Thursday, April 5, 2012


Feeling super shitty about moving from Lit ): It's really depressing me. But what do I do? I don't want my work stolen ): I already miss that community vibe. Am I just not giving the blog a chance? I don't know. I feel like I lost a lot of readers, and like I'm splitting up a family. This is super shitty.


  1. The blog is very new, and I think it will take some time for people to catch on. Lots of people don't like change and are slow to change, but most do eventually.

    Also is there any way to do both lit and the blog? Maybe post things on lit that you don't want to publish later, or shorter pieces that stand alone?

    It also seems to me like a lot of people do will follow you, and support your decision to leave lit. I don't know how anyone could fault you for not wanting your work stolen. I think having a blog is a great idea and one that compromises giving readers a way to still follow you, and comment, and enjoy your work in an easily accessible way, and a way that you are able to protect your work (as much as anything on the internet is protected).

    I hope other see it like I do, and that you feel better soon. You and your writing deserve a safe place to be and grow. (Plus the blog can have pictures :D )

  2. First, I want to start by saying that I've been following you on Lit for the longest time. I love your stories and style of writing. Side-note... I posted a comment on Lit after reading Geist. Holy shit was that a fabulous chapter!!!! But I digress. On to the meat of what I wanted to say.

    I think I know how you're feeling right now. Now, I haven't posted anything I've written (I'm still too chicken-shit to take that leap), but I've been reading on Lit since probably 2003 or so. It has become second nature to log on and check to see if any of my fav authors have posted a new story. I've noticed over the past several months that the quality seems to not be where it used to be. I've also noticed more and more of the authors I follow leaving due to their work being stolen. It's sad that a few douches are ruining it for the rest of us loyal followers. But in the end you need to do what's best for you and you need to protect yourself the best you can.

    For so long, Lit has been a family. The readers and writer are about as close and they can get, without knowing each other in-person. With the exception of a few anonymous fools, all comments were posted with the intent to encourage and inspire the author. Making it a safe place to take that terrifying leap. On the other side of that, we as readers felt a connection to the stories and authors. We could post positive comments, witty remarks, and helpful criticism without worrying about how it was perceived. We were all there for each other.

    Unfortunately, things change. Lit has changed. For the those of us who have favorite authors that we followed religiously, its sad to see them go. But, being the family we are, we understand and only want the best for you. Most of us feel the same way you do about leaving. To me, it feels almost like cheating on a long-time friend or sneaking around behind their back. It's sad. And no one really likes drastic change... at least not at first. But eventually you'll see that if readers were willing to following you on Lit (some of us by checking the site daily to see if the next chapter had been posted... like I'm willing to admit I did, and still do) then we will follow you anywhere.

    Keep your head up and give The Blog a chance. I've slowly gotten used to checking it like I used to check Lit (and still kinda do, because some authors haven't pulled out yet). Many of your fellow authors have moved over here already, and a lot of readers have been making the shift as well. Trust me when I say that there is NO way your loyal readers WON'T follow you wherever you decide to go! Your stories are too good not to :)

    Oh, and btw-- THANK YOU for creating this blog and continuing to post your work (IT ROCKS). There are a few authors that have just stopped writing/posting all together and that's way worse than just moving sites :(

    1. Thank you so much, it was yours (and everyone elses) wonderful comments that convinced me to give the blog a chance. Hopefully it will be enough for my readers. If it's not I hope you guys will let me know so I can do something to fix it. You all mean the world to me.

    2. Wherever you go I will follow keep your head up know that your true readers will follow you anywhere

  3. I have just discovered your writing and although I am sad to see you leave Lit, I am pleased you are still posting as I need to find out what happens next in Geist:P

  4. I agree with the others. Those who were really following you will be here as soon as they get the word. Keep in mind that not all of us read everyday. So, you may see your blog followers increase over the next week or so as readers find out that you've relocated. We're following you... wherever you lead, because we're your fans. We want what you're giving us! Also, please be aware that you have some fans that will follow you privately and some that will read your blog without officially following at all. Not everyone can handle being connected to gay erotica out in the open, in front of God and all the internet. (I know this because even now I am struggling to remember that I'm a grown woman and it's okay to leave comments here.)

  5. I am only now hearing about all these stories being stolen.... very disturbing.

    I only started reading on Lit a few months ago but now its sooo much a part of me, I look for new long stories everyday.

    Ive read most of your stories and they were great.

    I will definitely keep an eye on this blog for your new stories.

    See you around,


  6. I totally suppor your ove. If lit won't protect the writers then the writers shouldn't post there. I know you said it feels like 'faily' but family should have our back, ya know?
    I love your BLOG. The email idea is great too. I can read Lit and Nifty, GA and FSO on my pay as you go phoe but not Blogger. It's file space is too big for my kind of phone.
    But I just check the blogs I follow out after work, no biggie. :o)

    How is the security for authors over at GA and FSO?? Quite a few of the authors from Lit are over there. Just a thought.

    Love your stories BTW :o) :o)

  7. I think you should keep the blog, that way ppl have the stories there and also a way to interact with you and get a wiff of your thoughs and stuff..

    anywhos keep your spirits up cuz ppl love you and your work... I'm sure of it ;)

  8. Dont feel shitty. If you consider it a family, then you've just grown up and moved out on your own! You can still visit, you just dont live there anymore.