Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So for my final trick...

No, just kidding.

But really, I'll only be posting on Saturdays now. But I'll make the chapters longer, since I know most people prefer less frequent longer chapters.


  1. While I will look forward to longer chapters I wish you would have at least posted something today! Since you have multiple stories going at one time waiting 2 to 3 weeks in between chapters is a really long time! I followed you from Lit and check the site frequently and remember when you first started you said now that it is your own site you can post more frequently, but now it will take just as long to finish a story here as on Lit. Hopefully, you can post updates to all your stories every Saturday (or at least Arlo this week!) Love your work, just not the waits in between chapters!

  2. i wish you would post twice a week because you have multiple stories going on. if your planning to post all the 3 stories chapters on saturdays then thats okay but if your going just one, it makes me sad that we would have to wait that long. love your work but was also loving the 2 day a week thing too

  3. The millions of changes all the tinge are a little much for me. I was a lit fan, but I'm just going to start checking back every few months so I know I'll get a story.

  4. All can say is Thank you for sharing your talent with us and remember
    people good things come to those wait.