Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cinderella Ch.02

I know it's short and unedited, I've just been busy the past few weeks and this is all I've gotten done. I'll post longer chapters soon and I'll have my second story out soon too. Enjoy


Titus sat at the breakfast feast laid out before him. It was similar to the day before, and most of the same slaves decorated the hall to serve the soldiers and guests. But Areli was nowhere to be found. Titus glanced up every time one of the large doors at each end of the hall, or kitchen doors, opened. But Areli nor the prince ever came through either of them. He sighed and began eating again, after hoping for the millionth time that the sound of the old wooden doors creaking was the entrance of the prince and his loyal slave Areli. Titus felt his heart skip more than once, but his boy never came.


Areli sighed, blowing a lock of white hair out of his face. He looked around the room bored, as his master and other high ranking officials spoke. None of their talk interested him, and he was nearly bored to tears. It had been four hours since he had been dragged out of bed and pulled along to the boring meeting. The prince eyed him as he sighed again and Areli blushed at his smile. The prince knelt down while a general spoke to the king. He lowered his voice so no one else could hear.

“Why don’t you see if you can go find Titus. Maybe he’s around the palace somewhere, just as bored as you.” The prince winked. Areli beamed and bowed quickly before running out of the hall, chains dangling from his limbs.

He searched the hallways`quickly, but kept to himself. He searched the stables, the dining room, the library and even the activity yard to the side of the castle used for games sports and horseback riding. But he couldn’t find Titus anywhere. Finally, he bit back the shyness that filled his mouth and asked a guard about Titus’s room. Once it was pointed out to him, he wasted no time in finding the stablemaster.

‘Titus?’ He knocked on the wooden door.”It’s Areli...” He whispered in his tiny voice.

“Come in.” Titus called, and Areli thought he heard a hint of excitement. He opened the door and found Titus reading on the bed.

“You can read?” Areli said, in awe.

“Not well, but I’m trying to get better at it.” Titus said. Areli’s eyes beamed.

“Can... Can you teach me?” Areli asked. Titus smiled and nodded, making room for him on the bed. Areli sat down and stared at the book. The pages were stained and the writing was smudged, but it was still ledgible. He bit his lip excitedly as Titus taught him the alphabet and about grammar and other things. His head felt full with knowledge and he was beginning to get a headache.

“Lets take a break.” Titus laughed, when he saw how confused Areli looked at the mention of vowels. Areli nodded and smiled, resting his head on Titus’ shoulder. Titus winced and pulled away from him. Areli looked up, eyes filled with confusion and the beginning of fresh tears.

“Titus....I thought you...” Areli bit his lip nervously.

“I do... I am....interested. It’s just that....You’re the princes and he doesn’t want anyone else touching you.” Titus said.

“You’re different.” Areli begged.

“You’re with the prince, aren’t you? As more than a slave?” Titus asked, eyes filled with pain. Areli hesitated.

“Yes...” He finally answered.

“Then we cant do this. If you’re with someone else, especially the prince!” Titus said, as if they had both gone insane to even think about it.

“But I love you.” Areli put a small hand on his chest.

“You haven’t known me long enough to love me.” Titus said, though he didn’t believe it. His father had loved his mother at first sight, and he figured it could be just as simple for two men.

“But I have. You’re different.” He repeated.

“I won’t anger the prince.” Titus pushed Areli away when he leaned in for a kiss. Areli suddenly became angry and his gold eyes seemed to glow with anger.

“Fine! I never wanted you anyways! I hate you!” He shouted, and stood from the bed. He turned and stormed to the door, opening the creaking piece of wood angrily. He paused briefly. “You could never love someone like me anyway.” He whispered so quietly that Titus almost couldn’t hear him. He looked at his hand as if it belong to a stranger. He squeezed his eyes shut but a few tears slipped through, and made a tight fist with his hand before storming off, silver hair whipping behind him. Titus sighed and looked down at his hard erection straining at his pants. He sighed again and fell back on the bed in frustration.


Areli threw himself on the bed in tears, his long silver hair falling around his head as he soaked the pillow with his sorrow. He wanted Titus so bad it hurt, but he knew he couldn’t. He knew he was stupid for trying to be with him, the prince would be so angry.

“Areli?” The prince shut the door as Areli thought this. Areli turned his head as the prince hung up his coat, but didn’t get up from the bed. He sniffled and hugged the soft silk below him. “I thought you went to find Titus, pet. What happened?” The prince sat on the bed.

“I thought you had a meeting, my prince.” Areli said, ignoring the question.

“It was ended early. One of the generals had to leave, there was a fire on the north side of the kingdom.” The prince said. “Now answer my question.” He spoke with the authority that often rolled off his shoulders.

“I...I don’t want you to be mad at me, my prince.” Areli whispered.

“Tell me, or I will be.” The prince frowned. Areli bit his lip. The prince sighed. “You can tell me, and maybe I won’t be mad. Or you can keep it a secret and I WILL be mad. It’s your choice.” The prince spoke, resting his hand on the small of Areli’s back.

“I’m attracted to Titus, my lord.” Areli whispered, wincing as the princes hand stopped stroking his back.

“I know.” The prince said. Areli looked up, golden eyes wide.

“You know?” He said surprised.

“Yes.” He nodded, a hint of sadness in his eyes.

“How?” Areli asked.

“I see the  way you look at him. You used to look at me like that.” The prince blushed and chuckled, looking at the wall.

“I still do, my prince.” Areli smiled and put a hand on the prince’s knee. The prince looked at him and Areli kissed him on the corner of his mouth shyly. The prince chuckled louder.

“You are sweet, my slave.” He ran his fingers through Areli’s hair gently, before bunching his hand into a fist and pulling Areli’s head back a little. “But you are sick.” He said, in a warning voice.

“I know, my prince.” Areli whispered, the prince released his hair and Areli put his head down on the bed again. “But you need not worry about that. Titus has already declined any approach by me.” Areli whispered even quieter.

“He has?” The prince raised an eyebrow.

“Yes. He knows I belong to you.” Areli mumbled, looking at the prince out of the corner of his eye.

“I see...” The prince said quietly. They were silent for a minute before the prince spoke again. “Do you love me, Areli?” The prince asked.

“Of course, my prince.” Areli sat up, and rested his head on the princes chest. “You saved me. You take care of me.” Areli nuzzled his chest. The prince stroked his hair again.

“But more than just that, Areli. Do you love me as more than that?” The prince pulled him away so he could look into Areli’s golden eyes.

“Y-Yes.” Areli said honestly, eyes wide with the prince’s question. The prince was usually very cool and distant from him, though every now and then a ray of love would slip through and would reassure Areli that the prince did care for him. But he was never this blunt about it.

“Say it.” The prince said. For once it wasn’t a command, but a request.

“I love you, my prince.” Areli said.

“Use my name.” The prince whispered, cupping Areli’s face. His eyes were closed and he bit his lip. His forehead was pressed to Areli’s and his breathing was becoming more and more rapid.

“I love you...” Areli hesitated. “Merek.” He whispered. The name felt strange yet familiar on his tongue. The prince shivered when Areli spoke his name, a small smile crossed his lips.

“I love you, Areli.” The prince loosened the muzzle on Areli’s mouth and it slipped down, hanging around his neck. The prince kissed him quickly, before pulling the muzzle back up and securing it again. Areli licked his lips and tasted the hint of wine that was always on the prince’s tongue. He smiled and cuddled against the prince again. The prince snuggled with him for a few more minutes, before he stood. He straightened his clothing and made sure he looked presentable before grabbing his walking cane and headed for the door. Areli stood. “Stay here.” The prince said. Areli frowned. “It’s an hour until sundown and I need you safe. You know what to do. I’ll send a guard in a half hour to make sure you did it properly. I need to go speak with someone.” The prince said, and shut the door. Areli sighed and looked around the empty room, eyes landing on the wall that held his chains.

“Yes?” Titus sat up off of the wool blanket he was given. The door opened and the prince stepped in. Titus swallowed. Had he found out about Areli? Was he angry? He could have him killed if he wanted!

“Titus, I need to speak with you.” The prince said, voice stern.

“Of course, your highness.” Titus nodded his head. The prince crossed the small room and nodded at the bed.

“May I?” He asked. When Titus nodded, the prince sat. “Areli came back to our room in tears. He told me what happened.” The prince said. Titus swallowed again.

“Your highness I-”

“I’m speaking.” The prince stopped him. Titus bit his lip and remained silent. “He told me that you pushed him away. Is this true?” The prince asked. Titus nodded. “Well then, I have to thank you for that. I’m glad that you respected my wishes and didn’t touch him. However, he does care for you and I have to ask that you reconsider his offer.” The prince seemed very displeased with what he was saying, as if someone was forcing him.

“What? I thought he belonged to you....” Titus bit his lip.

“He does, and he always will. However...” The prince glanced at the closed before looking at the floor in front of him and sighing. “I want him to be happy. If being with you will bring him happiness, then I don’t have the heart to keep him away from you.” The prince said.

“I see...” Titus said quietly.

“Do you care for him?” The prince asked, looking Titus in the eyes.

“Well...I....” Titus knew he wanted the slave, physically. He hadn’t really considered anything more. But as time went on he was realizing that he did have the beginning of what could be love for the strange boy. “I think I do.” Titus said.

“You better be more than sure before you make your move. If you hurt him, I WILL have you executed.” The prince said coldly, standing up. Titus didn’t doubt his words at all. “Now, if you’ll excuse me.” The prince headed towards the door.

“Your highness-” Titus stopped him. The prince looked over his shoulder. “Areli...He said he was sick. What does he mean?” Titus asked. The prince hesitated.

“You may do what you want with him, when you make your decision. But whatever you do. Don’t ever keep him out past sunset.” The prince warned, and shut the door behind him. Leaving Titus alone to think about what he had just said.



  1. Thankyou for the update, so you are going to drag out telling us what he becomes after sunset. Sigh that is so frustrating.

  2. The wait makes each chapter more precious, I can't wait to find out more, and what the mysterious other story is. But each unanswered question is so- tantalizing... I love it!

  3. I assume he turns into some kind of monster.

  4. Hmmm...I wasn't totally caught up in it after the first chapter. I think the second chapter dragged me in much moreso. I liked how the characters were further developed. I loved the sweet, innocence of Areli. I am of course dying to know what he is. And why the cruel treatment doesn't leave damage on him. I am encouraged that the prince wants him to be happy but I hate the way he treats this other part of the boy. I like how Titus is a stand-up guy. I look forward to more. I am wondering what the title is coming from?