Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cinderella Ch.04

There should be one more chapter after this and then this story is done.


Titus opened his eyes, and for a moment, was confused. The room didn’t look like the same palace room he had been staying in since arriving in the foreign land. But after a moment, he remembered what had happened. He remembered Areli’s transformation, and the prince’s anger. He remembered the boy crying in bed while the prince tried his best to soothe him as he thought about the lives he took the night before. He remembered his choice. To leave and never have to deal with either of them again. Or to stay, and be with Areli. He had made his choice.

Now he was lying in the silk covered bed of the prince’s room. Areli was curled up next to him on his chest. At Areli’s back was the prince, also asleep. Areli’s eyes were swollen from crying all night, and the prince looked equally as tired. Titus was sure he looked just as scary. Areli’s eyes opened and, even in the few small seconds of wakefulness, began filling with tears. Titus shushed him gently, and hugged him to his chest. Areli wasn’t wearing the chains, or even the muzzle that he had always seen him with. He guessed the prince knew better than to put that on the horribly traumatized boy.

At the thought of the prince, Titus looked up. The royal son was looking at the two as they embraced. His eyes were dull, but held something that resembled envy. He wanted Areli, but he knew Areli didn’t want him.


Areli sniffled as the three left the room. A few guards eyed the trio. It was odd for Titus to be with them, and it was obviously odd to see the boy again, after his rampage. Areli clung to both of them, whoever was nearest. The prince had put the collar and lead on the boy before they left. Titus had helped Areli with the muzzle. He had a hard time meeting the eyes of the guards, and mostly kept his head down. The prince held himself with pride as he normally did, and Titus sat in the background, holding Areli.

Without a word, the prince led them to a dining hall. Not the one Titus normally occupied, but a different one. This table was decorated with royalty, from this and other lands. All high ranking officials who were too good to eat with the common palace visitors.

Areli sat on the floor, and Titus sat near the prince. Some of the other table occupants looked at him as if he didn’t belong, which he probably didn’t. But the prince had invited him, and as far as they were concerned that made him alright. Areli held his hand nervously, like a small child who was looking for comfort after breaking their favorite toy. The prince had pulled him aside the night before, after Areli had fallen asleep. He warned him that Areli would probably be clingy and meek for awhile. Titus had accepted this, but wasn’t too sure about the rest of the conversation they had.

“Just be prepared for him to cling to you. He always gets possessive when he’s afraid.” The prince said.

“I know, I’m sure I can handle it.” Titus said.

“Really?” The prince slammed down the glass cup of water he had been sipping from. “Because not a few hours ago, you knew nothing about him. Now ‘you know’ how to handle him? He’s sheltered and he’s scared of himself and everything around him. I’m the only person he trusts, I’m the one who should care for him. YOU are just some poor little peasant who wandered into a problem that is WAY out of your control.” The prince was almost turning red. He struggled to keep his voice low, so as not to disturb the sleeping Areli.

“What?” Titus tried to keep his cool. He knew he couldn’t get angry with someone who could have him executed just because he was bored.

“You heard me. You don’t know what’s best for him. I do. You should just leave. You’re only making things worse. He thinks he’s in love with you and what happens when you DO finally leave? He’s going to be destroyed.” The prince said, angrily adjusting the chains on the wall to fit Areli’s larger size.

“I wasn’t planning on leaving him any time soon. I-”

“But you were planning on leaving. Weren’t you?” The prince turned his head.

“Well...This isn’t my home I would have to go back sooner or later. I just planned on it being later.” Titus got defensive.

“Exactly. You’re going to leave, and then I’m left to pick up the pieces!” The prince shouted. Areli rolled onto his other side in the bed. His eyes stayed shut.

“Well, maybe he would love you if you stopped treating him like such crap! The chains and the muzzle and everything? How is he supposed to feel about you?” Titus shouted back.

“I’m sorry if I have to be the responsible one. What do you think people would do if they saw what he was? If they knew what he could do. What do you think he would do? I do this all for his safety! It’s all for him!” The prince shouted even louder, pointing at Areli in the bed. Areli stirred and his golden eyes opened.

“My prince?” He whispered softly.

“I’m here, my pet.” The prince sat down on the bed. He stroked Areli’s hair softly. Areli had a small smile on his face, though it was still filled with sleep.

“Titus...” Areli looked around the room, meeting his eyes with Titus’s.

“I’m here, too.” He didn’t sit down. Only bent over the bed and kissed Areli softly on the forehead.

“Go back to sleep. You need your rest.” The prince said. Areli did as he was told, and in only a few seconds he was snoring softly again.

“You have to face this, my prince.” Titus said, scoffing at the title. “You’re not the only one in his life anymore.” Titus said, staring down at the prince with intense eyes. “He loves both of us. That means we have to get along.” Titus said. “For his sake. He needs us both.” Titus looked down at the sleeping Areli, and the prince knew he was right. Titus provided the loving caring attitude he needed, while the prince provided the structure and leadership Areli also needed.

“Fine. For him. But that doesn’t mean that I like you.” The prince glared at Titus with cold eyes.

“I don’t care for you much either.”


Areli lie in bed with Titus, kissing his jaw and neck lovingly. The prince had gone to town to speak with one of the generals stationed there, and the two were left alone. Titus reveled in the feeling of Areli’s soft hands on his chest, and his pink lips on his jaw. Areli made it clear he didn’t want to go any farther than they were now, when Titus attempted to remove his cloth pants. Titus agreed to keep the clothing on, but he couldn’t say he was too happy about it.

Even after seeing what Areli truly was, he loved him. He loved his bright golden eyes, and his soft pink lips, and his stunningly white hair. He loved the way he blushed and hugged his chest. He loved everything about the boy.

“Areli...” Titus said, stopping his kisses.

“Did I do something wrong?” Areli asked, leaning back so he could see Titus.

“Not at all.” Titus smiled, stroking his hair.

“Then what?” Areli turned his head, like a confused puppy.

“I was just wondering...Eventually... Eventually I do have to go back home. I have a farm to take care of, and horses to care for. I’ve already been gone so long....” Titus said.

“You’re going to leave me...” Areli whispered.

“Not for the reasons you’re thinking of, Areli. I have my own life, in my land. I don’t live here. I was just visiting. I have to go back.” Titus said. Areli looked down at the bed, thoughtful.

“Then I’ll go with you.” He looked up, smiling.

“What about the prince? You love him, too. He can't leave his land. He’s going to be king someday and he needs to stay here.” Titus pointed out. Areli sat back on his heels and sighed.

“How am I supposed to pick? That’s not fair, I can't choose between you two!” Areli said.

“You don’t have to choose....You should come with me. I can take good care of you, Areli. My farm is far out of the way of town. I have a cellar we can turn into a bedroom, just like this. No one will hear your roars or even know that that other side of you exists. You can live a normal life with me. You can be a farm hand and I can teach you how to raise war horses.” Titus began getting excited at the thought of their new life.

“A normal life?” Areli said, sounding hopeful.

“Yes. A good life....with me.” Titus grabbed his hand and placed it on his chest. Areli felt the strong beat of Titus’ heart and almost giggled at the sensation.

“I want a normal life, with you.” Areli said.

“So you’ll come with me?” Titus asked.

“Yes.” Areli said, but in the back of his mind his brain screamed ‘no’.


“Areli...I would like to speak with you.” The prince said. It was early in the afternoon and the air was still cool, though the sun was beginning to warm it. The prince had asked Areli if he wanted to take a walk with him. A war meeting had been canceled, and he had the afternoon free. Areli quickly agreed, glad to have time to spend with the prince. They were together almost constantly, but it wasn’t often when they could actually be TOGETHER.

“Of course, my prince.” Areli smiled up at the man who held his chain leash.

“You know that I belong here. This is my kingdom and one day I’m going to rule it. With you by my side.” The prince said.

“Me?” Areli blushed.

“Of course. You mean very much to me, Areli. I hope you know that.” The prince stopped walking to kiss him playfully. Areli laughed and kissed him back. The prince wrapped his hand through Areli’s and continued walking. A few guards looked, but no one dared to say anything. A relationship between a prince and a slave was unheard of. But if anyone was to question it, the prince would be sure to take action against them.

“I do.” Areli nodded.

“Good...and I hope you also know that Titus doesn’t belong here. This isn’t his home and one day soon he’s going to have to go. Go back to his own kingdom.” The prince said.

“I know...Titus and I talked about this the other day actually...” Areli hadn’t told the prince of his conversation with Titus. After they had finished talking, they took a nap. Once Areli woke and remembered what he had said, he wasn’t so sure. He had always lived with the prince and the prince had always cared for him. He loved him the same as he loved Titus, how could he leave?

“You have? Good. Good. I just want you to be prepared. I know it will be hard to watch him leave, but it’s something that must happen.” The prince said.

“Yes...of course.” Areli bit his lip.

“I’m glad we’re in agreement. Honestly, I was worried you would leave me for him...” The prince laughed nervously.

“What? I...I would never my prince.” Areli smiled through the lie.

"Good...." the prince stopped again and hugged Areli. "I know I don't show it enough, but I love you. You mean everything to me." The prince kissed the top of Areli's head. Areli felt the guilt stab at his heart. He couldnt leave the prince.... He just couldn't.


Areli looked out the window longingly. Titus was tending to the gift horse, making sure he was clean and well groomed. Areli sat in the war room with the prince while he spoke to the king. Both of his men. How was he supposed to choose? He had been with the prince all his life, and now that there was a chance he could lose Areli, he was beginning to show how much he cared for the slave. He touched him more in public and made sure he was happy.

But Titus supported himself. He lived Areli and was so sweet to him. He had a house away from prying eyes and was willing to change to accept Areli. He was new and exciting and handsome and everything Areli wanted in a man. But the prince had all that too....

Areli stepped away from the window and walked up to the prince, who was holding his leash. He reached a hand up and gently tugged on the princes hand. The prince glanced at him out of the corner of his eye.

"Don't go far, pet." The prince whispered to him while the king spoke to a guard. He reached down and unclipped the leash from Areli's collar. Areli smiled and kissed his hand lovingly before leaving the room.

He was heading to go see Titus when a large guard stepped in front of him. He looked up at the man, before turning his head back down and trying to step around him. the guard moved and blocked his path. Areli looked up and couldn't help the small glare that crossed his face.

"Mad, demon? Why don't you transform?" The guard spoke. Areli remembered he was one of the crew that tied him down when he had been wild.

"It doesn't work like that. I have no control over it." Areli said quietly. The guard shoved him roughly. Areli stumbled back but caught himself. "Hey!" He snapped. he was much smaller than the guard, but was prepared to defend himself. The guard was about to speak when another voice interrupted.

"Areli?" Titus appeared.

"Titus...I was just on my way to see you." Areli glared at the guard.

"I see... come here. I want to show you something."

Areli stepped around the guard, and followed Titus.

"What was going on there?" Titus asked.

"Nothing. What did you wish to show me?" Areli asked. He stopped just outside the stables. Animals didn't like him.

"The horse I brought for the king needs to stretch his legs. I thought I could teach you how to ride."

"What? No no no. Animals don't like me." Areli put his hands out defensively and backed up as Titus led the horse out. " They can smell the wendigo. It scares them." Areli said.

“You won't be riding the stallion. This is Anastasia. She’s a good ol’ girl and she’ll take care of you.” Titus brought the older looking horse up to Areli. The horse didn’t fight or buck, but Areli could see the fear and uneasyness in it’s eyes.

“Titus, this isn’t a good idea.” Areli said. Titus dropped the reins of the horse, who backed up a few steps. He stood behind Areli and pushed him towards the horse. The horse nickered and tossed it’s head a little bit. Titus shushed her and helped Areli up on her back. Areli gripped the horses mane in fear.

“It’s okay, she’s very calm. Obviously she doesn’t mind you.” Titus said.

“I don’t like this.” Areli whispered.

“You’ll get used to it. You have to face your fears, Areli.” Titus said. He mounted the black stallion quickly, and trotted in slow circles around Areli and Anastasia. The stallion eyed Areli and if Titus got to close, he would begin to buck and pull at the reins. Titus kept his distance. Titus quickly taught him the basics, and soon they were off on a slow trot through the lands surrounding the palace.

Areli eventually grew used to the feel of the horse beneath him, and Anastasia seemed to warm up to him as well, once she realized he wasn’t going to eat her.

“See, it isn’t so bad. Is it?” Titus asked.

“It’s kind of fun...” Areli laughed, and kicked at the horse below him to move faster. She broke out into a run and Titus coaxed the stallion into a gallop as well. The stallion could have easily out ran the older horse, but Titus kept him in check. They rode side by side through the tall golden grass. Areli was laughing and enjoying himself, when he saw the prince in the distance at the stables. Areli slowed the horse down and turned towards Titus.

“The prince.” He pointed out. Titus nodded and they began heading back. Before they could reach the prince, he was mounted on his own horse. He ran up and met them, his own white stallion a stark contrast to Titus’ black one.

“You got him on a horse. I’m impressed.” The prince smiled.

“It’s fun! I think she likes me.” Areli patted the horse to the right of her mane.

“It seems she does.” The prince nodded. “Lets see how good you are.” The prince nudged his horse into a gallop, Titus and Areli struggling to keep up with the fine horse. Areli fell behind quickly, but Titus and the prince were neck and neck. Areli stopped Anastasia and watched the two run. He bit his lip, before turning and galloping towards an old broken down fence. He whistled loudly, catching the two riders attention. He beckoned them over, and they both realized what he was doing. They lined up quciky, and at Areli’s mark, took off.

The horses were breathing heavy as their hooves ate up the ground below them. Both the prince and Titus were bent over their horses, picking up speed as they went. The prince pulled ahead slightly, before Titus got even farther. They continued going back and forth until they neared the finish line. Titus’ stallion had the long mane, the hair whipping back and forth in the wind. While Merek’s horses was cut short. They both prepared to jump the fence, and Areli watched closely to see the winner.

The hooves of the two horses hit the ground hard as they landed. They slowed down quickly, looping back around to Areli in a slow trot. The horses obviously enjoyed the exercise and nickered with happiness as Areli announced the winner.

“My prince, by just a head.” Areli smiled. Titus smiled, but looked a little disapointed.

“That’s a fine horse indeed, Titus. No stallion has been able to keep up with mine.” He stroked the horse's neck as they walked back to the stables at a slow pace.

“He’s a good horse, just young.” Titus smiled down at the black beauty.

Once they reached the stable, the prince taught Areli how to brush down his horse. Once the horses were groomed and fed, they returned to the princes room.


They were in the process of removing Areli’s muzzle when a guard stepped into the room unannounced.

“My lord, the king requests your presence.” The guard spoke. The prince rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Can’t it wait?” He snapped.

“It’s okay. We’ll be here when you get back.” Areli smiled at the prince. The prince sighed, and took his leave.

Once Areli was free of his chains and muzzle, he sat down on the bed. Titus fell down beside him, and before either of them knew it, they were kissing passionatly. Titus bit Areli’s lip and ran his fingers through Areli’s silky white hair. Areli wrapped his arms around Titus’ neck and smiled when Titus moved his mouth to just below his jaw. He nibbled the delicate skin there, making Areli moan and giggle with pleasure. The door opened suddenly, and the prince stood there looking awkward.

“My apologies. I’ll leave-” He turned to go.

“No! My prince...” Areli blinked his large eyes. The prince looked back and forth between them. Titus refused to make eye contact, but Areli beckoned him over. The prince crawled onto the bed, and Areli turned to give him some attention. Titus sighed and glared at the two as they began to kiss. Areli, with his hand still wrapped around the prince’s neck, turned and began kissing Titus. Titus could taste the prince on Areli’s tongue, but it didn’t matter to him. Areli wrapped one arm each around their necks. Prince Merek began nibbling Areli’s neck lovingly, while Titus claimed a pink nipple. Areli let his  head roll back as the two men began covering his thin body with kisses. At that moment he didn’t feel like a slave. He felt loved.

Merek opened his eyes and the first thing he noticed was that he was still in his clothes from the day before. The second thing he noticed was that at some time after the sun had risen, Areli had freed himself of his shackles and had crawled back into bed and now Areli clung to his body lovingly. The third thing he noticed was that Titus was wrapped around Areli. He glared at the sleeping man, before wrapping his arm around Areli, hitting Titus in the face in the process. Titus started awake and looked around sleepily for the source of the pain in his nose. He glared at the prince as Areli cuddled closer to Merek in his sleep. The prince sneered at him and with the glare still plastered on his face, Titus wrapped his arms around Areli’s waist, pulling him back to his chest. Areli sighed and rolled over, his back to Merek now. Merek frowned even harder and cuddled up against Areli, biting his ear and making him moan in his sleep. After the long night of growling and roaring, he was exhausted and it would take more than a few nibbles and some hugging to wake him up.

Areli reached a hand back in his sleep and let it fall around Merek’s neck. Titus growled low and pulled Areli back towards him, roughly.

“Huh?” Areli awoke from the rough treatment. The prince, not noticing Areli was now awake, sat up and pulled him back to his chest, as if he was a doll. “Ow!” Areli whined. Titus sprang up from where he had been lying, and shoved the prince. They fell off the bed, kicking Areli with their flailing feet in the process. “Hey!” He grunted, as Titus’ foot connected with his eye. They wrestled on the floor angrily, Titus above the prince.

“He’s mine!” Titus shouted.

“Get your hands off me, you piece of dirt!” The prince shouted back. Titus was larger, and had much more muscle than the prince. But wasn’t well trained in combat. The prince, however, had taken hand to hand combat lessons since he was six. With ease, the prince flipped Titus over, following him quickly, landing on his chest with his knees. Titus grunted as the air was knocked out of him. letting out a pained ‘Oof’ sound.

“Stop it! Both of you!” Areli fell down next to them and attempted to pull the prince off of Titus.

“He agreed to stay here with me. He chose me over you, get over it you stupid peasant.” The prince said, through clenched teeth.

“Liar! He agreed to come back to my land, with me!” Titus said, and punched the prince square in the jaw. The prince fell back with a pained sound, and Titus was above him again, hands around his slender throat.

“Stop it!” Areli shouted again, now tugging at Titus. Titus didn’t even flinch at the weight of Areli pulling back on his arm.

“You’re the liar! Tell him, Areli!” The prince said, gasping for breath while Titus cut off his air flow.

“You’re both wrong! I can’t choose!” Areli cried. They both stopped and looked at the young slave. “It’s not fair! I want you both!” Areli said, a bit quieter. Finally whispering, “Don’t make me choose...” letting his head fall to his chest.

“Areli.... You told me-” The prince began, before Areli cut him off.

“I told both of you I picked you. I just panicked. I love you both so much.” He wiped the tears out of his eyes. “But you hate each other. You hate each other and I can't stand it!” He shouted again. Titus and the prince looked at each other, before scrambling apart and over to the crying young man. Titus hugged him to his chest while the prince stroked his back and kissed his hair.

“We don’t hate each other, pet.” The prince lied.

“Yeah, we just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You know, the side that was the floor.” Titus joked. He made eye contact with the prince over Areli’s head.

“Yes you do! Don’t lie to me. You’re too strict, and you’re too nice!” Areli said, first pointing to the prince and then Titus. He stood up and grabbed his muzzle and leash. He paused in the middle of the room. He ran out quickly and shut the door behind him. The prince and Titus hesitated for a minute, sighing. They both jerked their heads up when they heard the sound of the door locking.

“Areli! What are you doing?” The prince and Titus stood, running to the door. They tugged at the handle but it didn’t even budge.

“You’ll stay in there until you get along.” Areli said, voice not even waivering in the slightest.

“Areli, open this door, Now. Or there will be severe punishment.” The prince said, using his royal voice.

“Punish me all you want. It’s worth it if I can make you two get along.” Areli said.

“Let me try.” Titus whispered. The prince moved back and Titus stepped forward.

“Areli, sweetheart come on. Open the door love, please? We can all talk this out and make a decision together.” Titus said soothingly.

“Bite me, Titus.” Areli snapped. Titus was taken aback but recovered quickly, slamming his fist on the door.
“Damn it, Areli! Open the Goddamn door!” He shouted.

“No!” Areli said firmly. He sighed and slid down the door. The prince sat with his back to the foot of the bed. They stared at each other angrily for a moment. “I don’t hear talking.” Areli said. Titus glared at the door before looking back at the prince.

“He’s not going to let us out.” The prince said. “In all the years I’ve known him, he’s never been one to give in. Even if it’s a direct order from me. We both know who’s in charge in the relationship.” The prince admitted.

“Areli wears the pants, huh?” Titus chuckled.

“Yes, I suppose he does. He can make me do whatever he wants with just a look in his eye.” The prince sighed, a look of love over his face.

“Which eye? The happy yellow ones? Or the evil yellow ones that would bite if they had teeth.” Titus asked.

“Both.” The prince laughed, and Titus couldn’t help but chuckle too.

“We do need to talk about this.” Titus said. “We have to decide. For his sake and ours.”

“He’s mine. I found him, I raised him. Besides, you’re old enough to be his father.” The prince rolled his eyes.

“He’s not some pet you found in the woods! And how old I am is none of your concern!” Titus snapped, though he knew it was true. In his late thirties, he was more than twice Areli’s age. “You’re not exactly close to his age either.” Titus sneered.

“A lot closer than you!” The prince stood, ready for a fight. Titus stood, and took the first swing. The prince dodged and tackled Titus into the door.

“Hey! I said talk, not fight!” Areli banged his fist on the door. The two stopped and brushed themselves off. Before going back to staring at each other.

Four hours had passed and Titus and Merek were still sitting there staring at each other.

“Areli?” Titus called out.

“No.” Areli answered, even he sounded tired. They knew he had been sitting outside the door for the entire time, not leaving even once.

“Dear god, Areli. Please let us out!” The prince shouted, lifting his head off of his hands. He sat on the bed with his elbows on his knees in boredom.

“No.” Areli replied, in the same monotone.

“Areli I swear to god I’m going to hurt you.” Titus sighed in frustration.

“No.” Areli replied, not even really listening.

“Why haven’t any guards come by? Shouldn’t they be checking on you or something?” Titus asked.

“I’m not a child.” The prince glared.

“Really? You look like it to me.” Titus shrugged. The prince stood up angrily. They had fought several times in the four hours. The prince now bore a bruised cheek, and a sore side where Titus had kicked him while he was down. Titus didn’t get away clean either though. His nose was cut and the back of his ear was, too. His left eye was beginning to turn purple from a solid punch to the face.

They were both exhausted, and neither really wanted to fight again, but neither of them wanted to back down either. The prince stood up to his full height, just a few inches shorter than Titus. Both glared at each other for a long time before, suddenly, the prince leaned up and kissed Titus. He wrapped his hands around his neck and Titus tried to push him away, but eventually was consumed by the kiss and followed him down to the bed. The prince stripped him of his clothes quickly and Titus began helping him remove his own. Soon they were both naked in the silk covered bed. Titus began jerking the prince off at a steady pace, making the royalty squirm and moan below him.

Slowly, Areli opened the door. He peaked in with one eye, watching the couple on the bed. He couldn’t help but look up and down the hallway before sliding his hand into his pants and began jerking himself off slowly. He bit his lip as he watched the prince and Titus wrestle for control. Both were tops and both knew it. Finally, Titus gave in and let the prince get above him. The prince smiled as he bit down on Titus’ nipple. He moaned and tossed his head from side to side.

The prince reached over and under the bed. He came back up holding a small leather container of oil. He dipped his fingers in the pouch and then moved them down to Titus’ hole. He pumped his fingers in and out slowly, allowing Titus to open up to him. Not long after, he used his fingers to grease up his cock, before lining it up with Titus’ opening. They both groaned in pleasure as Merek sunk in to the hilt. Titus grunted as the prince began fucking him slowly, pumping in and out of his tight ass. Titus prefered being on top, but he couldn’t deny how good it felt to have a cock deep in his ass.

Areli moaned quietly, biting his lip as his climax grew even closer. As Titus grunted with pleasure and covered his stomach in his seed, Areli reached his orgasm. He slipped his other hand into his pants as well, catching the thick ropes of cum. He waited until his orgasm subsided, and in the dizzy afterglow, reached his hand up. He bit his lip, before tentatively licking his cum off his hand. The taste wasn’t bad, and he licked his hand clean before returning his eyes to the two men in bed.

The prince had finally reached his own climax, and filled Titus’ ass with his seed. He collapsed onto the bed sleepily and let his cock slide out Titus pulled him close to his chest and held him tight.

“I’m sorry for how I acted.” Titus said.

“I acted no better.” The prince said.

“You’re not so bad, my prince.” Titus still said that last part with a sneer.

“Titus....Call me Merek.” The prince smiled up at him before begin to doze off. Areli pushed the door open the rest of the way and stumbled into the room, beginning to feel sleepy from his release. He fell into the bed and crawled up between the two men. Titus accepted him in a warm embrace, and Merek  kissed the back of his neck.

“Welcome back to bed. You asshole.” Titus growled.

“But my plan worked, didn’t it?” Areli said sleepily.

“Mmmm....That it did.” The prince nodded, nuzzling Areli’s upper back.

“Sleep now. Punishments later.” Areli smiled.



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