Sunday, November 11, 2012

Important stuff:

I just have a few important things I want to mention.

1) The last chapter of Survivors (I hope you all enjoyed it) was written WITHOUT Kitten2010. I'll be continueing the series on my own from here on out.

2) I will not be continueing No Tomorrow. I'll be taking it off the blog and will be moving on to a different story. You guys have NO idea how much it frustrates me when I leave a story unfinished. Revolution and No Tomorrow are the only stories I've ever done that with and it makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOO mad. Like, even when my readers message me asking if I'll ever have a new chapter of Revo, I have to just sit there and curse and scream for a minute before I can answer them without biting their heads off. I hate it so much, and that hatred for unfinished-ness turns into hatred for the story, so I now hate both of those stories. I'm sorry my hatred has to have an impact on your reading x_x That doesn't mean that I wont EVER return to it, it just means that it will be on the WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back back back burner. For anyone who's ever worked in a kitchen, No Tomorrow is now on the lame burner way in the back that doesn't really work, and so you try to avoid it but one day during the dinner rush you just have to make some more soup and it's the only one left and so you just crank it on as high as it will go and hope it heats up all the way through and the customer doesn't throw something at you.



3) Angel Hunter is almost done. I'm finished (as of right now) with the second to last chapter and it's being edited. After that, there will be one more chapter (six chapters total)

4) I've decided to keep the Halloween theme through November. If only because I can't find any sexy pictures of men watching football, all fat from turkey. Plus, surprisingly enough, most of my readers aren't even from the U.S. so it doesn't really matter to them xD. I'll probably change it to x-mas in a week or so, towards the end of November.


  1. Ok, i feel stupid for asking BUT in my defense im not an american :/ what is the big deal with thanksgiving? i just dont get it.. one day where you stuff your face in food? im sorry just dont get it... and now i feel really stupid :/

    1. its not just an american thing either. in canada we have it too, just ours is in october. its all about giving thanks and dates way back to the pilgrams

  2. Sorry you're dropping No Tomorrow; it showed promise of being very interesting. I want to thank you for stopping before the story went any further. I will admit I get irrational when stories are stopped after most of it has been posted and you've really gotten into it.

  3. loved the survivors chapter but just curious why no more kitten?

  4. Thanks for the Survivors story, I am enjoying it.
    As an author, its your decision to stop a story if your not feeling it anymore,thats better then forcing out a poor quality story. I agree with Avidreadr that its good that you stopped early before it got too intense.It drives me crazy when a story is 10 chapters in with a cliffhanger and no further chapters come up.......gggrrrrr
    Hope everything is okay with Kitten.
    Thanks again for the great stories.
    Keep up the awesome job!!


  5. For those wondering about kitten, with her being published she just doesn't have the time or extra writer-mojo to spare for Survivors, so I've decided to finish it on my own.