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Cinderella Ch.03

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Titus poked his head into the prince's room four days later. It was early in the morning and the door was open. He had taken the time to think about the princes offer, and had decided that it couldn’t hurt to give Areli the chance. What if what they felt really was true love?

“Hello?” Titus called out, feeling awkward just stepping into their room. The room was at least four times bigger than his own, and he could see if had a smaller room attached to it. A large soft looking bed sat in the center of the far wall, covered in red silk sheets. To the left of that, was Areli. He dangled from the wall helplessly. He was naked and all of his weight was supported by his wrists. Titus bit his lip and fought the urge to go let him down, when the prince walked out of the second room. He was shirtless and looked like he had just finished washing quickly with a wet rag he held in his hand.

“Damn guards always leave the door open.” The prince muttered, taking a sip of wine.

“I’m sorry, I’ll come back later.” Titus said, turning to leave.

“No no, you’re always welcome here, Titus. Please, come in.” The prince waved him in. Areli didn’t stir from where he slumped at the wall. “Areli, wake up.” The prince said harshly. Areli made no move. The prince rolled his eyes. “Thinks he’s a damn princess, he does.” He muttered. “Have you thought about the talk we had?” The prince asked.

“I have...I want to accept it. I want to be with him.” Titus looked at Areli, worried.

“Good, it will make him happy. Wine?” The prince poured himself another cup, filling the crystal glass he used. He handed Titus an identical glass and Titus was honored. He took it and sipped slowly, looking at Areli. “Don’t worry about him.” He said, looking at Areli with a glass in his hand. “I know it looks extreme, but believe you me, he’s well used to it.” The prince took another sip. Areli looked horribly uncomfortable, his head slumped down onto his chest and his arms pulled back as they hung from the chains high up on the wall, his feet dangling a foot or so from the floor.

“Of course...” Titus said, but he wasn’t sure if he could belive the prince. He looked over at the man in his late twenties and saw that along with the mask he wore, his tunic normally covered several large scars on his chest and back. When he turned to head into the second room, TItus saw that his back was covered in large scratches and bites that looked like an animal had attacked him. He wondered if the prince had been mauled by a bear or a pack of wolves. The prince grabbed his usual clothing, and before Titus could react, removed his mask. The scars cut across his eyes and his mouth, explaining the odd way his words sounded sometimes. His nose was also scared and his ear was torn badly. He grabbed a different mask, and quickly fitted it over his face. He pulled on the black leather gloves and boots he normally wore, before stepping into the second room. He came back with a small wooden cup filled with water. He walked across the room to Areli and set the cup down on the floor for a moment.

“Wake up.” He said. Areli moaned a little and shifted a small bit. “Come on, Areli.” The prince coaxed him awake. Areli groaned again and lifted his head. Sleep clouded his eyes, and his hair was a mess. He coughed and smacked his lips, looking hungrily at the cup of water on the ground as if he knew it would be there. “I know, pet. I know.” The prince said, and began unchaining him from the wall. Areli’s arm fell as soon as he was released from the chains.The prince put a smaller muzzle on Areli than the one he wore when he was against the wall, and then attached his chain lead.

As soon as the prince stepped away after attaching his lead, he fell to his knees and struggled to get up. The prince pulled him to his feet once more, letting him lean on him while he picked up the cup of water and fed it to him slowly. The water splashed out around his mouth as  he drank frantically. Soon the cup was dry and Areli sighed with relief as his thirst was quenched.

“Go get dressed, pet.” The prince said, and Areli glanced at Titus before reaching for his own clothes. He returned shortly, and the prince slapped on his cuffs and chains. He seemed to be regaining his strength quickly, though he moved his arms slowly after the stress they had endured hanging from the wall. “You’ll be spending the day with Titus, he wants to take you out.” The prince glanced at Titus who nodded that it was alright.

“He doesn’t want to be with me...” Areli whispered.

“If he didn’t, then why would he be here? Now stop sulking and make yourself presentable.” The prince said, musing Areli’s hair. Areli scowled and flattened his hair.

“He CAN'T be with me.” Areli said, glaring at the prince and not at Titus.

“He knows the rules. Titus?” The prince looked up at Titus.

“Home before dark.” Titus gave a mock salute.

“Just because he knows them doesn’t mean he respects them, what if-”

“You’re a big boy, Areli. You can make sure you get yourself home if need be. But I trust Titus will take care of you. Fetch my whip and give it to him for the day.” The prince commanded. With a scowl, Areli did as he was told and dropped the whip in Titus’ lap. “Now, you two go out. Do what you like. Oh, and Titus.” The prince called as they headed towards the door.

“Yes your highness?” Titus raised an eyebrow.

“One more rule.” The prince set down his glass.

“Do. Not. Feed him.” The prince said, just as seriously as he had been the night before, if not more so.

“Yes, your highness.” Titus bowed, and moved for the door again.

The prince watched with cool eyes as the two left.


“So what do you want to do?” Titus asked, as they walked through the halls.

“I want to go back to the room.” Areli growled.

“Come on, Areli. I’m sorry I pushed you away. I really do want you.” Titus stopped him and pulled him close. “I didn’t want the prince to be angry, he could execute me if he wanted to. But now that we have his blessing...” Titus smiled and rubbed Areli’s shoulders.

“You really want me? Even though I’m...sick...” Areli bit his lip.

“I do, even though I don’t have a clue what either of you mean by ‘sick’” Titus frowned. Areli looked up at him with serious eyes.

“If you really want me, and decide to stay with me. You’ll know soon enough.” Areli said, worry coating his voice.


Titus was enjoying their day, and it looked like Areli was too. But he was starving. Every Time he wanted to stop and eat, he thought about the princes warning and he didn’t want to sit and enjoy a nice meal, with Areli looking on hungrily.

“You know you’re allowed to eat, it’s just me who can't.” Areli said, after noticing Titus glancing at the carts of fruit.

“I know...I just don’t want to be rude and eat in front of you when you can’t have anything.” Titus bit his lip. Areli laughed and his silver gray here fell in waves as he tossed his head.

“It’s been this way since I was six years old, Don’t worry about me. I’m only a slave after all.” Areli said, though both he and Titus knew that he was more than that to the prince.

“Right, why can’t you eat?” Titus asked.

“It has to do with me being sick.” Areli explained, as Titus began eating his bowl of soup. Titus nodded.

“Am I ever going to know what you’re sick with?” Titus asked, almost annoyed. Areli looked at him before looking at the ground. Titus sighed and finished his food, before bringing Areli to the next stop on their ‘date’.


The prince paced the floor nervously. He hadn’t let Areli be alone with a stranger for this long before and it was driving him crazy. He had to resist the urge to send a guard to watch them. He knew if Areli found out he had, he would have been angry. The prince would just push him away even more. For the hundredth time the prince looked out the window in hopes of seeing Areli and Titus walking up the palace steps, but what he saw instead only made him feel worse.

The sun now hung low in the sky, not yet setting, but it was getting close. He considered getting the carriage again and finding the two, but he had to trust Titus and Areli. He had to trust Areli to know what he was doing. Titus didn’t know. Areli knew what happened to him if he stayed out after sunset. He knew, and he had to stop it.


Titus kissed Areli’s neck happily, laying in the cool green grass on the west side of the palace. To their right was an old abandoned guards tower that had since began to crumble. Areli had brought Titus here so they could be alone, and how alone they were being! Areli’s chained hands couldn’t do much, but he was enjoying what he could do. Titus moved up his body again to claim his lips and nibble his ear, before moving back down. He noticed now that the prince hadn’t put the shackles on his feet, probably so that Areli could walk easier. But the neglectful prince helped Titus in more ways than that. Titus looped his fingers around the waistband of the loose cloth garments and pulled them down, revealing Areli’s small hardon. He blushed but his cock bounced happily. Titus smiled and sucked his leaking cock into his mouth, sucking softly on the hard meat.

Areli moaned and pawed at Titus’ head with his chained hands. Titus released his cock and moved back up his body, nibbling at his neck again. Areli shifted on the uncomfortable ground, and Titus noticed.

“We should go back, you’re uncomfortable.” Titus bit his lip, beginning to stand.

“No! I want this...” Areli said, as Titus pulled him up. He leaned on his chest and looked up at Titus.

“I’m not going to have my way with you in the grass like you’re some barn animal.” Titus laughed. Areli blushed and looked around at anything but Titus’ eyes. Titus almost laughed when his eyes widened.

“There...” Areli pointed with his shackled hands. Titus looked over at the ruined building and frowned.

“It doesn’t look very safe. It looks like the walls will crumble at the slightest noise.” Titus said.

“Oh, well that’s too bad...” Areli said sadly, before looking up at Titus and kissing his jaw. “Because we’re going to make lots of it.” He giggled, and ran inside the guards tower. Titus laughed and chased him inside, worries of the old building and the setting sun forgotten.


The prince was frantic now. He knew that if they were in the town, it would take them to long to get back on foot at least. He grabbed his whip and exited his room, shouting.

“Guards! Guards!” He cried. Several large men ran up quickly, and more could be heard running to join them. “Areli is gone. Find him and the man he’s with!” He shouted. The guards nodded.

“What do you want with them?” The head guard asked.

“Just find them! NOW! Don’t harm either one!” The prince shouted, and the guards took off. He grabbed one of the last ones in the hall and pulled him back. “Get everybody! Find them! I want every guard and slave in the palace searching! I don’t care if you have to get my father himself to find them, just FIND THEM!” The released the guards bunched tunic, throwing him towards the stairs. He jogged down the stairs after them, preparing to search himself.


Areli fell onto the bed happily, as Titus followed him down. He was surprised the old cot that the guards would use was still there, and so comfortable at that. Titus bent down and kissed him lovingly. The only thing floating through Areli’s mind was that the prince never kissed him like that. He never held him like Titus did. He knew the prince loved him, but what good was it if he didn’t show it?

Areli tugged at the chains around his wrists, becoming frustrated. Titus stopped and looked at the offensive pieces of metal. Areli tugged again, chain slipping to around the thickest part of his hand. He grunted and continued to pull, it obviously hurt but he wanted his hands free and he wanted his hands free now. The skin turned red, but he finally slipped his small hand through. Titus smiled as he began on the other one, tugging and pulling it off around his slender hand. Finally, the cuffs were off. Areli tossed them to the side and quickly wrapped his arms around Titus’ neck, pulling him down for another kiss. Titus kissed him for a minute longer, before reaching down and pulling his tunic up and off. His bare chest was littered with scars, but nothing too shocking for a slave to have. The really shocking thing was how thin he was, it looked like he would snap if Titus touched him to roughly.

Titus dove down and took one of the tiny pink nipples into his mouth, nibbling at it while playing with the other one. Areli moaned and wiggled underneath him, tossing his head back in pleasure. Titus undressed himself quickly, before pushing Areli’s legs up to his chest. He licked at his small pucker until it was moist with his spit. He nibbled the pale globes of his ass, before pulling back and lining up his cock with Areli’s hole. Areli bit his lip as Titus pushed into him slowly. He hissed and wished they had some oil, but took the hard cock anyways. It took Titus awhile, but soon he was working his way in and out of Areli’s tight ass, his own precum providing the grease they needed. Titus pumped harder, as Areli reached down and began stroking his own cock. He whimpered as his orgasm built. Titus grunted and wrapped a hand around the back of Areli’s neck, holding them close together.

Areli cried out as his ass was filled with Titus’ warm cum. He felt himself filled by not only the large cock, but also Titus’ seed. He sighed and collapsed onto Titus’ chest in a heap of cum, sweat, and skin. He listened to the soft rumble in Titus’ chest, and responded with his own groan. His eyes began to droop, and he looked at the setting sun and he knew he had to leave, he had to run. He had to get as far away from Titus as possible. But he couldn’t. His arms were wrapped around Titus’ chest now, and Titus had his hands resting on Areli’s lower back. Areli craved the feeling of Titus’ touch, and the warm bed beneath them, and as the sun finally set over the horizon, he felt the first shutters take place as he fell asleep.

The prince ran around the town nearby the palace. Guards ran through the streets, tearing buildings and houses apart looking for the two men. Others searched the palace, even the king and queen were riding through the fields towards the lake. Even the hunting dogs couldn’t track them down.

The prince watched as the sun set on the horizon. Several of the guards looked at him with worry, only those who knew what happened after sunset. The prince swallowed and his heart sunk. He knew tonight would be a night to remember. He also knew that soon enough, they would know where Areli was.

Titus felt Areli move against him and opened his eyes. The sleeping boy dozed quietly on his back. After they had fallen asleep. He had rolled off of Titus’ and instead Titus had spooned him on their sides. He looked down at Areli and blinked his eyes hard when he thought he saw his stomach ripple. He knew he wasn’t imagining things when it happened again. The muscle under his too thin stomach and sides quivered and he began sweating in his sleep. His breath quickened and he whimpered. His eyes snapped open suddenly and he cried out, holding his stomach in agony.

“Areli, what is it?” Titus sat up, worried something was horribly wrong.

“Leave...” Areli gasped.

“What?” Titus scrunched his brow.

“Leave!” Areli screamed, looking up at Titus with his frightening golden glowing eyes. Titus fell back off the bed and stared at Areli as he rolled off the other side. he heard him hit the floor and slowly crept around to the other side of the room to see Areli writhing on the floor in pain.

“Areli...” He whispered, wanting to help but was to scared to approach the young man.

“The...Prince...I need to...Ah!” The slave screamed as another wave of muscle spasms hit him. He cried out and stood up suddenly, throwing himself against the wall. His naked back rippled with muscles that weren’t there before. His shoulders crunched and cracked as they widened. His hair grew and fell down his back in a long mane. his ears grew to a pointed tip and his skin got paler and paler until it was a deathly gray color. His legs grew longer and changed until they were similar to a dogs. He tossed his head back and screamed, a mixture of dying animal and terrified human. Titus saw that where his regular teeth once sat in his mouth, there were now large white gleaming fangs. The small muzzle he wore didn’t do much as his skull grew, ripping the leather pieces holding it together to shreds. He rolled against the wall, and now Titus had the unfortunate chance to see his chest changing.

His waist got smaller and smaller until it looked like it wouldn’t even be able to hold his chest, which suddenly widened and rippled with muscle. Veins and muscles in his neck throbbed as he tossed his head from side to side. He turned with his side to the wall and slammed his head against the stone angrily. It crumbled and cracked under the force from his skull, before Areli turned back with his back to the wall. He writhed in agony as his arms grew longer. They grew until his hands met his newly thickened thigh. Then, his hands grew. They grew until they would have easily been able to pick up a large watermelon with one hand. His fingers grew until they scraped the floor with his toes. His fingers and toes then sprouted large black claws that a mountain lion would be jealous of. Finally, his body began to settle into it’s new form as the last change happened.

A second set of arms grew from under and behind his first set. They were smaller, but looked just as vicious. The beast that stood where Areli once was, huffed and puffed as it caught its breath from the rough change. It tossed back its head, and let out a fierce roar that would put a lion to shame. It practically shook the walls of the building, and Titus immediately recognized it as the roar from the past few nights in the palace. It lowered its head again, and then slowly raised it, looking directly at Titus. Titus realized that Areli’s once bright shining golden eyes, were now a deep blood red.


Everyone heard the roar. From miles away the all too familiar sound could be heard. But what terrified everybody was that it no longer came from the castle, but from an unknown place. The beast was loose, and everyone was terrified. Guards ran in a panic amongst the citizens. The prince grabbed the nearest horse and sat astride. A few guards looked at him, panicked, for direction.

“Round up as many of your men as you can and meet me at the old guards tower. Go!” The prince said, and kicked the horse into a gallop. The stallion had trouble weaving through the crowd of panicking people, but it did its best. Soon it was running on the open field of the palace grounds. It’s hooves ate up the ground below it as it charged for the thing that was striking terror into its heart with only a roar. Its breath came in deep gasps as it moved as fast as it could, at the mercy of its riders boots at its side. Merek glanced behind him and saw the guards had mounted horses and were trying to keep up.

They arrived at the run down tower not a moment too soon, as the screams of a terrified man came from inside. Merek jumped off of the terrified horse, and ran inside. He barged into the crumbling tower and saw Titus pressed up against the closest wall.

“Why didn’t you listen to me, you idiot! I said before sundown!” Merek shook him, but Titus didn’t seem to fear him at the moment. Instead, his eyes were trained on the drooling beast that was Areli.

The prince looked at the monster that was his beloved slave, and grabbed his whip from his side. A large puddle of saliva had formed at the beasts feet as Areli drooled at the group of humans before him. With the confidence only the prince himself could muster, he strutted up to the beast, cracking his whip at his face. The beat moved his head back only slightly, not all that concerned. The guards had arrived, and luckily most of them belonged to the prince's personal guard and knew what they were doing. With the heavy chains in hand, they moved to circle the beast as best they could. Areli roared and swung at one of the guards, sending him through the old stone wall. While he was distracted, another guard threw the heavy chain over his shoulder. He didn’t even flinch at the weight, and instead grabbed the chain. He yanked the guard over to him, and without hesitating, bit down on his head. The guard screamed as the prince cracked his whip at Areli, who dropped the corpse and moved towards the human challenging him. He reached out a large hand and was about to grab the prince like a child would a doll, when an arrow was shot through his eye. He howled in agony and used his second pair of arms to paw at the arrow in his skull. He hissed and spit with pain and searched with his good eye to find the assailant. He targeted the archer outside the building, who had shot him through a hole in the wall. With a roar, he stepped up to the hole, and ripped the entire wall apart to fit through. The archer went pale as the beast lunged for him. It moved faster than anything he had ever seen, and he was dead before he was even in the monster's mouth.

The white furred creature roared as its size almost doubled. It now stood at least three feet taller than every guard and man in the area. With its new found rage, it ripped the arrow from its eye. It roared and staggered, scratching at the wound.

“Don’t let him eat anything else!” The prince shouted, cracking his whip again. A look that resembled amusement crossed Areli’s face as he picked up what was left of the archer, and chucked it at the line of soldiers. They fell and screamed as Areli roared. His roar almost had a hint of laughter in it. Screams rose from the nearby town and Areli turned toward the sound, licking his lips. He took a step in the direction of the panicking village, and was met with a whip across the face. He turned, and like an angry snake, hissed at the prince with wide eyes. The prince met his gaze with an equally as powerful one, and backed up as Areli turned towards him. He roared, and charged the prince. The prince drew back his arm just in time to whip Areli across the face again, sending him off to the side in a heap. He fell into the dirt hard with a groan.

He tried to stand up, but his awkwardly large limbs didn’t help the process. It was very clear whatever he was was never meant to be on the ground like that. It took him to long, and before he could do anything, several chains were slung around him. He was pinned to the ground and soon, was forced to sleep by a very large guard, with a very large hammer.

“I told you to return him before dark, and you couldn’t even do that much!” The prince snapped at Titus, who had watched the entire fight silently.

“I-...I’m sorry I....What is he?” Titus walked up to the unconscious creature.

“It’s called a Wendigo. No, it’s not Areli. It’s just a part of him that we work around.” The prince mumbled, taking off his mask and wiping sweat from his brow.

“A...A wendigo?” Titus looked up at him.

“Yes. They’re a type of demon that possesses a person once they consume human flesh.” The prince explained, as if this was ordinary news.

“What? Areli’s a cannibal?” Titus felt dizzy.

“Return to the palace and get everything under control. Tell no one anything. I can take care of him from here.” The prince said to the guards. They left quickly to do as they were told. Once they were out of sight, The prince joined Titus on the ground. He ignored his expensive clothes and sat in the dirt, against the crumbling wall of the guards tower. The Wendigo breathed heavily, it’s chest rising and falling against the ground. “When Areli was young, before he came here. He had a family. A mother, and a father. I think he mentioned a sibling or two as well. They were traveling from one kingdom to another. But they got lost on the way. Before long, they began starving to death. None of them knew how to survive in the wild and their food was low. His father died first, and as they say ‘desperate times call for desperate measures.’” The prince rolled his eyes.

“He ate his own father?” Titus said, sick to his stomach.

“And his mother. The woman forced him to eat, wanting to keep her son alive. But once he tasted the flesh, he transformed. He killed her and consumed her and his siblings.” The prince said. Titus stared at the beast with horror.  “When a Wendigo eats, it grows to the same size as its meal. It’s never full, it’s always hungry, and it’s always hunting.” The prince said. Titus was silent.

“He transforms every night at sunset, and changes back at sunrise. He lives with only a few hours of sleep a day. As soon as the sun rises he changes and sleeps. But has to get up when I do since I refuse to leave him alone for long.” The prince says.

“he doesn’t eat?”

“No. I can't risk feeding him. If he grows too large, I won't be able to control him anymore.” The prince said.

“But during the day-”

“If he eats during the day, he transforms.” The prince sighed.

“So what, he just starves to death? How is he even alive? He hasn’t eaten for twelve years?” Titus shouted.

“Not a bite. Until tonight anyway. I’m not really sure how it works. All I know is that he hasn’t ever starved to death, obviously. If I had to guess, I’d say the demon inside fuels him. It’s not the prettiest thing, but it keeps him alive.” The prince said, sounding tired.

“You deal with this? Every day?” Titus asked, amazed.

“Every day.” He nodded.

“Does he remember what happens, when he’s changed?” Titus asked.

“Yes. I don’t know how he’s going to handle this, eating two people. I’m sure I’ll have to do some renovations on the room as well. He’s much too large for the chains I’ve been using.” The prince muttered to himself. They were silent for a moment.

“What do we do now?” Titus asked.

“I’ll stay with him for the rest of the night, and take him back home in the morning.” The prince said. He raised an eyebrow. “I trust you two had fun tonight?” He asked, now noticing how naked Titus was. He blushed and nodded quickly, before returning his eyes to the slumbering beast.

Titus poked his head inside the open door to the prince's room. Areli was lying in bed, covered by the silky sheets. His face was down in the soft pillows filled with feathers, covered by red silk as well. The prince sat on the bed, quietly stroking his silvery hair. Titus couldn’t help but see the image of the monster with a guard dangling from his mouth. He shook the picture from his mind, and stepped inside. The prince turned his head slightly, but Areli didn’t even move.

“He wants you to know that we’ll both understand if you leave. We know it’s a lot to handle, and you won’t be blamed for your decision.” The prince said, stroking Areli’s hair as he buried his head in a pillow as he cried. Titus bit his lip before looking at the door. He looked back at Areli and the prince, neither one of them looking at him. He walked to the door, and heard Areli sob at his footsteps. He shut the wooden door quietly, before walking to the bed, and sitting down to stroke Areli’s back soothingly.



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