Friday, May 11, 2012

Clean up

So I'm trying to make the blog easier to navigate for readers, and to do that I need your feedback on what is awkward or not working. I'm trying to make it less crowded and easier for you to find what you're looking for. I have a few questions and it would be great if you could answer me via comments, email, or twitter.

  • Do you use the Blog Archive? Or can I just keep the list of stories. The only difference is the Archive will let you find posts like this one faster, then ones that aren't actual stories but they're just info or updates.
  • Is it important that I have the music playlist thingy up higher so you can turn it off if need be.
  • Do you care that it's on autoplay or do you want me to make it so that you have to turn it on to listen to the music?
  • I have the story related things up at the top of the page now (Recent updates, list of stories, blog archive, and upcoming stories) Does that make it easier for you to find what you're looking for?
  • Is there anything on the blog that is useless or just in the way? Something I could trash without making it harder on you guys.
  • Does the 'Search this blog' feature help you guys?
If you have any suggestions PLEASE leave them in the comments or email me. I can change anything if I don't know what to change ;)


  1. * Just a list of stories by chapter would be great. Each chapter on a separate page would be swell so I don't have to scroll down for hours to the first one.
    * I'd like the autoplay turned off. Only because I always forget about it and scare the crap out of myself.
    * I like the recent updates up top. Thanks.
    * Perhaps it's just my computer, but the two side bars are way too narrow. Some of the words are cut off because the bars are so thin.
    * I never use "search this blog."
    * Another thought: have you considered using tabs at the top of your pages? It might make navigation easier.
    * Thanks for asking these questions, by the way. I always feel pushy when I make unsolicited suggestions.

    1. I'll see what I cab do for the list of stories by chapter. But i can't change how many chapters per page. I wish I could tho, it bugs me too. Auto play will go off as soon as I finish this new playlist. My computer doesn't show the side bars bring to small, but it won't hurt to make them larger so ill try that out. I like the tabs idea but I don't think its possible ill look into that as well.

    2. Well, I figured out the tabs. So yay! I hope it works out well xD

    3. Messed with the width of the entire blog, and the side bars. Let me know if it works out any better for you!

    4. As for the list of stories by chapter, are you SURE you want that? Just to let you know, as of now I have almost 70 stories if you're counting each chapter. It might be even harder to navigate it that way with a list of 70 chapters...

    5. How do you like the list of chapters now? clicking on one will take you to that story with only that chapter on the page.

  2. As long as the stories in a series have the same name with just the defferent chapter at the end and if all the stories are in ABC order then even if there are 2 hundred different stories it might still be easier.
    A chapter1
    A chapter2
    B chapter1
    B chapter2
    And so on.

  3. yeah. I like the list of chapters for each story idea or at least a tab where you could click on a story and then find all the chapters so that you don't have to sift through millions of chapters to get to the first one which is always at the bottom. I agree with Sara and VampWriter's comments.

    1. How do you like the list of chapters now? clicking on one will take you to that story with only that chapter on the page.

  4. Hey There!!!
    Thanks for turning off the auto play off - got busted too many times at work! haha! I do like that you have the list of chapters but I agree with you that with 70 plus stories it might get too much after awhile. I don't know if you even can do this, but maybe archive older stories with their listed chapters so that if anyone wants to re-read them in order it won't be a problem. But that's just my opinion.
    Anyway, love your stories!!!!

  5. I like the story list, although it is long. Maybe have the list being a link to a page that has links for each chapter?

    Please keep the music at the top as music playing slows my ancient computer to almost unusable. Thanks

  6. There's a lot of information/stimuli on this page, to the degree that it's a bit much...
    I'm pasting a link to another m/m writer from Lit that uses "Pages" as a way to access specific stories instead of a potentially very long "Story Links" side bar (Plus the chapters are all on one page from top to bottom).

    Also, the use of "Blog Archive" instead of "Blog Posts" is just as an effective way to display what the reader might have missed without using up so much space.

    I like the "Upcoming Posts" bar, and thanks for muting the playlist. Oh, and I loves the pictures of the yummy boys!!