agreed to his terms. Zo's cock jumped and leaked more juice. This time he couldn't hold back the moan. "You do like that, don't you?" Mick smiled. His smile quickly vanished. "Get on the bed on your knees, slut." Zo climbed up on the bed in record time and made sure his legs were spread enough.

"Eager little thing aren't you?" Mick laughed. Zo smiled and blushed. He suddenly felt Mick's warm hands on his ass cheeks and gasped. Mick slowly kneaded and massaged the round globes, watching his hole twitch in anticipation. He put a thumb on the tiny pucker and rubbed small circled on it. Zo let out a long moan, and was met with a solid smack on his ass. His ass began stinging from the spanking but his cock dripped more.

"Be quiet." Mick said. Zo bit his lip to keep making more noises. Mick moved around and stroked Zo's face gently. "Get my finger nice and wet for your tight ass." He said. Zo sucked his finger into his mouth and gave him a sample of what he could do to other parts of the body. Mick pulled his finger away and replaced it back at Zo's tiny pucker. Zo prepared himself and felt Mick slide his finger into his tight little hole. He whimpered and Mick stopped. He bit his lip again and Mick continued pushing his finger into Zo's warm ass. 

He pumped the finger in and out before adding a second and a third. By the third Zo was moaning and writhing on the bed and could do nothing about it. He panted and his dick had created a wet spot on the bed under him. He had his chest pressed down on the bed and his ass in the air openly. Finally, Mick had had enough. He lined his cock up with Zo's hole and rubbed his cheeks.

"Push out." He said. Zo did as he was told and felt Mick slide into him all at once. The familure burn invaded his body and he moaned loudly. Mick held still while he adjusted and listened to him pant and whimper. He felt a small twinge of satisfaction somewhere deep inside him.

Soon he began thrusting slowly in and out of Zo's warm channel. He picked up speed and soon he was pounding in and out of his tight butthole. Zo gasped and cried, his cock leaking and bouncing with each thrust. The only sounds in the room were grunts and sighs, along with the slapping sound of someone getting a good fucking. 

"S-sir, please sir. Can I cum?" Zo begged. Mick thought about making him wait but could see the hot need on his face. His mouth was open and he was panting heavily. His new collar glowed in the candle light and the soft red glow made his flushed cheeks brighter.

"Yes. Come for me, slut." Mick bent down and as Zo began cumming he bit his neck hard. Zo cried out in pleasure and Mick focused on marking Zo as his. He released the tender flesh and pulled back on Zo's hair. He filled him with his hot seed and the two collapsed, panting and covered in Zo's release. It took a moment before either of them could speak, but Zo was the first one.

"T-thank you, Mick." He gasped, still out of breath and dizzy. 

"I love you and I only want you to be happy. This is what you needed." Mick said. 

"I love you too." Zo whispered, he began falling asleep. He felt Mick get up and clean both of them off before climbing into bed and falling asleep with Zo in his arms. 


Zo woke up and felt the new, yet familure, sensation of a collar around his neck. He moaned and snuggled into Mick's warm embrace. He could hear him snoring softly and knew he was still asleep.

'Now I have the best of both worlds.' He thought to himself. 'A master who can take control and tell me what to do, someone I can please. And a caring lover who only wants to make me happy.' He thought to himself.

"Lucky me." He whispered. Mick stirred behind him and cuddled him closer to his chest. He giggled quietly and let Mick hold him. But soon he couldn't sit still any longer. He tried to squirm away without waking Mick but had no success. 

"Nuh uh, no, not happen. Go back to sleep." Mick kept his eyes closed but shook his head, squeezing Zo harder.

"I have to piss, lemme go." Zo giggled. Mick seem to consider this a moment.

"You're coming back?" He asked.

"Yes." Another second passed with no change and finally he let out a displeased sound and released Zo. Still without opening his eyes. Zo did his business and then crawled back into bed. The spot he had occupied before was still warm and Mick quickly pulled him back to his chest.

"Was last night what you wanted, pet?" Mick asked, Zo's heart skipped when he called him pet.

"Yes, sir." Zo turned in his arms to face him. Mick smiled at him warmly and Zo returned it.

"It wasn't as bad as you thought, was it? Can we do it again?" Zo asked. Mick sighed, defeated.

"No it wasn't that bad, especially seeing you like that. I'm glad I could please you." Mick said

"I liked that side of you. I couldn't be happier right now." Zo snuggled into his warm embrace.

"Good, that's all I want for you." Mick said. He sighed and released Zo. He stood up and pulled on a pair of boxers and Zo did the same. They showered and got dressed. Mick noticed Zo kept his collar on under his shirt. He was worried that someone would see it but Zo covered it up so no one would be able to tell. 

"So what are you doing today?" Mick asked.

"I'm going to go check on Marni." Zo said.

"Oh That's right she got her new home last week didn't she?" Mick said, when Zo had started working at the S.P.A. Mick had dropped Marni so Zo could treat her. They had gotten along so well, he thought it would be good for Marni.

"Yeah, and what about you?" Zo asked.

"Theres been a rumor about some chick mistreating her slaves, starving them and what not, going to go check that out." Mick said. Zo smiled and kissed him quickly.

"What was that for?" Mick smiled and rubbed the spot on his cheek lovingly.

"Nothing, I just love you." They shared a quiet gaze, neither of them had to say anything to know how the other was feeling.


Zo arrived home and was pleased at how Marni was doing. It was obvious she had made friends with the other slaves and was getting all the love that she needed from her new master. Zo kicked off his shoes and saw Mick standing at the kitchen. He seemed to be lost in thought as the food in front of him was getting cold fast.

"Babe? Everything okay?" Zo asked. Mick snapped out of his thoughts and smiled.

"Uh, yeah." He glanced at the food before throwing it away. 

"What you thinkin' about?" Zo asked. Mick sighed.

"Well, I just got a call." He said.

"And?" Zo was starting to get worried.

"My parents are coming for a visit. Of course they give me no warning and just drop in like this." Mick seemed panicky. 

"What's wrong with me meeting your parents?" Zo asked. Mick looked at him silently.

"My parents own slaves, Zo. They're not...... I'm not..... grr.... We aren't a lot alike, is all." Mick said.

"What do you mean?"

"They don't treat their slaves very well, I mean they're not abusive but they don't see slaves as people. They hate my job and.... I havent told them about you yet." Mick said. Zo felt a stab of pain.

"Are you ashamed of me?" He asked quietly.

"No! No, baby no. I just.... I'm worried about what they're going to say. They knew about Rhombin and after.... you know... they had an 'I told you so' moment." Mick said.

"That's awful! But I'm not a slave." 

"I know that, but just because you were they aren't going to see you as.... you. They will see you as a god damn used piece of furniture." 

Zo stood silently. For a moment.

"Maybe I should just get a hotel room or something while they're here." He said. Mick sighed.

"No, I'm not going to let them kick you out of your home. You're my love and you're staying here. They can deal with it or get the hell out." Mick said, and wrapped his hands around Zo's thin waist. Zo smiled and leaned into his touch.

"We handled an abusive master, getting you out of slavery, healing your wounds physically and mentally, getting you integrated into society, and dealt with our own personal problems," Mick tugged on his hidden collar at the last part, "I'm sure we can handle my parents." 


"Micky, we're here!" He heard his mother sing, while knocking on the metal sliding door of the loft. He sighed and looked at Zo, here we go. Zo gave a reassuring smile and Mick opened the door.

"Hi, mom!" He said and hugged his mother before shaking hands with his dad.

"How are you doing, son?" His father asked in his deep gruff voice. Zo stood back and watched patiently. At first no one noticed him but soon his mother saw him while Mick was shaking hands and talking to his dad.

"Micky, who is this?" She asked. 

"Mom, dad, this is Zo. We're together." He said, and stood by Zo slinging his arm over Zo's shoulders.

"Oh, Zo, what an.... interesting name." His mother said, she shook Zo's hand but when she pulled away she discreetly wiped it on her skirt.

"It's a slave name, mom. He's an ex-slave." He said.

"Oh.... you really think it's a good idea after the last one, dear?" His mother asked, pointing to Zo. Zo blushed and looked down at his feet, uncomfortable.

"Mom! HE is good for me, and 'the last one' was Rhombin." Mick said. His mother sighed and moved towards the kitchen.

"I don't know why you insist on giving them names, Mick. Has it made you anything to eat today?" His mother asked while she began peeking in the fridge.

"Mom, I'm not going to tell you again. HIS name is Zo, he is NOT a slave, nor will he ever be again." Mick said, not leaving Zo's side.

"Then why is it wearing a collar?" His mother asked. Zo had insisted on wearing his collar proudly.

"That's a choice we made together. It's concerning our personal life, and does NOT mean he is a slave." Mick said. His mother sighed and rolled her eyes, muttering something.

"Son, are you sure about this? After Rhombin...." His dad trailed off.

"I know dad, but Zo and I have talked about this and we love each other. Nothing is going to go wrong." Mick said. His dad sighed.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Zo." He held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you, sir." Zo squeaked out in his small voice.

"Please, call me Joe." 

"Okay, Joe."

"Nancy, why don't you leave their damn kitchen alone and come meet the boy." Joe called out.

"By the looks of this kitchen, it has never seen cookware before in its life." Mick's mother called back. Mick sighed and leaned down to whisper something to Zo.

"Don't mind her, sweet thing." His words caressed Zo's ear. Zo nodded silently. 

The next few hours passed painfully and dinner was even worse. They sat around the black table eating the dinner that Zo and Mick had made together. 

"I really don't know why you insisted on cooking, Micky. That's what it's for." She gestured to Zo who sighed and dropped his silverware onto the table.

"Mom, would you please just call him by his name?" Mick asked.

"They don't deserve names, Micky. They're objects they don't have feelings." She gestured to Zo.

"Maybe I should just go get a hotel room, Mick." Zo said. 

"No, I'm not letting you get run out of your own home by my parents." Mick turned to his parents, "Mom,dad. I demand that you treat Zo with the respect he deserves, if not then I'm going to have to ask you to leave. He is part of my life, and I love him. I wont let you bully him because of your prejudice idea's." Mick said. Silence came across the table and Zo fought to keep the tears out of his eyes. The fact the Mick would stand up to his parents like that for him was the most beautiful thing he had ever felt. He knew what it was like to be wanted.

"Well the, I guess we are leaving." His mother stood up and put her napkin down on the table. She picked up her bag and turned to see her husband still eating peacfully. 

"Joe, come on, we are going." She repeated. 

"No, I think I'll stay here with Zo and Mick." He said. She glared at him before storming out. 

"Thank you, dad." Mick said.

"You're welcome. Now, what's for dessert?" 


Three day's later it was time for Mick's parents to return home. Zo had grown fond of his father but his mother still treated him like a piece of furniture. 

"Bye, Joe." Zo waved as Joe picked up his bag and began heading out the door.

"Bye, Zo. It was nice meeting you." He smiled and shook Zo's hand. "Take care of Mick, Okay? I know he seems tough but he is a softy at heart." He whispered so only Zo could hear. Zo smiled and nodded his head in understanding. Joe hugged them both before leaving. Zo watched him get into a car with Mick's mother and drive off.

"So, we survived." Mick said, pouring himself a cup of tea. Zo stepped away from the window and accepted the steaming cup of peppermint tea.

"That we did." He nodded and took a sip. Mick pulled him over to the bed and they snuggled quietly while sipping their drinks. When Mick finished he began peppering Zo's face with sweet kisses. Zo smiled and put down the rest of his drink. He returned the kisses and snuggled deeper into Mick's arms. He could taste the sweet peppermint on Mick's lips 

"I would love to take this farther," Mick said. "But I'm exauhsted." Zo let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank god, Having your parents here has worn me out. Maybe tomorrow?" He smiled. Mick gave him one more kiss before turning on his side so he was facing Zo. They fell asleep wrapped in each others arms


A month later Mick was perfectly happy. His job was great, his home was great, his lover was great, his father was great, his mother.... not so much, even the sex was great. He hoped Zo was adjusting well to his new life, especially since they started with the 'not-slave not-master' play. 

"I'm home early, sweet thing." He called out while closing the loft door behind him. He held the single red rose in his hand and searched for his M.I.A lover. "Zo?" He called out. 

"In here." Zo sounded tired.

'Hope he hasnt had a bad day.' Mick thought to himself. 'Well if he has then I'll just have to fix it.'

He turned into the kitchen to see Zo standing over the stove.

"What's this?" Mick asked.

"You caught me, I wasn't expecting you home until earlier." Zo gave a fake frown.

"Caught you doing what, exactly?" Mick asked. Zo sighed.

"Since Master never needed me to cook, I never learned how. But it's something I'm interested in and something I wanted to do for you. So, I've been taking cooking classes." Zo blushed. "It's the anniversary of when you saved me, a year ago today." 

"You remembered." Mick smiled and showed him the rose and box of chocolates. Zo smiled and took the presents before hugging Mick tightly and giving him a kiss.

"You too. I was worried that you wouldn't..." Zo's face lost the bright smile as he looked away at the stove. Mick pulled his face back to his with a finger.

"Don't doubt how much I love you, okay?" He said. Zo's smile began to return slowly. 

"What are you making?" Mick tried to peek at the food but Zo pushed him back, he wasn't anywhere near strong enough to actually push him but Mick humored him and stepped back.

"No peeking! It's a surprise, just let me do this m'kay?" Zo pushed him to the table. Mick sighed and sat down, waiting patiently. A few minutes later Zo came out with two plates and a single candle. Mick lit it for him and waited again. Zo turned the lights down and turned on some soft music, before bringing the food out. Mick could smell the food before he saw it.

"Oh good god." He said, when Zo put down the plate of food. "What is that godly plate of food?" Mick asked.

"Duck breast and pomegranite sauce. Hope you like it." Zo sat down and watched Mick take the first bite. He sighed and melted in his chair, chewing the food slowly.

"Oh god, I'm so glad I saved you." He began eating again after swallowing the first bite.

"I'm glad you like it." Zo smiled and took his first bite.

"Have I mentioned that I love you lately?" Mick said seriously after taking a couple of bites. Zo smiled.

"You could stand to mention it more." 

"I love you, Zo." Mick leaned in to kiss him. Zo met him half way and they shared a quick peck before returning to their food.

"I'm hoping you have dessert too?" Mick smiled, once his plate was nearly licked clean. Zo laughed.

"That, I do." He stood and took their plates into the kitchen. He returned with a single plate covered in a napkin.

"Come on, I want this one in bed." Mick raised his eyebrows and wiped his mouth with his napkin before following Zo into their bedroom. When he got there Zo was already stripped and in bed with the plate of food. 

"Hurry, it smells so good." Zo said. Mick climbed into bed and put his face next to Zo's neck, he gave a soft bite and enhaled deeply, smelling Zo's shampoo.

"Oh, yes it does." He heard Zo giggle. Zo put the napkin aside and showed Mick the dessert.

"Chocolate walnut tangerine tart's." He said. Mick's mouth dropped open. Zo took the chance to pick up one of the small tarts and put it at Mick's mouth. He took a small bite and, for the second time that night, melted. 

"I didn't think it was physically possible, but I love you even more." Zo giggled. They fed each other the sweet desserts before Mick put the plate aside and straddled Zo's thin body.

"You already had dessert." Zo teased.

"What can I say? I'm greedy." Mick smiled. He sucked on Zo's neck, making sure to leave his mark. Before moving down and sucking on each of his nipples. Zo moaned and tossed his head to the side, starting to pant with lust.

"Gonna make you feel good, baby." Mick said, kissing a trail down Zo's thing chest. He finally got to Zo's cock and enhaled his scent. 

"Mmmm, this smells even better then dinner did." Mick smiled up at Zo and took his cock into his mouth. Zo squeaked in pleasure and pushed his hips up. Mick held him down and teased him with his warm mouth. After a moment Zo couldn't take it anymore.

"My turn." He pushed Mick off of his cock and rolled him onto his back. He straddled Mick as Mick had done to him, but made sure his cock was wedged between his tight globes. He moved up and down slowly, teasing Mick's cock as it twitched and leaked.

"Oh god, baby you feel so good." Mick tried to push into Zo's tight hole, but Zo pulled away.

"Ugh, you and you're teasing!" Mick growled. Zo giggled and playfully bit the tip of his finger, acting innocent. Mick growled and put both of his hands on his firm nipples to tease Zo. It soon became a silent competition on who could hold out the longest, and Mick was losing fast. He played with Zo's little hard cock and his peaked nipples. And Zo teased him with his warm ass. 

Finally he couldn't take it any longer and pulled Zo up, before pushing him back down on his engorged cock. By the time he did so, Zo's hole was already well lubed with his juice and he slid in easily. Zo hissed and wiggled down on his large pole. 

"You lose." He grunted as he tried to adjust to the invading member. 

"I'll show you who loses." Mick rolled them over without pulling out and pushed Zo's knee's up to his chest. Zo gasped and held his legs.

"Ready?" Mick asked. Zo nodded wordlessly. He began pumping in and out of the tight hole and tried not to cum. He didn't want this to be over yet. He moved until he hit Zo's prostate and continued grinding against it. 

"Mick, gonna cum." Zo squeaked out.

"Do it baby, cum with me." Mick thrusted inside one more time before filling Zo with his seed. He heard Zo whimper as he squirted his cum inside him. Zo's cock began to twitch and he watched as his tiny lover covered his chest in warm spunk. He pulled out and cuddled up next to Zo.

"I love you, sweet thing. I hope you're happy here." Mick kissed his forehead.

"I love you, too. And I couldn't be happier." Zo tried to catch his breath.

'I finally belong somewhere.' Zo thought as he drifted off to sleep with his lover.

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