Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hey all

Just another check in.

I want to apologize for taking SO long with stories lately. I've been having some health and personal problems and on top of that I'm at the end of both of the stories I'm working on currently (AH and Survivors)

Survivors has a few more chapters, but now that I'm doing it alone it just doesn't have the same vibe to it and it's hard to work through, especially since the way kitten and I collab is we each have our own characters and build them around each other, so I have no idea what she had planned for Gavin, until she wrote the words then and there. It's not so much writing together as playing a game of chess, with words. She would write one thing and I would respond, but all with our characters and around the story. So now that it's just me I kind of have to fill in the blanks and I have to make sure I don't change Gavins character at all, and keep it how it was meant to. Not to mention this story has been going on FOREVER because kitten and I were having problems with it. I really want to end it that way you guys don't have to go back and read it over again since it's been four months since we posted the last chapter lol. So hopefully I can wrap it up and it wont go into the depressing 'unfinished story' pile. (which, I hope you know, Naughty is now using that as a weapon against me, and brings it up whenever I'm feeling lazy. :( it's like I'm a vampire and the unfinished story pile is a cross. IT BURNS!!!)

AH is hard because I do like that story and part of me doesn't want it to end, and I'm worried I'll give it an unjust ending. I'm writing the last chapter now and I promise I'll try to get it out A.S.A.P

I'm also having a hard time picking what stories to replace these two with. (I'm still trying to decide if I want to do my normal two stories at a time and Survivors on the side or if I just want to knock survivors out. It sounds like an easy choice to you all but it really is torture to work on one story for more than a day or so, which is why I always keep two going, it helps keep my interest.) I also really hate having one old story and one new story out. I like just getting two new stories out there and letting them run their course until they're old and withered and sad.

SO...anyhoo...I wanted to run the new story ideas past yo uguys (without giving too much away)I have three options right now (and that could change, since I'm a horrible bitchy person who can't sit still or work on one thing for very long) Two of them are sequels, or at least another chain in a story that is already finished...okay whatever I'll just give them away

 **********SPOILERS*********** One is another installment in the Wings of Grey/Things Change/Of Mice and Men (Sort of). The other is a sequel to The Divide. **********************SPOILTERS OVER **************

The third story is an entirely new NON SCI-FI/FANTASY based story. Meaning it's one of my more realistic like stories...similar to Free at Last, Beauty and the Beast, Arlo, etc. Dealing with important real life drama/issues.

I seem to have two types of fans (have I ever mentioned I feel like a dick when I use that word? I honestly try to avoid it at all costs but I say 'readers' so much it sounds repetitive) those who read my stuff for the infected series (though they'll read my other stuff too) and those who read my stuff for the realistic pessimistic I write when I'm in a bad mood. I love them both and try to give both sides attention but really there are only so many animals that are hot as a human hybrid, and there are only so many social issues you can deal with until you start feeling like Degrassi or 90210.

So that brings me to my final point (sorry for all the rambling) comment below with what you would prefer to see with the following (or any you have an opinion of):

  • If I should finish Survivors before starting a new story.
  • What combination of the three options of new stories I should use
  • Any suggestions on new species for a hybrid series (not that they will be used this time around, but if I like one it could encourage me to start a story just for that, it has before.)
  • Any suggestions on social issues/problems with society that you see today. I.E. Drug use, mental illness, prostitution, abusive relationships, how society focuses on beauty more than personality, etc.
  • anything else you feel like commenting on.
Thanks for listening to me ramble, I'll get back to work on your stories now :)

P.S. Also, I updated the Kittehz tab and the About Trans tab :) New posts/pics for each.


  1. i would love if you finished survivors cause i really wanna know what happens between gavin and pike. and i would love another realistic story, just cause its a change of pace from what you normally write and you write them sooo well..

  2. Hey!!
    Hope your feeling better.

    Survivors has been interesting so I would like to the ending of it.

    A realistic story I would go for mental illness. Its not very commonly done and you definitely have the skill to pull it off.I don't have any personal experiences but I have heard some sad stories about people with Alzheimers etc...
    Of course, I am also one of those who likes HEA,lol,so nothing too dark,lol

    A new hybrid story.You could try something aquatic,like dolphin or whale..??,not sure how that would work though......hmmmm, I like fur,so.... something like a bear maybe....

    ANything you write will be gold, :)


  3. can you post the ending of angel hunters soon first? really wanna know what happends!

    also finish survivors and then do a realistic story. something like someone struggling with self confidence or self esteem. or someone who thinks they are ugly and need someone to love them. or a bad childhood with parents who ignored them or something. idk.

    glad you are back :)

  4. Hmm as a furry artist on a animal hybrid how about a fox, wolf, rabbit, or a cross bred animals ( the furry community does alot of those

  5. As silly as it sounds, I can sympathize a little with your problem as I knit/crochet and currently have four projects going because I also get bored if I stick with one for too long. My mind is already working on the next three or four projects!

    I would say work on whichever story calls to you the most. I'd like to see AH and Survivors finished, of course. A sequel to The Divide might also be interesting; I've loved dragons since I was a kid centuries ago. And I've enjoyed all your Hybrid stories.

    As to an issue I'd like to see addressed, you do hit many of them already. One concern I have is the alienation of people from each other due to computers. Too much Facebook, not enough face to face. Not sure how to work it into a story, but you asked. As a FAN - do not be leery of the word - I look forward to whatever you choose to write.

  6. Hi this is Nix, i won something a few months ago and still havent collected my prize yet.. with that said, i would be so willing to give up that prize for an ending of Survivors. I so love that series, so please give us, your "fans", an ending.

    for the hybrid question, have you ever thought of a human-plant hybrid? just to be different this time... like for example, half of the the lead character's torso is made of a tree trunk and has leaves growing on his head instead of hair.. it sounds so weird i know. but you know, im just trying to go outside the box haha

  7. I like all of your stories, so you just listen to the little voice from the storytelling part of your brain, and do what you feel like! ;)
    I like Nix's idea of the plant hybrid, but thinking about it, it might be a hard write. Though plants do somewhat have personalities, it would be quite a challenge!