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Arlo Ch.03

Since I don't have story #2 finished yet, you get another chapter of story #1 (Arlo obviously) But it should be ready next week. So Monday you get Arlo Ch.04 and Friday you get Of mice and men ;) which is a sequel, I just wont tell you of what.

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Arlo rushed through the front doors of the Emergency Room. He was half an hour late, and he felt bad about it. he was almost always early though, so he knew no one would give him shit.

“Hey, Arlo. What are you doing in here so late?” Ronda greeted him as he went to check which patients were in.

“Sorry, Ronda. I had to stop by my house this morning to get a change of clothes.” Arlo said. He had spent the night at Jakes, and it was some of the best sleep he’d had in a long time.

“Stop by? Where did you sleep last night? I hope it was with that tall dark and handsome beauty of a man who brought you lunch.” Ronda raised an eyebrow.

“Well...Actually. I did spend the night with him....But all we did was sleep.” Arlo added sternly, when Ronda gasped and sat up, as if ready to gossip about boys.

“Uh huh, sure honey. We all know what goes on behind closed doors.” She winked.

“Ronda!” Arlo couldn’t help but blush. The older woman giggled, and walked away with a clipboard in hand. Arlo smiled, and got back to work.

It had been a long day. Arlo had had a patient who had somehow managed to hammer a nail through his hand. completely through the middle of his hand. He wasn’t really sure how he managed to do that without help, but he just rolled his eyes and accepted it. It had been a long day, but it was almost over. Arlo changed out of his hospital clothes, and back into his street clothes. He was tying the shoes he had gotten that morning, when his cell phone rang. He picked it up and saw it was only a text.

Donovan: Wats for dinner?

Arlo rolled his eyes.

Arlo: Idk. Im not sure if Im coming home tonight or not.

The thought was a happy one. If he could stay with Jake another night. If he could be held by him again...His thoughts were interrupted by another chirp of his phone.

Donovan: U better be.

The words were cold and hollow, and Arlo couldn’t help but feel a little terror when he read them the first time, and the second and the third. He decided he would go home that night. Whatever made Donovan happy.

Luckily the walk home wasn’t long. Jake had offered to give him a ride home, but of course Arlo declined. He was terrified of what Donovan would do if he saw Arlo with another man. Even if it was just a ride home.

He stepped through the door into the living room and looked around. Donovans car was here, but Arlo couldn’t find him. He sighed and went into the kitchen to see what they had. After finding the stuff to make spaghetti, he got to work. The water had just started boiling, when Donovan walked in.

“Hey, where’ve you been?” Arlo asked, not looking for his shoulder.

“I could be asking you the same thing.” Donovan set a beer down on the table as he sat. Arlo sighed.

“Come on, Donovan. Is it so much to ask that you just not drink around me? It’s hard enough being sober as it is, but having you flaunting everything around me makes it worse. It only makes us fight, too.” Arlo sighed and rubbed the top of his nose.

“Then make it easier on both of us and just take a drink. Maybe it will loosen you up a little.” Donovan spat. Arlo stared at him wordlessly for a minute.

“You know I’m not going to do that.” Arlo turned back to the dinner, before he started crying. He couldn’t help the small sobs that spilled forward. He covered his mouth, trying to muffle the sounds of pain.

“I’m sorry, Arlo.” Donovan left the beer and moved to hug Arlo to his chest. Arlo sighed and turned around, loving the embrace of his lover. Donovan kissed the top of his head and rubbed his back. “You’re right, I shouldn’t bring this shit around you.” He nodded towards the beer.

“Thank you.” Arlo wiped away his tears.

“Forgive me?” Donovan poked out his lip. Arlo nodded and stood on his tip toes to kiss him. Donovan smiled and returned the kiss. “Mmmm, smells good.” he smiled as he leaned over Arlo to look at the food.

“No peaking. It will be ready in a few minutes, why don’t you set the table?” Arlo asked. Donovan nodded and moved to get the silverware.

“How was work?” Donovan asked.

“Busy. I don’t know what it is with people these days but they do some of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.” Arlo chuckled.

“Well, it’s a good thing they have you around to take care of them. Just like you take care of me.” Donovan finished putting down the plates and silverware and moved back to hug Arlo. Arlo practically purred at the touches from Donovan.

“Well, not exactly how I take care of you.” Arlo smiled and turned to face Donovan, dinner forgotten. He wrapped his arms around Donovan and kissed him roughly. They headed towards the bedroom, and Arlo stopped quickly to turn off the warming sauce. They fell into bed, tearing each others clothes off as they went. Soon, Arlo was naked and Donovan was kicking off his last sock. Donovan reached for the lube and positioned himself between Arlo’s legs. He slathered his cock with lube, and put a heavy glob on Arlo’s hole. He pushed two of his thick fingers in, making Arlo grunt, and then sigh with pleasure. Donovan worked his fingers in and out for a moment, before pulling his fingers out, and lining up his cock. He thrust into Arlo in one quick motion, making Arlo cry out in pleasure. Arlo held his knees to his chest as Donovan pounded in and out of him. He was lost in the pleasure as Donovan bent to take a tender nipple into his mouth. He grunted and let one of his knees free, to allow his hand to thread through Donovan’s hair.

Donovan thrust into him one last time, before pulling out and flipping him over. He pulled Arlo up so he was on his hands and knees, and pushed into him again. Arlo gripped the sheets as Donovan got closer and closer to his release. Donovan slipped a hand under them and began jacking Arlo off. Arlo moaned and whimpered as he began cumming. He bit his lip and sighed as his release covered the bed. His toes curled as the intense orgasm sent his body into shivers. As he was coming down from his high, Donovan came. He pulled Arlo back hard onto his cock, and pulled him up so he was standing on his knees, with his back arched back so that his ass was a close to his cock as it could get. Donovan grunted as he began filling Arlo with hot cum.

Without warning, Donovan bit down on Arlo’s shoulder. Arlo sighed at the pain and pleasure mixed, and then cried out when there was only pain. Donovan’s hands dug into his hips, and his teeth clenched down on the tender flesh of Arlo’s shoulder.

“Ah! Donovan stop!” Arlo struggled to pull away, but Donovan was lost in his orgasm. He bit down even harder. Arlo sobbed and tried to pull away, but only made the bite worse. Finally, after what seemed like ages, Donovan let go. Arlo struggled to get away from him. He fell onto his stomach on the bed, and crawled away. He shivered at the feeling of Donovan’s cock slipping out of him. Cum leaked down his leg as he fell out of the bed and scrambled into the bathroom, wrapped up in the sheet from the bed. He heard Donovan stand up and him walk out of the bedroom. He could hear water running in the kitchen.  Arlo turned his attention away from Donovan, and to the bite on his shoulder. It was worse than he thought.

Arlo gasped at the bite. It looked like something from a horror movie. The flesh was red and oozing blood slowly. The individual teeth marks were clear on his pale skin. The bite was deep, and he thought he would need stitches. It was definitely going to get infected. He touched the wound carefully, and had to bite his tongue to keep from sobbing. He let the sheet fall to the floor, as he reached for the first aid kit they kept under the sink. He cleaned the wound, with many tears and sobs in the process, and then put a thick bandage over it. In a few minutes, the blood was already seeping through. He took a few mild painkillers, and walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. After slipping on some sweats and a loose sweatshirt, he walked out into the kitchen. Donovan sat at the table, eating a bowl of spaghetti, with a side of garlic bread Arlo had made.

“This is good, babe.” Donovan said, not even looking up. Arlo stared at him for a moment, before walking over to the counter and attempting to look busy while dishing himself up a bowl. He was finally forced to sit down across from Donovan. He wasn’t hungry, and only stared at his boyfriend who suddenly seemed ravenous. Arlo narrowed his eyes as he saw a smudge of sauce on Donovan’s chin. It took him a moment to realize that it wasn’t spaghetti sauce, it was blood. Donovan had Arlo’s blood on his chin. Arlo stared at his boyfriend until he was done eating, and went to bed. He sat at the kitchen table in the dark for a long time, before getting up, and crawling into bed with Donovan.

Jake sat at his desk, bored. He was put on desk duty for a few days since they needed someone to take over while someone was out sick. Plus, with his arm, he was already being eyed at to be put on the desk until he healed. He hated it, there was nothing to do. He chewed on a pen cap lazily and looked up at the ceiling. Suddenly, his eyes were drawn to his computer and he sat up, still chewing on the pen cap. He typed in a few words quickly into the database, and bit his pen cap hard when he saw a few results come up.

He had been curious about Arlo since the day he met him. He had a bad habit of looking people up in the police database once he met them. He couldn’t help it, he was just naturally curious. He looked at the results for Arlo on the screen. The screen glowed a dim blue in the darkness of his office. He wanted to click on them so badly, but was it an invasion of privacy? Of course it was. But he did it anyways. He clicked on the first report that came up. He scanned them quickly, just trying to find out more about the mysterious lying man he had grown so fond of over the last few days.

The first report was a complaint filed by a neighbor when Arlo was nineteen. It was obvious from the description Arlo had been drunk. The one after that was the same, and after that. And after that. Jake was surprised with how many results came up on the database for the young doctor who seemed so quiet and peaceful.

“He must be one hell of a mean drunk.” Jake mumbled to himself, after seeing Arlo was taken into custody after he had gotten into a bar fight with another man. A picture of Arlo came up. He looked like hell. He was obviously a lot younger, but you wouldn’t know it just by looking at him. His hair was dirty and matted, and his skin was splotched with dirt. He had an extremely pissed off look in his eyes, almost like a feral cat. Dark cricles weighed his eyes down, a sure sign of an insomniac. Jake continued searching through the reports, up until the year Arlo said he had quit drinking. There were a few outbursts, Arlo had gotten into a fight with somebody at an AA meeting, and then there was another outburst a few weeks later, but then after that the record was spotless. Jake sighed and sat back in his seat. This all told him nothing he didn’t already know.

He knew Arlo was an alcoholic, and that he had had a rough couple of years. He knew that he had probably gotten into some fights and done some stupid shit. But this didn’t explain why he was lying to him, or what he was lying to him about. Jake picked up the pen cap from where it had fallen on his desk, and stuck it back into his mouth. He looked over at his cellphone, and picked it up.

Arlo finished vaccuming just as his phone rang. He answered it, without looking at who was calling.

“Hello?” He mumbled. He didn’t sleep well and was in a lot of pain from the bite that was already turning purple and was swelling.

“Hey. Are you allergic to phones or something? It seems like everytime I call you’re in a bad mood.” Jake laughed on the other line. Arlo laughed.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t get a lot of sleep. Work and all.” Arlo lied. Most doctors had problems with their hours, but he liked his.

“I understand, it gets like that around here, too.” Arlo loved the way Jake sounded like he was smiling all the time.

“So what’s up?” Arlo asked, moving to the bathroom to take another look at the bite.

“Nothing. I just wondered if you wanted to do lunch.” Jake asked. “My lunch break is coming up, we can meet at a park. I’ll pick something up.” Jake said.

“That sounds like a lot of fun.” Arlo said honestly. He wondered if he would be able to hide the bite under a shirt.

“Cool, I’ll meet you at the bench we ate at that day. Across from the hospital?” Jake asked.

“Sure. I’ll see you in a few,” Arlo said.

“See you.” Jake said, and hung up. Arlo changed the bandage on his shoulder, and moved to get dress. After struggling to find a shirt that would hide the wound, he decided on a short sleeve that barely hid it, and then a sweat shirt over that. He pulled on his shoes, and grabbed his keys.

Arlo laughed, finishing his box of fried rice. He reached for the beef with brocoli that they were sharing. They had sat at the same bench, and were both sitting cross legged on the top of the table.

“How did you know I love Chinese food so much?” Arlo asked.

“Everyone loves chinese food, otherwise you have no soul. You know that.” Jake said casually. Arlo laughed and took another bite with his chop sticks. “I’ll never know how you can use those damn things.” Jake scowled at the two sticks like they were Satan. He kissed his plastic fork. “This is the only way to go.” He laughed. Arlo rolled his eyes and took another bite of beef.

“You’re a dork.” Arlo laughed. Jake chuckled and then looked up, a funny look in his eyes.

“Hey, can I tell you something?” Jake asked. Arlo swallowed his bite of food.

“Sure.” He said, listening closely.

“I did a stupid thing and looked you up in the police database.” Jake blushed. Arlo blushed and looked down at the table.

“Oh...” He mumbled. Jake put his hand on top of Arlo’s.

“I wasn’t prying, I was just curious. I want you to know that I don’t care about anything that you did in the past. You made some wrong choices, and you’re aware of that. On top of that, you set it right and got sober. It’s something to be proud of, not to be ashamed of.” Jake said. Arlo smiled.


“No problem. I do have to say one thing though.” Jake smiled. “You really did all those things? You just seem so quiet and sweet. The friendly neighborhood doctor got into a bar brawl with a biker? I saw a picture of that guy, he was like four times your size!” Jake laughed. Arlo couldn’t help but laugh, too.

“Yeah...I’m not a nice drunk. One of the reasons I stopped.” Arlo brushed his hair out of his eyes.

“I guess you really can't judge a book by it’s cover, huh?” Jake smiled.

“Well, if we were doing that, you would look like some big dumb redneck of a cop.” Arlo poked fun.

“Ouch!” Jake put a hand over his heart as if Arlo had stabbed him.

“It’s okay, though. I’ve always had a thing for big dumb cops.” Arlo smiled and got closer. He claimed Jake’s lips in a kiss. Jake moaned under the pressure of Arlo’s lips. He wrapped oone arm around Arlo’s waist, and the other was threaded through his hair. He kissed back and the two made out for a short time, getting more passionate as they went. Arlo screamed as Jake suddenly fell back.

“Whoa!” He cried, before tumbling off the table and hitting the sidewalk hard. He grunted in pain as Arlo giggled and laughed with the rediculousness of the situation.

“Oh my god. Are you okay?” He tried to muffle his laugh with a hand as Jake rubbed the back of his head.

“Ah...I think so.” Jake laughed. He pulled his hand back and frowned when it was smeared with a little blood.

“Oh! Jeez. I’m so sorry. Come on, I can put a band aid on it and kiss it better.” Arlo pulled him up. Jake laughed and swayed a little once he was on his feet. “Are you okay?” Arlo asked again.

“Yeah, just a little bump on the head is all.” Jake chuckled. Arlo led him into the ER and into an empty exam room, passing Ronda as he went. He sat Jake down and slipped on a pair of gloves, snapping them into place. “That would be a lot more sexy if I wasn’t seeing four of you.” Jake laughed. Arlo shook his head and giggled.

“Let me see, you big klutz.” He laughed, and searched through Jake’s short hair. “You have a small gash, your head just bleeds a lot. I guess with no brain and all, you have a lot of room for blood in there.” Arlo joked. Jake punched him playfully in the ribs, making him giggle. “I’ll clean it up for you. I’ll probably give you a few stitches.” Arlo said. He swabbed out the cut, making sure it was clean, before giving Jake two stitches.

“Thanks, Doc.” Jake said, once Arlo was finished.

“Hey hey hey.” Arlo said, when Jake stood up. He looked confused. “I didn’t say I was done with you yet, sit your butt down.” He pointed back down. Jake did as he was told and sat. Arlo stepped up close to him and draped his arms over his shoulders.

“Whad’ are ya doin’, Doc?” Jake smiled a little.

“I told you I would kiss it and make it better.” Arlo whispered, and kissed Jake again. He fell back, this time onto the bed as Arlo climbed on top of him.

“I wouldn’t peg you as the kind of guy who chases down his men, Doc.” Jake laughed, as Arlo kissed down his chin.

“I’m not usually, I guess you’re just a special case.” He winked. “Besides, I owe you for lunch.” Arlo moved all the way down, and unzipped Jake’s pants.

“Uh...Whad’ are ya doin’, Doc?” Jake repeated.

“You treated me to lunch, now this is my treat.” Arlo smiled. He fished Jake’s cock out of his pants and stroked it until it began getting hard. Jake looked down at him, mouth open as he gasped for air. His eyes rolled back in his head as he moaned at the warm sensation of Arlo covering his cock with his mouth. Arlo began sucking him off slowly. Jake grunted as he came, filling Arlo’s mouth with cum. Arlo closed his eyes as he swallowed, savoring the salty taste of Jake’s release.  He licked Jake clean, and put his cock back into his underwear, before zipping up his pants.

“Damn, Doc. You know how to treat a man.” Jake said, still trying to catch his breath.

“That was probably stupid of me. You shouldn’t exert yourself too much.” Arlo put his hand on Jakes head. “Let me know if you have any bad headaches or anything, okay?” Arlo said.

“Sure thing, Doc.” He stood, and adjusted himself in his pants.

“You should probably get back to work.” Arlo blushed. Jake looked up at the clock.

“Damn, I’m half an hour late.” He shrugged. Arlo laughed.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“It’s fine, Doc.” Jake said, and picked up his jacket, heading for the door. “Oh, and Doc?” Jake turned around, as they were about to go their separate ways.

“Yeah?” Arlo turned his head.

“Thank you.” He tilted Arlo’s chin up, and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. Arlo smiled and watched Jake leave. He had never swallowed for Donovan.

Jake smiled as he got home after the long day at work. The lunch break with Arlo had been nice, but it ended too quickly, though the ending was very, very, very nice.

Jake sat down on the couch and frowned as he sat down on a bump. He stood up, and lifted up the cushion, lookign for whatever had caused the couch to become lumpy. A plastic bag had fallen between the cushions. Jake opened it and realized they were Arlo’s wet clothes from the other night. He looked at the clock and realized it was still early. He threw them in the washer, before making himself something to eat before he went to drop off Arlo’s clothes.


Arlo wasn’t really hungry. He had eaten some left overs from his lunch with Jake not to long ago, but he knew that Donovan was. He was making plain ol’ boxed mac n cheese and was letting the sauce thicken. Donovan had gotten home awhile ago, and was downing beer after beer after beer. Arlo didn’t want to say anything. It had finally reached the point where he was actually scared of Donovan. His lover was once so nice and peaceful, but when he drank everything changed.

“Come here, Baby.” Donovan beckoned him over. Arlo walked over to the table, which was littered with a few empty beer cans. Donovan yanked him down onto his lap by the wrist.

“Ouch, Donovan. Would you stop being so rough with me?” Arlo was getting annoyed.

“You know you like it.” He moved to kiss Arlo, who pulled away.

“Ugh, you smell like beer.” He tried to stand.

“You like that, too. Come on, I miss the old Arlo.” He yanked Arlo’s chin to the side, and kissed him. He forced his tongue inside Arlo’s mouth, who grunted and tried to pull away. Donovan’s grip was strong, and Arlo only stood once he was released.

“Fuck, Donovan!” He wiped his mouth. The taste of beer was clear and it lingered on his tongue. The flavor brought back old memories, and he was dying for a sip. Even if it was just one sip, he wanted anything.

“Come on, Arlo. Just relax, have a drink with me.” Donovan cracked open another beer and pushed it towards Arlo.

“Fuck you, Donovan. Why the fuck am I even here? What the fuck kind of person does this?” Arlo was pissed now. He pointed at the bite on his shoulder.

“I know you like it rough, Arlo.” Donovan began getting that cold predator look in his eyes.

“No I don’t! No matter how many times YOU say it, that’s not what I feel!” Arlo snapped. “Stop bringing this shit into my house!” Arlo threw the open beer can. It hit the wall and beer splattered, dripping down the wall and onto the floor.

“Hey!” Donovan stood up, he was about to say more, when there was a knock on the door. The two stared at each other, in a stand off, until Arlo spoke.

“I’ll get it.” He whispered coldly, and headed towards the door. He was done with Donovan, and his shit. His time with Jake had taught him better. Donovan was mean, and abusive and he needed to get away from him. He needed to tell Jake the truth.

“Jake...”He gasped, when he opened the door. Jake stood there in the dim light of the sunset.

“Hey.” He smiled. “I come baring gifts.” He held up the washed clothes, with a red rose on top, and a single gummy worm. Arlo couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face. but the smile was quickly wiped off when he saw Jake frown.

“Can I help you?” Donovan’s voice echoed from behind him. Arlo froze as it felt like the world was falling down around him. Jake looked so hurt, Donovan sounded so cold. Why did this all happen now?

“Uh...No I was just dropping off some stuff for the Doc.” Jake said. Arlo heard Donovans deep chuckle.

“Doc, huh? Maybe I should start calling you that.” Donovan wrapped an arm around Arlo’s waist, and kissed the spot right below his ear. Arlo shrugged him off roughly, as Jake’s look of curiousity turned into a look of pain.

“Jake...Please just let me-”

“No, it’s fine. Sorry to interrupt.” He pushed the clothes into Arlo’s hands and turned to walk towards his beaten up truck.

“Jake! Please...” Arlo shouted. He saw Jake raise a hand to wipe away a tear and sucked in a deep breath, trying to keep the sobs back as he climbed into his car. “Jake, I’m sorry!” Arlo cried out. Jake started the truck, and drove off. Arlo let his head fall as the sounds of the truck disappeared. The door shut suddenly, closing him off from Jake and the outside world. Tears began falling from Arlo’s face, but he didn’t know what they were for, if they were for the beating that was to come, or for the love he had just lost.

Arlo had to call in sick to work the next day. His lip was swollen, and both his eyes were black. His throat was sore from where Donovan had pulled him back away from the door by his neck. It was also sore from the sobs of pain and regret he had after seeing Jake turn to leave.

“Who the fuck was that? Are you fucking cheating on me you piece of shit? I knew you were nothing but a fucking whore!” Donovan had shouted, before laying into Arlo. Arlo had cringed and tried to protect himself from the heavy onslought of blows to his face and sides. But it had done no good, after the beating, Donovan had stormed out and Arlo hadn’t seen him since.

Arlo forced himself to stand up. His mouth was dry and he was dying for a cup of water. He took a look at himself in the mirror in the hallway and was surprised that he didn’t look as bad as he felt. His swollen eyes had started to fade and the bruises around his throat weren’t that bad. He stepped into the kitchen and opened the fridge, looking for a cool bottle of water. The first thing that caught his eye was the six pack of beer sitting on the top shelf. He turned away from the temptation, and reached for a cup to get some water. As if it had been Strategically placed there, his hand landed on a full bottle of whiskey. He stared at the bottle in his hands for a moment, before reaching into the cupboard and grabbing a shot glass. He filled it to the brim, and tossed back the burning liquid. He coughed once, before setting the glass and the bottle on the table. He reached inside the fridge and pulled out the beer. He searched the rest of the fridge and found nothing. He moved up to the freezer and pulled out a bottle of Vodka, and another bottle of Gin.

He moved back to the table, setting his treasures down. Without hesitation, he cracked one of the beers, and chugged it in a few sips. He opened another beer and was drinking that while he poured himself another shot of whiskey. He finished the beer in time to drink the heavy shot. By the time the six pack was gone, he was beginning to feel sick. He looked over at the bottle and realized he had already downed a fifth of whiskey. The Gin and Vodka still lay there untouched. He reached for the vodka, but his hand fell lethargically to the table as he blacked out.

Arlo opened his eyes and grunted at the kitchen light. Donovan held a bottle of captain morgans in his hand, staring down at Arlo. Arlo blinked rapidly, trying to clear his vision as he looked around. Beer cans littered the floor, and the bottle of whiskey was still open. He was covered in vomit and so was the floor. His mouth tasted like the vile liquid.  Donovan bent and pulled Arlo up with one arm. Arlo swayed as he stood, and sat down on the kitchen chair before he could pass out again. Donovan stared at him for a moment longer, and Arlo stared back, before reaching a hand out and taking the bottle from his hand, opening it, and taking a long swig. He handed it back, and Donovan sat down and gladly accepted.



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