Friday, April 6, 2012

Luck of the Irish Ch.04

Okay, here's the last chapter. I finished it sooner than I thought, which is cool xD. I've gotten several emails (Most from my edittor) about some weird spacing issue going on and I have no clue what y'all are talking about. Let me know if it's the same in this chapter and I'll see if I can figure out what goes on.


Corey sat in the living room nervously. His master was due home at any minute.

"So, how has Eric been doing?" Sean asked. He had arrive only half an hour after Corey's master had left for work and Corey had been getting to know him.

"He's good I guess, we took a vacation to Ireland. He wanted to meet my family." Corey smiled.

"Wow, he must really care a lot about you." Sean had a smile on his face like he knew what that was like.

"I think he does. What's your master like?"

"He's good, rough, but good. I love him more than anything." Sean laughed. Corey nodded, understanding.

"Thank you again for coming out here." Corey said.

"Of course, can I ask you something though?" Sean asked.


"Why did you email me?"

"Well...Master always seems so sad when he talks about you. I just wanted to give him some closure, you know? He's done so much for me..." Corey didn't know what else to say.

"I see, it sounds like you two really love each other." Sean didn't seemed bothered.

"We do." Corey nodded. The sound of a car pulling into the drive way came in through the window. "That's him." Corey stood up and waited by the door. Sean stayed where he was and waited. Eric came through the door way and began shrugging off his jacket.

"Welcome home, Master. How was your day?" Corey asked, he kissed Eric on the cheek and took his jacket.

"Good Pet, and yours?"

"Good...Master, there's someone here to see you." Corey said. He was now terrified, what had he done? Eric looked up, shocked.

"Who?" He scrunched his brow.

"Hi, Eric." Sean stood up from the couch. Corey's Masters face went white.

"Sean..." Eric looked shocked.

"How've you been?" Sean asked. It was weird seeing them together. A strange tension filled the room that Corey couldn't place, but something was nagging at the back of his neck.

"Alright...and you?" Eric's face had no expression, but he shifted back and forth on his feet nervously.

"Good." Sean put his drink down on the coffee table and slowly walked over to Eric.

"Your Pet here emailed me a few weeks ago," Sean said. "So we planned this little surprise." There was a strange gleam in Sean's eyes that Corey hadn't seen for the hour or so he had been there.

"Really..." Eric's voice cracked. Corey didn't like what was going on. He wanted to help Eric but instead he was acting like he was...almost scared.

"Yes, so lets catch up." Sean took Eric by the hand and brought him over to the table where Corey had made dinner for the three of them.


Dinner was awkward to say the least. Corey seemed to fade into the background. Eric hadn't looked at him once since he had seen Sean, and Sean was completely fixed on Eric with that strange gleam in his eye. Corey made the guest bedroom up and said good night to Sean. He sat in their room with Eric, the silence cutting between them.

"Eric, is something wrong?" Corey asked carefully.

"Yes." Eric said simply. Corey's stomach churned.

"What is it? I just wanted to help I didn't mean to-"

"Shut up." Eric snapped. He didn't yell, it was the hush in his tone that froze Corey to the bone. Corey swallowed and his heart pounded in his chest. He felt like he was going to throw up.

"Master, I didn't mean for-"

"I said shut the hell up." Eric turned and looked at him with a glare that could freeze beer. Core flinched and the nausea got worse.

"Yes, Sir..." Corey whispered. He finished stripping to his briefs and climbed onto their bed.

"No." Eric said simply.


"You're sleeping on the floor." He didn't even glance at Corey. Corey stared at him silently for a minute, was he serious?

"Sir, I-" Corey was cut off by a sharp slap to the face.

"Shut up, and get off the fucking bed." Eric's eyes were filled with so much anger Corey was truly afraid to go to sleep that night.

"Wait." Eric said. Corey looked up, hopeful. Eric reached for him and Corey's heart sped up. He was sure Eric was sorry.

Eric reached to caress his neck, or so Corey thought. Corey felt a painful jerk and Eric pulled away, his collar in his hand. He threw it in the trash. ~~~~~~~~~~

Corey didn't sleep at all. He dozed a little around three, but not long. He gave up at five and began making breakfast in the kitchen. He made Eric's favorite, praying his master would forgive him. He knew he probably overstepped his boundaries, but that look in Eric's eyes last made him feel sick. He heard footsteps from upstairs and a minute later Eric sat down at the table. He didn't say a word, only opened the paper and began reading. Corey sighed, hopefully he wasn't as mad as last night at least. He put the plate of Eggs Benedict down in front of Eric.

"I made your favorite..." Corey smiled, Eric still didn't look up. Corey swallowed and poured him his cup of coffee, making it the way he liked it.

"Morning." Sean bounded down the stairs, well rested unlike Corey.

"Good morning." Eric said. That hurt Corey more than anything.

"Morning..." Corey whispered, and held his stomach as if Eric had punched him. He turned around to get Sean his own plate and tried to hold back the tears, but was obviously failing. He put the plate down in front of Sean and hurried upstairs before he broke out in sobs in front of their guest. He shut the door to their room behind him and slid down it, sobbing. He had never seen Eric this mad, ever. He stayed in their room for a long time. By the time he went downstairs, both of the men were gone. Corey grabbed his cellphone and sent a text to Eric:

Corey: where did u go?

Eric: out.

Corey: is Sean with u?

Eric: yes.

Corey set his phone down and sighed, what could he do to get his Master to forgive him?


Sean had planned to stay a week. Three days in and Corey was feeling the worse he had ever felt in his life. Eric still hadn't spoken more than a few words at a time to him. His back hurt from sleeping on the floor and he craved the touch of his Master, even if it was one in anger. Eric being furious with him was better than this. He tried everything, he made his favorite foods, made sure the house was spotless, tried to talk to him, even tried to seduce him. They were getting ready for bed on the third day since Sean had arrived, and Corey was still getting the silent treatment.

"Master, I've told you how sorry I am. Please, just talk to me. Say anything, yell at me, hit me I don't care just...just do something!" Corey felt hot tears trickle down his face.

"You had no right." Eric said coldly.

"I know, I know. You can't understand how sorry I am. I wasn't thinking! I just wanted to help you! You've done so much for me and I just...I don't know!" Corey sat on the bed, Eric still facing away from him.

"You don't know what's happened between us, in the past. You don't know how I feel about him. You can't just assume that I would be glad to see him." Eric glared at Corey.

"I understand. You have every right to be mad at me." Corey said.

"I'm not just mad Corey, I'm furious." Eric said his name with so much bite that Corey felt like he was going to throw up again. His stomach flopped and twisted itself in knots.

"Yes, Sir.." Corey didn't know what else to say.

"When Sean leaves, I want you to pack your things and go." Eric didn't look at him. Corey's head snapped up and his eyes were wide.

"No...Please, Master please I'll do anything." Corey crawled across the bed to him and put his hands on his shoulders.

"You won't change my mind." Eric said coldly.

"No, please..." Corey cried. "Don't leave me, Eric please! I love you so much... I don't have anywhere to go! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me please!" Corey tugged at his shirt and his tears fell on his shoulders. Eric turned around, grabbing his hands, he pushed Corey away from him. Corey sat back where Eric had pushed him and cried. Eric sat on the bed silently while Corey cried his heart out.

He'd ruined it. Eric was the best thing that had ever happened to Corey and he had thrown it away. He had thrown it all away...


Corey sat on the couch quietly.

"You seem sad Corey, do you want to talk about something?" Henstridge asked, worried.

"I don't think Eric loves me anymore." Corey whispered.

"Why do you think that?" Henstridge clicked the pen she held in her hand, and scribbled something down on the notepad in front of her.

"He told me I have to move out." Corey's voice cracked. He hadn't slept well last night and was running on empty. His back was stiff and aching and his heart was broken. Henstridge seemed shocked by his statement.

"Why? What happened?" Henstridge asked.

"I emailed his old slave...Sean...Eric always seemed troubled and sad about him leaving. I wanted to give him some closure." Corey said.

"And I'm sure Eric didn't see it that way?" Corey shook his head sadly.

"He'll get over it, Corey. He's just mad. How long ago was this?" Henstridge asked.

"Four days ago." Corey said. Henstridge looked surprise.

"He's not as mad as he was the first day though, right?" Henstridge asked. Corey shook his head and she smiled.

"See, it will get better."

"He's even more mad now than he was the first day." A tear fell from Corey's eye. Henstridge sighed. They were quiet for a long time.

"It's not the end of the world, Corey. There are other fish in the sea." She said.

"I don't want someone else. I love Eric...I just made a mistake..." Corey sobbed. It seemed he had been doing more crying in these four days than he had in a lifetime. "It was just a mistake..." Corey sobbed so hard he thought he was going to pass out. Henstridge was at a loss.

"Corey, Eric loves you. I'm sure of that. When I'm watching you two together here during sessions...He looks at you like you're the most sacred thing in the world." Henstridge said.

"Not anymore." Corey said. "He hit me...He's never hit me." Corey looked up at Henstridge and she saw the despair in his eyes.

"He hit you? When?"

"The night after Sean got there." Corey said.

"I could never see Eric hitting anyone, he's always so level headed." Henstridge seemed shocked.

"He won't let me sleep with him either. He's making me sleep on the floor. He won't even touch me."

"It will get better, Corey. Things will work out. Come see me next week and I'm sure things will be much better." Henstridge said. Corey prayed with his entire being that she was right but something told him she was wrong.


Eric didn't come downstairs for dinner. Corey dished him up a plate and walked upstairs. He went to open the door and thought better of it. He sighed and knocked on the door softly.

"Come in." Eric said. Corey opened the door and stepped inside. Eric looked up and a strange look crossed his face. He sighed and went back to what he was doing.

"I brought you dinner." Corey said softly. He held out the plate and Eric took it.

"Thank you." He said. Though the cold tone was still in his voice, it was defrosting some.

"Master...I'm so sorry." Corey said. It was a quiet whisper but Eric could hear it.

"I know you are." Eric said. "I had no right to hit you." Eric didn't look up.

"I know why you did. I'm not angry..." Corey said. Eric still wasn't touching his food.

"You should eat, I haven't seen you eat all day..." Corey said, he knew he was still treading on broken ground.

"I'm not really hungry." Eric said.

"Okay...I'll leave it covered in the fridge...if you get hungry..." Corey trailed off.

"Alright." Eric still didn't make eye contact. Corey picked up the plate, and shut the door behind him.


Finally, he was gone.

Corey had expected something totally different then how the situation played out. Sean had left that afternoon before Eric had gotten home from work. Corey scrubbed the house clean. He changed the sheets on all the beds, vacuumed, dusted, showered, and made Eric's favorite meal. This was also the day he was supposed to move out. The thought of leaving his Master made his stomach churn. He prayed for the hundredth time that day that Eric would forgive him, or forget what he said, or do anything to let him stay.

He heard the door open and shut and rushed to take Eric's jacket.

"Welcome home, Master. How was your day?" Corey took his jacket and hung it up.

"Okay, I guess. Where's Sean?" He looked around the house.

"He left. He had to get home..." Corey said. Eric turned around suddenly.

"Really?" His eyes lit up.

"Uh...yeah. He told me to tell you to say goodbye." Eric sighed with a small smile on his face.

"I'm going to go shower, is dinner ready?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, I'll be down in twenty minutes." Eric jogged up the stairs, he seemed more upbeat than he had in days.


When Eric had come down for dinner, they ate in silence.

"Sir..." Corey said so quietly he hoped his Master hadn't heard him.

"Yes?" Eric said, taking another bite of steak.

"Do you still want me to move out?" Corey said, even more quietly. Eric was silent for a long time.

"No." He said. Corey sobbed with relief. He cried as quietly as he could. Eric looked up and walked over to Corey's side of the table, hugging him to his stomach. Corey turned and sobbed into the soft material of his shirt and wrapped his hands around Eric's hips while Eric stroked his hair. Corey cried so hard he began choking, trying to take in air.

"Calm down, Corey. Breathe." Corey gasped for air and his sobs began slowing. Eric shushed him gently and waited for the sobs to stop. Corey wiped his eyes across his sleeve and sniffed. Eric knelled next to him.

"I'm sorry about what I said. I was just stressed and angry. Seeing Sean brought back a lot of painful memories." Eric said.

"I don't understand, whenever you would talk about him you sounded so happy..." Corey rested his head on his shoulder.

"I....I lied to you Corey." Eric's voice cracked.


"I wasn't his Master..." Eric whispered, so quietly that Corey almost couldn't hear him.


"He was mine." Eric said. Corey froze and stared at him. Eric stared down at the ground coldly and didn't look up.

"You always wondered why I chose to save you from John....It was because I knew what you had gone through. He was abusive. He didn't leave me. I forced him to go. I told him I would call the cops if he stayed." Eric said.

"Why did you let him stay?"

"I just froze... it was like I went back in time. I was scared of him" Eric said.

"Master..." Corey didn't know what to say. He placed a hand on Eric's head and stroked his hair. He felt hot tears drip onto his jean clad legs, and reached his other hand up to touch his face. He was crying, but the tears hadn't dripped yet. Corey saw the tears spill from Eric's eyes and onto his jeans. He hated seeing his Master cry.

"Master, please don't cry..." Corey slid off his chair so that they were both kneeling on the floor.

"I'm sorry for lying to you." Eric sobbed. Corey's own tears were falling now and the couple clung to each other, each one craving the touch of the other. Corey pulled Eric up and they walked to the bedroom. They fell on the bed and Corey gently kissed and nipped at his mouth and throat.

"Why didn't you just tell me?" Corey asked.

"After he left. I promised myself I wouldn't ever...I wouldn't be..." Eric was to embarrassed to continue.

"To see you vulnerable?" Corey asked. Eric nodded, his head down.

"Master..." Corey thought a moment. "Eric, that's part of what makes our relationship special. Don't you think that every time I call you Master, or cook your dinner, or take your coat, or make love with you, that I put my complete trust in your hands?" Corey asked, raising Eric's head.

"Our relationship is one of trust, Master. I trust you with everything I have. I need you to do the same." Corey held both of Eric's hands. Their faces were close enough to kiss and Eric placed his head on Corey's shoulder.

"I don't know how...I don't know if I can." Eric cried into Corey's shoulder.

"I can show you. If you want me too." Corey stroked his hair and the back of his neck. It was strange, the way they switch their roles, but Corey wanted to show Eric so bad that they could trust each other with anything.

"I want to...I'm just..." Eric's voice cracked.

"It's okay to be scared." Corey whispered in his ear. His words sent shivers up Eric's spine. Corey nibbled at his ear and laid him back on the bed.

"Do you want this?" Corey asked, he lie on top of Eric, his knee spreading his legs apart.

"Yes..." Eric's voice cracked again.

"Are you sure?" Corey asked.

"Yes." Eric said, this time his voice not breaking with uncertainty. Without a word, he kissed down Eric's neck. He unbuttoned his shirt as he went and soon Eric's bare chest was at his mercy. Corey moved and sucked one of his pink nipples into his mouth and teased the other with his fingers. Eric groaned and arched his back, before swallowing and laying back down with a blush.

"It's okay." Corey kissed his hip as he unbuttoned his pants. Eric moaned as Corey pulled his underwear down slowly with his teeth. His cock sprang forth, hard as a rock, and Corey took it in his mouth. He sucked Eric hard until he came quickly. Eric grunted as his release filled Corey's mouth. He panted softly as Corey climbed up his body. He kissed Eric as he unbuttoned his own pants.

"You have to trust me okay?" Corey said softly. Eric nodded. Corey climbed farther up his chest until his hard cock was at his mouth. Eric swallowed hesitantly, before sucking Corey's smaller cock into his mouth. He sucked and licked at Corey's cock. Corey moaned and placed a firm hand on the back of his head. Eric could have pulled away if he needed to, but he didn't.

"I'm gonna cum." Corey moaned. Eric continued sucking until Corey threw his head back and filled his mouth with his salty seed. Eric swallowed it all until Corey was dry, for the moment anyways. Corey slid back down his body and kissed Eric.

"It's a good start, Pet." Corey winked at Eric, who gave a small chuckle.

"Just one more thing..." Corey kissed his throat lovingly. Eric swallowed.

"I haven't had anyone since he-"

"You have to trust me, Eric. You know I would never hurt you." Corey kissed his cheek. Eric swallowed again and nodded.

"I trust you." He whispered. Corey rose up on his knee's and pulled Eric's jeans and underwear past his ankles. He pushed his legs up towards his chest and exposed his pink hole. Eric panted with nervousness and was on the verge of hyperventilating.

"Eric, calm down." Corey kept his legs where they were, but leaned forward to kiss him. "You're okay." He cooed in his ear. Eric's breathing slowed back to normal as Corey soothed him with his words. "Are you okay?" Corey asked, once his breathing had slowed. Eric nodded.

"Do you still want this?" Corey asked. Eric nodded again.

"I need to hear you say it, Eric." Corey kissed behind his ear tenderly.

"I want this." Eric said.

"Say it." Corey repeated.

"I want you to take me." Eric looked him in the eye and saw the love that was there. Corey reached for a tube of lube and squirted a fair amount on his finger. He lined it up with Eric's tiny pucker and slid it in slowly. Eric moaned as the digit plunged in. Corey pumped it in and out before adding a second one, and then a third one. Finally, he pulled out his fingers and lined up his cock, pushing until the head popped in suddenly. Eric hissed as Corey sunk in. Both moaning between tender kisses and feeling each other in the new positions. Eric grunted as Corey began pumping in and out of his tight ass and the couple soon began falling into the steady rhythm of fucking. Eric's legs got tighter around Corey's shoulders and he opened his ass to his lover.

"I didn't know it could feel like this..." Eric moaned. Corey kissed him and Eric grabbed the sheets in pleasure. "Oh god!" Eric tensed, cum began shooting from his cock. As he tensed Corey saw each of his ab muscles and had to keep from drooling at his Master's beautiful body. The look of trust and pleasure on his Master's face sent him over the edge. Corey moaned as he released his seed into his Masters ass.

The couple panted as they came down from their release and Corey rolled over. Eric paused for a second before rolling over and letting his head rest on Corey's chest. Corey smiled and stroked his hair.

"I love you." Corey said.

"I love you, too." Eric smiled. The couple sighed and fell asleep in each others arms.


"Morning." Corey smiled.

"Morning." Eric said, still on Corey's smooth chest.

"About last night...Thank you." Eric smiled.

"You're welcome. And about emailing Sean...I'm sorry." Corey said again.

"You're forgiven, and right. I should have told you what happened."

'Did you ever...See anyone about what happened?" Corey asked.

"No. I never could bring myself to do it," Eric said. "Too ashamed."

"It's nothing to be ashamed about, Eric. Do you think I'm weak?"

"Of course not." Eric said, surprised.

"Then neither are you. Anyone can end up in an abusive relationship." Corey said. Eric sighed.

"You could talk to Henstridge about it..." Corey suggested.

"Did it help you?" Eric swallowed, still somewhat uncomfortable talking about what had happened to him.

"It did, a lot. So did having someone who loves me." Corey rubbed Eric's back. Eric sat up and kissed him.

"Last night counted as your reward for winning that bet by the way."

"What?!" Corey sat up as Eric ran towards the bathroom. "It does not! That's not fair! That was totally different!" Corey chased after Eric who was warming up the shower. He tackled his lover and they fell against the wall. Eric kissed Corey lovingly, before they both climbed into the shower.


Eric had seemed weird the next couple of days. Not that he was angry at Corey. But that he seemed bothered by something.

"What's wrong, Master?" Corey asked.

"It's nothing, Pet." Eric dismissed him with a smile.

"Remember that conversation we had a few days ago?" Corey asked. Eric sighed and put down the pen he was writing with.

"I know, I know." He rubbed his temples.

"What's wrong, Master?" Corey sat down.

"I....I feel." Eric shifted in his seat. "I feel like less of a man." He said.

"Why, because I got to fuck you?" Corey smiled.

"No. I don't know. Just with everything that's been going on, all these old feelings coming forward."

"You should really go see Henstridge with me today," Corey said. "It will probably help you feel better."

"Maybe I will...You wouldn't mind?"

"No, I like having you there," Corey smiled. "Especially if it helps you." Corey set his head on Eric's chest.

"I don't say often enough how glad I am we met." Eric kissed his forehead.

"But I know you are." Corey gave him a large smile.

"I also don't say enough how glad I am you have that sexy ass accent." Eric pinned Corey against a wall.

"You like my accent, then?" Corey smiled, making his accent thicker than usual.

"Oh yeah." Eric moaned and kissed him.

"We can't be gettin' in'ta tha... We need ta be leavin' in five minutes to make it ta' the doc's." Corey laughed as Eric nibbled his neck.

"I can finish in five minutes." Eric shrugged.

"That not exactly be an achievement, Master." Corey smiled. Eric slapped his ass.

"Smart ass." He laughed, and shoved him out the door.


Henstridge had wanted to have a session alone with Eric. Which was fine with Corey, he just wanted Eric to feel better. He sat in the hospital cafeteria with a black cup of coffee in front of him.

"Hey, look who it is." Nikolai sat down at the table across from Corey. "How's it been?"

"Hey, how are you?" Corey smiled.

"Good, good." Nikolai sat back with his own cup of coffee, he smelled it before grimacing and tossing it in the garbage a few feet away. "Man, that shit's nasty. Oh hey! Good news..." NIkolai held out his hand, showing a gleaming ring. "I'm engaged."

"Congrats!" Corey examined the ring carefully. "It's beautiful."

"Thanks... I'm so excited..." Nikolai smiled. "What about you? Has he hinted to you at all that he wants to pop the big question?" Nikolai leaned back and put his feet on the table, receiving glares from many nurses.

"I don't know, we've been going through a rough patch right now."

"Uh oh...Trouble in paradise?" Nikolai frowned.

"Yeah, but we're getting through it." Corey smiled.

"That's good to hear, you guys will be fine. There's definitely love going on there." Nikolai smiled.

"Thanks." Corey smiled. Eric walked into the cafeteria and kissed Corey on the temple.

"You weren't drinking the coffee, were you? That shit is nasty." Eric scowled at the liquid."

"See? I'm not making it up. Like devil's piss, that's what comes out of this place's coffee pots." Nikolai said nodding his head at Eric and making Corey laugh.

"We were just talking. No 'devil's piss' was consumed on my part." Corey smiled.

"Come on, lets go get something for lunch." Eric smiled.

"Sure. I'll see you later, Nikolai. And congrats again on the engagement." Corey smiled.

"See ya!" Nikolai waved, before going off to complain about the coffee.


"Did it help any?" Corey asked.

"Yeah, a little. Thank you for making me go." Eric smiled.

"I just want you to be happy, Master." Corey said.

"We have something at home for lunch, don't we?" Eric asked.

"Yeah...I'm sure I could whip up something." Corey shrugged.

"Good, lets go home."

"Why, Sir?" Corey frowned, it would be so much easier to just go out to lunch, he hadn't gone shopping in awhile.

"Because, I need you." Eric said simply.

"What do you mean you-"

Eric suddenly pulled over the car. He leaned over and began ravishing Corey's mouth. Corey moaned and let Eric's tongue dominate his own. When Eric finally pulled away, and put the car in gear again, Corey was left panting and moaning with need. He sat in the passengers seat, cock erect and squirming. Eric pulled in quickly and yanked the key out of the ignition before picking Corey up and wrapping the Irishman's legs around his waist. Eric walked blindly, almost tripping over the step that led to their door. He ravaged Corey's mouth and when he yanked the door open, he slammed it shut and carried him upstairs.

"Lunch..." Corey moaned.

"Later." Eric moaned between kisses. He reached the bedroom and tossed Corey onto the bed, before following him down. Eric grabbed his silky blue button down shirt and tore it in half, breaking off half the buttons.

"Eric-" Corey was shocked.

"Please...I need this." Eric looked up and Corey saw tears in his eyes. "I need this so bad." Corey stared at him silently and nodded. Eric ripped the shirt the rest of the way off his body. The strength and ferocity Eric showed made Corey hotter than he had ever felt. He was on the verge of acting like John. But for some reason, that didn't scare Corey. He knew Eric was always in control. Eric slid down his body and did the same to his pants. He unbuttoned them as fast as he could and tore them off his body. He bit down on one of Corey's pink nipples. Corey moaned and cried out in pain and pleasure.

Eric moved further down his body and sucked his shaved balls into his mouth. He bit down very softly, cause Corey to shiver with pain and pleasure again. Corey didn't resist, he trusted Eric with everything.

"Master..." Eric flipped Corey onto his stomach and attacked his ass with his tongue and lips. Corey moaned and Eric began tongue fucking him quickly. Corey grasped at the sheet's in orgasmic bliss as his body gave in to Eric's action and spilled his cum over the sheets. Eric spit on Corey's ass, making sure he was well lubed up. He yanked down his own jeans and underwear, and lined up his swollen cock with Corey's tight hole. He pressed in quickly and Corey grunted as he was filled suddenly with Eric's swollen cock. He shivered and groaned as Eric filled him more and more. Soon, Eric bottomed out and bit into Corey's shoulder.

Corey couldn't help moaning as Eric began pumping in and out. Eric didn't pause to let him adjust, just took him. Corey loved the mix of pain and pleasure in the coupling. Corey's ass felt raw, but more than anything he wanted Eric to never stop. Eric grunted and filled his ass with liquid hot cum in a matter of minutes. Corey moaned as he felt it trickle out of his sore ass and the feeling of Eric's cock stuffing him, and his cum filling his ass brought him over the edge again. Corey cried out as his cock twitched and his balls tensed in orgasm again. He collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. Eric collapsed on top of him and his cock slid out of Corey's ass slowly.

"Are you okay?" Eric said between pants.

"Yes...Master." Corey said, deep breaths separating his words.

"I'm sorry, Corey." Eric said.

"It's...okay...I'm fine...Master." Corey smiled into the sheets.

"I just-"

"I know." Corey said. He turned around, underneath Eric, so that they were facing each other. Corey knew that Eric had to do anything he could to feel like a man again. He had to feel like the dominant one. He had to be in control. Their breathing slowed and they sat in bed quietly, staring into each others eyes.

"Marry me." Eric said.

"What?!" Corey's eyes got wide.

"Marry me, Corey. I don't just want you to do my cooking, cleaning, and to keep my bed warm at night. I want you forever. For everything. I want to wake up and watch you put your wedding ring on. I want to write our own vows, I want to have a cheesy wedding with our song playing."

"We don't have a song, Eric."

"Then lets get a fucking song. I want it all with you Corey. I want it all with you forever." Eric smiled, putting his forehead to Corey's

"Okay." Corey said, unsure of what his mouth was saying.


"Yes...Yes I want to marry you." Corey smiled. Eric beamed and the couple kissed. Eric hugged Corey to his chest and they snuggled together tightly.

"I love you, so much Corey. You're my life, you know." Eric said.

"I love you, too. I don't even want to think about where my life would have gone if you hadn't saved me..."

"Don't think about that. What's important is what did happen. We're together now. That's all that matters." Eric curled up with Corey. Eric's head rested on his chest and his left hand was placed over Corey's right shoulder. Corey burrowed himself in Eric's warm embrace. He thread his fingers through Eric's hair and the couple smiled softly. This was where they both wanted to be. This is where they belonged, in each others arms. Forever.


"You may now kiss your partner." The minister said. The Crowd cheered as Eric took Corey in a kiss.

They had their wedding in Ireland. On one of the rolling green hills that was near Corey's family's land. The wedding was small, only family and friends, but elegant. Corey wore a black tux with a delicate white flower on his chest. And Eric wore a nearly identical suit, with a red flower. Corey rested his head on Eric's chest as they danced. They swayed to their song (Eric had begged for 'Just the way you are' by Billy Joel. Corey, with a laugh and a sigh, had agreed.) and Eric whispered into his ear.

"Did you ever picture us here?" He asked. Corey held his hand up behind Eric's back, looking at his gleaming ring.

"No. But I'm so glad we got here." Corey smiled and inhaled Eric's scent.

"Me too." Eric smiled into Corey's hair.

The wedding was over all to quickly and Corey and Eric hopped on the plane heading towards Italy for their honeymoon.

"I love you." Eric kissed Corey again.

"I love you, too." Corey hugged Eric. Eric dug through a bag and pulled something out.

"Come here." Eric smiled. Corey leaned in to his open arms and felt a snap around his neck. He put a hand up and felt the familiar presence of his collar. He beamed and grabbed Eric in a huge hug.

"Thank you, Master."

"You're welcome, Pet."


  1. Just rereading this after a long time. Just as lovely as the first time I read it. Thank you for your great work Gweall.

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