Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interview with Naughty!!!!

Hey guys, it's Naughty again ;)  G asked me to post this, so that both of our interview responses were up at the same time!  Head on over to MY BLOG to see G's answers to my questions!!

What is the weirdest thing we have ever talked about when we SHOULD be writing/editing a story?
Hmmmm... that’s a tough one.  We go on so many tangents!  I would have to say the first thing that pops into my head was when we were working on Of Mice and Men.  We were hashing out what we wanted Ethan to look like once he transformed.  The weird shit started when you sent me a link to Reindeer Yaoi... and, you know what, its just gonna be easier to post the actual conversation.  Which I saved.  Yup, you heard me correctly, I copied and pasted it for just such an occasion!  I knew this shit would come in handy :p

Gweall: lol I'm just thinkin bout those lean furry deer muscles ^~^
Naughty: kinda makes me jealous of carey.......... A LOT!!! LOL
Gweall: lmao
Naughty: wait--- did I just admit to being jealous of a fictional gay mouse??!?!?! Bahahahaha!!! I'm entirely too involved in this story!
Greatest sentence. ever.
Naughty: i thought you'd like that
feel free to use it any time :)
shit-- it's gonna end up on your blog, isn't it
Gweall: Oh hell yeah
Naughty: lol!
Gweall: I'm thinking of creating a new segment on it
"weird shit that happens when I'm writing a story" tab
Naughty: OMG *wipes tears* I'm laughing so hard!

Yeah--- I’d have to say that was one of the weirdest tangents... and by far the funniest!  I never expected to be trying to find and describe a sexy deer-man!!  And yes... we really do need to create a tab.

What is the hardest part about working with me?
Time zones.  Fucking time zones *shakes fist*.  Now that we’re both back to work, that 3 hour time difference really jacks us up sometimes.  Though, I’d have to say, that we do get a lot done when we do have the chance to work!

What is the most terrible job I've made you do?
Shit-- I have to name just one??  Hehehe... kidding.  The most terrible job was going through the blog and finding all the pages where the text was unreadable.  That was a pain in the ass... and took so much time!

Where is your favorite place to write?
In my bedroom.  There are no distractions, my bed is super comfy, it’s dark, and cozy.  Plus... the ambiance doesn’t hurt either, wink wink.

When will you post your own stories to your blog? We're waiting!
I’m hoping I will get up the nerve sooner rather than later.  Hence the blog.  Baby steps :) I’ve always loved to write, but have never felt comfortable with anyone reading it.  Ever.  A year or so ago I wrote a short story for my husband (more of just a hot scene, really).  It took me 2 weeks to finally get up the nerve to let him read it.  I know everyone here rocks and would never ever hate on anything I post... but the nerves and anxiety are still high.  That being said-- I promise that I will post a story soon.

If there was one thing you could change in the world, what would it be?
Wow.  It’s hard to narrow that down to just one.  But, I guess if I had to pick only one thing to change, it would have to be the lack of acceptance in the world.  Its seems that no matter where you go, you are surrounded by people who don’t accept you.  Maybe it’s because of the way you dress, the way you talk, the job you have, how you choose to live your life, what you believe, or who you love.  And I would love for people to just be able to live their lives without worrying about being judged.

What's your favorite musical? (Totally random I know)
I would have to say, probably Fiddler on the Roof.  I saw it in college when I was taking a required theater class... and really enjoyed it!

How did you get involved in M/M romance/fiction stories?
You can thank Tali Spencer for that!  I had been reading stories on Literotica for years.  I had just gotten done reading one of her m/f stories and was craving more.  I went to her stories page, and clicked on one.  I never even looked to see what category it was in!  I was 2 pages into the story before I realized that there was no female lead being introduced and that all the sexual tension was between the 2 males!  It was then that I checked the category and realized that it was an m/m story.  And, that was it, I was hooked.  There’s something so very different about m/m romance than f/m.  I don’t know exactly how to explain it.  But I absolutely fell in love with the genre.  I mean, come on, one sexy man is great.  Two sexy men... together... is just fucking yummy ;) *whew... is it getting hot in here or what?!?!*

Without giving too much away, what's one of the stories you'll be posting on your blog about?
There’s one that I wrote about 3 years ago.  I was on fall break from school (I was teaching in Tennessee).  We had just moved into a new apartment, and I was hit by this story idea.  Now, the idea hit me because there was an incredibly sexy guy that lived in the apartment below us.  I started wondering about what would happen if there was a sexy single person living in our apartment-- what would happen between the two of them?  It’s a fairly basic ‘quicky’ story.  Not too much plot, though there’s some really GOOD stuff going on (I’m big on the build-up... so there’s lots of flirting and dancing around the feelings).  I wrote it in one evening.  It was like I was possessed.  I have never been that gripped by a story idea, either before or since.  *It was also kinda hard to control my blush, seeing and talking to my neighbor after writing a story where he was... well... in compromising positions ;)  Good thing he was crazy-hot!

Who's your favorite Literotica author? (No sucking up to me, I don't count)
There is absolutely NO possible way I could pick just one favorite *pouty face*.  I follow so many amazingly talented authors, I don’t know how I’m gonna pick just 1.  So, I’m making an executive decision and picking three.  NightTempest, Cia, and Talismania.  

Night has written some incredible stories.  She has an amazing way with words... and her stories suck me in every single time.  Seriously, when it comes to Night’s stories, I’m like a junky waiting for her next fix!  I’m constantly checking to see if a new chapter has been posted.  A few of my favs are ‘You Have No Idea’, ‘Knox and Isaac’, and ALL of the Shermin Heights stories.

Cia has a way of creating worlds that are so vivid and amazing that you wish you could actually go there.  She is a very talented author.  My favs are: ‘Hypnotic’, ‘The Experiment’,
‘Pricolici', and ‘Adverse Affects’.

Tali and I have a special connection.  She is the first author I ever emailed about a story.  One of hers hit me so strongly, I couldn’t resist sending her email to tell her exactly how much I loved the story.  She is also the author of the first m/m romance story I ever read :)  Some of my favs are: ‘Captive Heart’ (m/f), ‘Prince of Winds’, ‘Victory Portrait’, and ‘Thick as Thieves’ (a Wednesday Briefs story).

*Check out my Blog and Literotica page to see the other writers I follow!


  1. D'awww Naughty. You're such a sweetheart. :)

    1. I just had to call em like I see em :) I seriously am addicted! I'mchecking the blog several times a day to see if you've posted... so I think that qualifies, lol!!

  2. Wow, Naughty. I didn't know any of this about you. Well, that you wrote to me, I knew about that. But that you liked reindeer yaoi, not a clue! :D Those reindeer boys are hot.

    1. Glad we could give you all a bigger glimpse of who we are ;) Yeah... OMaM was my fav story thus far, Ethan as a deer and little Cary... yum!!! And the yaoi just reinforced that we hit the mark in choosing Ethan's animal!

    2. You realize, I hope, that Pricolici is not one of my books. :) The one was written by Cia. I'm just reading it!

    3. Of course, I know that! Woops-- major typo!!! *blushes* While I was writing this up, I must have just put it in the wrong spot... since you and Cia were right next to each other in the post :) I'm gonna go fix it right now.