Friday, April 6, 2012


Right now I'm just being lazy. I hope you guys realize I have almost 60 stories and posting them all on here takes forever and I get bored and distracted. Then I have cereal and get wrapped up in tv. and then since I'm already by the TV I start playing skyrim. So you can see how this goes. I'll try and get all my old work up here soon since I'm getting a lot of emails saying they were in the middle of reading when it was taken down (Like, literally mid sentence and the page froze and said the story isn't available. Makes me feel kinda evil.)

As for Geist and APR, yell at gbc. Damn boy is trying to do stupid meaningless shit like work and eat food, and sleep! Psh. What is that, right? Anyways, I'll get back to posting shit on here, no matter how boring it is.....Just let me finish my cereal. It's delicious.

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